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'o the Kner^ EnS! 

r:TOTefK.*e CGreenl 

tiftut ft 


1 ^ 1 ^ } 

S'^UT/f" J'^* 

% 7 '* 



J 4-' . ■ ■ rt fl / J 


Cape j ^ir\rj/^c^ 


Lei Of Illlstajlhoiig 

1 Uiii£]rL'5Eiid 


4 Unknmvn Gans Resave 

5 Half-CastEE and Fioneeis 

6 Fronter Polics 

7 Ecotty SnutK 

8 Upngton and th& Ri ver 
10 TIk Lon^ Riva- 

12 Peaie Ba^ath liH Pslirs 

13 Mystery in tte Rivanr 

14 Iriinite Forlitucfe 

L5 One Nig-tit m Aie 

16 "Spen^el^^ 

17 HiEhruenof-liie '"Sperigeliietr' 



CiDEEugliieRiva"- Fronlisiiece 
Be^ionat Uniori s Brd. 

Ice in Ihe Kalahari 

The walEiluleatGioatLiDlk 

Relic of Ihe GeinK^Hottenlol War 
VonSchELLnctiis 'rTastle" 

Scot^ Smith"with his "wife and fenlly 

Ai^hrahies F^]!^ £ii3itxtl¥ rci^baxik 

Tl:e OiBi:ce Rwa" at GcodhDUse 

Pa^uu^^ largest of gi^TLE- buds shotnTL B^alalmi 

Bo^tfds, therodtaicbA^onliE'^SiHr- 
TieLdneT inSuEhiirBJilaxid 
A small '^}aicel'' of cliaii^oxdH 

Ons of Ihe diamond toraces 

The OiangelliveTatHoheiifBls 

"To The Riga's Eiil'vffiflidFd±slBdiiil94£L Narj!^]!^ Che Iwe tem diai^ES alorg fe 

Itoa^ siEce Ihsi ard soire of lie fuie dd dtiindHS \^ 

Thank hss^si I \^B3 alle lo sas/e 9::'ireyiug of Utffi le^siteiUe !iv€s for poslai^. This editon is 

podred hf phrto-litirgi^iic iio^ss, v*adi rrEarG ll^t it is a r^ca of a ps/iom ailion Fcr ll^t 

iffiEon I hare mt tea a^e to riBle allsat oiE or oz^ith:^^ 

fraL fre iianalive Ibe coriB Ihtm^ liieyeei3\vil±oil ca^ 

IVJCH-i J[ I niilL^ h^ri Luhen lljO L^pi rtJ^Hl^i T^iL^lt Lkn-LuAliiduiHL uaa -J^ulll Wtrf Abir^ 



This, You Would S*t, isltesriofalllhum 
ard iiizksd it IE aliiEst vilhin a iifle-shot of ftie 
lasl, larote teacon imi^Ed on Hie lar^st n^E 
cf SoulhAfLnia as Umon^ s Erd 

Unuu'^s Bidi Tl^iG 15 fL jmTe for yoi^ lilc 

C^e Faze^t^n I tovE diivEi\ neaily a 1^31^^311^ 

lYiles ink tlie T^aUl^^n to leach UnunVs Bni 
Axiilic^v^ a>orLaftEram.v^ I amlbst; 

To mb^tand Dy phdt you should teallelo 
visiriise lM«(s Bii PiDhaliy you hEc^e iH^ff 
hEBid of it t^bi^ and s/ai a ''BiaiiE TiieT 
ni^ te iBid pjt to it lo fix Ihs pcalicai. In fa^H 
it IS EDllTug imre than a beacon aiii a hc-i^isl^ 
ffit in v^Bt Ihe old cksit Jwalei^ caJed ''parit 
litE county-'' Or^ hse Uh^ are ro gates, 
feiEsor[BifckEqsis Late; if iMloflrdny 
ovilislion At ife nnnHt I amlcst tut mm 

v^ alamsi I still ha^ a full \rtala=-tcll]^ a 
nffe C2itn(^^ a hoK of nBfciES ard agaiE^ts, 
I^ conxKE. hj^^s^a; is saf^ slias^^ei ^'^ 
vflth ny kit m canp 

I -w^as IbHixet ^u atdLit UnkniTE Hid Thiee 

teiiilDii£5 nreet at this p^izA- tie Uinaix Sout^ 
W&stAfocaajid 1^ BecH^iW^d E^lEclDiBtB 
I l»h&Te tJ:e ELinve^T ^vhs &xk1 tl^ pDEHaon of 
this sp^talso crave it^^e appropnalE I'dtxE Nat 
T^try i\Bii^ T^hUE f^cple l^ave been teie Id 
adniiG tie be^cQi^ sirc^i it^ SLinTe^T lai^^ it; 
TI:b boiG-b^lfi is four Inindzed feet dnep^ ani 
5iEhn:Ei\ s3n~e1in:ES iTB^E lE^of lL Icannst^^ 
tJrot tl^e hoie-b^le v^aE sui'ik Jot dienr tensfit^ it 
■waE aid'O'n^KL loiET beJbie ai^^ne tl^oi^it of 
t^ ^ire!l&ie of -wi\d Bi:^in:en Neveitlie]^^^ the 
B^Ehn:Ei\ caiTe i^n jLit; anii3iese ix^eiiioi.Elit^ 
people tJrenlinLed w^ tl^e lo nge^ gen~Etok neiw 
eTer seei\ nn. 4ie Kalalun. ard secured ^x^alBr at 
UmonTs QhL 

Thai; I intguie, is Ite only l^istonc ^/at at 
UmoiT s End wisth lEcoidirg The dry ted of Ihe 
Nceaob Bn^ET pasES thioi^ Ite ila:e^ and it is 

als3 T^^Oiy izHbi^kiIkI by ilie IvjEiitiellL ^^lallfil 
of lor^itulf AR Uinor^s Bni aie 6rB 
[]irL~EE, dre LoitrEeldficim and tx'iin>3a. tzees^ d^e 
parE^ ilie vastexparse of ^and tJrot'QL'dul^ilBS blc 
an ocefiTi a ^^r^ledB^ ocean All loiin^l^ JtlH; 
-QTGeen at tl^e n^cmEiit; aie licnis an^l hsids of 

Itocris Erd is rot mrii of a nEttopolis, tut I 
"wjiid p^o" to Is siardiig t^ac^ Ite heacon 
Dcw to toiri lest cai IhiE iinn:^fed pstoii of 
"vdd, I QDdd v^lk hack to canpfiDmUmoiTs 
Erd s^ir^y h/ fdlami:g fre <^ v^lamuise 
3:3ulliAO^ lfIslait"\\Qlkiigfromv^EreIhave 
halted I n^ ^Eily tex-ire a nvaoy ard a 
le^d lileCdoi:d F^'/sIt 

Istf [oedicanreiit anses o^it of ainE irstixict 
^idnctil amiDtdi^Eised Id amlyse too ^BB^y. I 

LIe a ion~aiitic eii^^amUcn ^Arliei\ I can find a 
plai^aKUi crne^ aid tiis afkiruon ^^tenl left^^ 
car m d'e nver bed and f^Dai^red a teid of 
^nn^^bol^ o^jer "de nse^ I dvni^iiL of n^^cH as a 

VDoHzelderlTunQiirr Ins nEalnna hetat coxiiiUy_ 

Novv I krov teOEi: A vcorli^dsEr wd^M la^ 
foutid hs v;^ out of Ihs oraiEr ly rov; "i^Hffis 
I am hs& Slill, I hs/e liie ^r^k ^ an 
e]tcLE& NoolEIxmmSoulhJ^Jh^:ac^nMlo 
rsct to He si^ of Hie fliiEst of all Hie w:'rid" s 
aiMopa Tl^ \\^t "^pDnkutT we^ Ihs na^ 
the lai^ oi^s ^^^^rg e^i^ pouti^ ^ig(e - 
aid it IS ny aniitcai to lale a sck of giii^^k 
hltoiritacktoC^Tc^^invfllnnE, Trnvisac* 
tlEV^ to pssvecflffvamdirg^DE, I kns^^ 
tut I ^'^snt liie Mlorg 

TtusE EpnxtrbDkgDtne into dus SLtiuUcm. I ^k^as 
iascixmcd by tl^e LyiE-^u^sd h^uE^ lbe dadt 
^MCiwn stufCE on tiienr ades^ die v/hutB belbes^ 
ani ab^ve all l^y lbe ^i^brtB blaze qF de nares 
drey lansed on their and^kcls Tl^ey held limr 
heads lo'i^ as d^ey Ixi'oi'ded OTer die use^ and all 
d:e Unre I lud die sifrhls qF ny nfie \-\p fad I 
^k^allied fast after diein aid ^vaitBd £>nr a. ^ife ^lat 
ata Inindzed yaids 

I Ihoi^tBi^T^^^jnldlBlionlteiiEe, silhoiKlted 
on Ihe ^lim Instead, I sav Item for Qe last 
tiire l^irg Isi feet m He au: I heairil a slmll 

^A4ii5tJa of •frijVrt-., as l]i3iL^tLdiey Lore^v I -was after 
tienx wiiIl anfti'Dsed buDete. TteiL tiey TAtnt 
over t3ie na^, ani I i^ver saw tl^ni ^aixL Tl^y 
Twei^ wiser ilun r Tx^as, fox diey tnew Txtei^ £^y 

It IS tirre to sad out ny flM {isb^ES sicpaL I 
file shot after shct at r^iiar ua^vals, a 33it of 
Kalahan salul^ until ti^ n^^ziie is ai^^. 
ThsL I lislQi kEsily- At Ihs niHiet Ite SDurri 
ctf aiH'^eirg dcte "wjuld he i^sEsmirt hi 
EDihirg lisks Ue gtst hEh Ihat rests cvff Hie 
Ufflkoijunliy iDurdlMon^sErd The sun has 
offi^ and I hECTe Etfl e/en roted Ite spot ^^^l^e it 
OTZffed CVS' liie dure& 

Far the bist Hzire I criajice at zv^ A^'^dEi^ totde 
IrstEad of limikuig^ towevei^ I hgtita cifraiGtiB 
artl ETtnle tlTn.^hlfiJIy EruolorKr wi31 not 
nxvueaEG Ji:^ thiist; I IbE nr^^seilf . The iven ui i3ie 
Tieve^^a's tcalE^ I read san~EiArlieie^ I'ecI plenly 
of cigaietlES buH; lidle ^vater They bved for a 
ixDiitl\ oi\ ^vatET itreasis^ ^\t^ m tJre hd Qf a 
cigaiette tn\ lliey ^m^Lcd a lotn and it i^e^jer 
ixErile tl'eitx i^nisUer I al'i^^ays ^k^Jidfied ^1"^ 

tbey did not put nTue 'i^'alBr in die tcats^ aid 
je'i^'er csgazettes. B^it n^^" I azn u\ the sanre 
portion . ore ^AraJEi" bstde and one tin. of 
neaiiy twenty cigaiettEE. It IS i^o ise beirg^vise 
after tl'e e^eiiL 

The bjtnrg 3id cl" ny acpiBlle iHiinds ire 
that I still ha^e arotlH^ v;^ of nskiiri ny 
pHtion kn:3wn. It is rot yet cfarfe and I lock 
Kiurri for tonfire imtQials, Not fer altad is a 
tiffi ta^ksi dcwn uncbr Ihe y^^^ of a rest 
bult ly social v^ffi^Q^ hi^ The^ mEt hs^e 
tesi huDdreds of peii^ of hmfe un±a^ this 
de::^^ loaf; hi ecsv tiie nest is ^viQiin leach 
of ITK jadfflls, aid the [nifet hnfe le^e 
d^srtedl^vi^t&tecQtamonllTisFoiiiL a>I 
\^kall round the nest kdaig it T^vitiinylop- 
bMls aid pDJdiijg v^lli Ite tuft cf ny nfle, 
Not a potest The firet imlch sarfs up a ^tS 
offlanBmtiiegrowu^daiki:ess, NolorQH'd^ 

Thus IS a sati^^u^ liUse^ and to add b tlie 
dianrBJ^c efEect 1 lanxd nei^r clip of caitndges 
ink tlie iTugazixe an[l fixe another Kalal^^ni 

saliiE- This, I -llniJt wiE do tire tock. The wtule 
v?ld 15 lit 1^^ anl I tuv? Id XGHeat fmni die 
■TT>a7irvj dacldii'g re^t E^it still tlieie is id 

Sisrt a fire m lh& long c^sat grass aid liiea^ is 
DO bovirg ^^hb it v^ill sd I had foig^tlsi 
IJhL The Haze greabt^ond the liokai tree, 
ard I fiid n^'sdf fiantLcal^ cleaiirg a fii^Blii - 
ard all lo no purpose, Fcr a tiire liiat flie 
■wanes ire, I^ fhoids, I iiragire cannot fail 
toseetJEinfenn; tijl:T^^±ee™]litaid?Islard 
a^i^ fromllE hEsI; rest ny <bzzled ^es, sisre 
into the cfeifaEffi, listoi iiilaiJ/, ani finally 
<fccover IE agre of ^pxjadnig lEscuas, 

After A tint, 1d rc^ suqinse, tl^ fize dies down. 
I CQiLint it:y caitnflgcs, ]cep a full ]»x for 
en^eigercies, ^uid fiie diroe ^ialE Fbr sonre 
leasDix dus j^rocedine ivalss ii:e thmk of die 
nsji^vhs sqM n~e ths mile I ^iti Danzyuig Itns a 
iTiliTaiy nfle wxdia iTbtE^l^^ni^l, and I ^Aostidie 
lirevioT^E owitr could see nt hdtat He is a 
letued ps Lee sergeant n^jired Bnch, aiTBnwlu 
la\3ws dns desert w^Il, ihsiigii nxst of Ins 

police career ^k^as ^lent ui EiL^tmrBnl^nd. He 
crave ns vafisMe adTice wrdi tl^e sfle, did 
Bnnd\ and I t^o/B zenrenrteied encn^K of it te 
avoid ^valkn^g Id 'QL'd nn curdles Hutwl^tv^oidd 
Bucil^do noTX^? 

I cfe:icfeliiaLBudi-w3iid\^Mtfor<^lici4, lale 
his{iiectionfiDmiiieiiaiigsin ard thai \\dk 
Eteedilv \'^sO'^Bii^ tcvjcaife the diy iwer. 
PiDhmy, "wlh his cfeat sqiee. Budi wudd 
have fburd hisT^^^ ladt m ll:e {Bik HiitpEy" as I 
am I diallrDtattQi^lhaLWlHils^hLit^l 
ntan liiEie \rtjse Narraqia isftn±^ slaving in 
a lhiee-!^E^ pA ^^^l^l I Mt Ite canp I v^s 
lcokii:g rav^d to a lot of liaiaV. a dish of 
rieitit^^ a ^p s hscml; pcesit^ £oii:e cantBl 
fnjit and coffee. This Offers to ha^ goi^ ly 
thetcsidl anirctfan^fHibjtl<bieDDtlcok 
fon^iid to heskfasi, fbi^ llse n^ Ik re 
lifflkfeEt Ho^rtj^a; I have ore Imcuiy - aroliiff 
a^ielte, I hc-pe tiist ny \^Ql3■-totlle n^ not 

Nov^ Iluve a xeasoi^able fize, one ^vcK will not 
set de v?ld aU^se. Ani t^h^^i^ rc^^ I need it 

Tte cold ixL tliiE des&it i£ s3n~EtJiixicr I hav^iievBr 
}]eeiLatil£ to conquer I can Jeep -w^^nnxioiAy by 
■\oas\jrg i^ I^anis ani iDes at tins £xe. AU ^^e 
Tw^ njuJLfEDnxUpu^gtDrLWB leivt teei\fe>aenat 
j^tit b^ tire jEtile^ colii Sleepu^g l^acr^ yow 
^^'^ I Imve two ^leepir^ Lkt^ izicanrfL a}ilaidd^ 
ani a ]ead:eT ccaL Ii^spde of all tins ^vei^it ani 
biilk I luvE to cJixtrt o^it; eveiy niglA aid jonn 
Dlier lesde^ sliLVEnr^ itsil ro^mi 1^ caix^ 
£ie_ AtiTJQrLit is s3n~Elixt:ES TvanTienDiidiniLd^ 
diy B^alal'an. sixEHne for shiMlE. At mglA I Hunk 
Itjiw coiTfortuicr itw^3i.ild bs 1D tiaveLtlTroi^lMins 
Intii'g cold ii\ a itmlDi^ camvan, ^Arnh-buuils anl a 

Ye^ iJiis 13 hsTdship ard in a ^ais it is 
ad/aTlu& Whai I am\^^eiii:g iiy ^p^HS in 
ficst of an dtctnc laialcr on a laiiy m^ in 
C^fETown PoirjfcT'lteseEpiCffi.Nc^v'lliink 
cf a"wtate- tlei hstziDcn] v;iIil a Ir^t l^ jartr g 
ipsteemYetl ammtsony lcan:e,I^Ii^^rt 
almlion IS a lilde <ls|].uiiir|, but I csmot hove 
vfflDcfaBd for fromlhe nvtr and IIh^ IS IB caiEe 
fcriBnic This IS a p&ii^Tl 93it of atrQTp.EE, I 


"N^n^j^^H^^ tie rund wonjs JastET oriai^ enryty 
stoiYBch ani Izle aiiTeHrues 1bii[Is ic fbuix a 
paiifcin "atIei^ y%^\L foe akine nn a Wldcnne^. I 
corGCile lY^^elf widMlie tlDixrlit tlut I }uv& lefta 
gzeat Jiror^ sitbII imtHbarE l^hixicL soilHIl of 4ie 
OiangE Riv&r ItlDDltrtE aloiKr IuyeId discQver 
-wi^ I ani so CDiHer^d tinier tie stsis m tl^ese 
]oi:el7 pkces Ttns ie ict tJ:e lonBntic 
explajuJiaii I pieJer but it nxigs Hif . Tl^eis ns ru 
ckoEticijkl'Dbia heie. Veiy eail^ nn ny bie an 
older toy in t^ real bed at Ixjaidiiicr-ECLl'Qol 
ibuirEd 1^ eigoyable IroilHt of 'i^'akuirr n'G by 
jEG^oncr a ^ilki^v OTer ny f^ce. Fed^E it -was 
t^BlH or sojiredm^g else ivitb. a lost onguL My 
claiEtiojAiDbia lus reTer teen ^mfe ejioi^h 1d 
talE 1D a p^ch?- aiulyst H^it I tmvc a disi^stB^ 
laJbex tJron a fear of confined Slices I feel it nn 
Lonion 'i^'I'enl ^!e iTiSions of people snAbr^ 
atdLit m a iBl]bitr wairen of tube inib^ays ard 
oiren^io^vded. buildirgs. Tboi^h I am lu^^ at 
sea, r would lefiEe to yo do wn ina divmcp-Euit or 

subnrHnxE Se':;dBl HxtrES u\ n:^ liie I I^vb 

visited ixuies^ in?lalir^ deep gold inres ontl'e 
It^ni 1^17 mr^gizulifm trot to ^vodc ]otTf }»&3ig I 
sfepfed UTlD tl^ C5^ Have yoii&VHT teei^dcwn 
d mre^ Steel bms cl^^g dcr^ixEt; steely dieie ^le 
tell ^^tbIe^ Jid tliei\ tliey diup you. &ur 
thjiL^arii feet nxL two niiiutEE The wmd ustes 
past; ItuI; Lt 15 ^ d^d^ ani iT^fn^i^y T^mv^ "Tlbli 
yonr tobes ani bki^v if ywu feel tie ine^nie/' 
^^3 d'e mre offaci^ m 1^ cage. "^fDi^r ste's 
^a'wii'g i.^ Vou can feel d^e ^^^ u\ t^ steel 
calile as tlie ce^ nss ani JaDs hlc a.!hoaL" To 
ixe^ 4iese ser^iJioi'G aie devasbtii^g I cazi Hunk 
of ro good TBaaoTi-^by a. civiliEed ^Andd sl^oiild 
detx~^nd tiot tlci^aiEls of SoijiIl A&cars ard 
2YBi^ 4icii£aids of A&carE ^Didd ^Annit uMhis 
-Qiii'dtuial ~bi\t It IS a Piajild'Gtem we 1u.vb 
iBised in Senilis Afoca, ard ore day ^^re iTist; 
letiim tD jn>'ie sensiHIe 1diI I arm lost InA I ani 
&r itnie CQiT£3itaUe nn ix^ mid Hm\ I ^^res m. 
t^Bt tDitrb. If tlieie was labour I^eie^ I'dlzve 
labsiH: 4ie lor^ £x^e3s woiild le^iil^ out of H^e 
lorLii ard eTejiTJnunrs erd ^midd nzotesc^e H^e 

iDvcK I aruL H'drikfLiL becaise llie "QLurutoboiE 
5^Elirt:Hi\ WU not^Anilt. 

Tte/ ^^^ll ha^e sitai Ite peiliict^ hy i^t^ and 
I iheI findsiJire oonsD-lation lo lake ins ilace of 
ny insirg Eiq^s: Wilh Ihe nect a^irelte 
coiTEG Hie 3:x3lf[irg Ibsi^l Ihat I am rot an 
sda Peii:^ His BDinfe (jier lo you I ainoiE 
of Ihase Soilli AihoiiE \\to cfedop a Ecstalgia 
vAbi I ain ^;^j, e^ai for a lin^ from ny 
counliy. l^E ai lEeet Ite irdardialy" of dislarcs 
caiTTDtdsajTbire-Lcetoniiisveld, lamni^re 
at lore ti^nl ■\\B3 fret nr-mu^ in B^im^^^l^l I 
1^ a licit dub at c^hKak and sav a itbtl 
ElBrdii:g en Uk e:tp of ItefffTaiHitv^lJiIiixd 
dnppi:g::^™ jisfoid^ediiTlolJEgurta: TIh^ 
had t^i a flctt ti^ lold ire a street fl^ 
telv^ai IJe narg fcaizGS of ItEi cpr^laE aid 
the tb!ic& Tl v-as 1931, ard e/Bi Uh^ as I 
v;dfedtad:lo UEExcdaor, I kiavthoLtv^s 
m an iiEaie void ard Ihal I 1^ g^-re for 
erci^uSoEiEj&I sbllp^a^Lfticai'sErdto 

As I sit I'eiQ widi iipB dDons of itreiTDiy ^aqi1& 
open I leahsG d'dt dieie is arutliEr leasQi^ ^vl:^ 
1^ Kalalmi countzy les SLi^hd stiDi^ a^Tpeal for 
2YE. Tlis scei'e goes t^c'k 1d ny e^difsL y^^ss, 
^i4ierL I njanrEii ^iTorcj tire t^nn tiees ^t 
AlBxandenslciii&UL The sani ns die ^anre colour 
as 4ie ^anl louid Kixirbedey^ tlie air has d 
JaruiLarEeeX tl^eie is amndefiroblB dcIdiit ^A^nch 
I^s set 3x^ ii:^\TjhiE Tscnrg tomfrhl I have an 
nniisDi\:t iTenniy of a joT.imey 'hy oiXr-^agoTL 
Th3T.^hI anxiTJt giTeiL 1D v^miegielE, I would 
l^^e lived iMsre £li1^ oil this veld ii\ d^ 
Dxw^oi\ d^s Axidiew A Andensoi^ ^k^ho lived 
on tns wagoiL for twenty-fi-ve ^eais^ tzelded 
acio^ lhe Kalaleni trei'^ Hzires an^l ei^oyed Htb 
giealpeace ''A life uid^ deseitns certam^ iTcst 
ctmrnr^ ^^ritlx all its dia^h^^j^^Ls^ Jot die iimi 
can tflve i.inliiMted actioiV', wiofe ArdenHsn 
Peni'^G d^tis -why ii^ dcirrhlE ^le lai^guc^s? 
&r lomghL The pace les ^oi^red down to 
I'Dlhuicr. I Irmve Unre to diml^ aid ore can cover 
nuiKgioiiRl manh^ur. 

fize. Soixe of the Thusdani ti&klcis JbllowEd 
-ins jx^xBb oi\ die loi^g ^Jid lian^einTE tiail 1d 
Areola. I cdiL abnGt Iiear tie c^ealoi^g of tlieir 

The v^le tidisiJs aiE dear sci^ and Hb 
■will-o'-liie-\M^of avocaioFff'E slomvlardan 
ThaL niEt te a v^iile ox in He tean; sur^ 
oiled Witzatag "Hot Bandnn! Ifear 
Donka!" "C^^ Qe oxqi \^^IsiJs Ite I:as^- 
footiAiip-laEli andBjeluniHirgwogD-nnrvGE 
csi Ihroi^ Ite siii SonB'^iise lii^^ thiffi 
late l±QB ma te riHi "^vilh pji^^i^ V^iTE arri 
fre 101:9; ^"o.'^^dahle Bcq^ giis caJei iTJOs,'' 
T^ev^lta-v?ag:sv^all heswu:gii]C|fTomkx3lffi 
taiffllh Ite v^g^re, ard I tcpe th^ ai^ full 
Thee are pffiiie of hct coutap - hi it is a 
lorg v^ Ie^^eqi lAHlQ^-Mffi in tiis omtsy 
iGimlMcs^s End. 

Tlrey aie ^■e'kir^ fl.]£iid ferces- Tlrey jib 
£niixicr rt; azid Im^g afiBnA^^ids^ S3 aitxl StzHi^ge 
1D ^^^ tldG IE jv lonaliiie^ 3i\ tins TaEt;]aii[L To 
ixe^ lluli5 tlie Tvrurf- ^-irppunvij disco Teiy of alL I 

lu-Te bsen lonely m Iv^l bedn^on'E^ esf^c^ally 
tie eouDb^ IsdiooitxliBt lools out [n\ tEi dMank 
Txr^lL Once ul tfe^i^ Voife a glraEd^ tlTJi^lil; canre 
Id n^. SiJf^iD^^ I saui to ii^self, SL^ip^se I ^as 
cordenned ic spend tie lest of n:y life indiese 
deep cai^^nE of I^^i^J^aSan artni^ tiese I'did 
iaced cio^vds^ wit^ tlie elevabl lEiilway^ 
^^i^JEHj:^ n~E^ e^isaidtie suim:l~et heat ^Jimiii:^ 
1^ fionx tie i^vetxEJit as no Afocazi sui\ ever 
EcoictEd n:E WL^at^Ten? I -werL^ tie stirppn^ 
n-FRr^ found d bei^IHEr ^bIuej duect ^onri 
Ne'i^ Von^ m C^ie Totatt^ j]aid n:y faie and 
cast out a devil tiut t^ eiHEied n-y Lihixl 

Here! amlcsthitrot londy. The Kalahari, in 
spte of lis dtyiess, is not hzsMa I can find 
ni:>lhu:g nBle/oloit ^^3i in the dures, Tha 
sizeof lhe{tsalisteiHid3iE, b-TLisro-does 
it a^irelifeelhe tcvjHsof NavYoihorlhs 
diini:^T33lE of Lordai Once I hsloied to lsw> 
doctoi^ Higuirg atout claiEliTqiEha- Ore 
dedaied tiat yo nnn \^ lived in a ai^v^fel 
aly oydd ismui nonral, and Ihat in the opai 
sriaces, i:ejiB3ti^nia v^g unkn^vn. The otiH" 

poutBd cot dut foT soitre jHcjJf soliUi^le could 
'hB disastiDi.^ and i^ gave e^canr^les N~q doubt 
todi weiG zsgliL I l-^VB no wish Id leivonrL in 
-das ixdBjEG i£Ci]^i1iDn for CTer Hven cii\ "die 
•friTvpi of tJiB clfseH; tl'eiG aiG places ^^eie I 
^iDLikL fircl n~E^3Glf piitbxicr a tixtre lirLTt oil die 
lei^gdi of lY^ st^ To be tonestn I anxiu A. A 
AndeiEoix buL nreicLy d bud Qf pa^^acre u\ dns 
Tirildeine^ "T"at I caiL s^, after n"ai:^ such 
jomejSr "dHt I teva i^ver foi^ni nr^self 
lojigixicr foT city paTenrBJtE as I yearned for 
SoTidi Afoca on d^st day ul Hew Vonit "A 
^leat city means a gieat lonebre^ " says tbe 
Gieel^ piovBib. Heie I am lost; and alone^ but 

Hjw lorg I thiik idly, will ny ^vale-tottle 
last? ThB liiDi^t IS tourd lo eits' ny hEal 
tut at ll:t9 nx?irenL IhaB is still ro uigEai^ 
atoul it My m:?uth is nxjist oioi^i and I can 
3Ti:)kearDttiff cigaiell£^lii[leasut^ Ttefiie 
IS bumirg hc^ QBir^ lo te Ksi at a dislarce 
in Ifais hrd v^HS fiis aie 33 laie. In He 
Salara in the hot v^alha; 33 lii^ ^, 

mrelesi hoins witlEut v;Qlei^ is gji^ie^ to kill 
a n^n The Kalabaii \vinler is ict eo <tai%- 
And IhEai I ha^ heairi of w^ of findiig 
vsis: ''Lo^kforaforfesi cfei^redtrEewilha 
dEq> hole in liie QuiK" an old {tsal hand 
OEce told n:& ''It is oftoi posalle to sudt 
vffiler out of such liEes.^ CnsoiiEof liiev^- 
kiovn ^ksat routes in this r^ion-tlE "Gist 
Thus." tl^ call it - liKS holdirg "^sale^ ai^ 
liazed I Iwe seen ir^ willi tlE liazcd trees 
nnrted C5i^ I am not on aiy iioule. It is 
posalle that no iran has e^e^ boifei Ihs 
giDund t^oiE, aid I \rto:tder vAj^i Ihe nest 
nBn"\vill set foot an Ills exact ^L 

The mgbt is aiDiEn^g ii^ inagn'^liort but; iDt 

iiL'^leasaritly 1 amable Hi dianraUse tl^e sutr^Je 
sitiuHojL ^aqU^oilIL seeing try own slEletozi 
jncled. cleai\ ]jy die Tiiltures- I i^iuen-bei an 
adveiti^^jiBJit; I sbw hi an ArL~eiicai\ news- 
p^ie^ oflensTEj foT a do llai d pan'pl'ilet entitled 
"How -to O-mccTC^ tie Ffeai of DeatJx" Tlut 
miEt I'dve beeiL a QoiinshiKr itrail-oider b^^- 
ne^ but t^ey did i^ot get i\^ dollar 

H£ie ixL d'e de^Ht I aitx S3 te^tii^ ^^at I ani 
'QL'dTi^'aEQ of it:y tody No cue InirgBAVEiy Qf iEa 
1D 117 ^EejEU'g 'hag in 1^ itnnnu'g I lev? 1d 
dBM"! Q~Qt; ani dip nry Bimvel txu{ into d 
2]drimbii\ of co£Eee^ aid die len^ iTiixituie 
nnilolES a)ii:E of 4ie Kalalen ^ml Fbr 
}iieab^st I eiTfi^ a cold tii\ of ^odires on to d 
tdid IhecuH^ Ptij IiLin?h "dieiG is Htb niHEnnrE]^ 
VBms^n Ji:u?hlDO fie^ aiid ici^K as 011I7 fizesti 
^nn'^bo'k caiL te. I Irove laft all n~E^ wIiirL~E &r 
}]etiixifLl cajL eat de^itfais aid te 'd'diibful ibnra 
Lonled polafc Tl^eie 15 itrogic u\ tJre odour of 
^AToodsLLclE^ must jHHTiliTe of tlie ^^tule lai^ge 
of die odoins t^Bt play luvDC ^ATith-ois ezmHons 
MEin aid docTH, so it is said^ tinvel l^iik a. ]ar^ 
-wsy UL tie TwoodsnnlE Yes, it is "d^ wood- 
^nnlc tJ:Bt diaws xiren into die wildeire^^ uHo 
1^ desGit and Teld and "i^lieieveT tl^^ie ai? 
ixDiLintairG 1D clinrb^ tiiey aie dri^ged b^ a. stzor^ 
v^otlIC tiienr inryuilses are aHectd, and d^y 
<:aiiy Bwsy iTeno jaes liet fiie cn^ yeais cannxt 
oiUilBiHtB Tiy to zenErLizer die bxesidcs you 
I^?e ^at loisid m anrvcluiis you cam^cxt 
leruEnter. EilH; dmik of yo^ir caivp fiies^ aidd^e 

^vh^le cucIb of ^ces beconES sl^aip^ 1^ i^les 
drEt^^reiG ic Id are still vivnd^ die fastb^es E^ain 

I am DDt g:wg to larcre the otha^ sicfe of Ihe 
pcture-TlE^^Dii^ of afemflEKalaltm livelier 
aid saotsl; Profss^i^ E. H, L Sdrn^^n, oohb 
tac^ lo UR SdiAaiz ^sbb rot on^ a stuteit of 
lauifell; healmct^nreihisfdlcw-DHiardhe 
sunirad ip"\\tel he sav in calam c^^ daze 
withgnmiiiaKE "SorredisaGla-oraDDflH^is 
liiiksd \viiii Effliiy way oie d" Uee c^sat 
ElalioiiE/ he v^ids "^Titffi sit at hanB 
erT^:g Ite free life of tJee ihhess csmot 
realise ^vc^Bsl^ it iffil^ IS, rc■^^^llatl^fLnlls 
foitilii:fe it iBqiure of a riBH if Ik is to ooire 
throit^ltecaial ijjssllsi" 

It was zut Tinlil I lead dio^ -woids that n^srib- 

corscioiE riTiid stin^ ajid I imdeistDod at last 
tJ:^ roas^rLJoT tbe s^D ^vliifJ\ Id xiely jil^ces Iuvb 
sb^'sy^ cast over n^e No^v I brc^v tlut I anxrat 
beie 1E> sI'OQt spnTErb^]^ and gcn^nt^ d^ttl^e 
disies topped }^ tleir tTsaiYiTa nekms^ tl'E^ands 
of tiiBse£en[:€d fEonbeis or^ f^sn. a 
bacl^rioiiRL It IS d^at 'lr^ini:& JbiHlule'' I aiTi 

seekuirr all 1^ tiiTe. Wl^ikl ^^ras lM7?nty I staHed 
ixBilancr a n:^] of llie ^Aniid wi^ ix^ Hacl^ 

"aLded^nr^ tJ:e CLUes ani ^cjarv^^:: I I^ad seen ani 
BTeiL tiiei\ I h^ iDu^ted. die otHet tx~^icte£ ani 
^bxipEed rcBn ^a^nxcj tbnoiL^ti H'e ozdeal of 
lorebre^ Bren then I I^acl f^nEed tzagedy or 
lecDcrmsed tl'e 'QL'Ecadied Ttotis wl'^I amheie 
rear UioDiV 5 Bud, dozcoveimrr tnitlMXL a p^ace as 
TwiLi as ai^^ I tave seen 'InBnLtE fbztiti^" 
tieiG IS £Dit:ElIiiiicr laxe and pzecidiE, and I stoll 
go on^^eltirg it; aid Eclmnx^ itcTeiyHxtrE laixi 
su:{:e^iil in firdix^ jL I aiTi alv^^ H^nx^ 1d 
aro^^G It blE a prospectDT wI'D ^!es tie c^leanrE 
of gold in his pai\ TlHti£ai\eT;ti\nnie difficiit 
lnDce^ dun H^ doscoTeiy. and sdiyeIh^ee d^ 
arEWErns bcxuid Id e]i:il& n~e 

The flret siicBlEd imn I nEt liviig in eidieffi 
i3daiion^s{ted iTHElhsvcgiK^cullhiE, for 
li3^flac±Jvvi^iivHi^He"^\ffiaa3^rnBii ardhe 
had x(ffld lo w:'ik m a ihtdIs fsn^ fcr Ihr^e 
yfflK, Takeny wwlfaiul, theLjiaceoffaedliie 
ncGt l^ait-iaifemg imn^tory, and I cfc not 
Ihink l:e VHt "wilhi:^, vilh lis ^s c^ai 

TIhe \^se a call for a volunteer, ard EorrsDi^ 
P^IhI lim into iL Wl^n I viated hm he had 
test tlHE for bt^vB nmdt^. If Eae ":si teai 
the di^Ttest eioziEe fcr Its/ing ckceity, he 
v^jiid hare gore titn Ife ■\\^ iK^jirg ^^ TpVife 
about snnll hbUhs, and I could see tist Iwirg 
for from ovilisalicai had dore his iHve m 
gxxi "^rll go iiEsd line llse's a diaiiE" he 
told nR The nect dBiis carre t^;D yeeis lata; 
aid if 1e hod kiOiVn tlBt I amsute he v;ould DC* 
harev^ted Hehadcamedouthisijti^rlakirg 

Wltlcut r rmi-nug lo do it It DXEt ts^e lalsn 

''utfliite fbililix^ lo iQTHn csi aftff Ite fiM 
y €ai; ard re diult lis r^gcsi had Mpei tut 

theiBinful SKilehadflnidBlhiiniiysically, ard 
s:x3n after letuinuig to ovilisalion 1e di^ Not 
riBiy rrai aie called i^ihi to urtfego an on^L 
of ihe sarre ^^(^ Hturt I kru^v oUhs v-to 
feced life m list dislail [m^ aiidsutvived 

AD aloi'g dnE Kalatmi homier aiG nreiL'^b? deal 
ofieiL TwidL de xn^Eeen d&Tils o£ nrnTHor^ ani 
lorebre^ Ttns tiL^e diEtnct of Goidom^ 

mnnwirg m Id a poont at UmonTs Hid is d^e 

]aigE5t in tire Ulucul It runs dc^AriL in die OiHi^ge 
ItLTer^ 3rd eTcn d^n yon aie stall ui d^ 
WLieine^ Tlie do^ely s&tded, ungatKl ^roas 
are witim\ eoiitkI o£ 1ibii\ ^vhEdes btit teUween 
UfarglDn aid tie seatl'^ie are Inindrods of iniss 
of nvcT witlciit a sgi\ or soiLini of pnncrie^ 
Soidhof 1^ nvBr tliei? i£ EiL^HTBnlani^ deseilBd 
^7 1^ B^shrtrEix stzBi^rely liifleierit; froivk ar^ 
Qtier partof EoudL Afcca_ WidTULhwucr itEiTD^ 
yoTi tia.TeI1ed tireie oil I'onsE-tack or b^ 'i^'agozv 
nnaiixy ^^asDii attlieni^of yens Ide Theieaie 
HecIg r l^flse fsllD^wed ijy m^bi^car w'ibere I 
^ATould I'otcaie Id lneak [iowiM'oixr. 

"The ^mrid for^Jnrg hy He w^-iid forgst" 
Ah\^ tiiat line mrs in ny l^ed v^tn I ■\\Blk 
inlo Ue ferm-hciffis, He dianaid can^ and 
p:^llce pcsE, liie nisions aid tiairg s&as aid 
KEdhubctflhEseholfnHilia^l hes/efLioiim 
Uek lla^ss, SonB of liiem hss/e t^veeIes s^ 
tut I (buttvay rnidivrfElJH"ttEfiiieGtia±o 
pT:giBnrffi in Ihe void t^viH Mp a lordy 
huBn iarg for lorg For a tuiB, petiafE, it 
it^ idi9?e boi^s±'m Switdi it off, and you 

clidt tadt to reali^. My fiiQi^ inist iia^e 
93nEllm:g nm^ than dedncal ai{b to sustain 

Vear after year I ¥i5iHhs& rty fneids Qf tlie 
frumaer Eeldonxdci tl^ey coiTe Id town Even 
tJiDse wi^ txTilDr cais iifo, tl^ey aie oiA tl^eiE 
arrojicr tlie dui^es oil canEl palzdls^ or loolarg~ 
after tlieir ^leep itl cci~QLitiy ^vlieie ycrn could. 
ImcUy arL~Qgiiie sheep ^d t^eir fQod, picloi^ 
tbeir Diaries Qr nrgincr die Ar^elLS u\ 1^ 
fLnxEce Qf suitnei: sbnrg ii^ tlie miEcrB, aQ 
of i3iena and all tlmilaixr ^ 9^^^<1^^ ^^~t:^^^^^L 

The ysm nr^uit 15) to a cfesle, and rrost of 
thsn am still tiH& Cid hhi eche vay 0I4 
iHrain on aid give rre a udcorra I i™w a 
fav viiD rroved oii, EeUiGd dzwn in UiB a^ (so 
th^ sidi and thei relumed lo flrd Ue 
st^ction U^ had left on Ue frontia: Tha^ 
aiE cfep-iootM fiaiilE in the cts3l, and He 
hmBn Kcis sesnlo go c^qsst of alL 

I htE It 4ut "i;"^ IiLa cl^angircj ^kviid It IE cn>od 
to kiu^v dst I can ^jlla'i^ nr^ old HhiIs witiDiM: 

iTEetir^ stiBngciE ^^hei? {trc^ tirsTB ^veie 

Goo [II'oil^ bs wxtliciut; Caii Weuixiei^ I wnH 
taliB you Id lalBX ixl this jovimey. 
And JicMAT I arcL iSunkn^g Qf tlie dDT^s ^nd dait 
pat\E of F&EawidTJVit Pallor WoF Ii\»Etgive 
jTJU i ruEruDiy of Pella, but an m^ rextj 01.1111^, 
I €iixik I ^uU -^Ie a sajidy tiEck tl^at. Ib^cvbe 
Pel3a huidexL Lehini its iTumtfairL ^Ie I duvB 
n:Dithlo t^ £miliar I wanL a HxirelB^jouii^ey. 

Itis re ise SLttu:^ hei? lixeaimTf witlM^y Iread 
on n^ tejids I ^i^aiit; it:y sleejiixEr-^iacr and n^ 
Inealc^Etn aid. "die least I c^a\ clo is 1d keep die 
£iG goincr ard. nrmxtiaux a slrmp loottQ^iL As 
isiul^ I tevB ru ^AraHzH aid re idea tc^" lonrr it 
ns sh^ce tJi3se spmigtok went "isroiJartf" over 
-die nse But as I stzenil^ n~yse!lf ^ I see die 
I^eidhgtus of d car. 

I am sqEcQig liiaL cai^ I niEt te, lliis little 
^Ellaloi:elBBiiDttoltosiD:EaLali Solvslk 

aaD3slolh&carinala3urd7"\\^. Nosholsto 
altrart Ibar aBeitLoii iia ay cl" deli^ Just a 
lorg w^k azrces ll:e vdd, foi^ liie cai^ is fLJrtl:er 
than it: 

"Wteie tJ:e devil l^a™ you cane Econ^" 
mxi^niEE one of 117 fbends as I amve. 

^ Rum thai; fire -cve^llHG/ 1 1^:^ ilsffinlty- 

I turn for de fiist tine, aid lutice ^.vith. 
soiTElIiinrr IdE d stiLdder tl'dtn^ £ig is QLscuied. 
b^ a. ndfr^ I lu.Te ciD^»d. 

''Sura^youT.^reloctargfbi^n^'' I s^- "^ Fve 
tesL lost you ktrn^v/ 

"We revtr ^^^v your £ie aid wt ^veie rcxt 
lookuKj ibr yoi-L Tte &ct is - wt're Tost; 

''If I had kiHMi tiiat I v^iid hs^e veiled 

"^etyou^^^idiL WIf le dc a^% go ^ndsre?'' 

-ws^ 'by die stais I do not joii\ nn dus, for I 
i^rtBiirter 1^ eft lepsaJEd advice of n:^ Did 
sctoolnrfiEtr Tf you brc^v ictliii:^^ ^u s^ 
roliniicr " t^ fcieiKls, ^vhs Twtie nrt all at d^ 
^n^e BchooL ndejA^ vanmiE teaivei'ily todis^ 
aicve at a dulnoiJE decisuii ani n^etTLi^ttJre ivan 
atthe 'i^'l'eel 

Itov fcT Hie fiist lum I am ihvoie. In Hie 

Kalatsn, afaEtcarcprgmlhe"\viogdiKclion 
can off a^ rroie ctii^^ than a imn on foot lest 
hi rsiHiirg in ore spot If \« fail to amve 
a^y^^^]ee nc^^ He atintion \vill te lict^ 

Tte fertpj m^ixflE as ^^Fe diivc I amceriBinrt^ 
fiends d£i xidtkru'i^tDiAriD fmd lliezr "i^^^ by ^^e 
sbis I bfjlit a xnxie dui^nful cicraEetlE t^BJiar^ 
I srrcilEd alare hy rc^ £xe^ ajid I joh agan^et d^e 
ciL^nors as 1^ car plur^sE on into de mglit; 
"Wlut aboiA stoppmcr and bnx^ sanre stut£^" I 

Tl:e ranpis ncttahffld, alorg^^j^ at&i'' 
oiE ctf our navi^tois r^a NsTatMffi^ Ihe 
cai^ Mis ard^^ peff into Ue cbriaiEsa. 

"I^ -i.hdu1fs d^dt? I see a. lightn^' scmrecne s^3. 

TIbS^ s ncta bght- rtsttenriorLComi^i^" 

But ills a li^ a^^onlten^Thecai^luirG 
aid dnvffi stiBic^ inio canp We hewo teai 
Itedim de fflst; a^a/ from all lardnnriffi, into 
the urwui^vn It vail is no lee oHifiineilirg 
ny fiiQi^ caifiidiiri lteu^\^^ ty He dare, for 
tl^ "Will pint out Oiat U:^ Ih/o lioi^t iib 
kamSlill, Id^llalv^stegml^ul toltennn 
\'Ao Ihai^t ctf hargiH our hic^ileGt lanlem on 
tlE h^Est bmii± cJ ife Mimdxmi iitfi Ard 
alEC to ifce ccok a cpod Baster nansi Willaii 
v.tD k^ sanE of tlE tBitnc^E inllE poL 

No^v r can. safsiy nrccre^v flie stopper of n^ 
^x^alEr-lKtlle ani bic i\^ biandy lalacin. Heie' s to 
TJmon's Bidi 

Tt ^tntwlt ^L CrajltifV <P thh! SLfihbtH 

The ForgotithOuipost 

Our CiKr IS flflesi ml€E fiom Umcn's 
Erd It IE eldel VHidly on Ihe sciEen of 
nHTEiy ls3iEeof 93n^hiiig"\^Tidih^^HBl 
thesEcordtuml carqBdlhEie, 

NcAvad^^ tJ^y call it GiDodttxIk - llie i^-wwin 
Ja^jTi^it A ■Irsllt" of coT.iiEe, is ^ luUa^v inllie 

gii3iLind "^hich sinies t^ -w^ai^i izi tixtres of ram 
on: flood SQn'E ^vaJEr-Iiales axe JUTtred. aftcnr 
nren^vhs liioiik tlieiG iQr^ ^o^ Jot ^k^alEr ixl tlie 
Kalaluni is iTLpoH^rit and it:eitT>iBlile Tins 
spot IS suir^ily llie 'l.aige Hollo V m 1^ diy 
bed. of €^ NofEob- 

A t fii^ cJaEce GiDoltDlk does rot ffisn in aiy 
W3y VHid, Kantddoom trss shacfe U^ 
canpng spy% aid Ihoi^ Ifce v^to^ hcJlcw is 
not Y£u±. lait^ liian a hallvtiii fiir^d ly 
reetb and tumes, it is sui± a rai^ sicfct Ihat it 
gIveslile^^^lDleIiaceanal^of sffmi^. Befoi^ 
tte lAion Gcvonnait sank fcoi&holes at 

UmcnTB Hiii and el^^urheie^ tins ^vas the oidy 

Kllffi^^l:g rclimri of GikjUedIX you ni^ 
hai^e seoi our canp hh^ k a bfpcd 
Kalatan oulsfBD, Stir^ of Mtorg. siiir^i>k 
ardjadol skiis hutg ip l:et^^iKIl the liss, A 
Imih^ ovea:Qt flc^prg in a cold iKeEe, 
BandoliQB on tiaiy±es ard nfles iKtmg 
against trEe-tmnls Blanks auirg on aiBll:er 
ttfi CaiT^K ^rt^ts'-hffiE and field-c^assEs 
(farming fiomolhea^ harths Boanfe on pebd 
cass fn rniTTjj a latle litteiEd willi haiK^ 
tottJs andiiddejaK- 
vciii ^ATciiJii }u.Te seen huLibixr bruTes and shDt 
gun ca^s^ saclc of £k>-Qr aiii SL^ai: tixL in^s 
and t3nplaiE5^ ani a tauncK of iDyal ganre Qna 
Hee-stunrp The 'j^'IuIe asti of a. £ie tJut bvnnt 
Twell, witliDi3t iTMi£l\ £nnle_ A cai^ a van and a 
1iu:L^ on tl^e bi^t exfeditioi^ and a]»ut a 
dazennren^tm^g lo uiii on bisciLirtlins. 

But if you had iii?.^ed round Gicotkolk 
SGardiirg for signs of oldea^ oco^Btoi; you 

T^^^juld have fourd liian Rie^ ration tns, 
El3n^Bi\vilhGaTranw3Ti^ En^cartm^ 
cases, Lai^ v^ts'-teuks with Mes dulled in 
than St^ neife from horee-sli^s hsniiHEd 
into ll:e Inink of liie h^^st kaoEeldzoin- 
LorilhsoffLddlelepiEnewiiR And finally, a 
rdic sudi as only a toiEd soldiffT-muld Itare - 
a flattered lalion tn wilii the ore wi^id 
GEINAB pjtiitdcftlvjilharBil ardfaslsied 

Geirol] -waE die old Hottentot ronE of 
Gioodclk 'TinJ^' CmilL o-ur desit g^nde on 
t^ insl tnp^ i^id rever Ireaid tie ronE Geii^ab 
-w£sE beJoiG tns tu^e But in Htb d^ys ^"Iren the 
Genivans weie at war with tiie Hot^ntDtE, tins 
j^£ce wasGeuroli. 

ThefiidtnBl was at Garab"\rasm 1936, With 
the laitp fBi^ I Ywe neiliored Aini^rg Uhu 
v;^ a d>^r \^ has tsn ny con^iion on 
nBiyjoiiii^intolte^tfeiTE^ ansr, rc^ 
andliEst ^Hialist rauBdJadtWiciiL Jadt has 
a your^ hrotlH^ t^^^eso ibue you h^ oflai 
seeiin Ihe Dft-ijSiiqHS and ira^zires - Han H, 

Wk^ aLidiciT of ^'Di1;Bbn3£E and tiav^l ailuilss. 
HfiHTL IS the n~ajL 'i^'to itrmlB Geu'dl] 3. place of 
amstBT n:en~Diy for \e E& is a lean, SLm 
Imxurned iTBJL ^x^h^ CQi^'planrG a crie^ deal dtoxH; 
1^ cald, and also Lz^caLS? jBciL ani andtl^er 
ImrtieT ani Hs QrJy sis^et and sgvbibI coiEinE 
aze ^ liodxi^ wbeieas he lus no tzde ^In ^^e 
Second Wodi W^r he t^c^iTe a seigeant^ and 
declaied. tl^t hs ^^^uldluve his ronre ponfednn. 
-de felei^ne dixeclDiy for ever ^ftKTvaid^ 
amsr^ all-d^ DcjcHt WichlE, as Sergeant HL H_ 
WkzIl) Belween dre ^^r^n^ Le&^ie gaizni^g his 
I^sd-WDi\ tzde^ Hem Wicht discoTeied tdul; 
ibiBKjn. tzBvel w^as f\j\n. FiuiM 4uJ: nmTent 1^ 
^lent onl^ lioef penods attorce. He cucded tl^e 
gOoL^ n\ Ime^ and &ei^itei^ dodged of 1d 
AiTTtTnlij m a Swedish cargo hoat aid ciD^ied 
over^to BiEiTiE Ajies n\ a tn^^ GenuHi^ shipTwith. 
dcaigo of psbJDeE. Once te left at shsit i^otuze 
Jcxr MoscoiAT, do^sd Ri^sia }?7 tiain. and ^k^as 
Ivaid of agau\ in Slui^gl'dL -wItbtl te caLled for 
ixnrey. He hnnixrht nre wme fionxt^deiia and 
Clule^ aid fionxRi^sia l^e lnui^it a i^eat Ina^ 
plale widi a led en^vel nrscnption TIbs 1e 

sciew^ to 1^ galE of hiE hcrnre in C^ie Town 
and fe^r realised tJrotl'e 1:^ looted it^ma door 
en 6rB PiTC^an tiHi^ecoiHuieiital tiHU\ and tlat;;£ead 'Gentienren'' 

HanWidt I mEtMyou is re ira^ aildtr 
of odj 33ij^enus, H& is ala> a d^> slii^t of 
spntHiism I cbIJh" ihat he stll has an qHi 
nird on Ite sijtaecL Hs liliB^ is OHip^ffid 

eqiBlly of Ira^d Jxoks and aiEteie vtJurrES on 
pDllQ^psIs, danvcyaixs mii oUh^ p^^ciac 

Inflt wmtrof L933.J^k\^chl;anil decided 
once agaii\ 1o eaz^e &on\ ths wet C^ie winter 
and vamshinHn '"d^ liln " We Lsoltd loiml fsr 
sonreore ^AoUii'g ^ ^£a3££:e d good nn10T car in. 
it^ caice of exploiHUor^ and as Heux^vas sf«Jid- 
iixr ons of InsiBie j]eiiods at horce ^ve elected 
hinxas oif victziTi ard bid hinxof the ^^^ndeis 
1D he seenixLtl'e Kailalmi T lis mine ^ ^^re Ecneed^ 
It was Id te a sitbII eiipedxtunx jvst the thiee of 
\Er in. one ^^^e]!- equipped cai: and no deseit 
gmde or can~p seivaiits. We 1:^^ our n~afs aid 
Tx^eie confident tdatTwe coiild frntl tl^ tv^ 

E*ttc tit rh- [^TmwrvllohcEKOI .>iir m ^rxHHiolk m l±t KaJ^lNrJ— fl WhWjhJii intniKl by \y\\^c\S 

HfiUL V^clt^ good-rdlui^ as ever^ lud hs car 
Dved^Lilfid ibr lie joim^ey He desigi^ed special 
■w^aiEnr -\Hii^ Id te claix^«d 1d the n^nnu^g- 
l»aids. Space -was also fQurcl jot an Eclditiorel 
^tiuL tsi'ik hciljiirg fculy craDoiE aii[L o^ir foQii 
and caii:^) IcLt £]]ed 1^ lestof dia c^rwp 1d die 
iDof. Depaxtsr^ eaiiy one aftBnuDix ^^re felti3ie 
callof tl^e wildeme^ so stzoirrly "^^i^v^e diovB 
all iir^t m^lit lIiioi^\ B^sbrtranland and afe 
^nealc^Etn witl'oi.iti^c^tE^ iTiKenl'aid'L 

It T-ras a srn>Dlii ran inlH Ihe duTE coiBliy loth 
cf Upnglori and Hai; Ite nwjconH; was 
irdiDEd lo DBke li^ of Hib KalabaiL 

n^ and s|Ke±'n:eter, aid voiorg out Ite 
dslaices tel^ssai vralff-liDles, The hesTil/- 
IcQcbd car \\^ teaimg Ihioi^ the said 
"vahaiiJy- Groolkolk lalias Gai^d^} \'fas to te 
our canpig lia:s csi liie second n^ inlhe 

Voudo mtfbUo^v d'e coxnsa of d'e No^nball 
"die -^sy Id GzootLdK for die nver ^Armru^BS 
aciD^ d:e dBsert azid often it "psys Id blc a 

shcirt cut over llie d^mBS Tire n:^] sh^^^^ed aD 

die nivei^ teids cle^y en^i^rH and ^lyi^^atrhn^g 
die SLmand die sceneiy it 'i^'as pQ^atJe 1d a.Toid 
goincr asti^y mllie deadly country on Bidier side 
of dieiiTer. Heni gmndJed ji:^tifia]ily al^^ut 1^ 
IjL^ies d'at gzeiAT un die din^es aid s?iaJz:ted die 
pamtvodc Qdieiwise it seened In be a 
suzce^iful jouEiey 

It IS felal lo stop Ihe car m hEauy secL but at 
uitoivals, csi the teid rwa" ted, ^ w balled and 
examiiHi thecal, isdialorand^ies, DuinigoiE 
of ll:ese Mis I nafe an alammg diaccv^. 
The h^iES lal ret csi^ sciatdsd lii:es on ife 
FGUibwrfe ll:t^ had loin o« botli ffle laps and 
oir vraler-laitB on Ihe nunu^bzanE vjhb 

TtiiE ^^ras a &T nxi? senoiE sitiuJ^on I d^o^^ltH 
tieniT^ loi'e^ leflecUvB waitbeside "die £ie i^ear 
Umonls Hnd Vi^o yeans prevnoiE^ We got die 
n^E out and nede aniooiE cakz^ilaJionE Tins 
Unre v/e ^vei^ nst nn conroy_ If Twe hEolt down. 
heie^ no'din'g ^^rnnld p^*=^ dos -way unnl qizc 

£3£iii5 nxL C^» Towni sent out a seaicl\ pai^. 
By taBtHnre _ 

You DEEd aDzurale, <^silGd ue^ m Ite 
Kclcdian, ard mre vss a Bntsh War Cfiice 
^lE^ c^ted 1933, the 9:ale targ one m half a 
ml li nn. lnolJ^"W3nb, one mch eqLBls atout 
e^mlffi, Cffiths n:^yDU^\dl firda^ramiitt 
"No panBiHt v^ter in IfoEct Biva^ rc-rlh of 

I^y Xy^ accoii]ixq~lD cur speedcutrElET^ wasdiil^ 
iTiles^ tire s^IlIIIu ^Jid even at Xy Ky llie v/a!^r 
■WEiS biEtfiki^\ AH Leixig wbH t^ rrart ^va^r 
vroidd te ^tGiooi^U^ ei^lny- riIbe ahead 
It was not j»m"ai^rTt ^vater^ o£ commonly d^ 
■lcilk"BuLwe refiEed to "hehEve dottle "kjlf 
TWDiii bs i3iy _"G nHJtlDl3t or biEii " wt declared, 
ard sat down ixl die car agam fidl of soter 

The Kalahan can iHiare a ptilese ionloiy 
w^ai 93n:£thir| g^s T^vrorg It finds Ite ■\\^ 

^IJlSinilElOl^caiS arri in hnrrRn h^TTrp toa As 

I tfiddsaj^aedli^yefiispaaoiE^, liieirBm 

(bi^^ "^SBB tint v;e m^ Icffi Ihe m^^ ted 
iMila cuduti csie of Ite coires I have 
nHTlicrad TlBt VJDiid mi ^Ere teai a sehoie 
nBltei^ T^vith 1^"^ laKp v^ta' iBnks to fall hsdt 
ip^n tajtnji^vi±er?jlelBdtol£V.BldBint3B 
cai^ii^ Ihane/e: The scud vs least v^died 
to hear WDdd te Ite toilirg of \w^s in lie 

As ^^% diDve c^utioiEly fe^x^aids GnucidDlk dot 
afiEnncicm qtit ccnveisaliDiL xeUmred agaui ard 
agamiD Qurliqiiid i?a>uiT:eE. I ieii:en~J]ei^ det 
1 1^ fueled izL a doaezL cans of Aixencaik beer. 
Tlreie v/as canned fmrt as well. It was die 
ladialDr tJ:Bt -was mn our nnds Oi^e does not 
wish 1D pour Li^er utiD a r^fbafcx and rogiet it 
afi£i%vaids; huit it ^xras clear llut tie ladialcr 
^^^uld lu.Te ti> ei^oy a ceibuiinani^. 

TIhe v^ie anxioffi nr-nafe, la^rg i|> te 
dut^ ^\iHill:e erguE faltered and krci^edand 
tiE viEds shcw^ ages of dicgirg into Ihe 
snl A t sirh toES ll:e iHiH^ IS to iF-rtKe and 
tlHi DBke lEe of ytu" omi liacfe to iiEh Ihe 
dutE s^in, TIh^ if ihe sard IE not Ico ctep you 

^Duld lE^tfilMlre SLitrLTtTt tiiiLit:L~[]h3Jitly . We weie 
d ^]£iA ti3£i duQi'g -d-BS^ aaz^aHE, for nru^ti 
defended oi\ Ab steady bLm^of tl^e engire. 

QOJlkJlt Willi llE famliai - lfflnEd±Oni llffiE, 

carre m a^ at atcut five in liie aftsn^^ii To 
cur iiilsBe rdid" IJh& vse sQll v^^s in Hb 
■kdk," Ni?//"it"\miidhefC6Ei}letocfe;iKpiirjE 
fcr the v^3le"-lanlffi and fill ip wilii niil^ bl 
life-savirg v^lsr. Na^aliidesE, Ite ^[[aiQis 
had teai on Ite fiii^ of mirelhitn^di inctt 
ba/e c^i^dop^d ml» an oii^aL It bad lenu^d 
ffi HbL you cannot lale btolics \Mlh Hie 
KalatGiL Inny mndvHEViaoreof nsi^^ 
had gone into mi s ifeat as li^- l^aited^ as ^^e 
haddore irenv^^-^iedlieeiicaidesorsin^ 
iiJu:^, and \'An had ie:sr7Gd ed Hooid 

So our lYDod atGi[icid«xlk4m;iiiglit;^aE senoiE. 

It met tove Irelped ti> b^idd \-\p tl^e uncanr^ 
aUtnspIieie ^^rlnch stiD Lxigens m it:y itreiTDiy 
And diei? was ^a-oA^r tiTtor. Sai\^ places nn 
this ^^^dd aiG 5D iGinilE duX Iuvuet once set 
eyes i^»il t^eitx oi^e croes away inroguni^g dst 

tJ:e &st v3SLt IS tdLini Id te tbe ]asL I never 
expecled ic see CidqiIdI]^ and its ie]i£s of aid 
occi^hfiHon, aseconi tm:e InevitaHy 1 visisbsed 
t^ ciDwd ^vli3 i^iL ^tn)iLini under tire IqithL- 
doom ^ATith n:E tefbie. One^ 1 ien:En~bEr s^dly^ 
1^ stnt liirL~Eelf n^t lorcr afiEX tlie end of die 
expediHoiL He t^ }]een Htb oldest n:en~bEr of 
tJ:e parly AR qF te I^ad yix^wi\ teaids, aid I 
coi.ild see Imxi^amwitlM^ ^k^tiLlB stul]l]le on his 
ctnn. I should blip id dm^ -d^at I ^lall te aUelD 
set off e^credy infen die Kalatmi at 1^ age of 
seT^tnty-dnee. but; I doLibt it Tlet n:Hi\ -was 
se^^cnty-dsee, ani hs sl'o'w^ no signs of his age 
exce^ peniufs^ in tJ:e eTening~ "idien I pomed 
out tl'e 1D1£ of biBn[ly . Hns ict 'i^'as always a litde 
laigeT tlron d'e odieis^ aiditga-Te hnn^esKlile 
ani ^FpetLte I d'oi^lit; of d'dt larely Did nan 
and Ins pfctlretic end^ as ^^re jnJled our ^eejsr^ 
bags out of tlie car atG^iDQtlDlkd^tmght 

I IJbi^ Ico, cf all Hiat hed fas^ m ny own 

bfe dmig iJree t^^ yeeis smce I Isd IcGt sl^ 
at GiDotkolk That is ore of Ite lEasoiE, I 
telie^^ vAff peoile are hai to dislail 

1^ thixigs tl^dt^een'ed so ixtpntantllie LastHnrE, 
ani zefili^ liD^v sltbU tiiey leally wbig. 

Last tHB v^ 9Et a leifaid ti^ a^y n^ ard 
at teadB Ihs "^kolk" v^ilh a dirtgun and tnig 
< dsTaiNans^ peiti^tes^viiinHie dirt, 
This lirre Ite ibth^e sl^ed sa^. Last birB 
fre giire \'^ere ah'^^^ tai^ dsiel ard tested 
csi lai^s i:£ar fre canp Nc^v ^^e hed yd 
Arcing licare fcr His pert of Ite c^sa^ ard 
1^ te|l oin^ iiflffi rffic^ aiy hKaiEe Ihs vss 
lion country. Last Iihe pB^ical joke \V3^ 
pi^eikWjIhlteaidof'Tiri^CraiU, v^cDdd 
imlste a lion^s irar. To-m^ v^ vse in ro 
DTcd for lEi^e-[i^- 

So I £^ ijLiifilly by tie led glo^^ ieji:en~J]e33rg~. I 

I^d t^eiMD Tvi^ij caiv^ last I gEsed uA ths fii? 

at tins leiTctE 5i»t Tl^at was a TA^nch. 
ga^e n~E fe^^ ^^easant Ji:erL~Diies I do ictcai^lD 
lecall die Bli?el5 of Cailciilla qinvenxcj under d^e 
sun, die }iLtiiicr odour qJ cuny pD^vder ^sead cxut 

on eveiy faiveiTentH li^ etEiitel jar^, nn^, nncrof 
n^iees tire sdcied ^^ly Ganges^ tlie sickani 
de&ni\^ beggais al the Kali Gist fen-iile. d^ 
sbx?ix^ aid igiiDiaiit; nridtzl^Liie. After dm; de 

YetitvsErDtah^^^lcelil^^nBlnln±a Thee 
\^e a M-lop rear Daqeduti; vjilh ifce cift^fli sun 
l^irg from ibi^ lo OD^y larre ard sHii^g 
the hc^Est poiiis cf Ite Him^^Ee aliaza 
Evast fladsd and vaadiEd II v^E a ff^jnise to 
larsrfH; T^vilii Kaixis^urga dDimialnig Ite 
szere and a Tihelan guii^ irakrg coff€fi 

Tire nnod at Groodclk dut mght ^^ras not 
sonrdne^ Imtceibin^ jt^^rasieflEclive LastHxire 
^x% t^ canrped hsi? Jar seTeial d^^ tfc^v ovb 
mgtit would te eno^xrh we ^k^uld dnvB qi\ iar 
inlD de i^oidi aid tmi only ^Adien -we leacl'ed 
Areola. Life i^id cd'ar^ed and I t^d cfm^ged^ 
IDO Ii^diese lun yeais Giood«>!lk t^ becon~e a 
da£Eeiejit pbce. 

DiffeiHTl; thetistosff^rfronilteGioDtkDlkoflte 
flia viEiL To ny v^ of Qiinkiiig GiDolkolk bad 

'hBCOTtiB Geixe]^ OiAvHidly it was exEclly d^e 
^nve. But very o£iEi\ yoiL see a place tiTEOT.tfh -fl^ 
eyes of yrn^r conpaniDi'E- The crowd of tl^ fiist 
ox^edxtifm tad gore Tonig^ tinee of is weie 
^[Qirg in anold Gen\sjLoiigx>st 

Siq^H"v;BS<j^ff a^d\«^QddLgh3lesfo^olF 
ll[E■ WIhi you tra/d m oie car Uh^ is ro 
locm for canp sQadHS It \'^b3 liard lo lesve 
ftE fli^ fcr Ite Kalahan cold"^\B& 151H1 IE Egaii; 
a]dvfik!HVlt^^DlidteanlJtlEfl^I3l^ Sov^e 
St lo(M^ ]iiD Ite fl^i^s until tte fiie hnl 

"Theie IS SDiTe€iir^ aboiAlIie ^d^ce/' saidHenn 
WicJitslowly 'Son-etbuKj qiEer rfeelit" 

ThsL I rsallal frat ru^ v of bxfe m his stir^, 

and I ^anced aaoes liie fire uilo lis fec& Jack 
WidX Ico, ■\\BB locJaig at his tiDtiH: Bil Ifen 
leimred wiHi his fara.w ^es on Hie fii& In 
fre liaraidflE siloiie of uie cfeot ^'^e l:£eid his 
TADii^ and Elaied at hin 

"WerdaJ'' Heul V^icht ms as le slcubl ard 
-w^ spiar^ \^ -wi'Al iunx I willed tirB fiie -was 

bngtilET HeizL was swu^gir^ louLid be tJi^^^b. 
tJreiG ^vas soitrElIiiiicr nn die liaihie^ I foEo'i;^ 
Hsg^oe, dioixrhl kre^vlieiG wo^ikLbe icdnr^^ 
biA ny s^nxie ^vas tir^ln^g LIe an eleclnc be!lL 

Han steed nc|d for a imuHil, Itsi dnffed 
tackontolistcK. "What nst ire s^ IhatT 1b 
adsi obvioiE^ tavilcfe^ 

TJonTtsay rt^ain.'' I n-utteied'' I canlEUyou. 
Tx^l^ yoiifaid It- but doiVts^ it again.'' 

''B^biETA^ go aiy furlha; I si^^Gt"\ffi tuildip 
the canp-fiie/ sixfc^EtedJa±, His iiacQcal, 
9:iaiificniiidvsEatvoit ya;I ODddseehe 
vss ^lahai EE I had tesi 

Thsixrh -w^ laj^^hed at our nerves^ -w^ tiHjk 
elcdnc bir^lies and Lcpt iDgedieT as -w^ 
gadieied tirB -wccA The flazires le^^ iq) ai'd 
nrede is feel Liel^r ThenI inM-t^eindie stoiy 
of Genrob It -was d stDiy I lud gadiei«L nst 
wxduut efJoU;. sn\:e n:^ £ist vnsit 1d die place 
AH th?^ mlibiy ^Ecmrems 1:^ gnpj]ed t^ 
in~agiJuJion, aid. I ^^^lild iiatl'dve heenlr^Fi^ 

nf I I'ad rut djune 3.iy \.t2xost Id piEce tiieiYL 

TtH&^rtjBsrDnysteay atoutGarst butlt\^i^ 
a ^BEt^ affair. N&erlMesB, v^satiDundour 
fire at Goiiab and I told llieaii all I kreAr ard 
^HiEd ItemiYrthutt 

At tlie erd of ^ loi^g ard fieice canpaign die 

]aEtof tlie HQt&nbt banis w?ie stiH figtitsr^ it 

It had started m 1^04, wiHi a fonml c^daraton 
cfTABTlylheoldFfolieTtot^Kaptein" Herdnk 
WitlcoL The Ifcttentols \^re cumii:g. Ih& 
GemBiE iiilhlesB ^vheaH^o^ ll:e;r vse alie to 
take Uht i^tq^^ ore hy oie ll:e Hottentot 
Igqc^s sunaife^ or vsb killed .» Wiltco 
tinEdf, ^^alg:J aid Morns, Only one 
lerainei a told aid cumirg leacte' narred 
Suron Ccopa: Dn^^Eai sstwoids into Ite dune 
countiy, Ccopa" foir^ on <fesF3Hte^ aid 

C^ibirL F^snjiiicK von BisLez^ in clrmge of 
Q-pBTaiiDr^ agani'st Coopei: Avas IdllEd. The 

gi^nJla ^^ar chagcred oi\ for reaily ihree yeais 
Cooler t^ 4ie syiY^dtJ:^ of rtrariy E^UEer 
cteracteis oil die Bntislx sda of die border 
Gurtronnirg floiLin^ied. alorg tl^e lan^de^ 

F inally tlE GanBiG jiaced snBll CErnsore at 
a^ay^^lahDle, andat<ijwnpGliffilly"toT-rait 
fcr Sini>n Coc^o^ and his ntai lo die of ihirsL 
Ganab \rtjEfi one of Ihese outpcels. The frontia" 
Willi Ihe Csfe Coloiy had rot at Ihat lirretffin 
cleaiiv rmriEei Ihe n^sl dales teani^g Ite 
Bnlisn aid Garran ccals-cf-amE, ae:ted at 
feqiEnt uiiovals, can^ lata: So it h^^Hsi 
that the ^nison at Ganab v^ atcut sixteen 
nils irGideBntish Ian toiy. Ganab v^semfer 
ftomoiTA^iEB IhatED OEekravit oi^ bolhei^ 
ahjui: t2B j^ ctsal^^al^l^Gt■1ABS tai:g foi^ 
on ll:e sands of Ihe C^ifi Colory. 

SircDiL Cooler ■iuli'otdie of thusL He ani Ins 
nreiL lived on the i^sanTira nrelon ihe wild 
nrelonvducli yields Finer vjaikrllm^ the '1dI3^ 

at Geiiub. Tivy diank heainly. ani dien 
sco^HEd iDinid GeixuL and ^^amied an attfiik. 
Cooper decided tl^atit^AnTild be i^iele^ b anxi 
at "die G BmraiLcajirp izLtlie oidarmy "i^^^, fbrtl^e 
GeiTL'ai'G 1:^ dieiT tzemilieE ^id ic seaEDXied 
sc Idler ^xviild expose tihTEelf oncetlie fn^t^ut 
"K^ been fued So one ziifjbt Cooper put Ins 
^[E.-pejs nnlEi tbe bifrb. lun~eeldDoiii£ No 
HbHEnlEil; ever ^vastes a ^^ot^ aid ^vben 
Coop^i^s nBTL opened £ze at close isnge al 
d^bieakllie Qemran-soldiens started ^Ihi^g. 

It v^e a hopdess pcalion The survp/ing 
GemBDS jun^Ed on ther hcasES aEd l:eafed 
TAsL Tlis W3S oact^ \^t Cocfa^ knav IJ^ 
"wjijld da. Coopa's DuuttGd hhi taii^ IJ^ 
pGliiandc^tuiEdlJiBsuivivom, Th^ veiled 
tedt lo Genflh I Isn^ no ^ti|sIJ^ smIIi Ihe 
Genra?^ and Uhi^ ''v^qi^ of edeniraton' m 
SoirJ>Wffit Afac^ tut I pted thcee dx-ired 
soldias at Garsh Th^ shauld rs/s Is^e 

Coopei^s nren stzipped "dieruL of tbeir TnnJonixE^ 
lliei\ told dien~L ~b ruaicK back rulsd in dreir 

G^ATji counHy Tl'e GenToriE nrmcl^^. One caa 

iruEQine die rui lo o loi^g tdck over dieir ^ia~ulde^ 

As IJ^ nBrdBi fre Hollaiols shot then 

diTiVn. No d^utt soire of He Garrare laiL 
nBkirg tetea^ spoit f or Ihe HollailolB, It^^ssa 
vrar in \^^llch no qiBrta ^^QS gv^ and He 
sutvwoTE of Iha Garab ^rason \^se dirt in 
the tedi lo He last iran 

Tirul ^vas tl^e Izvie sloiy I told n:y fienis at 
Geina]^ diaJ:nigtiL I do no^dnnkl stuUnralE a 
thnd joim^ey t^s tirB No^rab. Tte old ^valer 
laj^ aie still tl^eie^ beloi^r tbe; p^st in 
tbe B^anreeldoonn tzee 'id'eie a. Gemron senHy 
oi'ce staled nitEi tbe £istli^lit;of Ins last;da.y and 
cheller^ed tbe HottejAots. 



Lost CnY Or'niEKAiAi&Ki 

SOMEWHERE m lieEe dunes tu lie east o£ 
GenrahtfieEe e a. 'Qostcity/' aZurhabwe of tl^ 
TcT^laKm I acccitpamed an eiipedibon list 
searched Jot Jt ixL Taux buttlie evndence is clear. 
Ttns IE ID itreie legejifl Tl^ov^b. it l^as Lz^enlast 
JcxriTDze tl^ansix^ ^eais^ die annaentiiiirLwnll lie 
JcxuL^d agaii\ Qi^e li^. 

I hEBTS fre dEt-stauBl rol±EX)k iHoiduig our 
ffiardi t^ore nt Ju^ Bti; 1935, was Ihe <^ 
"wiHillE car and van 1^ G^rsb lo pa^nte He 

The n^E cfc rot dit^vil; tut Uh^ is a diied-ip 
ffiam (rf a rr73=-lHi v^ndi joins te Ncss^b 
e^TteSLnilestollEs^uflmfG^rah SonHsie 
inUprglmisaidit^^sEliieGrcolinkRiva; as 
cpod a ranB as aiy oliieii ard I shoiid hie lo 
KDCw\4:^teraiyore has fbllcs^ed it siireji^ 

Tte caranilie vazi lud a lar^e of^M^o lini-died 
ani Jbzty niias. They earned ^va&r ixl diurt:^ 

ani also mboldBS- j^^t ixl case we 1:^ to ^vallt 
back. RhhI for d week, t^eitrbeis of tl^e 
exp^ditioiL left at d:e base cai\p sigred. an 

undeii^ku:^ Cm it^ iDfeb^ok) to seid a 
seaicb partj^ m lhe mtk if the "Tost ci*r" 
ex^editicnl^ I'crtietiiii'ed izisc^ d^^ 

ThislinEvshadacon:|iE,l hes^e a role of all 
the disiarces and tsni:^ Ite lorg pen v^ 
found \rtalh a ImEstoiE oulnop; Ife lire of 
sndhdls Uh^ Ue hei^ in lhe dry, urmtfjai 
nva^ tiEilacesv^H^v^cutaaDffill:ed"iZES^ 
the h^ ydlav giass paKiE^ lhe htlff m^te 
VK sfat ^'AsB ID nnn hed canred t^caa 
SonHints IJe ^:[iJi3k trails IcokEQ bis Iracfe, 
hit all led lo Ite holes scialEted out ly lie 
teasis m sfflidi of salt 

One incident stanis a IlH^ so tiotl do icti^eediT^ 
oldicttoolt Veiy eady nnd^ jDim^y we cane 
i^ioiL a ve!ll di^ m a pan. It loolcd dxy^ but ru 
doidrt a B^Ehn~^i\ coidd extiEct a ]idie ^vafer 
fioiik tire bn^esbi'e D^s afiEinvaid^ foDowir^ 
c\K own. tiaclis back to li^e No^»t wc cane 
i^ion the ^^n again. And 4ieie^ aver li^e itsiIe 

of [xur LootE^ w?ie ^^e inrfionlE of ht^ feeL No 

If a BidiiBn ±es rot^wi^ to te sesiyou^vill 
fiid rDlhugbil He di^ of his feet 

We decided it -wss a job Jot aii Ecio^daiE I 
leiTEiW^^iGd tJ:e ^"auiirg given to t:L~e 3^ an 
aich^Eokicrist wl'D t^ iHen iq^ die NQ^nb 
tefore lYE- "WteiL ^11 Bee die counHy/' he l^ad 
^atuQeix '^u wdl leal^e d.'dt Qre cmidd speni 
ixonds seaxclnr^ die ^d dui^es ^AriduiLit coi^f 
nr^ a ^EcHoiL of "die aiea ui ^^bich tl^e 'lostciti^ 
ix^r be ^Ltiialed/' He ^ATBS la^liL The irverpetenEd. 
cxutudD en-fity counliy 

Theimnv^ di9DJi^3edtiE"loEt a^ v^sas 
pctiKS(f£ a figure as aiy v^ li^dled Hie 
Kalatsn m Hie old dc^^ ffev^eanAiiHican 
narred G. A. I^nra, a cattle lardier in his own 
counliy. I^nra \^as leeih^ ffiaidai^gtheKalahan 
fcr <laniHik lirTe±lte Ificut it n^ s^iii 
ftrim had net a BaslQ^ hutta^ naimd Gat Loij^ 

mAiraira, r^frl. ta4yi hari mrrp TJ irJwTBn HrrH 

in tim hed teai lakai Id Nav Yoik ty a duw- 

riBn aiii put on oMilicai as a freak at Goi^ 
Islaid At ll:e lure Fami iret tin^ Gat mM 
ha^ teai hc-nEsiciL Gat pT±e!Jy conxcted 
thelaleofdaimiidE, tutitv^sa:ci^ifbi^Faiiii 
ardllEKalai™ eqs±lnHi\\9soigKi3ei 

F^nriL was s^rrediix^ of a. shs^MrcBn bixi»lf. 
Whetx diey anived. m Ki'^lanl on die -way^ d'e 
Cafe te aneiiged Jot Geit Louv id be pEesenled 
1D OT.eei\ Victonaa. I tiTinlt Gert mst lu^re been 
tJ:e oj^ coloiiied Kalalun bkinfeT ever id ^u!le 
lunis with die Queen Geit becaite a centei^o- 
laan, but hs i^eveT Jbigol; bis expenenres cver- 
seas. Givirg Ins in~pie^30ii£ loi^ afteiwasis^ le 
said YoTi cmild puttie wl^ile ef UpincnDii mlD 
one hsise in-LordDrL The psoj^ tlreie aie lilf 
lociEts f^rnijhilulf '' 

So Fami laiifed in C^ ToiMi from ihe Ji:Kf E n 

CosrfH? anJaiBHiy 30th, 1ES5, "widi his son (an. 
eail^ ^^logiqibeT^ ani GeitLouv. They left f^r 
Kuird^dey three d^^ laJer Tl^eie F^nm 
eqLiippBcL liin~Eelf widi a. hglit spnx^ ^VEcronani 
nrules. Near Upu^gton he exc^ur^ed ti^e n:i£es 

^ATith. ^ JanrL'ET t^nixEn diei^he piEtBd. Dniiii&> 

1^ desert 

I*i1ii of Klias on fre I^qB Ri^^a" I^iUTi ranB 
ipai a C^mHi liB±i; Fnb Laiii-^dii; suffai^ 

and J0UB3 12^ expe±tiorL Ffe had a Indt of 
eiii^ STay olher saiteEe vilh He liiase "^r 11 
VBldnf^ ai^ that Isiarre lis admaim 

GertLovu^ lecoitnrenied. a Baster I'dTLEd Jaik a? 

canp s&iranL Tlieie ^A'eie cue or t^^^ cd^er 
"QLU'dn'Ed BdEtEiE u\ tlie party. "Loi-V^, I n~^ add. 
diad aboiA 1915. buL Jan was still alive nxL 
HbveiTieiL 1933. 

Before leg/irg C^k Tavn a rran renBd D. D. 
PnldBid had given I^nn a idu^ n^ of Ihe 
Kalahan. It se^ie lJ:at PnldBKi an erigmea; 
had tesi sail ly Csal Rhixfe on a ni^aon to 
Lake N^ni, aiii hod oi^npled lh& irap duniig 
Ite J omi^. Wilh Ihe aid of G^l Loiw aid Ihe 
n^ Fanni iscIbJ the N^mi area ItT^rasone 
cf these lareyEflE v±ei QieKalalBii Icdsl 
Ills a ^n^ v^Hi Iha urdulalirg counl^. 

wilh lis cplda; npamri BiEhran gias^ 

reaiiled an Er^ish ccsn distnct v jfHi bt^ 

cine \W3£ covs^ "^Mlh tsnnB ireloiE aid 
dand or"wil£MEeste could he diDt argy c^, 

F^nin divezged fmni the krowxi xdiUbs, biH as 
he TwiDiB ii\lii£ diaiy "We l^ad. plen^ of food 
far nroiL and teasi^ ajid I UidBd. Hn ruy usi^ 
goodlu?!^ ^vlnchi^ver desened nre ." 

On hsv^ south from N^mi, haviir|Medl» 
disoT^fftfeponiEeddiaironds. FanniiffidBl 
a spot called Kenes, Thae he fomd an 
Er^ishiran liviig wilh a coloured wife "^Ife 
vssah^ily-edLiQtednBn, of goodfamly, and 
his coiL^aation nBcfe TiE"\WHi^ hew he could 
coreal to live m Ihis out-of-tlE^\^ oistet of 
the w:'ii{i'' lamilsd FannL ''I siq^ies lis 
nan:e at h^pemnal reqiEsL"" 

Fann visited tbe Easter setdeiTEXit of Mier 
liTj'i^ laiDiArji as Riet£3iK±i\l and ilien stiuik 
eastwasis agairu He foUawed tie dzy No^iob 
nver fast the juncUon with tl^ e{ii.B!lly diy 
Aoxii, weiA an n^ithwaids alcng the No^zxb 

and t^E^e d^ys lai^r zeached. tie Ky Ky 
ixDuntan'G All H-b^ laidn'^i^ aie of Txtsl 
nxipxri^i\:e if you utEi'd setHxig;nrL^±an:hof 
i1k " iDstci:^ '' 

At Ky Ky he leftlte NcHnb ardtuiTHllD lh& 
fflst aauffi liie sard Four m:>re ^js tffoi^il 
hmtoHieeipof tiEK'gutgfoTffil. Ha^hs 
liinlei and aim o:>Ue:ledbullHfLffi 
It IS dear liBt I^irni ard his son s| eyed tJHTV 
selves in the ±^it Cds/ ■\\ten Hie ncs ran 
^i3it did 11^ lun soiih a^m for l^iigton On 
Ite SGOjni ^ \lBf si^^ a hc^ nuunlBin 
T^di Ihe gii^Jan i^fenOfiedas Ky Ky, On 
iffldnngtlEfcotof il;lr^\^rQ; ittuirEdoulto 

te a niiuilam UhI ncii^ m tlE paily had sesi 

Nc-w ccxmcE tLe liiHiTialu: discDveiy FanziL 

''We can^Bi i:eai^ Ihe fcot of i^ bsEwfe a ksjg 
liiK of stoiE^siiidi looked li^ Ihe Clirese ^^Qll 
afle^ an eaitlqiak^ ard 1.^11^1 on examu:alion 
pis^ Id te tte rams of qLile an e]dHHve 

slncture, m scsie iIegs buned haiEstli Ihe 
SEcL hut in othes ful^ ejqDsed lo viav. We 
traced Ihe iai:fiins for realty a inle, nust^ a 
hE^ of liLKfe stores, ht all flat si{td, and m^ 
ard thsB with lie caraait pafect ard [iainty 
vis±ie heb^^en the l^o^ TIe top lu^v of 
sto-res \^sre \^^3ni cBA^ ly Ihe v^all:er and Ihe 
dnftuig santb, soire of the ipsnrDst ones 
onioi^ty iTjl±ed on Ihe iiifeacfe ard sIszj^^ 
outlikea ffintre-laHeon oiE shoit leg 

The gcrensl ovitlire cf tlds ^^rall -^as m tlie 
fonm cf aiL air:^ UEide ^"hich]^ at nxdeivals of 
atcut fQiiy feet ^q]ai1; a senses of he^E of 
lYQEDjny izLtbe stufe Qf an oval Qr anolTtise 
ellipse, about a f Qot and a tulf deep, and witJxa 
fl^t bottont JtuI; I'olla^^ at tbe sides fonr 
atciA a fool; fioiTL die ed^e. Sonre of these 
he^s ^^reie ciH o^it Qf sohd. locl^ odie^ weie 
fonred of nT>ie dunoi^e jnece of ^tone^ fitled 
iDgedier veiy ECCQiBlBly . Ab lhey ^x^ze alliTDie 
QT le^ buned beneath, t^e sand^ -w^ n^ade "die 
n:en help In "Qi^cover die laige^ of tl^ezn with 
ths shovels- akindof w^iitlhey did rctiTi.i[il\ 

Hie - Hrd Ebixid tluJ: ^vEieie ths sand 1^ 
protected tlie jonitE tiiey "i^^eie EfLiLtE peiiect 
This 1dg1( neady all que d^^ gieatLy Id Jar^s 
di^AjUzrL he Doiild ret iniiei^t^iii wastiixr tixtre 
~QL\:c venxEj Qlil stEiJiBE, izi hnM It ^^ras labD~Qr 
tlirowTL away. I tolil tmM tJrm; Iieie im^ taive 
teerLaitl"er aci^ or a jJace of ^vcuslnpr ordie 
buoal- giDiiLii of a. great reHon peilupE 
llci^ands cf yeais ago . 

"On dcgiig cbwn lEeriy m the nicMe of Ihs 
aic, 1^ canB ipon a pai/errsit atout l^waily 
fffit wide, rmcfe of lartp stonES, Tte outer 
stores vgs long cues, aod 1^ at nc^ aii^s 
lo liie Hirer ores. This [s^eiHit vj^ 
intosGctGd ly anoliiff anilai^ one at ii^ 
ai^es, fcsmrg a Maltese odes, in the calre 
cf vAidi at s3nB lirre nuEt hcC/e stood an 
alter, colum; or sorre soit of nr-nunHil, for 
IhstBse^^^GqmtediEtiiict; con^Dsai of kx)s 
pscGS of fluted HBEomy. Ife/iiig ffianied for 
lierc^yiiicsoriiHiipticaE, andfirdirgiiDre, 
uy son looksweml ptotcgmjiiE anddffild:es, 
fomiAliidi I DXEt ieai/e otlHS nijre leensi 

on the siigect tlan I to jii±p as to vAjbi and 
hy vvtom Ihis ilaiieT^^BS conqiGd'' 

Ttnee days afier leavurf 1^ nims^ travelLxig 
all "die -w^^ over a geiide slixpe^ Famu carts 
aganxLiD tbe real Xy Ky in}i.inbii\ 

That Trtas Ihe fust ami 1^ {tesilai dESTiption 
of ttie'^last a^ arg-v^nttoi It ^^Eeralin 

jFubbsbBd nxL Londjun nxL 1836 Intl'e saiTie year 
FaniiL i?ad a paf«T befbie t^ Royal G eogi^^ 
ical SooiB^ nxL Loiid£]i\ Tl^eie is nut a sci^i of 
evidence 1d suggest llut lie ^^as a cl^aiiatan. 
Seme of his lunniir will sUiIe die nrideiri 
leader as faceUois^ but tas mnaliTe lus beezi 
tested, in. nrex^ -^sys arcl foiLind 1d be enniely 
accixeJe. His son rrede slElEibes as ^^^ell as 
I^lDgiqilis^ an[l die ^clEibes of bnawn pl^:es 
ani Ei.^hn:anpaniitiiigs aie antl^entic. 

To sum ip Uhs T-ras ib pcssiUe lEes^n v^ 
FaniiidiD{idlH7einrQTiHia"losta^ or^My 
his sen should hEc^e drawn on his inrgiralion 
vMeskaiiQi^it Evai\M.ll:cutit tl:ehcQk^^;as 

an adriTiaUe tnle of Hsvel F^mn did iiDt ^k^^ilc 
1^ ^ tJ:B 'lost ci^r" as a. dlinrox^ as a £c1iorL 
^xrutBT iTight tove L»ei\ tEi^^ted Id do Hb 
descnbed it casiully, hlE itbi^ ot^er scer^E on 
Ins joT.iiiey_ I ^QYk cormnced tiHt Fanm wict 
oi'Jy of ^vlm te ^nh^^ ard d^the difl nideed egI; 
Byes i^iDJL die 'Chirese -wall" and also die fLuled 
rcBSjnry an^l otl^er iBbcs of "idnchhe ^xriote. 

Pssm sfated Ihal Ite pceiiion of fre "Icsl a^ 
■\s^ lalitij± 2?/j c^^HS so^ loi^tEfe 21 Vi 
€Bst ThEse cMiiile figure v^ere ib ^ubt givtii 
ingxdfeilit bllhen^lieiEed has sure teai 
pwei to tHve teoi ireccurala T!as is not 
gup ij^inj for a OHi^Biiaon of Ite niEt nixfen 
n^s of tils LllJe-kDi?.\n aira rs^ a nunter of 
dscK^Bnas and onisiora Caitful ffiOnHtes 
hare pui^alllHl: I^nra \wss as nii±L as sei/a^ 
mlGS out m hs mrtii aiii aoulii diElaDces, aid at 
Ifflst for^ mlES m IhcGe mmuti fiDm ast lo 

T^nanu tcT^^veXr left odier 1d die pssLtaon 
of -de 'lost city '' He saidtlmhe UnveUed fcoixi 

iM^crHy 1D tinxi^ iTiles a day m Ins ^k^Ec^n, so dm; 
Hs pOSHCHlE lY^r Ik pklHEd ^DITL iipB brcwTL 
landxtrHiJG he iveidiorBd, mnuztillie ^azie way 
as a lYHSter nrmnier T widvuiA rtndeii\ aids) ^x^ds 
out Hs jxi^Hcm UL ibggy ^^eader 1^ dead 
leclcmncr F^nmalsQ lecoided dm d^e lurs lay dni^ or dni^fiTe iTiles t,^ a faidy lorg- 
Hilnibxy of de No^iob Tins uibu^iy lie ^dded^ 
lan down alni^st doxecdy fnniTi die icidi to ii£ 
jT^in?tion widi d'e No^iol] - a vahulJe piece of 
nnfoiTLiraorLif on^ one ted anair suivey n"^ of 
de area fc stidy Tl^ Wo^mL ^t^as far rennved 
from de 1939-1945 war zone, aid no air 
j^tD^i^il^ ^k^as dore dsie dum^g drot j^nod. 

Vou jx&y wbU ask w^diex a great In^i tos 
iGstEd cv^nr dns stiarge d^scoTeiy ever sueb 
F^nnt's d^^ or ^x^helier d^eie lu-Te bBarLmrtnuH 
of lie miriE sixine diei\ 

Cf ODiis tia^ Ihtg teen mniDiia In tiE lor^ 
GhaiEi aeOlaiHa. m BednHialard. I nd 

■£41^1 nai- WVt> lud he aid of "die nai^ finni roHTC? 
- s^mES of he^sd. sidles ^x^heiE tli? ruTaTe? 
dEcl^EEd- people i^d ]zved ]Drg~ Ecro Sc«l^ 
SiEith ^iB TTjIaKqn £roeta{]tEr. Vhs wiH 

^E»1e {] f l^vix^ visTted llie ron^. 

PiTjtElly the HESl valuEEhie rB:H:it widsce 
cane frbm a yourg Goidama faniH" naiiEd 
Mkolaas CoetzGa In 1933 CoSzffi lold Dr, 
W- i*eiit HoiclKidH* of l^inglDn ttat aone 
yeai^ pe/iou^. v^iile Luriutf to tte Geet of 
Ihe Ncs9[3b, lie bcjil ssn an anBigeriHit of 
stones sunlai^ ta that -iGsmJsi ty FaimL 
CcelzGsiAesinahuny at dffitmE fe"wasDD 
archsEolocDst and he hsd roi stof^id Id 
exnniie ihs jJacs In fact tie had only a 
iTsi^lh ic^ of liie locably. Na^attelss, it ls 
dear Ihal CoEfeee fv^ had no niJlive far 
iDnHiarcjl sw sc-iiEthii^ udiHeL 

The most sciezitiEc aXbit:^ Id discovez llie 

^5tci^~ -w^ss ri^df nzithe winlEzof 1333 b^ 

-ThrEaidBdFiJialmJiiEe. 13ffl a^-^^cofBL 

Mr- R R F^iTEr. a rehahJe aiiBteur aidiaecilcH 
gast of Johamisburg, Mi: Pava staled 
Faun's hook and le::tiire Uic-itj-l^^. tested 
the aac^icB at way piKsuie pinbl vv^gi]ed 
i5> all liie dBis midHKE J bave rrsDoned, 
and ihsi jdaimed a pdnnreiy suiv^ wilh. 
the ic^ of disowairg T.\iahEr Fanm'E stDiy 
cc^d Tie filled into the geogr^iiical facts- 
Mr Paver set out Surui UpiiicF*n. witik Dr, 
&Qicheid^, ^vha lud Ictuwtl Scotl^ SmtLi. ami 
^ the other f^itnuE desei^ ctmacleis 
ixdmriatEly They leceived a^iisbJice &}Ji:ktbe 
pDh£:e and v/eie ^Ieil 1d Jan x^lnslmirE, tha 
sam^ linrter ^"lu 1^. accartf^med FariziL OFd. 
JaxL E^icejL^Eied ds tz^k welX bm hi^ 
evidezice en die ivins -w^s izicoiicliisive 7oti 
iLkiy xeirEZL^ET tlbt FanriE j^nerOii] red tl^tjaii. 
^iD^^ hd mfefi^st izl t^E mus Neai^ Eulf a 
cennnry ]a&r llm was still Jan's amtuie He 
lecaQed die huntxiig^ liU jut die he^^ o£ 

Travellircj EC'rthwanfe with a hglit car and a 
trudi. Ml Pws fidei i^ NikolaEe CoeGs 

and d^ei\ a desert Hader junred JoostE The 

pan^ also 1:^^ a Hot^xtEil; g\iide -^i^ I^i^dl 
often teen Qtx Happixirr exi^ditioiis Id the east 
ef l3ie No^iob We!IIequLpi]edaxidirifciiii:Ed ii\ 
eveiy "i^^^^ I-^ Fa.Ter headed bold^ mti) 
Fanra's cc utiUy 

Ife diDse for this raconrmssucs Ihe mddle 
ore of iJiree Nossob Inbulsiiffi. This aj^EaiHl 
lo be a dry nver called, on an old Gonsn 
Tffip the MoleitewaiE; tboi^ he could find 
ED liace of it in Ihe Lordon Tiires atias or 
s^en on Ihe 1933 ofTioal n^ of Bedimia- 
laid w'hich l:ss a scale of a^ niles to ore 
inch Ne/aliieiGss, thetnl:ulaiy\^celhEieand 
IJ:^ follo^\iBd it, rumaxi into l:eavy sand and 
lEing a cpllon of petiol to ccj^ff ^vei mles, 
Dunng tfe ^^fcole of Hie flist ^ ^s/ oji^asi 
cai^ Ihi^ inlGS, I can^T[xalhiKT.vilhl]Hii for 
I on::e spat a ^ (fium mre in He mamg 
iilil ds^ai at mctt) vAai He s|:GEdM^er 
lEgislaed flf^ ml^s; one of iJree {^s it is as 
"wdl 1o lliink atout v±eiyou are jitjBinti fbi^ a 
Kalaton eqEdilion The sort of ^ ^^Jihl you 

n^ voi^v^you did ycA hing tools UEleed 

"Mr. Paver and Ins p^i^ iost all HEce of 4ie 
tnhubxy on die fin^ day On the secord, 4ie 

Ho Venbl; guide ^clzntled d^tte t^ never goi^e 
^ny fLiEther. Tley [a^sfLcme ^nt ^v wn. on. tl^e 
n:^!, tie Drily featme nraded in ai\ aiea of two 
tluiL^and srpj^oB niiES TIbs ^^ras Dni\^o Fan, m. 
ieahi^ a seises of connected fans And firolly 
tley caiTe to the edge of tie di.m5 country and 
looled out over a plau\ Tley leUinrEd m tit 
No^nb ijy a diEerent loute, stiiiymcr tl^e 
linresbi'e feniTBHorG diey ei^co^mfeied ard. 
Jonmixr "die nvfue^son li^at an mteHiger^ 
obsei^er 5^xH\ as Fanm coidd not lave heen. 
deceived by iu1?lIib1 iocLc 

I wiDte to Mi: Fa/s' t^ore ny a\n sairi and 
te i^ed ''To ire it is calam hun Fanm's 
account Ihat He Iccali^ 1e natoiel v^s 
sona^He ^rt^lhin ax^ mles of Ite Ncesob 
nva; poM^ on about t^^eily-fPTe cfepte 
soulhlalilu^" TlHil^ad^liKwwfel have 
aliEac^ {ji>led ''Thst is VEay v^ik, ard ^^^l^l 

yon see die courAy you mil leabze ttot dze 

Twrttci-it covennrr i &Et:taorL of li^ diea ii\ ^Tich. 
-lie 'iDstcLtr' iTHjrbesrtiMlEd-'' 

Injune, L947, 1 Tjras inl^Hr^iDrLflgaiiL ^niltflcL 
dkii'g t^Ucfe Dr. Boicheids o jl tlie subject of tl^e 
loEt dtjT-" I foiLind ihe aged docfcT as leeiJy 
nnteiestEd. as ever m^^e nniiE. 

''RsaaJyl rretlv^rfnHiT-^cfedaiHlliKirhad 
tern to Ihe ^ Icet d^ / Dr. BtadHdE laid rre " I 
caniBt CBTeyDullHT rarre^ fcr IJ:^ are feme^ 
vAo offised He BediLBiialaiid toiife' to poadi 
cerre Ra" Ihal ifflson lii^ did rot anrouns 
frardi33wey. Butl{j^?lioisd*JHncar^\%, 
and I can Idl you itat Uhf cks^ipGon lallies 

Dr. Boicheids also piovidEdixe wxfti en eiHiiely 

TB-w sideibglA di\ d^e n-E^^steiy A jxxlice sezgeexit 
I'esaid^ lud lold Ihtli tlut lYHry ^eais ago^ ^fr^tnlB 
patiDlluirr on carL-el-tac^ t^ I^ad con's Id an 

ancient stone- gisny in. tl^e de^^i^ Sai^e of ILe 
stones lud }sejL s^iMied on tie sp^t^ aid ^^^eie 
stall m te seen d^re. It was nn. d^ Tost ci*r" 
^i^^ Ard deep in. tie sard lie seigeaiit l^ad 
diazoTeied tl'e lenrHirE of "^tot ^jpeaied b be d 
boaJ; fbinteenfeetmlei^th. 

''I amlcoddncwforcksTt eqloralum'' sid 
Di: BordH* regretfully. ''But I amaiellHe 
T^^QE, a stflorat as Faun (isoihed il; 
coTlune ag:^ in tiie Kalahaii We kx^v iJ^t 
nvas oire cane scuih from Lake N^ni 
liiroi^ Ite {feet lo join Ite QeDC& Tie jsjile 
of tlEE^lJaretTviEt hs/eSEdvjala; ardiBvv 
it seam that Its/ had ir/ff tramp:-!! To ny 
nird. Hie diaDWEsy of Hie toal is cordiHve 
wic^re I fed Hiat I was feufy rer Ihe pias 
ny^f- It canrot te brg t^cse fre <ti]ES give 


U«ncwhG^M£ Reserve 

"Kalahari G 



IC? H^ 

. P 


The rDUce tcsrd sbnds m one cf fre Icsriffit 
^i3lB in Scflih Afiica, ard it iraris a ^hb 
isQve frat Ibe test Ispt alrrcGt SEaEt a'S' 
Slice it was podairrEd in 1931. It idv ccvse 
niDiB than a mllion irDiga^ a lai^ aim Hian 
IheKn^a'Nalioral Fak 

A ieiAT yeaiE hence^ peni'^E^ Ecmre of d^e 
huLdieds of l]i3iLEariis of ^sople wl'o brc^k' d^e 
Kn^ET Fade will lave tiBTellfid. nnlEi t^d&seitlD 
see d difEeieiit^ArcMidedajid of gatxE. Atpie^iitl 
canrDtieccmTen^l die joumey 1D evei^rxi'e 

Witiiaut a cyc^ a Inp to He Kalahan IfeDoiial 
I^ik nic^ ed m dssta: D^ afta^ {^ a pei^ 
d" ircEnsIs m^ a^^ait resi^ after a 
fciffikcb/vn vMe I]hi^ t^^hIei^ siq^ CBndLBl^ 
Mel The isoiff:^\il, car^\il, ^^^-equipfed 
ncloiiEt has rDlhmg to f €ai: "WtHiyon^lo 
fre Kalahan you koc^v ■\\iial you can <i>/ 
a^irecre csi Ihe <tsErt fni:^ told ub. Ths 

unktrn^^^ ^nE lE^n^ is sQll Hie Kalahan, an 
utronfbildle ilace to te sQaiifei Aiii id-v, if 
youlereii^t heoi cisoiJUicC^ly Ihsvrammg; 3 
will M ycmhcw to i^adiit 

UpinglDnDTLl^ OiBi^re RiTeris tlie ^alEw^lD 
tJre Kalalmx and fnnw ULnr^tEui t^eie rai'c an 
ui?iedatJe swiudiback lOEtfl over hmlied^ of 
sajid dunes. Fblki^vitJcxrturci hkirdxed ruileE ard 
yv\L wdl leacK 1^ sdiAJreuL Up of 4ie leseive^ 
^vheze tl^e A^ub ani No^nt niveis nreeL These 
diE^ na^eiE fkiTV oi^ orce ortwice in.a. certury, 
JbimxEr icixrh Inghw^^s i^noi^h 1^ TCalaKm 
JOT t^ lestof d:e penod. 

On Hie^^jffit tlHE IS IliB dry Air-b nnriarg [srt 
of He lEffiiv^s v^slQTi toutidaiy, urflJ it 
cresses He 20lh peialld of IcatBluds Ihat oils 
throi^ IMofis Eiii A qi^ aiiBEgarat, 
dfRcult lo uti:^Elaiii until you have ^esi lie 
Kalahan I^ikoragxdirap 

Wii3iii\ tins le^ive^ aiMsr^ tie laiTEeldoom 
Hees^ on die pai^e and Qver tie [lui^es^ ivar^ 
tiuv^anis of gen:^»kieed oik tie dE£ezt;n:E]oiE. 

Tte gHii^bol^ pojFijlation I tebevc is hdav 
officially estinrolEd at; lOO.OOO head 
T-fc^ttle 70,000 spnugiok 60,000 wiH&teeste, 
LO.GCO osmcJ^es arri atoxitSOO torE vaiy d^ 
thusty lardsc^ie Tte elarcl ^nch ^^p^^ied 1d 
te in liai^ET of emtuinliDiL is £iiiiJicr a ie^at lease 
of Me 4ieie. SrueilleT bLi^k aie j^ntcRil. KvBiy 
]ivirg cieaJue is i^ioieciecL l^y die la^v of tl^e 
HEserre. ' VoTicariEcteven sl^HJta jacia]," an.o]d 
hunter toli n^e legielfLilly 

Thee ^:ffitok aie VJorUi peavutt You 
oniBt see lisn m Ite Kn^a' Fat - on^ in ihe 
<fer temttms do ti^ flomsh, Orce H]^ "^Aee 
ffeiliful cai Ihe toas of ifce Q bi^ Bivtr. 
RiddfS£ huttas dr^e liieiniiiHtli m lint iim^ 
fr^ ime m laitp 1h* in liis UBCcesatie 
cona: Lai^ardstorgas loss, Ih^ are, i-Mlh 
frear \^te liased fes "vrann c(w oolomig 
ard <brk imikitE TIht Lcoiib aie iihe ^£si^ 
Wheiyou se a hffid lifted 93 liiaL cs^ 0119 hc-m 
isoufluHla^iiEtliEd^, it is s^ to Irace Hie 
cngm of Hie umaanle^id 

AxLaiiit:Hi\ p^E^nxET o^^cr 4ie leEerve ^voi^ikl notice 
tJ:e duLies all cn^cio^sd. wiiIl runo'w tiails. 
Tl:e^ are tlie gen:d»k pa^E^ ]eadix^ 1d 
iajro\-\n^ ^Jt^hcLs^ in places ^teie ru^Ji^ ^u^ 
'hicSs tove snam^ied ouL ioqIe aid ivDift bi-iUs 
ard lefttl'e veli p3c!lt Ji:mled_ Sonre declaie dm; 
tJre gen~El]ok iie':;cr see'k p^ols of ^^ralET. lAnnkit 
^x^ukl bs n~Die connect to ^^ drot tl^e gon^toLc 
caiL exist Jot kuicr p^noiis ii\ ^^e de^it witl'oi^ 
dmnkixEj. r^istiLine is oh^med ^mtl^e ^jcgeb- 
tioik aid sbied i^ m die pam^cK Tlreie is ru 
doilpt t^Bt 1^ genr^Kik p^^ie^ES die po'wer Id 
sixvive mdioi^titE 4m;cai^ Ievoc aiTor^ tl'e 
lest of "die gaiTe. A bmwi\ mot called "elard 
^x^iteL'' siEbuE life iTLtl'e gdi^bo'k. Duox^ d 
diy season "die wildebBeste ix^ te olisein;^ 
Jbllowix^ die iTDze lesoixcefLiL CFeimboik m 
seaxcKof dcs loot 

Mai djnjg of liiist hsTe ss^el thar lives ty 
slrolirg a ^idx^t ard sauiig as inrii as 

three ^llors of ill-fla/outel find I lasted 

rpmJ-nk mik rm rmfi rrraiinn arvl hnpd Il-flt I 


After He gerffilr-k and Eiiii^^olt I Ihink Hie 
brd^ kiiu raids ii^ am^ Be aiMofK of te 
iffiEsva The kudu is w^ caimijflE^tl and fbi^ 
fraL rsHHi it fas lii^aed in aiss \^^b oHh^ 
hrk hff/& teoi shot ouL I^feiy kudu fiid 
Dcul^iiet in lliB Kalahan giBS^ wu often se 
ttosdi Ba^ME of kudu at Hie gallop in liie 
DEa^TtomiD^dofyturcar, fe^lJ^bE67ea^^^ 
cf l^irg cva^ Ite bioi^ M^n a kuii 
mgii^s Hie dislarce, Ite car aun:|l€s u^ds' 

Scvbib] tcxielokf luTe been diiDfid aToiE^ d^e 
niTeis by ^^e Gaveimrent; 1d piovidfi ^vaikr t^r 
2YBIL fird ganrE Side tn^ intD tJ:e ^^alBiif^ 
nntEnorof 1^ xesei^c are ict ei^covnEcr^ by tl^e 

ailtlc3ltl£S^ tlci^Il €l tl^c'k of soils dCi^SS ^^e 

i^oH^Bm pozluML WalET mst revex be &3igot&tx 
'hy tie tiBTeller. Tl^re is one stietiil\of iTore fian. 
dliuLdiecl nilesof 1^ ITo^iDb rovtE ^vbeie Qi'Jy 
d niidcly pool nray be foT.iiii SDiTe^^lreie n\ tins 

lEnitD^^ I -was Icld, dieie ^^ras ^ psiEonsis 
^xr^ler-lDle beanncr a ^vanux^ sgi\ a lebc of 
d^ys ^^ten n'Ei\ stsggeied i^ m die sp^ with, 
paxched diioals 'If youdm^il^ yondie," leaddie 
noUce s?iFciAded o XL a boasi "Ifyou-tki I'DtdnnL^ 
^Tidia_ So dnnb" 

The Aicb (poiEurced "OfcopO is Hk liBit 
fevoured h/ Hie GcF/enirai, Tlae toidt^ 
and wiii±nlls aie nine frajHTlly arcunla^ 
The Ncssob has a rolice boaid at €adi ad 
Elaling IJhI Hie route IS dceed - "bsisEsas will 
te pcGEOited'' Foi^ yeais Ite pDiihlion v^s 
igrcied and ni^iimsb tased fiH^. Ifov Ihe 
sncliBiy isTAdl giBntd 

Th^sG ^Adv go liDi\ IbxHix^ with cansiss will 
neTer hrd in. tins Kalalsn leseive die pmUuss 
tJrey £ecT.iEe Tvrdi ease n\ fiie Ki\^er N-frtaciiBl 
Pali. Wbei\ tJ:e tiHveller Andeiscii Helded t_^ 
tJ:B I^^lop? in t^ 'eiglilifs of last ceitu^ be 
wiot 'Ttns IS tmlytie bonve3d, llmve counlEd 
aJ^oi'e UnrE ma troop^ gieat and ^nrolX twenty- 
iM^m^ ^eq^^ndy su[ aid seven m~de nrddle of 
tJ:e d^, ani withixL a ^vit disbnre of ix^ 

^Ar^Di's." Ndiat d sp^or cm1^ [luL'es ie ^ixost 
visHniE will ^^ cxf "die LcriE dul; once itrmlfi it 
dar^eiDiE t^ra txezib leaive Ins ^v^cron wid'cxut 

IfeelMes, liie caDie fanning aisfi to Ihe 
93ulii ard east of Ihs cprre reave still cflff 
(^patumliGE, ard I ktHV a nrni imcfe a 
Imip ly coii±ttig parliffi cl" licai tinlss uio 
fre cfeat RiHae Mitoiiald ^^QS his ran^ ard 
cnce he tuDutl a fBii^ of lion cute tEdc alive 
fitanore of 1:^ speiliorE, 

Ttes snrall bixidlBS cf binwi\ flufi" liave €e 
stier^i^ of dogs. Ttey nulled en 4ienr tacl^ 
pl^nrg lil« brUEre. I wantEd Id strolc Aeetl 
"LookouU'' waned MiDorald Tleyliif ' 

WMe Ue cuts called lo tach oihe^ m ftie 
larguKp of Ite cfeaX MdXaiald lold ire Uht 
stcsy- "^I vjss oil in ny dd tudirg grourii 
HDlonitj alcsig Ihe Ncesab ^^^len I sfiv liie 
"i^defam^/ l^said "Ncsva lion and lioi^ss 
"wilh culiG irean n^ Ihkiiess - wsi for a 
pudessLODBl hnria: irflrg to tani a kvlrg in 

thee haid lints, I MDdd latlH^ fece a hurgiy 
lion I k^ Ihe aicpre of Ihe car nmrang; fd^ 
ny a^TlE, aid got Ite lioiES, Tte liofl caire for 
nt T^^ ^itHS"\\sl loi:e, bS m i±e wiorg ^Bt 
Th^ste-RBdhmiforaniHieTl; Iht^rt andte 
ODidHi llHe ^anig at n^ and swirgmg his 
isil Ills an aigiy cat Thai; vjas ny d^i^ I 
gave hun Ite d^dy froiM dirt tSv^ai Ihe 
q^s - ny fevtuilE shot You ±'ntah\^ ^a 
charce like ll^t Scsi^inEE, wtsi a hon ohi^ 
EpugirglOT^nfeyoi; Ite only Ihirg lo do is to 
aun for He lai^^^ Sk^ |ie^ded ly fre hird 
quailas and oif^ie hmi TIhi yoii iH^e tiiiE lo 
finish IIej oh 

"ET.itIgDtlliiE ore - I ani aD naght till nsxt1aii:e_ 
Axd. 4ie£e ^veiG tJ:e cubs^ 011I7 3. f^-w d^s old^ 
ardieaiylD Iic^tlie Imd wtnch ted. killed dmr 
paxenlE. I iHoixr^it tlreitx l^ck 1d UiaiiglDtx ard. 
g'a.Te tiieiTirLiIknrL£eedargIx>tde£ rheyaietwQ 
in>iitlE old. iD^v and 4mitix^ ^jliL 

■^ Gte c^, if IliE^ IhEKiiDO lorg ih^ Will l:aiH^e 
thai lei/at^ Of ecus I shall sdl tJHn If I am 
lu:^, a zoo ^mH f^ itb £103 fcr IIhh If itt 

&n?iBS tiieni as iDV^ petE But 4iey wiS lu-Te 1d 

gDlD a zoo nndie erd/' 

MDorald iKd to slrot djzsE of liors in Hie 
Kaleton wey year, ^olrg Hie skins lo Hie 
DHkeG ctf Europe, If you vfl^ to dimlaLonte 
"Will take you out into Ihe {tsEil, siard tdiid 
ytwwilhuflerea^, and save youi^ life if you 

"^fD good shootu:^ tl^e jirar^y ones - aid you 

^Arant a good Tifl^/- ^^^ I-UI^DiuId a>Iejn'[ly 
"SoiTe feU of ciluzgixEj eloplujitE^ of buE^lo aid. 
nj^iru^ buti woiild ladier &co ai^ of ^^erLilimLd 
^ATounied Lcil" 

Ife look cue fai^ of anaMn^ tolas udo Hie 

<tsat ard ore aftEircon ^tej drcve off in an 
qHi Dutor car ^Mllcut hun lo see viiat Hi^ 
could fird'' A pel^ lale Ob/ told v^tei Hi^ 
carre in at sihIt^ ^Bulircj fer ^^^l^/ 
cpniied McDonald ''Tl^shctat alionfion 
frecai^ardv^uiifediL Ttelioncarrejunprg 
tcM^K^ tiiEaii ard no oie hod He iHve to flie 

a^ui Th^anii^diuiTea^-BiltefbiElii^ 
got Ihe car nimrg fest, Ihe licm spairi on to Ite 
sisre bpB at Ite tedt and durg to iL Thse it 
w^, rcanrgardiitogiJEcaraiiilEcdAfliE 
si^ it ni£t .nffsTe tffin - fre opai cai^ ffy^y 
aaces Hie {teet fbui^ irai in fre fiDnt sst 
tiyirg to diake off a^wunfei lion A 9:aie for a 
come filmall n^ Wdl, the lion fdl ^ at 1^ 
ard St <twn in He nai piEzled TIhi Hie;r 
sla^^ ip ard shot it tut Hie;^ lept Ite a:gine 
nimirci jiEt incase of aca{tias, 

'7es^ it s iDt a ganre Jot a. neivois ruHi\ - talor^ 
jolls LciL Hinlir^ ij^^n iliey'v? revETshotai:^- 
thix^ laigor tiuL\ d j^itndge bejbie Ttey luvo 
CTeiy ci'dnre of sroimcr a hit f^r die hoi\ is 
sbrdixEj BtiD ^vhsmiiey fii? ButI tttv^ lo cover 
t^Biix I am 4ie nroTL "^tu bies at a. fLmcis 
rnjvniq- teig&t Woll I tave not ni^=ed yen" 

VoiL would tave Id Danrp Jinr weels in tfe ganre 

xe^^rre Un glirLp^ all tie amxtrHls tekingn^ 1d 

this fdit of tlie Kalalun E^it if 7012 ^ArsitEd ]or^ 

-A^ ]amxeigEier - tlie aliM^sL emtuinl; coi^ii\ of 
tte coi\TiTirLlanTrEivar^er_ 

LannH^es oesl m liie ha^te of Hie 
Kaia^DiigimunlmrE, ardI^Ilc^G95h^Q^^loll]B 
KalatBn in seaidi of rreat You C3n idEnlify Hie 
lainiH^e^ h/ fre ''tsnT of Icaig Uack 
hislJs utifcr Ife cioiL Tl:ese aiE Ite h^ GKjes 

fraL are sid to cany off hstes, ard \'^<h 
calain^ p^ iflijn amll anteloiiea.'e gcmfaamv ard ^^e sn~tL]]cr di-iui j]^3uv 
feed [n\d^ cnnw ficiYL die IdTEeLiooin Hees nn 
1^ lesGive. The gotxi paaLiu^ is i1e L^igEst of all 
1^ bi-^tsids^ a giant aiTor^ crarL~e Imds, Ecmre 
^ATEigtiixicr xnne tim\Bf^ pounds. Tl^e £l£^i5 "d^e 
ZYDSt app&Usii^ of 11^ lord but d:e p^nzv is 
I'D'whei? plditifil and 4ieie aie fe^^ places left 

[^m aiiebLlJ JuJe LmJik Ji 

Ii'dfleiitaUy d'e paauv IE jut ^JL easy }imi to LaH 
I lu?7B seen CUE ^k^alk off widi a nfla biil]£l;izi.n^ 
Lde^ If y^\L burg dcwn a paaT^ri^ ^m ar^ 
t^Kjhlani it JaDscmiDcliS^ sh^er wbkjIh cai^es 
ni; to hieak \-\p, ard you can oijy cfallier dje 

The raid, cr ka^ Istp; is at hanB an Ihe 
i^^n^ It ±ffi not confine lE diet lo 
/, iD^siTa; hi 13^^011 snnll bu:^ This IS 
a loi^i ci£loirerT.\itii p:^\3fd da^'^^ Yon T^vill 
te lidy lo qit ore inlhe c^-lnffi, 

Tteik dieie IS 4ie giey-cckiuiGd bisK jiig~ ^^ritiL 
Jes3ciDis tislis aid 3. xnM n'aiiL'fr - mteiestirg 
tecaisE it Ies teen exknMZHlEcL ixl Edited 
distzurlE ard suiviTeE otnLy ^"teie ^coUrg is 
juDlnhLted Tl'ey eajticols aid beisieE^ ^9?^ ^^ 
hmis^ tecoiMzicr aggie^vE only ^A4iei\ ccmeied 
Ttot fieak of tiie veld, tir^ aaidvaik ako finds 
Lfe easy ixl diese ^aifE. It ns a. cfunrpiarL 
UmreUer^ bvincr onaiitE aid fenxites 

Aimig He amlio^ Isels ctf p^ aie Ihr^e 

cbiii:goffill the icoilffll or AfLican ^nx. It will 
e/Bi ladde a ful^-grus^vn ^nr^k or yourg 
kidu-Wilh lis lifted Gai3, soir^liiiesandaniei^ 
^rs, il IS also Ite ircet ban^neiB ci tfle 
wil f^TTfe Thinred out ty pason m fannrg 
aiffls, lliis IS Ihe ^Tff s slioi^iold Son:Etnts it 
IS fourd m hollo^v trees; lEmlly ihe kUHE are 
reaind m b-Uiuv\s A lymc is lad to lan^ tut I 
laiHdiff OIK in Ite Windh:^ zco T^^Tich oflid 
be stroked vjith fair saf^. Th^ aie niae 
lloMul in Ihe rsave than lei^aiit^ arri rr^al 
tteleopaii^ as killss 

T1:e ^wJd deer IE d^ Lym^s gieateiieny, aid flie 
lynx toE to £ida.tiGe qiaoldy ^x^tentlrE wild iiDg~ 
pacls aiG in pLnsuiL 

r sav a [Edt of wild &>^ aloig ihe Nosoh 
Th^ v^ere EDt fi^ offiture, wilh thar GBise 
hau^ of sanc^ ydlo^v and IIe m^gdai^ huwn aid 
llcdt nekin^ ''Lycaon pctiE^'' Ihe i^turalist 
calls Uhti aid its/ aie also krrwn as "wil{fe 
hanzfe/ lyEeiadKEandluinliJ]gd:gE^ Youcan 
tdl then at oire ly Ihai^ sis, laicp aid 
lojni^i and ly Ihar tidt of junpig ip aid 

ien~^nmxEr for^HxtrE oil iliEir Inni 3egs^ ^ ^vafiib. 

A feM tid^ fir three ctf IE le^sl'out of Hie 
C3i; IcaeliEccvQ^ from our nflsE, aiidoipied 
Ue n^azuES uio fre pEdt, Ore ±g fdL The 
iffit liiE lo ^pe, <fa3¥d s/^ for a tanlBd 
yai^ ard sloi^Hd KBl^ J irapig iii^Liisilr^^ 
ffie^^Bt v^s HBlorg^ Iteioffi, TlEnHi^ 
TAee 3A^ out of iBi^ nmig at a speed 
vAn&L Mt DO di^lt of Uht ahli^ to cvelake 
Ue SMflffit ctf fre ganE annnls, 

I oxsmxied tlie ^DeiL dog The lEeth -w^n^ 
nrtrfne^ve^ f^ stiBJigEr 4m\ ^ideg of o^^er dcg?. 
It tad a pruned m^zle^ ^aid a heacl rut ^inldlc 
liat of a Ir^ECJU, bLitilie body wasitnie st^iely 
ani sixrgcstEd s^^ed- I co~QLitEd. tl^e toes - f^^ic 
ZDtoiJy on the Inrd-ieet buLoi^Ihe fore-fcetas 
tweIL TlnE -fl^ diEtm?1iTe spsor rtt^ te 
lecogmzed^ d^fEeiejit £dixl all the lestof tire dog 
tubs Tl'eie ispidbahLy only oi'e ^leciesof WId 
dog izL Aimc^ dcixrK the scuA^euL paclc ^le 
Lghfermcokmrai'd l^iger Old Ef^dn'Ei'G n:^ 
iie ab-cosl black 

Evay\4HE IJ:^ till in ^^dl-cscBnl^ pacte, 
lffi:fei3 lo licit and 1^ of Ihe vidmi kegirg 
clcffi ly si^ Ite oUh^ 1 Hciiri t^iiii h/ Ihe 
azsl Nolmig vjill rause iIhii lo affirdon lie 
dBS& You n^ slrot at Qie {ixE m pursiit of a 
bjd^ hi lii^ mn oa teamig at lie flantE vMe 
Rimii^g A fEdt ■\\q11 eat a srrall aiddqs m a 

N^UvcE l^a^e told ru? "dm wdd dogs sHjiat litde 
jearof LoiE^ ^jid llet a large pack^Anll atbcka 

LoiL {Pacls vaiy fEcrnx Hn fif^^ or ev^n a 
Inindied > I do jvnt t^'ik a liaMe betiTBen wild 
dcgs aid hoi^lros ever been lecoided, th^iLgtiit 
15 la'O'WJL -A^t "die dogs will tac^de a leopaxd. 
BrentJre stiDJicr wnldebeesiE do ict tieattJre wild 
dcgs liglTtjy -Q^y fonn a cucle will^ tJ:e calves 
ir^uie. AximralE d^at Wll i^otOee fEomabonwiD 
sbnpsde iTed^ ^xdien WId ckicrs sppesr 

Ore hsht ctf Ihe dx|E em cC^ aU h^iiQ^ aid 
tra^dloe v±D have ssi iL TIe d:^ aie so 
vcaanouE IhatlJ^ oflaieat IhEarvicflrre alive, 
TtBf are canmMs, tco, lilii:g iJEir cwn 
voii±d And \^^si ^ne is piadiful IJ^ 

alw^^loU m]ie tl'fiiL tJrey need Id ^aH^^ tJreir 

lEi33l]]e nreatr hunger. TI:b Lcn will letuoxU] a 

jfbiT cTTwjvz Wild, dogs Inl] azd pa^ oixId kiH 

d)^ killii^g Ituhhi tenc^ BiEhnHi in lh& 
Kalahari are rot afraid of the docE- Ns^e"- 
iMass, arran^^iDslu^^elfeaniitfepEffircs 
cf a hiigiy padt m^ be torn to peiES 

Vou can lieax tiieni I'O'i^'lii'g ani ctm^nxig at 
ingliL - sunstBT EDunds Wtei^ tley aie EcoiLidi'g 
-die Teldn^tii^e cixcileE after crarL~e t^ir iBllynrcj 
cnes aie soflsT^ a. aurt o£ 'too- ^^tcop-" 
Occaaoiul^ ^12 will fird alxtkrQf ^Tu^ipiesin 
atx aiitr bear lole. BtA ^^riM dogB cairrht nxL tins 
^xray ai5 seMfxiTilcpt as pet5. A hon c^ib is troie 
■fpi^iv^ly-anft le^ HeacibeiDiE. If ^12 itreet wili 
dogs^ sl^oot widiDut; itren^y Spaie ix^ laid die 
iaciTi if you wnlL ai'd let t^ ciLinrni:^ leopaid 
^ud^aw^ ButDi^ce yculruvB seeiH^ vnnau^^ 
of tl^ TxiMdog, you wJl diootTintJ. yoi-ir lafle 
tanelns tut 

Evai m gaiiE saiilifines liE"wild dog IS lifflled 
asanoiflc&v, diDtaLsicfct It is rrore fiace and 
dEsQuctwe Ihan Hie ccyote of AiiHica, He 
AuElraliandiirp, oraiyr^'Bsiaorjac^oQlJE 
Aftican vdd Wha^ pods of v^ild dc^ 
floundt srrell antdope and nuii oliiea^ garre 
vflll vansh WilddocE arei^ddil, {fesnired 
killa^ creaflrgtaKTV^^Ha^a-lh^ iDam 

WIhi I fust Iravdlal 153 tiie Nceob. He 
Kalahaii F3ih ^sbs a poaJis's pai^ise, Tl^ 
Noffic-b hourtbiy nBrdBlwilh ti^ Be±iBna- 
laiid frontier - ard liceay]GS to skxrt m 
Be±iBnalaiid\^refra^ giauled TkEafav 
yan^ inlJs mddle of Ihe d^ nver ted rracfe all 
the diffaore tel5AEen lawful hunlirg and 
amnml poadmg, 

Theie ^^eie fan^r: too^ boidenuicr tte Aunb 
Boi^-holes 1:^ beezi SLink alorcT dns i[i~QtE m 
1314 Id ii:q1e j»^nble die unrasifm of Gem~BrL 
SoidhrWestAfcicafEoi^rLttB B^alahecL Sonre of 

"die itrEn gisidaixr "^ boi^-hciles i^itrmned. cxn. 
af&nlie ^var as JairL~ei3 Tt^ywei^, nxL^ct^ ilie 
iTDEt rcrtieiiy fen^eis in tl^ C^k PirsTnice, 
ari[L tley lud 1d be conperGalBd aid. nr^^jed 
^x^n the iG serve "^as procianvEd 

Na T^lE feinas s^a" s^ed aloig Ihe NKSob, 
tut IheiE \^se Hie B^laE, 6e coloiiei 
conminites living neii^ ly lunilirg It vss 
atEud iH/irg Hise fEope an Ite ^p of a 
cpriEK^n^ TlHr^s^\'^erejiEt oiTa-lhe 
tcTO^ m Beduemiani h£UsB\'^Q5DO<l:4±t 
ahout \'AsB l]^ kuTted ^^^l^l Ihe ^n^ 
TAontil s tsc^ vsE tunei 

This problfiiTi was solved in 193S, Tvlren -fl^ 
Hnt3^ GovEUUTent ^iBrHed die NaUdrul PaiJe 
Boasi a. stzip of lazid 170 mlfs lor^ oil ^^e 
No^iob In letum tJ:e Uihdi\ GovBumEnt 
DonpensfLtcd tJ:e Basteis I net the BastBi^ 
tzoldoi'g s}^sy Bnni dienr vill^cres u\ 1333^ and I 
^ell talc yon no^k" on a vnst 1d tl^ese qi£er 

Thar sodiE fesnlte NoEobntant ifcat ore of 
the feniME old hititirg areas bad teaidceed at 
IceL Evsy livuig orature from Ite gEiTEtok 
dMii to UE ham is safe "willim Ihe st-nroiE 
hjutilanes of lie Kalahan Nalioral FSik 

HiLF-CA^£S And Pioxeers 

amomg TwbRoheers cffrelct Kalahari 

frontis^ v^s Ihs lace TMrBe ctszaibniE sQll 
call llHrKh/GsBaEtesv.ithpi(^ The flist 
nt9nii]gofd:eAhilfflai:Gvod-'hasla^ is 
teslsii^ bLailH&iEanailaiialiveliBrGlalion- 
half-casta ThEse penile aie half-castes, 

I-^st qJ d'e so-called Baster lece axe ny^^ fimiy 
selded in tlie '"reinililic" ef Retutotli wtnther 
drey tieikld lieJbie tie GemrarG cane to South 
West;Afaca_;i3ieie are odier sin-ell cotnues 
m lenijie coiTeis, ani m L33S I n"et gioi^is o£ 
drese mxed people FiTinr ontl^e ND^?3b 

TiliE Maltly^ oiE ci He nm^r raiMtelle 
ciBi^clQB liie ras has pniLcsi is Uht 
heaiiBD, 1 adsd TlIie to cfeaite ImiEdf. "Ek 

genuuie tdstanL" 

a.vARte turns' yAn rramGd a colored voran 
Kcaved a c|ait of land aloi:g Ite GiBr^ Bive^ 
"wilh his tiids, t^iy an ad/enluis" Mped lo 
teep Ite European Ettam alive m a pfflile \^ 
had nii^ed wilh HoOalot Koranra ard 
Qi<jJl arayetfcnmdadislnirirTei^cial ^pe 

Pbr gei'eiHborE liey leve cluing pallieluzal^ Id 
-A^ir "i^^iE annfistiy^ ^id as a. coruEnsuty, Iuve 
disco IlHect^ nroniagBE ^^rith. HJntlEitiDte ani 
dader people. In^ndenblly^ tJ:e lunsK luive 
T-fc^nch UrBy -i^n-E&lv^s seledEd does ti^nx an 
nz^isUce They luve kiiEj Lz^enundfrin^aoi'diy 
nnEI:iEi\:e, ani e^^cn die unfbitisuJE "qlhoig of 
^xdste ard co]oiLiE«i of liie e^y d^^ ^ateib^ as d 
nila^ legal iTomages 

The HHi sQll r^ on Uht rifls as a nr^flTK of 
livdiliXKi Wtm I n^ Titffi I^fetttys in 1936, 

he had dct flf^-ore Iiqob ard act^-four 

le^isrds, sdidflni^KSEnlu]gfLDm£i!lo£5at 
the ta^fei's stor^ Isicfe a mnte^ ctf aais on 
lis lx<^. No d:q±t he has ad^d to his a^Jie 
sure^Hi CncehefourdapairofyDiiighon 
cuhs aiii \\BS C3nyii]g lhanofl"^^ial ihe loss 
ajifffiiBi He esdqsd ly an cJd BiEhiran Inck, 
Firet he IhavdTiVn 11^ sdt of tsanrcB n:dorG 
he lai tesi oz^lle^irg The liores sloRBd lo 
smff ihe sait aid IIhi Titffi sS; file to Ihe grass, 

Once te 'i^'aE iidirg beneath.^ lurtEeldo din ti^e 

^vhen 3. leop^xd sprancr on huni fioitx llie 
branches T j^irusied off and sl^st if TiHe 
I-^JitJ:^^ lold Ji:e^ fingeiincr a scar ai\ Ins necik. 
The BastEis aie I'ot an uvEcpjuliTe race Tl1?lS 
IS stdl iGEdiy 1D ode fifty mdes "i^'I^ennewscif ^ 
lecpaid si»OT loaches imxL He roan^ed. ^ 
daucrlHEr of die Vnlander famly and lus 
Iw'enly-eiErlTt chiklien. of Ins own. Odieis ru^ 
1z^ the jaclol or hisit die luntile^ kloosie 
wididogs^ hutTrtiE, ^Aritl\ S3 nroj^ to nranHau^ 
seels fieicer anmrols This biowji nran. with 
smIdL cl'eeLs^ ^Aride-bmiinrEd Im; old dothes 

aid. vel^lcd'e knows itT>iG Qf tl^e deseH; lIurL 

Qie m^ m can^^ iMiEai TitiE had corre mer 
in qiiEst of a ^as of hiBii^, I lumed on iJis 
ladio mcav3: He had heeid it t^ore, but afis" 
Ihs niiEic Ihs^ canE a voice from C^K Tc5wn 
qzeakiig in AfLikaans, TitiE ^vas duirf> 
fourdai Ife slaiEd at liie tai^ {ial, ults^ a 
"wenl hi^pliied lai^ am rolled on He 
c|Duti± ""Ikw Ihat IS scaiElhirg I can wtiar- 
steml" l:e g^ped at l^L For the ist of He 
Afnlfflans p^zgianire l:e larainEd on his 
haund:eE listenmg inlenlty- 

The BdEtis of €¥ Kalal^on tov? one of tlie 

tacLtdoQi? In t^ wnnd-LlowTL di-ines v^oyn^g 
nik colcmr frura ci^^aw 1d veirmLLorL red, irsaiTi 
"die genreboL^ tl^e spnxEr^L^ die wild ostncb. 
and n'Hi?K od'er gaiTE for t^ po^ Calde owned 
I^llie BasteiE gm^k" fat oil die t^ samTb nelons 
"dm; npen cii\ tbe sai'dy odges The Basieis 
I^ive fse t:L~eal and mdK azid dieir sloll as 
hunfeis ere] Jes d^enkHn eio^lur^e lun^^^esfor 

occasiai'^ l\i>nme5 in die ^ups of tmned 
fooiis- They wdl Irave tn loU in^re of tl^enr own 
guals ux fiAne, I^o^vever^ Jot "die Bectnurolai'd 
GovBUUTent lus placed xestncliore an genE- 
bok ani ^pnxtrbok liuLitn:^ VEcretatlES, on: 
eTei\ roots, fbnnrirD part of dieir die 1^ and briLt 
15 imkrDWTL MBfLtns ^med inllie viUage^ not 
Eold^ by these pmniLtiTe socnali^ts 

Dijm:g tlHi^ luitidiig Q[pe±lionE uio ■^ll:e 
sanf (as He^ call the c^sat), Ihe Balers Yme 
dealm^ witii wild BiEhn^n and uncivilised 
HotlatolEL TitLE I^ah^s IraJes ™iii ll:e 
BidinHi - a slidt of lotaan for a dmi He is 
in liie pialion of a rnddlaran eiqio^lzrci *hs 
Store A^ Th& Budmat hs s^^ lake Iheir 
fenihes vfllh tlsn vA^si tl:^ lui^e Ihs 
unn^^Ed dEsat lo liie east of He Ifcss^h 
HotleilEt hunlas lias^el alcHi^ retumirg to 
vill^ps v^HE Iheifwive a^oitSBU 

A sdenast ^rtc vnsrtEfL tbe Bas&is fbui'd one 
non nrakuxT velslnens. His oin&t izicloled. a 
last and ^^oe bloclis from Kuiope, bLit he ^k^as 
iEing~ die led fihie rooi£ of lhe pnxmive 

of an^ieritai'd iTDdeuLitrEilcds 

All Ite Bast^ hunlHS cany a <f£Ef^ aiii±ilE fbi^ 
SBlE-hl^ B^riiran aiiu^v piasm or oidmaiy 
Uccd pisomrg It is a dned lizard of a rare 
qsne^ bDTMi lo fren as liie N'aubxL Licit 
j^owm oJom; ihe hzaid IE atoll ^vei metes 
inlaiglh ThsieiH^is^^iieduiltefcaiiiof 
pwdar, and is siiuMed into irosuHis nafe 
DEBi^ Hie qsL vAa^ He piason oitored liie 

T^ N^aiiboo^ acccidzi'g to die Basteis^ i? &5t 
ani j^fRmlt- ^ cam^ It is ?u?tL vaLmUe itrEdi- 
cixie^ hci^^re^^ci: drot a. Baster wnll part wiiIl an ekx 
iBllieT dron go out intn tirB Teld ^vitli^iLit; "E^e 
ietx~edy. Tie EasiBis []E<ilaiG it toE nevar beetx 
la'crwiLlD ^nL As Jar as I la^DiAT, 1^ N^aiiboD toE 
r^Ter b^an eiiaiMxied nna latoiHtiny 

I leant itdie of Ihe wsjs of Ite Bastas fiiai 
Willori ore of Hie TitiE ^^ll]^ dan, v^ 
joinal ny expedition as onp savant Willan 
'^Qsalesi; niEcdarlillJefdlcw] Wx^a^jsaied 

to te alie to sland ai^ l^Kkliip lutil te found 
tJHE was a ±ctor in Ite pei^. TIhi he 
^fe^doped a cbi^ ^onsivadie cr iteumliaii 

and ™^Bd Issi a| cyirat m ^^BllowlngJal± 

As A nnle die "BastBJS aie whIdiA ruEdical and 
Three or four vnsitE a year by a GoveniirfEnt 
nrEdical ofEicer are all -A^y cai\ e]qKctH aid d^e 
people axe 93 scafieied drot d:e doctor caiirot 
iGEcli d'eni alL If an iLngent opeiHlion is 
TTPi-hZHi^aiy die paHent idully liies. E^r le^sr 
con~plaimE^ d'DSG Jan'ciE Soudk Abcan 
len'slaaE louwn as "0!kl DiHEdi Medicine^ ane 
ised witJxdE ^id^drot^AToilE nnBcles 

As a liadM^ Willan nwa^ fellaHi In lis own 
counliy , te said, he iBxcpised Hie sh^ss aid 
coloins cl" Ihe duTES^ te oodd find tte w^ 
thioi#i loig sireldts ctf {feet as easily as 
thoi^ Ihe lilies vh^ sign-p^sts, Bil he 
admtted Ite HottoTtote pcesesKd a fer niae 
acute Eeree of diedion Th^ oi^uld T^^alk 

thmi rp 1 ml Tmiliai - rrn miry \Mll:cut e/ailookirg 

atlteal^-AsfcrlheBidmHi ll:^^iHEiH^ff 

'last ^nd tliey TBYei died, of thusL WiDeitx smd 
t^Bt he could go luro li^^ wid'out^k'^lBr- after 
t^Btl^e was £m^:Bd- 

WhsL \« spait a <^ ^looliig Willsn alv^s 
^rok his heed ard c^caei fre ^^Q3te of 
oilncips. In Ite land of Ihe Basteas aniiijnilion 
is cai^i% bceii^ Ore raitnct^ ntans coe 
had ^wa^ slalled his ^db, wd it hai iht^t 
00:1111^1 to hra to nsk a lorg di^t and a mss, 
Hs iMcfflfiy atouL lions, I ga^Hel^^B3 that if 
a DHi v^ inlaicfed lo Is lakEii h& \^olid te 
lakm. tfe^eliides, it vss a gxxi Hug to 1^^ 
a loadEd nfle ten[^ ""s} U:Gt a nBn m^ Mp 

WiUenx ^Bpt in hiE p^lrlied cladres widi d 
lklaiilEtbejieatl\Iiixixani A ihuilmQ^ onlDp. On 
ingti^ ^vten Di^ 'i^'alBr kotdes Unlded wi^ice I 
^ATould ^Aral« 1.^ tolf ^uaexL ni\ n^ tlack sl»pir^ 
Lag ani ^!e hnxicnou^hed OTer tlie fkie^ cl^ewnr^ 
lDt€C{:o^ and tliirdar^ Id doidrtn of hs disbntliut; 
atKy Ky aidtlie s&nifs of Hav^ t^ ^k^iildlell 

an Ins letum- A good, wnllix^ 

BastET "waG 

Whsi I fiM iret Hie Bastas tisr nan s^e- 
nHitT^^^at Ky Ky, avilla^of hartts^niiae 
on Ihe Nceaah Tl^ had t^^ v^ls, cue aur-rg 
the hulE ard Ite olhff in Hie nvo" tei 
SorrEtmtsHieviJla^v^dnedip TlHiv^ter 
for Ihe^^^Ble coniiijm^ ard Ihe canie had to te 
dra^^in hy Ihe \ wmh; niiS: aftff hidst "wilh 
isra^ahiEek, c^orm^ fiomlfceieiBinirg 
93utffi ctfv;Hla: It^rtjBsairesgresn^, hut He 
un^feigrourd slreain nei/ff failed TisB is re 
niEE v;hIei^ foriraiy mle ip cr d:^Mi Ite nver. 
Bushn^i of coin^ can 1^ aiii^ od Hie 
fsaim^ hut HieBasteis i:eaiv^tffara la^e 
heconE de/tr {fc/iiHS and di^ps cl" v^ls, 
Th^g^dj^Milo 150 feel, la^^sn]gan:Bn"wilh 
the aid of stips of leelhe^cut fitmac^nEtuk 

Dimng- a secoid joimiey izi 1333 I -was 
approEclni:^ die jimcHon of tlie Aixib ani 
No^nb lloiown as Twee RivneiGi\l ^x^hen I sbw 
scoiGsof £iss bl^zincrnMlie cl^ija^^^ AtbistI 

licT.^lit tie veld ^was on fiie Tl^en I oLsesivEii 
people ani calde loiinJ 4ie fl^Jires 

The "^stole Basta^ comiuti^, nEaiiy Ihtffi 
tuded rcHi whihl aid cMdiHi \V3^ 
t^kiiig out cl" sSllaioTte v^E liie;^ hed lived 
aiiffi lie t^iHsrg of Ite caituiy. Ths v^s IJht 
last mctt on Ite Hceob, Uhf old kinlirg 
CRcml ard fr^ \^ae on thar v^ to live m a 
E&v aiE& alorg Ihe Mol^it, As I "^raided Item 
teacfe llHr"\\^gDffi, Ifdtlikeang^^viliiessof 
csie cf Htffi pctutsqiE, miDi^ ^isafe of 
isave IhI ©rarsid, md \^i^ ll:e aifihi^niiGS 
■i.\Q&nDi/iig ifen:eathLJtgiy Baslas out of it 

Tte lYQtx w'Itj broT^tflit tirB Baskis mlD -fl^ 
Kelaluni -wss ^a\ oiit^taiEliiicr cI'diEctEr imved 
Diij^ Vilaniex His Ja^rex -^as a. ^x^hf^ itbj^ tns 
ixdiIet 1^ teei\ a slave at^^e C^ie 

At oiE luiE Vilan[^ aid hs fcJlo^^H^ setlled at 
Lounesfonteaii on the G(tp of BidiiBnlard 

HiuTlsis fiomlhs litUe connum^ IraTE^ed far 
to Ihe hhUi of Ue Cttai^ Riva; aid krD^rtt 
tai± vod of a Kalatan CQE1& At Ihs peiod Ite 
unfoituralfi Bastas vse fedmg Ihe iiB/i!alle 
Ii^ffiuiB of v-^te femes v^ cos^eled IIhi^ 
lai4 90 m 1^5 Vilanfe^ led Usn inio Hk 
Kalahsn. Tl^ callal Iteu^ ibv i^3i±c Mis; 
iHHLiEe v^i 11:^ anwed m Ite taiitoiy, 
Vilaiife^fourdvfitea^ in an ant-tear's hal^ aid 
had lo pdt out He arts t^cae he could dnnk, 
nils from L^irgloii", v^H^ fiH^ v^G a strorg 
founlam aid a lai^ pcol Sn^^viiniffids, 

Veiy s3orL tlie Bastes lud 1d SybL far the 
coiLintiy tliey i^iL fbund. AfoloiieT^ die HottenlDl; 
ctnef at Wfonrtad^ legaided tins part of 4ie 
Kalalun as tns hiintii'g giDULd hs ezdeied the 
Basteis 1d leaive^ ani ^vhEn 4iey lefised l^e 
aJ^clEd theitx Vilandex lo-utBd ^ E^-DejUdIe. 
JOT te ^^ras ^AreU-anred- Netloi^ afien^aicls tl'e 
Koiar^ duet Klaas Luias and Pofadder 
thnsalEiied diB colcined lepuUic, buttliy tins 1iii:e 
Vilandex 'i^'as fnnrdy estslibsl^ed aid iiTed oi\ al; 

Itifilf[mlEii\ b7 nght of con^teEt Ha ^icuied 
lecocmrtajim &on"L tie C^k GoTenrruEiit taJbcH 
^pnoTed. of this civiliEed setdeitrEiit oil d^e 

Vilarda'sT^:u]±cv^s conpisdat flist of a 
dKsifeniliGS, Hehadrcv^IllJEallE^ ca^ hi 
adiniisla^ Ite law as he and his adosas 
larsiteBd it m Hie C^ Cdoiy. As Ihe 
iq:uhiic gt^^^ Vilanfe nmntdsd a BaEd"\Mlh 
"vdd-offliete to asist him Vilan:^ ^^iied lo 
Ue C^ Gcj/er^rat for iiDtecttoi; hk all be 
Kcaved ^rtjas a grail of £25 a yeai^ fbi^ 

Hui^'e^ of 4ie coloixed lepiiblk: j»id axsiml 
mln^ tn "Vil-anH^T Waler, pastiLim^ an^l Himu:^ 

sXaiB, ^idy pioE^eioiE^ ni\ a land i^rlnctLtl'e C^» 
GovEnnTent still legaided as a ^Arordile^ dfseH; 
teyoni i1e juo5dictKJi\ WItHe HBcleis visited 
VilandfiT wid\ anTtruntioJi CQfee, su^ai^ 
}iianiy^ bhacco ^Jid clothix^, and loaded tiienr 
^AragDi'G ^ATith. gsixe Inlbi^g^ hidfs^ Item's ani 
ostnch Je adiens. 

Vilaiife^s c^lal hcd tKcaiE a li<^ viJla^ of 
atout t^^HT^-frTO iBUffis, 93nE bjilt cf led 
hnc^ m lEfTl. Whls vialore es^ Vilarcter 
tiyirgpisc-iH^allisnBgslinte's oijurt Tl:eB 
VB^ ^ut a liuniEd Bastes m He i^piJm; 
\vith Hotlatot aiidB!^ren ffiivanla 

One of diesG visitois toE left 3. descn^Ftion of 
Vilander '"He is i tell well-liuilti dadtlnDwzi 
nrul^JitD ^ATHh laigE^ tmidEoiTe eyes wlncK 
twoxJded as te ^lole^ Ins &ce be^mcj a 
peipeti^ ^mle^ llie p^ned lips displ^n^g 
^vhitE^ eventEeth, l7ut;wTtlLa cimniincr expre^oDzi 
urdeiiying tns good IooIg '' 

Vilante; said this viatta; vvoie cc-idmy 
trousa^ alve^ and liass ni^ aid vdskHrs, 
His hDiEe of store aid Iiiato3i vss furnEhal 
wilh UiE-fBuiled v^pn toss and v^xdai 
te^teeds ffj^eHlvflfrLSbfrbjllodt hi{ts, Cn 
tlE ccw-{lir:g floor 1^ a l:e^ of siiii:^i:*c 
skuE, TIhe vh^ dildreai aiil goate in Ite 
hciffie, and ftmJs iHT±ed on tie raftei^ Tte 
voiHi llcd^siEd IliEar faiies with a nixtute cf 

powder and cnease^ SDive ^Ar^nt bai^foGlEd^ but 

alliens t^ ^kixt5^ ^id&e and tonnetH. 

At Ihis lure Vilaii^ had adcpled liie tilie of 
"ClTi£f of IteEnigiBDlBaslas," Hehada-\\^te 
DBn as iiwaie secTEteiy , alanl^[eBmnarr£d 
Ifellibjrto^ v^ilii an unEteac^ ^e ai^ a ^lE^ 
^^zeaiBice vAndi did not in^^ He viator 
"wilh conflcfeyE, HalLturlon lai a Basler wife 
ardfem^, ardwrotecsihdialf ofVilancfei^to 
Ite C^ Gcvamat '^ Ffe ci:nid"wiile v-jdl and 
talk life a tcoH" iKonbd tte visitor, "tut he 
had 'African fa^ and his gan^ ^^ffi c^ing 

It ^jppe^js fiuruL iipB TisHzix's accoT.irTt tttct i3ie 
BasiE^ -weiB jidI; all as Bneigelu: as \^ilaiiier 
Thsy slwIhI diainkco£Eee. alE and tsllEdalctn 
buttliey ano^^red tJiEir cattle b giD'i^ thui lallier 
llui\ cut ard sbi? ^ib^ Fbi1?LineE ^^reie ten^g 
ixede intJiB tzade ui wi3d ostncb. Jeat^Bis at tins 
Unre The puce ^A^nt 1l^ Id £ 70 d[l^ bLiti^ 
EaEtEis prefened "C^» STtnlt" Id nxne T.^&fdl 
artifileE. Thei? -w^as id ixoney ii\ tirB lepiddic. 
TiEdlincr^^aE dene nxLfentrE of acadle cun^icy^ 

rar^n^g 1^ &3ruL a goaX sheep and ycaijuig calf 
tD a.sLTB]l ani laige tieltcx 

The BaslQS aim had tier omi v^ cf 
dEa3ihir[{islarces,''JiEtcj7erll:ei^"" neanta 
ncfeof h^anhoin: ''Neai^ ly \^ss Ihis houis 
on hDimtai± - EDt laelly mslEadirg in the vast 
spaces of the Kalahan. WIhi a BcGta^ indicalel 
a great dislsnce he"W3ild pout and s^^'daar-r- 
r-r!" TtBf idied on Hie sun for Ihe lure, and 
\^^ ore v^te liaTella" offaed a do± as a 
gifl; Vilanfe^ v;bs SDinnfuL "^^Vhat do \V3 
imteslard of sudi t hinjf j^ he irquusd ''But 
as you ha?7e ilen^ of guns, I ^^^uld like a 
reFcalirg nfle ?e ny pEsif Liore iDaired 
close to Vilait^s hDi£e m Ihoae dc^^ 

TtiiE qi£er ttde i^puUic aUiac^d a i^-^ oilier 
^x^lniE adventLiiGis tesdes HalLlnirtDn- \^daiiier 
atv^^^ ei\:oiiraged itrmnacres betveetx ^xdiLt 

nreik and Baster gids, ai'd giaritEd a fuEe isnx^ 
with eacl\ Isade He inrxtdlfe Rhem^ Mi^aotx 

Socoe^ Hi Edd a ■r,-M'=^r,Tvny ^jid UL 1335 F^'er 

Pabst -^as ^FponilEd A clmnilx winch stJL 
sbnis^ ^^ras funslred sc^ ^ais lalei aid Rielf^rt 

nrnlie deseii^ 

DukVilantrdiedmlSSS. Keaily alive lo Ihe 
(br^ of "i^te soradinHit on tie litlJe 
i^]iMc he had Dfflff allav\^ his pe-fie to ^ 
frarlaiil DunngllElastfe/fyeaisof hisni^ 
howsrti; He Me^ counliy Im teai granted 
Biilidi poteduHL This taqb die lo Ite Gairan 
anretasion of Soulh-Wtst Africa ard ihe 
piffiihL^cf aqBiHonGeslirank Infei IJh& 
had teai a "toii^ iracfeil;'' fbi^ GaiiBn 
cffica^ had amved at Ri^onlsn. Itded drwn 
Ihe Itocai Jac^ at Ihe iB'^^-slaiiislBd pcJice 
stalicsi ard hoisted Ihar ovvn fl^ Whsi ihe 
bierfe v^s suiv^ed it v^s found tiiat ihe 
■i.\EGtein hDimdaiy" of BdIi^ lanloiy was ca^ 
b^^ nils ihimlfe dMdi at Rietfonlan, 

David "VTlanH^T SDXL of Did^ ^"SS ^p^ixilBd a 
SoveieigiLCliief of Oi-Ben Viclojaa. Ttal ruaded 
1^ eid of die lejnd^ic^ but David ani hiE Raad 
letanrEd a ceibixL arLTHint of comzoL Qv^r d^ 

ax&fL Unlcii1?Lim:kLy Davnd^ tl^oi^^ I:b ^k^as broad- 
jnxided aid I'oi'est; t^ icne of hs ^iJ^i^s 
Ibice of clmBc^r He le^ixied tlie diLitocis 
seiviceE of HaUiliuAm as £e<::[etHiy^ butaEo'i;^ 
^x^hde penetzaHciLtD gauiaJbollDld Fta^he a>Jd 
mxieial nigblE 1D a Poit ^isahedi ^idicalE f^ra 
±500EulEidy, fand armL^y Thei\he ciit-i5>€^ 
coiLintiy uHd ^a\ ilciEaiid Tn>igBtx &3ii:e ard 
i^:i£d tide deeds Hveiy adult nrale Baster 
leceiTed a Jaixi\ azid 1^ ixsl-w^n^ aiM tn Bueo- 
peaiG- ofiEJL Jot Hifhr^ annixtis 

Wilh a pohce slaton on Ihe ^t and a nrgistrate 
at L^nnlori Ihe pcwer of liying aminal cses 
WcG y^ out of Vilans's hands, Qre, 
hj^B/er, a Holtenlot was hm^ in cai a d^Kp 
of kdliiga^^tefeme^s covv. Vilantta^ ^ve 
the Hotlatot He dmce of gi^rg lo Upi^n 
under anst cr lakrg t^\eT^ la^:eE at 
Bi^ontan, The Hottoilot drffi Ihe flocprg 
Whsi His rews ifficied Upngloi; Ite 
nBgiEQale dis^p^j/ed stror^. Vilaii^ v-jeg 
TPpn-i TiTvid ^ hs pcw^as ^^eE aa^^ 

SooiL iipB ^vrtrlivBd gkiiy of tlie Hoise of 
VilandfT -w^ss to depait entuely. Efis temto^ 
LecaiTe -part of BhIieK Beelnsrolani ixl 1231 
Tte HE Tj^ miens lecoyTTEsed Vilaiidfii^s ude deeds, 
eleven 3i\ fftvoiir of EuiDj»diE ani fifty- tinee 
gzanted to BseIb^ Unier "j^^ie pies^iEe fiixiTL 
1^£oiitl\ tu'i^cTeiL tbe EastBis }]eg-fai in sellouL 
and tiekaway. David \^danier mo k i:^) auirEin 
"die GoiliU^ A&icai\ War and v;as lolled on Ins 
Di^mfanrLMnlSCC b^aBoercomTBJidD FaJdier 
Patst left; RjetfoiHein in 1312. and tJre place 
decrei^ezaled Tteieaxe sdllanuTL'terof BastBis 
ID vml about HielfbidBiiX bufdiey -woAioT i3ie 

Vilaii^s kjiEe iHiHiE at Bi^onteaiL villiia 
fev c^le pelnE as leniitas of liie old, alni>3t 
vemdiEd oaas, Th& fbutitein Ins lost lis 
Etrairfl EQ:d lis c^scoyfante of the people uiiD 
occe i:ed dai^ o^\n iqiiic hare saLlaBi 

OjJy a Inld non, you nnght izir^gire^ ^^^i^ 
tecDiTie a iam~er nn tins far Kalal^^n iK^n 

^vheie liie Bastes once fbinid ^azictiuiy. I lliiiik 
you vniuld he nghL In a. gi>od season it is 1^ 
finest catde coimtzy in 5o udi Afnca, buit in ^ 
thnsly simn'eTtl'e B^alaleniis nrenzile^ aod all 

Iivircj creaJuxes slmnk &onLlIie sui\ 

Itlooks3i5]^oni±en:^ anduu^Edyoub^o 
to t^Td lorg dislancGS, or"\™it foryeais, to 
fird vano^ m lh& ct^rt szqe. Yet \'A^n Ite 
rams are good tie Kalahsn Ihihts a vast 
UDdiialirgvoldctf s^rt^ ndigi^s, Ortscr 
t^Mffi in a centiiy the iwei^ luti lakes are 
ciEalai and Uhi He trandcarralicsi is 
nuracdoiE, I"\ra3lhse"\\i^liie^r[HS\nH^ 
gKftMig uJiEGt round lh& vlas. Thai ^ras in 
ltG6, aidit had l:^^HHlo^^;r ODce t^oie - m 
1G95, uiieai an Uiirg&ai stoidsqe^ sait 
sn^£s of Kalahan v^Eat and iraize to an 
exhiilion in Chicago aid seeing Ihe h^Est 


Tisdeis Tx^eie ibe fiist ^rtrLte ii^en in disco ^er-de 
po^dbilibes heie^ as drey dad on nony ajutlienr 
enfily stielcK Qf Aftaca. Tl^ pionsei^ I believe, 
^vas Willem Sparse rit«ig of >^ln:esbiny^ "i^du 

as 13EO ^ATidi Ins ^vagoris lo^tded witl\ arLTni- 
intioiL He incik catde nxiexcl'ajig? and sqM it in 

Spei^iheg wbs a sitbU rren li^sicall/, hit 
he had Ite dsiBdff that cifete Ae Kalahari. 
Ife slarlal a aUie faim ip tlHB in 187a Ffe 
iwfe in a hoi^e-iace al He e^ of ac^ four, 
ard "WHL WhsL he died in iai!4 te taqb 105 
yeais of a^ I am ^^js (nsnng aarss vay 
ddnei onlhsjoutn^, and I amcon/UEed 
Itet He fiffi and Issin^ hf e of ll:e ox- v;Kpn 
<^s laid a foiu:dalion of hEellii v^ch IS oflsi 

ITot Imng af&r Spai^geribeig' canre 4ie 

ItaiilBiibaclE^ ^"liDse descenclaiilE ^oe still tvn'g 
nxLtbe deserL These tliEee brollieis weie gciiLiizie 
adveiHnxeis^ ard in tl'ose spaciQiL^ d^^ i3iey 
piD^ieied One tox of ostniil^ feaJheis "Arlncti 
tiey sent "to Port ^izate^ fe^hed £l,CCO 
StBptojiiE PaLtEiihacK bLnlt a ivHTEion in d^e 

TTalalian ^t a tmE wl'en lYU^Ix of tie VnTi14iT-ij 

ixBifen^I^ad 1D be lmiled.l]y ox-'i^^acjon^nn^I)? 

Aar. It -was an e]glitii3on~Ed nrHi'soi^ witJx a 
jnoad sleep aE lound, ani n^sile ^k^as d:e fi^rt 
piano ever seen deep nMlre deserL The place ^vas 
so iem>tE ^^at ^vhen Ibs clnldjen "i^crit to school 
a:t tl^e C^ie tley ^uv tLeir honre dqain eve^ 

Sl^iBiuE RaulsnhEdi had an sonisE fenn 
HehadadrairedDa^iVilanfea.ECC^ ani at 
last Vilan^, ^Ih tte cc-rsait cl" his Raac^ 
cs^FaiiatediallllElanifromMe; d^^vn 
i±e bolder fbi^ ax^-mles, and n^ acKffi to Ihe 
BeduBmland diiEs m lh& ^^^st Raiisihadi 
diti y^^ls, hilt sloi™ (bnE, and stalled 
rafdTiig on a ia^ sj^ Ife aim voisd the 
sit isns fero*t in Ihe eestEm (feat 

I loieiAT onl7 one of d^e eaniy tiale^ - AUeH; 
J^kson. wlv SBtded. at RaelfbntEin in 1894. ard 
len'ani'ed tl^eie for ionr yeans. J^cLGonieLt Icnely 
on amval ard he decided to oi^amse hs own 
posbl ^ivice. He engaged a HoUenlEit imn^er 
ard ga^e hima pair of Telslcei's. Tlie HoUenbt 
HBvelled on Ins haie feetn sayirg tl^at ilie slices 
■w^sB 1D0 good m -we^nr JacLomi ^^ras p^nrg £30 

d ^ar o'utof Hs owjL p^cIeI; Jot tins SGivice^ but 
Dtieis SDOik iDok adTanbge of it ani d^e 
ixBiitac^ becaitrE too I^eavy Jot 1^ HDll£iitDtlD 

In a imnHt of irepintion Jackson ^vrote lo 
CaJ Pints at Grcote Sduiur and a^^d 
TAtetiH^ C3n:ds (uiidi hadjiEt leai mpaiHi 
iiao So^ Afiia} codd he SEiit IQ Ite Kdahan. 
^^^^^ (ards aiTive^ aiiij^dson v^s ^^mted 
pieOiBsIa: Cant^E, 1 n^ a±3, ^ihe slill 
buffing Ihini^i lJ:e snd wilh Ihe TTBilbvj? 
nil ltG9, vAai Ite (t^ n^il nitor s^vkb 
wss sisilsl Ard Hie police l3>c±^ sQll' leg 
an:elsfcr93nEof iheartHliolE^I swhurdredE 
atfreWil3±aai Irainug sblion Bd"cae lorg Hie 
jeq>TAQll o*Et IJe isird; hi nai v^iU still Idk of 
freconslallev^ccvsHliyo mlsmlhi^- 

Jaclisoi^ DiEO dealt ^ATitlx a STtroU-pox ejodemc nn 
1^ RiBtJcutBin area. Tte dficlDr ^^tu 1:^ beetx 
sent iri vacoret eveijTU^ 3Hn\ weaned o£ 
desert siniDiindii'gs; so I^e bTL^titJ^cLGcml'oiAr 1d 
^ATiBkl i]:b scalpel aid dm^LkBilly de^ai^d. 

jEtf^LsDiL earned on coi'sciennciEly^ but ^n^eis 

ard tiieir Jaiiilies galieied atlns stoie ard atlast 
tJreie was no ntue vaccn^ Tte ressviDrefuL 
J^cliQCijL dien substituted CDidersed mik ard 
senL eveiycue Bwsy h^^r^. 

Arolter Esiiy vict^v.BE Clmsliiffd le Ridi^ 
torn m Ncordtt^ in IIe C^ PaniHia Ffe 
had teai a liafe' in Hie EciilHn pait ctf ^auth- 
Wffit Afnra, and in 1ES2 Ie tcok hs vflfe and 
two ciddrHL inio tie Kalahsn. The oxai rei^ 
di ed of liiisl l^bre Le Rn±^ s ^^QgD■rG i^a^ed 
Bi^oitan Mi^ lePid:evsElteKconi^4iile 
T^^Diran lo ffime in Hie ai^ Ihe fiist ^^QS a 
n^arto'^lte msacn. 

Treldnei^ p^sed dndixrh Hie tenitDiy m die 
'^mnetae^' o£ last cenHiEy sttcaded by d^ 
pherurL~eiuI laixE Sorue of tJreirLreirBixied wl^en 
VdanderajIdoffJaursuLdie Baster iepidibc " 
"EEidy dis centuiy die GspB GovennTeiit -was 
sellincrlii^B Kalatmi ^urs al; £ 100 ^oece, ard 
giTix^ 1^ fantiEns £f^ax yea^ Hn -pay dS d.'e 
inn^y_ They weie people ^k^hs l^ad rever beJbie 
owned laid, d^e^ picjieeis^ azd d^ey ezduied 

alxtnst u'ciediUe tmdsh^E. EVcjl t^-w, ^^rith. 
deep koie-hDles^ windxtrllE^ Bteam purtrps ani 
ixDlDiE^ die sdA^gle fQT 'i^'alEr oftEn LeccnrES an 
Dideal ard tlie calde Iuvb in leiTBm limsty for 

ItvsB at Rietfonteaii iJ^t a Bntsh colons ctflhe 
Ec^ Ergii^ss n:£l lim {^imn cfficas ard 

cstpmffld Hie utarGtonal fronliff suiv^. The 
bxKksi^ cast-iron teacon ilats Hi^ 3H3sd 
stil] stend - ilals temiig Ite Gairan es^e on 
Ue 1^ ^Ih Ite -^TOii^ "Deiteds Sdnilz- 
c^€t; andonliienctll±eBnlidicoat-cf-aiTT:E 
ard "Bntsh Tonliay-" Forhalf acatny flise 
[lalES ba^ t^Esi tslm 1^ i±e sun 3idUs;lEdly 
gmfl Rrii oiE h^ a minis; aid H^b L::^90=)n£ 
are iraikEd en lai^sale n^E s^ Ihst a lest 
Ira^dla; firdiig a l^icon in Hie (feat couldfis 
lis pcalion £Kai^. Mast of tisn aie in 

wU ^ rriy ?T¥vnlP rm mliy- 

Tte %Id]£ Ira ider between tl'e C^nivi Stnp and 

tte Oiar^e Rr^tr ^was Eunveyed between lESG 
ani ISCO and a dmsty jdL it was Often "d^ 
^ATBgDi'G ^"eie daiTE^ed anl 1^ o>[ei\ died. Snr 

David Ginll lbe astzon3n~eT^ dixeded. d^e ^vodt 
^md'e C^e. Ft^i^ tniiDnaeE el^j^^teie n\die 
^^^dd aie BEq^siBXBd 'hy pei£ectly stiBig^ 
ficnlienE. Tbis ore toE twD nigtit aicjles^ 
ot^eiwi^ itniEE as BUaigliL as ananci^x". 

Mar^ cf UiB Kalahan feniE alcaig He Mabp 
teai^ Scotb^ rsnts"\\iiciL seau urcatpn^ to 
aiyore wtc^ has jo^m^ed ip iJ^t diE^ nver. 
LinliU:gj^v, Lcdi m Gar, L^xii Mss^ Lodi 
LsTai Kiridisloi; Lodud, S73i Lcdi LcaiDrd 
aieto te fourdonUEn^ JiEt aoDE iJEhedof 
the Molopo yon dia^ive; as a ccatasl, nni^ 
iffllisQc AfiikaaES ard HoltEiaot fann rents - 
Leeu^^ls, Zouqsn, Inkhcedi Fan ard 

A hide findier n^iib. a fazni DncprBEy roned 
"Osldtn" hecaise of d ni^njig oz^ i^ss i^yf 
beccne Oidoid- 

as oiE ctf Qe rmst lamiMle in SoiBhEm 
AfLica, Sndaai mle long ard sis m vfldth it 
void DBle a dh vdloiE s[Ee<SA^- Irtted Sir 

I^!lcolixLCaii:id]&ll flew Id H^aks^heen P^\ ard 
examrBd it bejoie te hr^Ey seledEd Ven^euk 
P^i\ for Ins ^tkii^t otx tJ:B ^AniU lanl ^leed 

lecoid. I-^jagB al H^als?heen tuwBTei^ is even 
rcDie ^i^stic drmi ^ Ven^^^il^ axel 4ie jikce 
^vas -\DO i^nr finru CLvili^alian Jot Carifib&ll'? 


It Lsx-irES a fiiie shEd of v^lff after heay rail; 
aHiadirg ■\\dd fcFAi from Hie irfiale ssuliiEm 
KalatGiL TheT^^Hterrrcj/Gsanrasltehaidflcoi^ 
cf liE isn wilh He wuij, ard 13 re/a" imre Hian 
lw> feet d^p. Wfei it dne^ a iizzbi:g v^nte 
<^x7^t of salt cmas file ^mce. To lJ:e €^ of 
ffealscteai IE a sdt pan^^di has heai \wated 
fcr rmr^ ysi^ ard Uhe aiB olhas in Hie 
Kalaton v^di^^^jiid te rroie iiDfllslle if Hie 
dsbrtES lo lailteedTAae rot 90 gimL 

Par^ di-ires ard tard sbi"^ \^i\d, jilau's wii3l £l^t 
nidges ani lurL~Ee!kkiDiiL tzees^ hvet }Kds list 
^AridBTLb Hmlieds of yaids ^id mno^k" Id deep 
^uite — tlm IS 1^ Pielf^ritEirL CD'uiitzy 
SoirEtnTes lie red disss creep tlllO tte |iams 

litE loi:giES of VEimlioii All Ite dures. 

v^TiI^Hi UTio sl:^s ty Ihe sieirar rcrlh wiiife, 
mn fflst and v^st m lire aflo" paraM I111& 
BelsA^ai tlE dLires are He "^sttaate^ - Hie 
stress' ctfdsir ground viieiEcaE and v^gore 
find v^^;r3 of avoidii^ the rra&s c^ihe Slid 

No covitiliy m lfie wodd lus a iToze bmor^ 
clnvaik for a few wnter jn>iitlis In sunnre^ 
betb^reen Htb tliiiLidei^tDirL~E in tlie sl^dele^ 
Kalalmx tuises diop de^d. undenlieiriideis. 

Yet Hie siirmH^ SuuifeEloirrG hii^ He sai^ 
raui^^ndinoundiesllEtsanirE^ the'^lifellccd 
of He Kalahan/ Hie c^ih cftai goutd v^iidi 
erellffi iren and anmBlE lo suviva TIe flM 
ram starls Hie £S(fe gm^'^iig 7%™ nnnlhE lalsr 
the tsamm is ip ai^ fcr a year you can tra^ 
aiyv^iEia witii^ut ffflTof Hii^ GoodtsanrcB 
ffiesoiiE, kj^B/o; aia oflai fdlo^^ei ty pxx-r 
01^ bjt TA^Hi Ite tsainm is Iters it will 
Eipmt all fcniE of bfe. 

B^shnEi^ e^£t tTsamTa as &11LI; loast it nn tl'e 

a^ES^ ste^k" rt with gaiTe. Tire enly seeds eie 
gzoisid telween stones and node mia fioinr. 

CaOJe iaHEru^pa^j ont^amxH- Ho^&sdBTDur 

It eagedy 

Wilh Ite t sniTH oaie Ite ni3re palalalle"wild 
ciiiitrfcer and He lai^: s^^^elo^ gen:GlX'k 
cunnizs: TlHeisal93aTMnlH^cropkti:jwnaE 
fre "KaldBii plalo'' - Ite Nalis of te 
B^riircHi Tlis IS rHOHScait of Ite European 
Inifle, a ndi taqM v^telleuiidi IS found i:£ar 
fre surf Eiiie urite' oacfe m the EC-iL 

On^ livice ^ATitlim Iivixig~ iTeruniy Imve d^ 

TCalalian niT^iE c^Jire eIq'wjl m full flood David 
Livii'gsbi'e inqisiKl uto ths stiai^ge wea^^er of 
-t^dcfGil; ajidlBaiiAtlulnxLlEDetiieNcifSDbl^ 
flowed stzorrrly Not milJ L394 did. €^ Hb^b, 
1^ Ih^lopa ard all tire otIieT dxy -WBXBUzcis^is 
cany vchmres of ^vater ^^hd. ThEn fbi^ ivDie 
yeais j]d^Ed^ aidagamdieie wasadcl^^e. As I 
la?e said^ I saw tins nnsclB tun yeans ]alBiL and 
t^ de^it was sti31 a. gaidetx I oBsa\ woider 
^^dielieT i3ie iiveis wiH iMnagamuMtry tirL~e^ for 
I^uiddblc in see tlcsecriGyliGnQl'esbnxtmxig 
and f3ixi~ing~ In^e lal^s an'ciig die d^iLes. 

T\m s/afe of He 1934 flco^ are sQll diECLEsei 
ty ll:e Kalahan ^mes. Ore"\s™Baul3iGd:[s 
V(^a^ dzwn Hie Mdopc: Ite oHiff was Ihe 
nysteay of te Mi- 
lt was dve ID a tet^ATith die sergeant D f d'e carrel 
poLce at WitdiBai dot T-fr Gcudon Raulenbacb. 
Innlt tnzirEelf a. shif] of conn^alEd no jl and ^etiol 
HxE Ste waslauL^dedfizonilnsffoiYkaivl rmiJEd 
I-^lcpa M^estic. Rautez^HcK canied sou^.'ejiir 
postzaids ^'tiudi te delivered 1d astoii^ied 
Jaiii~ens aloi^g d^e loiLite Jicinnrolly coTeied b^ die 
desert n~ad cans. Thiee Hxtres dunnrr dut InstDnc 
^^vyage btE qxE^r cieft aliTDsL f^^mdeied and 
dj[i wnsd himni^ d'e desert WhEi^hs leachedde 
lalE at Abu^ms PuIe le decided In enl d]e 
penldiE tup 

AhqLE3Flfcisaila:s"\vilhaqL£e^sliay- For 
cailuns, it IE cslaii; Ite McJofH was a 
liibJBiy of l±e Q^i^ J la tdcw Ife Air^ira- 
the MolqB iiEhed IJudi^ He irounlairG and 
l^t OTtr a diff a^ hurdiBd fee? h^ But in 
1£04, ard ^ein in 1934, tiE"\\Eaka:^Molopo 

iTBi^ di^iL^ards of inngBA buL catxE id a dead 
Bui ^1;la?t;^iM£l tJ:e s^nd tinier ^ AIuj^^e FilUe 

an: and fcund in ]» thu^ si^LmG nilES u\ aisa- 
DepdE vaned ^mTL fifteen to twenty feeL 

In His lake, andT^Ha^fflhBfkxxfe levies, 

froL Bie sire lliiiri hefpaied dLBn:g Ite 1S&4- 
flcofe, ThoiEaii^ of liet&T^^^E cai^Tl; pddai 
and salted I^ a year aryore wilii a net oald 
lere fre^ fidi m the Kalahan. As the T^^ster 
ar^m Bsi iiti:fer He sutx tie shois of Hiese 
lakes \wiB bllEied valh ctsd fidi, Viiture fei 
en liian ty ^, ard at mcit Hiejaials cant 
Sorreof llEfSh^^scfcedaxFoiffi^ Notca^ 
taiM, tut C3ip and Irout ^^esibI The fl^ 
l:e:anB a gist ape ard te caiee of violat 
conliui^a^, in this lard of nst-aalss. 
SpeonHE T^^e^ totlled ^Mlh fbirffllin and sol 
cfflo llEWiliralaEiandLftTive^^ mtiEhc^e 
tiBt He 9:iailisG v^jiid setlle Ite aigurrat 

Tte Bci£nli£tE weiG baffled. Tlieie aie ntil fish 
c^eUe of SLiETivn^g loi^g diDiErblE nn. iiiiidy 
Tx^ells, OT even saniy ItjJIows wl^ie nciEtuie 
len'Qn'G. SonrE said d^e fc^ lud teei\ dieiG all 
d:e UiTe, ani t^ ccnre 1d life ani i\xiltipljed 
dusrg 4ie flDods Hutas I Imve ake^dy recoided^ 
t^e^ ^^iG not niil fish 

Li^cairefLDmSoulh-WffitAfnca, v^HElhe 
Aicli He Elq±Gnt and Hie Itescfc iw^s hare 
tlHT on^LE, The flca^ 1^ sv^ a"/.^ nniy 
t^nE in ttiA tenilDiy , and He cfann had teai 
Etxlffid vilh liie vay fish vJidi \^H^ cai^ in 
tlE KalalBii hundiefe cfmlffi to IIe aoulii, 

Wben iipB desGil; lales dned i^ CDi\^ilc1ely^ I 
n:uA fdd, tiie siEiich of de^ fish pollnkd tl^ 
desert air aid nci one could Jive wiHhil anile of 
d:e evafoxHted aieas 

Maiw femes lest Hht honts in Hie 1934 
flcc& tut ilsj talaired larpi^iaiy disDHiforls 
a^inst a ^rast^ inp^j/ed ^^alff ^Jp^- 
Thioi^Eut Hie caBiiEy 5111:^ hed teai 
dtqprg ^fljdls had iiin dy, ha&Mffi had teen 

^xr^ler. AftET -6rB flcods tlie ^valer levels S3^ 
eTeiy^vteiG A greal Kalal'dn flood ^Jinlds i^ 

Whail last sw Ibis aiffl, k^^e/o; mthegnm 
"wul^^ of 1^17, He Mier counl^"\\BB dtia^ than 
it 1h1 tesi for {bsi±s, Maiy faim-kjuses Ti-se 
vardnills Icdei and tiia boi^s of 
± littered the sii^ h^ia The Kalahari 
"Will te a [Bslme a^m oie i^, tut it ±es take 
couic^ te ^nn If^^^j^ai Hie led <ti]ES &> liiB 

FBoNTUR Police 

THia I^HB and loii^ dE^ hu^tB: vss 
palidlGd m liie siiy ytare ctf the catiny ly a 
fficQcsi of Ite C^K RJice krcwn as D2, 
Kmiei^ Division, Lihe Hie irore ferroiE 
caredian "^irDuntis/ th^v^enHi^rtiiDEFat 
frar livs in ramte ilaces, \4he nDnlte of 
biseijmvHE vanedty ad^otiffDiE d^ 

Troop^iE m 1^ C^e Pohce -w^n^ net aH 

bamsted to d^ B^alal^an. azid "E^e p^stE alojicr 4ie 
OiHiigE Rlvht 3oji:e renroixiBd in bniiy ciTihsed 
jd^ces. 1 tmve Lt fizoniaii old. iTeitrber of tl'e fbice 
tlrot^'e txoiG Unhide nt azid leEtle^ ^imi£ f^^inl 
d:eii:Ee]vBS tzarGfenred 1d 4ie dcseil; tJrey ^ireze 
tJre o Jies ^A^ ^ptonllie v&ld. Jot a year or mxie 
a:t a stieliilL anE almst forgot b^'i^ in t^IuvE al; 

Neei^ all of Thanv^es rcDunlBd on ^jtbH 
oijloi^-hred bcis^ and More lorg Hie foKS 
vsE leiansd C^ I^fcunted Polica Th^ \^OE a 
unifoim ^^lldl \^iid ha^e loolsl ^^ in a 
nixfein filiTi lift v^di ii^ed Han on Ihe 
frontia: Sn:^ne^ IbIs tmiBd iq^ at ore si{fe li^ 
Wiak tmcs, IsiidoliaE, v^te nduti tieeche, 
lli£ piAES and Uac^ hcols vjith spjis - tint 
w^ ti^ outfit JiEt ty lo leep a peu^ of v^te 
iKsdts clean m Ihe KalahaiL 

SoitrE of ilie iTeiL ^m DVEisEaE w^ie ^iHsc^d 
iiy adv?ii35GiTeiil5 m die ScoIeltbil azid otl^er 
ne'i^^p^ieis Ivlai^ "i^cie torn in Sou^ A&c^ 

^a4d la^Tj^ lie Te3d soQiMai^itd^ jiewrxnTEis. 
Tte tiBinir^ depot Tx^as in file C^ie To wn Ei.itn.iib 
of >^tl^ii^ ^AJieie "die ycuncr lecrLiLtE n'et d 
iiuLTier of liDTtlaiirEns ^ad went thmiL^b. d 
stieriLuiE coinsG of nsdinc^ linll, m^diy ani 

Late in 1902 a {tto±irat cf C^k Maunted 
Fdice VJBS ^rt lo Kahardt and ''Foiife ii^rlif 
lo iffiiiHE avil lav afla^ Ite dajs of Ihe Sorfh 
AfLican War. Nav pcJics staliorG lAee 
fgJaHirJiPri hi Ho^ ^Aoe ro hil dinj? aid 
cfloi rot a^Qi teiils, "T\^ irai ^Mlh a padt 
hcaffi in^ a liElf f omBd a police slalnHi in 
frcsec^, and Hie lud^ cats had isdd^les 

Tte unhizkieEt Hoopois weie tlc^ -^-^ i^^ 1d 
}iieak ii\ cfQMels at the nei^^ staHDii at V^ldiuai 
There "i^^eie Ji:m^ acciderilE One nan wl'o 
]elET becane a ven-bnDwi\ delEcUve tead 
{:cnstable in Ospe Town descnbed tlie LJe to 
iTE_ T Tvas closed hy ai\ artriy Irull camel - 
lliey go i\sd with^iH ^kranmncr at ceibin 
seasons/' I^ £5ca!l]Ed_ 'T-^r^ Hoopeis weie 
seTeiely IntlBJi aid one lostanamx'' 

WIhi 11^ had nBslered Ite ait of can^ 
ndirg tl:^ set off on <tsert patrols, A patroE 
ni^ las^ for ten"\wds. My fLiQicJT^^QS told to 
lasts' hitl:£ and c^allis anrsig Ibe BushosL 
TtsB vsE a fee of a shlhig for sdi ore 
r^sterei 33 that he sg^yed Ite wzjiit but lis 
nan iiohJeni-ras to fmd Hie BiEhnHi By 
d^ tl^ iracfe IhenEdves inTisJie anr-rg *te 
dmEa SonElnres he put an sr to He sail at 
ni^ and heeid tlHn poundiig Iter fsamra 
n^ore. That led huntolharcan^ 

He lud in inTeiit imnes foT thsiTi and gif^ 
tbenr ages by the Twemi eveitE tl^ey leivemier 
ed, or by tiieir sizes They ^vere wild people 
witha stning anjipatl'7 tD ^^hrte neru 

It vffls at WitdiBai liiat this tDopa" sa^v Ihs 
gfej^ Hy ^e:ls of limst m the ct^it T\w> 
\^te nsi and four natoes had set out fiDin 
Viybuig \vilh an axrWBgjsi in seaidi of cpld 
OiE {^ a \'AjtiB Iran sfag^si ip on foot to 
tlEvM at Wildi^i and CDil^iffid He^^fflsll:^ 
OD^ Euivivor. His torgue^rt^E s™>llai Ietabs 
delmoiE. and he hcd lo te lashed dzwn on a 

Thiee ^^^eelc fti^ied befoie llie iTui\{:ciild bik. 
Hfi tved cmcoffEe 

I^ f nerd hai a raiKW sbz^e huredf v^hi 
h& sl^ed out en iJiB Irail ImiEdf too long 
■\\fel& aiTstiiri BiEhrran catlJe thieTes, Wl:si 
lJ:t9 last drop of v^ler had gone aid h& liad 
felled to fird n^ore he pe^uacfel cue of Ins 
pisonea^ to lead hun to ^^jaia; The Bidirran 
dg into Ihe sard dure, wtH:*^ no signs ^^«e 
vi^e, andurcc^TQ^ ei^ celndi Kjcp Med 

alDiE DiL paticil b&t7v=Eei\ ZwaHriTidiler fird 
^Talob ^vhei\ he Ic^ Ins I'oise He lud jiEt 
lefci^d die dead\ of a ruHve ^^jnraiL froiTL 

■dmsii rc^' he ^vas in d^ s^te jiredicaruErTL 
Hhs 'i^'alET E^^yply -^aE on ~die hoise. I-^iSt^ne 
fQllo^red d'e HacJG &3r d HiTie^ diei\ lesiEd 
-QL^der d bisK to escape &3iix dre DeceiTdsr 
I^eai^ E£i£ I'o^e -^as foiLind^ aid the HotlEiitEit 
Haclcis tustEi'ed. aloi^g Mc^l^i^'s tiHil 

Breiyone Icre^v d'dt nf he ^k^as nDt t^isid soozi 

irLt^m;lieat it^xviild he 1D0 ]alE 

The qicr slrr^wd agre liiat McShaie ■\\bs 
^^ammig He w^nctaed, aided, ODSsed hs 
(juwn ti^ife fell exhaiEtod acpii; and ^ain - 
thai pckEd hms^ !^ and slgped out Insk^ 
tov-jBnfe a dune four niles 3"^;^. The vAxAe 
Etoiy ■\\BS lold bf lh& nBris in Ite san± 
McShans 1^ d:5wn qinetiy on the fer si{fe trf" 
tlE dune Thae tie traios f ourd hmi ^^^ai 
d^ aflei^ te had left a^Bitardda: ffe Ird 
fc^ ±sd for four {^a ''He died at leasl 
peeLC^ufc, too ults^ ^^om out to stnc^^e 
arai m cfelt for he \^is full/ dressed in lunic 
aid lecgirgs, and his sirasls' hat vss still in 
pialion on his head," i^irled Ihe offics' in 
dsi^ of Ihe seaidi pai^- ''We djg a gia^e ly 
fiidi^ aid at mdm^ v^ buned kni vatti 
a Fei^:g saliie fiianihs ODinactE, " 

The C^K I^-onfed Folic^ patzolled £^ heycxii 
-die ^legzaph ]ire^. H&Iki Btanci's -^ei^ s^t\^, 
and m i3ut clear air tl^e bogtit nnnDi? wodEd 
as efOcif ndy as itT>de3i\ wueL^^ st^nons. One 
Dldlurcl cleclaied tJuttbe o j]eiaJi>i3 }]ecan:e so 
B>[peit. d^fit. tliey could IeU whether i3ie rext 
TCBJL di>wi\ the lire -was sLiEleiii'g fixun ^ 
■^vitbhte' langoTer - jiEt by d^ flash o£ his 

SoDE of Ihe tonfe police posts v^ie siU^led 
di^ctly o[p3Eite GanHi pn^is. The Geni:m:e 
Iwed in cimler nrnfort 11^ ll:e C^ie RJice, 
ard \^re oflai ^^dl sttx±al with teer. ''We 
{id not qsak of ' ore ove^ lie a^ on Ihe 
toidar it ^vas 'ore cva" Uk axteEfi/ 
corf esed an old sei^aiiL 

I'^r^ of die old posts tfiVB vanished Oi^e rrun 
I n:et s^ex^ Bight yeais at Scint Dnft; t^Hy 
iTiles 'i^'est of d^e Ai^hiahiBS Falls^ a staHan 
^xdiicl\ l-QE neTCT teen reo^i^ed sll-c^ die 
Gemrans destroyed it ii^ 1914 

ComiBiTnal Ii3^dla3 m ^^Qg^Il^:tes or C^s 
carts 9on^:iiiES qHl a m^ at Ihe lerrcte 
pifsls, ard tlHi lliffe \rt^B ah\^^ a celehalion 

AftBT aho ut; ^ year in d'e deseild'e n:en.of lhe 
C^ie I-^inilEd Police lud nei^r dimes thnst 
i^ntxtheiM. Overlhe holder izi Gbiii:bjl Sovitlt 

West Afncd lhe HottentDts rose in i?vol~L and 
the ^hce lud to deal widi gi-TrtinnnEis and 
dher fihhislei^ caJitle-hftens and fugitives 
The four yeais o£ d^ G em"an- Ho fle mot ^var 
^k^as d'e nxst acUve peisod of lhe C^ie 
MDTinlEd Police inths desert 

Am:>rg ll:ese viio aoEed lie hoida^ v^e^ 
HotlenlolE "wilii [nces on Ihear l^act, Maiy 
nHiia^ of ll:e C^ Mounted Ftdice ^n|s- 
thisad \vilh Ihs HotierJos in Ihear li^£ss 
Etnr^ ^inst liie tfemsn Amy- and ili^s 
\^ amved in He Cae Coloiy found sdc- 
tLBiy. A t oiE faiod of tfe canjBigr; lI^^^^ it 
v;qe lEp^rted ll^t bw> CMP. trcoiHS of 
Gaiinn acb^iiion ■\\ee cali±u:g HottoTtot 
fL^tvffi and l^rdirg than hack to lhe G^nBre 
for tlE sake of a is^Md of £10 a l^ed 

THSoferJ ^ Peacock ( afterwards i detective m 
C^e Toi^rn) crowed ink GenisiL Sou^WBSt 
Afdc^ iDoksblEixeiilE ^oiTiwiU'e^Es^ diL^ i^ a 
{:orpGe^ an^ ccDectEii evndenufi ^Adnctiiesi-iLtd in 
1^ two HiHxpeiE beir^ clrmgsd wrdi 4ie ihi? 
cnnrE of '^nronstealu:^ '' The trooper ^^le tsaed 
at U[iixErkix ^nit tJ:e juiy di^^gieeii Tliey -w^n^ 
med ^ain. at Fn^esliB, bLit E^-fon Htb j^^iry 
disagreed A thud UbiI 'i^'as Ireld nn C^ie Town 
and ^vhen Aus jiny di^igieed d^e nren veie 
disctmged Vou wiH find "^Ton stEalirg" 
dis?iL^5ed n\ legal te^^bsolE^ witJxnru^Kleaii'ed 
argvirrEiA ta^Ml on 1^ JactE of TiDQper 
Peacocks i^izer <:a^ an tLe Kalatmi fiDnber 
forty yesis ago 

RDfcet^ fre lorc^Et ck^ palrol e/tr camai 
cully iJECBireJ ^sion of lie C^ Maunted 
fdice ^-i^B UbI ^-^di Mt RietfoitEan m Ji 
lo TV^e Riviae; jutidion of Hie Airb ard 
Ue NcesDli Ue otar acffiiig the [iesqI ^de 
Ksave Tl^ nEt Kpn i^ar Gidc* Kdt Kxfe 

de T^^st hy con^ies lo fre Ainii and IH?^ 
retured to Rietibnlaii 

Dimncr 1I11E paHoL t^ey coveied i^eai^ a^ 

hundjed inles. BoiIl t^ i^en and t^ canrels 
lebedondie tT^anrTa ibx liquid i^DuoslnTentH tl^e 
canreils went witlcut -^a^Br for nn^eiEen d^s ard. 
len'sni'ed mgood cordrbon 

I carre aoKS an old cffiaal rrort iKSiIfy 
atout He nsi of Ue caird palid- ""TIe heti 
quailQ^aL Bietfontem and'Vflldraai are alurGt 
as iiMed to baiitiittE ard liiisl as Ite Hotlssi^lE 
thsffid^^Es/ said ife r^mt ''TbEar duQs 1:^^ 
tesi^rt^ arddEafL% jsfbinHi'' 

Axd here is ore innEcoided fiEcrnrent ^x^hictL 
^x^uld I'eTerfind Hs^at^ inb> an officii lejxxrL 
One of die oM carrel trooper tcld. i^e H'dt l^e 
■w£sE ndmcr filore tetween tJ:e d^ires foUy ^^ais 
ago in. ai\ area. Lieyond tl'e last &in:G - a.stzektLof 
Kalaluni ^k^teie l:e nru^ht easily lev? lafi^tlre fi^rt 
fooqmnls. Tl^ere indet^oldenre^liis alei1;eye 
d3a:oTeied i^wo LQrdon tiantticlElE Oie lud 

!;Pettico-fct.Laiie. tir^ Dl^BratPaE 

Tvtall Tl'e piobleiTiis still pi^zlmrr Ihztl 

^^|5bHl£s at Rl^4:9laIl^^e^ aiir-rg |]^ last in 
fre old C^ Coloiy to flrd Bushirai m Hie 
6xk t^ore IIhh Mq Ffeny Diav; vAx} K^ued 
a f av yGBis Eg3 as di^ n^istialE of C^ 
Tcswr; vss slaliorHi at Bietibntan from 1909 
lo 1913; and he idatod lo ire one of He ntet 
iwealii:g lales of Bidirran ntnlali^ I Is^e 

A wild Ei.slit:L~an -was Iirov^la nxib ItLdJorteirL 
oi\ a clmge of itnurier. Lebk ^^ tl^e ^bce 

callfid 1^115 5i:eIiltui\ I^acl a^ied ajutlieT Bi^Ett 

Leii3^ tfd. lolled tnzirt and. as tlie d^i^tucr 
piDTed TiTTunTlTivj LBbk lud IdllEd her too Mr 
Die'i^ I'eld a ^Hei»nBli>iy e]{aii:u:mi£ia.\ aid idien 
sent LeLl^ and all d:e Bi.^iruei\ wiH^e^ieE 1d 
C^K TowTLfoTt^ tnaL 

Weeks ialo^ the police al Rielfonlem l^aid tlBt 
Ite iELumiir|i.viliiesses ^^e^ in ds&ss m Ihe 
(t^et Tl:^ iBds^ oul onfmt ftranl^irglESL 

Med lo find tsannB or focd, and ^^h^ m 
dar^" cf peidirg Th^ VHe les^md and 

liomhLloMr. Di&Js office^ a fceid of alnust 
nakra BuEhn^n ranymg liie tcote and dolhes 
tl^ hai test cpven c?i^a Uht sho^ictas, Mq 
Di^v \\QS Ga^ to learn Uht isdicais to 
aviJisalioii ardqffislior£dllEmatlQr|lli 

"Where tave ^ii been all this Hme^" iiiqTiiied 
T-lr_ Dze^i^ sutply. 

''B^cndlhaldiElantElar- lo ava7hg[iace 
'^ By os-■\^agon to Pnedsa, ard tlHi in a fDuse,'' 

TovL lYeai^ ^ IeII iTe tiat yo\L tia.TeLed nn a 

Yes He house nsfe ncises - 'cca.- ob ._ 
bxnn— iBom../ and Ihen it mwed and took 
us to the ilcce t^caid lliat slar. TIe hcpjse vj^ 
not draMi hy oxQi I tjiEt irovEd"" 

"Mr. DiG^v ^"Dok hs l-B^d ii\ ^^^ndBr at tins 
d&s^iiptiDiL of d Twb^ay joim^ey- "Weie tJrei^ 
iTBii^ jHC pie niLlJre place T»ytiiid tiie stsiP" 

Qb of He BiEhrren pc-uited to a column of 

T)idliie7 tave ruii?hwatEr=^ 

''ThEardainvsE so bg ttBt you could rot see 

Mr. DieiAT inA a fijuL q^EstiDzi. "Wlut ^x^as die 

iTDEt Tx^ndfiiful i3iir^ ycni nUnced in tins iar 

The BiEhnHi \^ao all ^|sd on Ihat pomL 
Tl:^ vjdlffid m lh& ferriace and Ihw could list 
ffie llHi^ o^Mi licdE, tIbL hafllal tfen In lh& 
<feat Uhi^ Iwes {^Hifel on liiEar ahli^ to 
lmi± liisi^vffi Ib± lo a Elailirg paiiL Gn Ihe 
aly pc^r gn^ fe Utar little feet left ed 

Tire blaclc^deed. ev^r ccunMllEd oil tins hoidei^ 
I dnxd^ -^as tire mxder of Pie^iHve Old nren 
i^t^BiE tallt of Lt zixur With, tlie ^nxE hsnor^^ 

cnxtrE aroused ^xdie nit fiist becanre kruwiLmxiB 
tlroiL £bi^ yea^ ago Piesgza.Te 'i^'as an AiEtia- 
Laii aik adv^ritmer greatly adniied oiLtl^e C^ie 
side cf die Inider He itul cruris 1d tire E^I^EJitDte 
ard bioiL^tit ]]ack catde in eiirtm^e After tl^e 
Gennrons i^id bsen cmtu^ttd agam aiid E^ain. 
tlrey pl^:ed. a jHice of five IiuLdrod n~a3^ on 
FiesjiFcve' shekel- £25. 

ThiE lQ:[^3si t^m Kaloltm faniHS set a t!^ for 
Piegi^a Tl:^ inf onred hm liiat Hie HoBh v 
tols WDiid te ^^slttI:g fbi^ hunwilh a lar^ heid 
of rattle on Ite Genran sicfe of Hie tcsife i^ai^ a 
[icce ralledWiUffp TlHe llw ei^ FTC^irave at 
the ^zpoiiied lin^ and d:ct nun T\e/ oi off 
lis tmd aiii nxfe to KeantiiElrop to ri^m 
tier '^ Uccd na^.'' 

Tte GeiTL"an ganasDi\ con"i:L"anler paid the 
lYuideiens. It is said tl'dtlie dipped b^clIm'dIe in 
Pxesgiave's Hood tefbie pa^xrg i1b imney 

aciD^ tlie bUe Thei\ hs t^ the th^^ nen 
tlmowjL out of lis ofEice. rlrmpaitcif die stDiy is 
still told in KeeUtrHi'^icicip^ ani itdces I'ots^urd 

I te^id 4ie ^kpeI ^m a South A&can as:t^ 
officer rmtred Resd^ ij^Qv was sgi?ix^ in 1 322 as 
d cciBtalile 3i\ the Soutl>WeEt Afccan PoLce 
Iteid ^^as staQDi^ed for t^^s yeans at Aioabr "fl^ 
£ist village re^^lrecl after cio^zi^g -Qtb toider 
^DTCL RielforitEnrL He Ir^cl itrel; 1»4l d^e 
mnnieiens. Atoiit; siKtEei\ ^ais lud pa^ed since's death Duor^ dut Unre^ said. Reid^ 
1^ ^nnrG owred. by 4ie iTxioieiens 1^ beetx 
HBFEged by veld foes and drey I^ad lost thenr 
sbcLc One nrmVsfoce lud bBetxeaki^ aw^ l]y~ a 
ixohgrmA gz[i^k^\ ani t^ died yeais aero Tl^e 
olternrmv IbebeTe^ is still ah^e^ shunned by his 
reifrbbDixs ard witha jn>st ixiea^ CQi'Gcience 
Ereiy delail of tins cinire reacl:E(l Ai^^tmlia. I aiTi 
told llm ^^ten tire AiEtiahai^ tmcxps ^xreie 
pa^org ■ C^e Town, in 1315. se^eial 
rcen de^^Hed an[l weie uiteiceptEd on tl^e tzain. 
boi^d fQT I^nrgicn- T I'ey 1^ j^anred Id avei^ge 
Piescnave' s dea£\ 

One d^ dT^innrr die GenuHi^HbliEiitDt Twar tit 
Cafe T-l^^mfed FQliize ofEicer at UnetJo Jtem sex^ 
this nre^^ge by Irebo ' European amv&i heie ux 
extm^iEd sbJE^ alleges i^anre is IiojiEide^ 
IiYfsiial ofEicer eivployHl on spscial semce^ 
jtlease -v^nSy aid irEtntti" 

TIe sdmEled iTBn Vito lai tnj^d throi^ lie 

v;ffiCatainliDiHcfecl"lJERcyalAitiIlay, later 
Rdd Mai^M Sir Edmrd Iroracfe In He ^^ 
yfflis of iJis catiiy Ikssk^ w^ pzsted to 
Roterte Hei^iIb as an mldli^xH officer. He 
Ifflmt losjsltAihkaanEhheaTiBnsiTaalBcH^ 
thai 1e cjav a teeid ard slipfed aniss into 
Gannn ^oiih-West Africa lo find out v^i^her 
the C^iran niLlaiy fcsces \V3^ taig tult ip 
for Ihe nalive vjais - oi^ hhie nae inporlait 

IionEide ^vas accepted b^ die GemrHi^ as an. 
Afnlurerai'd en~[]lDyed as a HonspoH; nder He 
1^ Ins dog ^ndilnnx a nTHcriel v/hichl^e lud 
behiended in. PielDiia, and one inght IionEide 
^x^as alamred b find t^ dog shH weam^g a collar 

ibeam^ dre nazire '^d^Jtaii^ IiciEidfi R_A_" This 
iTifi^ile m^litluve -pn^-v^ faXaL but a^Tpaierdy 
1^ GeinrHTE I'ad revErlooLed. ^tdie ccDar. 

MjnIiE [BEffld tefore liie a^aoiiE of Hie 
GaiiBm^'osaiDisd. TlsiQi^ii^Gdandd 
tidt on lioH^ H& had [lEtai^ tiBt he krsv 
DO Er^i^ He amle ore m^ lo find a 
Ganon adoi^ tun qi^icsiB m Erdi^ It is 
not ea^ to (Sa±. a imn hhe IronEi^ ofi" his 
giBE^ ard d^y thoi^ h& ^^Ba te r^ed in 
Afiilaans, N&slMes, 1e sftv Hiat Ite ^n^ 
■^QB m and at Hie fiM 0[p3rtiii^ he look a 
w^ts hjllie ard ame food and t^afei for 

IiDT^d&' s n:^E of die toid&r^ TArrtlt eveiy Abater 
tale iTBilEd ECd-HHtBly, weie i^ed. lor^ 
aftEinxrHids. ziMlie 191^1918 Warandagan^oxL 

1SQ2 'i^'I'etxdie Bondeilsw-^ils iDSE mieToL'L Hb 
ixi.3t tove LeexL an ideal uHElligErire Qfficerani 
d fu'e LxEjinsL I aixMclil tlm he crototx^xrell^Arith. 
tie GeirL"flnE fnr nrmliE hy iTjkluirr foiA on 
eTeiy 2x>^3}ile Qccaami as a great ^dinxer of "E^e 

Tte Ca5» MDi^nted Pohce saw ons side of ILe 
GeniYmtHotkritDt ^krar It was a. tuder stnTru^^' 
ard tlci^K I Iuvb xead n~aji^ accQ~QLits of itn d 
iciinrer Gea^Hn ofBcer leceii^ tliie^v a. re^^ 
light on It for ne Hai^7trL~aiiL\ Eies Ton 
ScluumtlkiE tns rone^ otb of tlcse oldGemron 
jTurtnr^mn:: ij;^ looLcd witl\ conlEii^rt i^»n 4ie 

N-EEi T^EtarlE He hves in a. castle on tie iann 
BLxilcog in die B^azaslnng dostnctH ^r Id tl^ee^st 
of d^e viUfge ani close ic tl^e C^ie ^oiiUfr 

ThiscasdeofVonSdBurolJi h/itBws/, niEt 
ii3t te confiEed^vith IIe fenlaslic and luioi^^ 
Sdilcss DisMab fer lo tiiB ^^st m fre MallakjlE 
dstnct "^Tlisisapxjrnnnscasl]^"" isiBrisEd 
Von Sdiaiiolli as & ^ii?.\Ed ire iDiud He lai^ 
tunned store tuldii^ 

Von ScI'dTLiroilL ^^ras d Giuids' ofbcex He 
tJi^iL^titd^tl'e woiLilil I'fTer see a ^lot fixed if le 
len'au'ed inGemrHi'^^ so ii\ 1SD4 he vohxtieeied 
Id go 1D die HotleiAit ^irar as d 'Schub^tn^ipe'' 

officer H£ paul ^ IngK tntrLilE Id tie ctuv^Ly of 
i1b Bcmdfilsw'aiiE dinmcrllie ]or^ ^k^ar in 4ie sani 
ani ilie iTD^intHirG of 1^ s^^iiIl 

The BoriMs^rarte. and esisaal^ Ihar lGG±r 
I^feieig:^, DWQ^ hamBd ncai-coritHlanls or 
TAonHi and dildiHi Afto^ ore fi^ m ^^di 
93ire GanBn Iranqijrt \\sg:sB hod teai 
aniiEhei MaiHQ3 sat a n^sa^ Id Hie 
Gaimn ^ii3:3n oonimii^ at IAwbs a^org 
ftra ±caH"to atlQid liie GaiTHiviwiitei 

T'^ier^o t^ a Qe^\ ^AT^mifL ^^. anitlie djuclDr 
tanif^ed Inn^ Maiei^c ^viotE ^ letter of 
^preciaHon axel g^?;e 1^ dcctcr za£^ ccmduTt 
ttrnji-^lxhis hrss 

Wanrfcad had a :^jtt^11 ^iis^i; and \^hi ftie 
GanBm savf tiiat a ae^ ■\\qb ii&^ilaJie Hi^ 
^il iJar \^on£n and dildEQi Gil d" Ite viilac^ 
loU^^mB, k^izvjii^lMlbBHDUEEblsvAHid 


VoiL Gclauiollx sa?i^ tire gieves of ibis Gennron 
officens. lolled ul actiDi\ The HotleiiblE I^ 
plfc^d Qi\eadigiave I'otorily tie Jiredals eacti 

cif&cex 1^ woni\ biA als) Ins trcney aid otber 

Ore c^ Vcai Sdnuroth amved at Ite RanMi 
Catidic rcisEion at HEarai±ahs. dcse lo Hie 
Goiiijnia tonte: Tte piE£lE v^red hun Ihat 
MarergiJ \w^z rffidy v;ilii l^m kiii±Bd rrsi 
Scon aflavraids Maiaig:^ sat m a n:£ffi^p 
slaliig Hat he \^iid ret dtot ai^tsie at lie 
nisEUHL ''I kro^v Hhe is a sfy Uh^ tut he is 
fflf e m tiiat sardLBiy / "wiDte Maro^ 

Oil aictl'er Qccaaoi^ t^ HoUEiitDtE I^ad atlfcled 
^ GemHn si^ipl^ ccluLxn Tl^ey 1^ IcOled tl^e 
EoldieiE ani ^veie ^iLmiem'g tire "^ecjoue wl^en 
tJrey ^a^v ^nauired Genran iTLumibim^ipiDaclt 
u:^ Efe^ 1CD^ ^^as LaDed, ani only tl^en liid the 
HotlEiitolE notice "E^e de^d. n~aiVs n~edical 
badges Tl^e leader wxo1e a n^iE le^petbi'g tl^e 
instalc^ ani p^iniu:^ qtH; tJ^tdDctniH wl'o ^x^ert: 

Vn^n ^b^arc^b'^ ' Cf^lc ' n^^r ih- P[aJdi:iJi ^n^l^ m Si^nj] WctL ^fr^ii- ^bn: ]aiiJ at ca^ln 

VoiL ScI'dTLiroth BEMT -w^sr cdinxEr in 1914 ani 
decided Id lejQnn tlie G^md^ nn Geixueji^. It^vas 
d fbdomln^ie^ for lie ^nlc Ixtde Ki'^bsH andl^e 
aixiJEd a± dCi^nxET tJ:^ Uiiidi\ an^l le^ciliii:^ 
LaiLKen;:^ t^iqiEE. He ^vas anestcd. ixiUpn^glDrL 
and sejit to die inkbiy nntEnnTeiit cai\^ at 

"I ffit^Hi iJiiEe luiES, ard iBsrre sirh a 
msarce ihat m 1916 lJ:e aiihc-nliGS alla^driB 
to letum to ny femi on isid^"" aid Von 
SciBurolh" Thsi I slarted ]:uil{irg ny casfls 
After tim^ yeeis it IS rotyet fim^Hl^ 

Nev^idieiles I iblcd ^^ toH design ti^ hroad. 
DO Teied sleep wi4l teads and I'oni'^ andtlie toll 

^ATith. LtE tngh ceiLr^ The GemrorG of Von 

SchaLiEodi's 15TK ^veie 1n^ pioreeis They coiild 
ziDl; tove Rlire castJcs, so they budt tl^eir own 
sbi'e casdfs absve ^urt haled niTor Isds on ^^e 
edge of t^ Kal^lm3_ They hioixrht out thenr 
Heasised fainly p^itiaitE n\ oils^ tiieir sgi^ed 
pl^tDgi^ihE of Geni^anioyal peisoruges^ 4ienr 
andeis aid crilded piajioE. ThoixrKlhey lived, nn 
exJ&, d^y cane Id love tl^ coTnmy of thenr 

adoptiojL They Imvc h^ exti?n~ely luid h^es^ 
nror^ of tlejirt bLitasI Im^^c said^ itbi^ of dieiTi 
lefiBed, even T^mder pre^nire, 1d join ihe Negis, 
ard roiAT a± last tl^^y aie imie con^bitible in 
Soudt West A&ca dunrnGenTBi^. Soonxtwill 
be tdid tn fndt^^m fox tl^ d^^ of tieiryDuliL 
^x^eiG the eady ^ais of this ceritixy. 

Von SdiaiiDlh IS a file lallr lfflnoldnBni.vilh 
csfitie is OE (f liie si^Tls of i±e fcaSia" ccuty , 
tut Ico^fionaiy^^^H^lo teaduwilace It 
n^ te a pcor imits caslle, but it sIbts Ihe 
o^vrff's dcp^. The tt^ fiDnlia^ v^jiid te 
tenoi iTvfei vflliic^ sij±l ilacs - and 3U± 
nHi as Von Sdtflioti; T.\to kiDV hew to F^ a 
tnhute STailo a Holtaaot SHiy- 

Towaxds die end of d^e GeinrQitHQtkiitDt -^sr 
t>n^ j^nrfjnt. fcTjUVm toider bBcajiJE the srci^e of 
astEange aflair whiclxmg tit Iu.Te de Tele ped utio 
an ixKixmiorel ixi[ndeiiL This -was the Etseiia 

Tt-aie^ £a\ alxtmst JcngcHEJi episode winch stuok 
Soiltl\ Afnra ani ^A^DcK IS still s3n~Et]iixicr ol d 

Jolm Hsi±ib I^iaiB, a lall, a^Q^li^ rran of 
Iv^si^-l^m, v^QS Hie Iggi^ ct ''c^hbI'' as he 
called liirEdf. Hs^'conirarifenr v^s his half - 

hdtiH^ Pie* Faieia, atra.^ FSa:lEr. wlc tai 

Jbi^itfbr d'e TiBTEV^al E.epul]]ic ani 4ien tHlciL 
ie&."5e mGenaTBTLSoiLillb West Afnci 

JiEt h^oreliieiaidJctnFQTeiB, aiBtmahsEd 
GanBn sii^e::^ t^ m ccamBiid of a hand of 
sjnilB (or ^aes) m He \rar ^airet Ihe HoUsv 
lols, Pi€t ^ras a WBgiAtrrB^H' at Hie Gairan 
cfl^Esl of Daogrsb Ihu^mlffi from Ihe C^k 
imfe: A naD statoiiEd at Davigrsb siq^ed 
im wilh l±e umffionfed hostray ctftiE fliEt m^^ 
in Ihs rensishJe affeir. Bet FEneia caire lo 
hinsriviiiNcvQita; 1906, and said Ihal he 
'wadGd iae/e lo visit John rear Ihe Kaias 
HEunlairG; he also hc-nm^ a nfle, as le said 
Ihae VHa a lot of giii:^i3k aloi^ Ihe lojla 
ShDift;^ afta v^i^ ny udcanant foud Ihat Ish^ 

otha^ riHi \-£d 1^ "wlh Piet Foiaia ard Ihst 
thar hoises VHa msarg 

The Ffeneua ""ana^^' ihat crossed tire bolder on 
Nci-ran-JieretJn. L9C6, lal a Total stzergiJiof set 
all ^k'eaiii'g Geixi~Qi\ Idula aid xnlibiy tms 

They CIO ^Ed OlMO tl^ -Fanvi A>Twpw> Aar i^eJT 

the Aliiam j»lice ^si^ Cordial Sbnirer of tlie 
C^ie T^mitEd Police &3iind tlieiM^^alEm:^ their 

hoises and thsy inld Innithey weie n-entsis o£ 
a GenxHi^ paHol IdoIoxet ^r foit^ Ivisgs aid 
nules ^^rhfil^ t^ ^r^ed ^omDavigx^ 

''Isholli^iHtyoufbraDEiirilJEhonta;"" sid 

One of tJ:e Ffeireua's then slTn^ited '"Hands i^, 
you ai? n^ png-n^T " A raider rened Henlnk 
JoostE tlnr^t a i^vdItct inlo Slonner^ s face aiil 
di^anved Innx Slormer -^as inld tl^aH die 
Transvaal 1^ nEen u\ zevoltn and duJ: a 
coraLvanki of 130 iTien Vt^as anilie -wsy from 
GeiXL"ai\ Eoutl> West Afnca to join die letels 
Skirmei^ s IiDise yfas t^Ld^ and^^ laide^llien 

SlonneT sent a ^Aramn^g itrE^^age id Z^vait> 
ixoddfiT AH down tiie Lxie tl^e I^elics QdEhed^ 
and ^vhen tl^e iie'i;^ leached Osp^ Towi\ i3ie 
Calm^et I^^msteis i^-foded. i3ie jx>^atJB 
^hucal conseqif nces nn tJ:e nxist secoiLS LfjliL 
CokuieL CiB^^ apE^alfid Hn Mr_ J_ H_ HofevEyi: 
artl "OrEe Jai\" isi-ittaiig aade all pai^ corEid£- 
ibUdie, lBlecri^LfJi9il Id fneiids in tl^e Noitlt 
West Cd^ ingn^ die nilD tbb their mELiEn:^ Id 
js^ventd letellion- 

At Ihe tadt of na^ hi^^-[iaced miife, Ibo, 
TABS lJ:e Ihoi^t Ihat Ue GeinBiE ni^t hes/e 
had a iBnd in He imd It seenBd sicpfLcant Ihat 
He raji^E had oohb fom Gerrffin tQTilo;7. 
Thee vs^ on^ a f a v {fceen rrenlsis of Ihe 
C^ MoiniGd Police m ifce GordHna disbict- 
93 Colord (afls\'^iii G^rsal Sir Ussy) 
Lukin vsE cai^Bd to the scaie fiDm Kmg 
WiUiarrfs Tmn ™ih 150 C^ MDunled 
Riflerei and C^K Mounted Rdice 

I^ajTvlnle tirB imdeiH -w^tb ei^oyir^ a. lenr^ra- 
laiy SL^i£n£iiii^ 3n.llie lonely Kalalun. dixies. 
Ttey I'fd. foiT:ed orpei^i^cled abcn^lwD dozen 

fantreis 1d jqul tl^enri anl tl^ey swooped down 

Gi\ Alnanx police post al; m^iL EtctE^k^eie £ied 
ink a ^ntn and. rxDopeis Cd>[ ani BeUe^k" weie 
^i^unded Coipoial SlonnsT and i?x^ Qllier 
tzDope^ es?^»ed and weiA in SE^ich of nredica] 

The iai{ta^ looted Aham set flie to a fca^ 
store dcse to lie tsit v4h& Bdlav 1^ 4^1^ 
aid earned off amE, ammunition and hiss, 
Tl:^ nxfe on lo^^ranfe Zv^lmaifer, oomnBn- 
demrgnDiEfaniHBcailiie^^^. At orefann 
tl:^ ti£d to lahe the son cf a femer ranBd Van 
dETMECTfi TbeMH" defied llHn "ShootniE, 
bit 1^ ny son alore/ be said Joosle fired Izs 
re^olvs' at a rar^ of fifleoi feel, but Izs tul.^ 
vait Ihroi^ IIe tnm of Van c^ I^fev^ s hat 
TIhi He laacfers ^oped cat £ach nnn had lvvT> 
hcasES and 11^ Ine/dled fast 

They infcrceplEd a post cait boind for Eietfbiv 
tein of^i'ed 1^ let&iE and. took £11 mcasb- A 
paicel adixeEsed 1D Siib- InEfednr Atlw^^od. was 
foTmi to contau\ t^^o pans of sdmg bieeclies^ 
nrede by a. LondQnbilor. 

C^ibii\ WhLlB of UpuicrtDiL t^ leCCLV&i 
Slunnei^s itre^^ac^ aid ^vas oil tie -way icitb. 
^A4n]£ iipB IbwIb^ E^nGizas w^ie tz^nxicr on 
AQ;vood's Is^ectiBS He t^ ^iglHeeiL police aiii 
tveitiy-five airued Easteis widihutx Wlreiihe 
leached Alnaitx ho^i^ver^ p^oT BaUB^" lucl liied 
^^txillie bLiDet^^undnxLlnsluL'g CcxwaEsejit 
1D Upn^gtEm an a ^poxicr ^^ragon ard xeco^^ciecL 

SwQ^ istds VHB EDW miFG^jirg an. Ihe 
Ifenaia gaig C^^lam While t^^qs Ihe fii^ to 
corre ip witii liiEm atout bt'^t/ nilES roith- 
tast of Upaitjion, and a tusk s^a^ieit 
fc41(M^ Ore imc^"\\BS Mel The Foiaias 
hdffi off aiid i^ffllBd iiMBrds He KalalBn hit 
a police of&ce^ fdlciAcd and scaUeHl Ihe 

It -w£ss thsTirlTt tJrtit tl^ Ffenenrfis wnukl 1zy 1d 
leta^nLlD GenxTBi^ Eoifll^West Afinca, so Siib- 
Ii'^pedDr AtlM^^^od patzolled the tordsr LieiHr 
CokmeL vdi\ Estmnf^ coiTtruniirg the Genuan 
Jbn:es near die bonder^ [ocimsed hs coopei^ 

The Faiaias and thai^ irei; hcA^js^s; ^^jq^ 
iidmg haid for vano^ diiite alcaig i±e Gsai:^ 
Rp^a; l:o[ii:g to find snckisiy m Ihe wilc^- 
nEss of Bidnfidaiid If Ite nvQ^ had been lew, 
the ^ng ni^ hEB^e i^iBii:eG a: ii£aly fcr 
nr-i^ But Ite Oibec^ was in flood It wss 
inpossiUe to qdes, and a^^ {iift i-ras teiig 
tidied By Ncj/eaTlEr ISlii He Faraias and 
all the iBic^ had teoi capOjKd 

This -was sn-ait police ^^^d^ in yibw qE die 
loneihi^e^ q£ die ctmnliy Ths credit TA^rit 1d 
LulmVs deteclniTeiit o£ OspB MoLinted Police, 
^vloch I'fd covered 1^ Jiriles ii\ suxHy-eiglt; 
liDUE aftr le^cvixirr FrieslQ- Ths C^ie MQunted 
RdlBiirEn als} iDcle -weR, ^rut drey were 1dd ]alE. 

Antaig Ihose ^-dia vae seen anrad vsE one cf 
FleKBHi/e's nurdeieE, but nalhmg oaild he 
[iDved a^inst him 

The J^nGuas 1:^ tsied Id fQDre a ^yuilIS old 
KailaI'dii InnitEr aid piD?i»ctDT riai\sd FeansDzi 
tD join die ro. Whente xefL^edd^ey hbxidfQlded 
huixand bid hixnb s^hispc^^iH. "^h^otaid 

be drn^med" lepLfidPeansoiL They leffdus bold 
ixBJL ^ftEr iT^bbn^g Ins c^iTfi. Goon aftEnAraxds 
Peanson hnLcd i^ wi4l tl^e pohc« aid helped 
theiMb oTeila!l« t^ laideis. 

The tw> FoTeias and th^e irai \^ had 
ODffiedlhe toiife'"wilhlJHn- Polgi^o; Relief 
ardJccGle - w^^ ined at Kirrfcai^ for Ihe 
nur^^ of TiDCfe^ Bdlav. The tial qHEi on 
I^iiBiy ISIh, 1937, andlastedlhiEe c^ 

John Ptnieiza. declaied m eTidei\:e lim te I^ad 
beeiLlTvuze decoiHlEdhy ihe GeutrmrG dimi^g ^^e 
i^tive ^k^ar. A CaptHU\ Giebeit; te saul I^d 
oid&red himacio^ d'e G^e bolder '^ sHr i^ 
1^ people and cnealB A diven^ui\ with.a. pioliabiB 
iBsiit teneflcial fc d^ GeniToiiE " LalET Siebeit 
ga^e hm\ d^e d^le qF ihe ibuI and lunied Inn 
£200. "ComTBn[l£er iven, aniest an[l wage 
^xtbt/" ^^reie the oidens P^nenia swcue he tad 
iecei¥ed "Wl^n ymi cro^ the boide^ £ie - 

Jccele v^s liie only oilier nHiiH" of Ue ^rg to 
^re mif^^^vFL Ffe said tE hed acted ^nc^ 

conp-ilsion, Whei I^iara ^i^xoacted hm he 
sid ''I canE to DBke ^^QgDrG - not \rt^:"" He 
T^^QE, infect a^^agDn-n:Bls^f^omWolT^si^: 

Po^ri^^r Edcpted die san~e lixe^ t^ pleaded ilu1; 
he ^las iTTvliaT d:e conTironi of cue of the 
Ft33GiiaE, ani "^^^^ild td?e been ^vt if te lud 
lefLsed to cio^ die bolder Relief asLed for tns 
^iith an[l nu'Dcejice to be tnlcn ntD considena- 

Hai^toBn Mas BuHgof Ite arUlay ard otis" 
Gsiran officer vAn gave e;icfere sislBd ll^t 
tJ:^ krev Dotiiug of Ihs raid, ard Ihs vjbs 
accepted ly Ite jury. All foe nai "wae 
satared lo {talt Polgiele" and Beilief recav- 

irgTPrnr rm^Tfati nrE In rrprry- 

TfoTi n"^ call yDT3isel¥e£ laidenE or n"Hiai."deis, 
biA yovL stand theiG coic/ided of a cold-blooded 
nuideiL" lenHded d'e julge. But even die julge 
^vas iimble 1o put;hiE fii'ger ondie nctive for d^e 
laid and he expie^sd die bewddenTent ^vhictL 
all tove fehu^hQ I^a^e ^tuhed das stiBi^e aflanr. 
He did not kr^-w, he ^ud, udiedrer the lYotive 

^ATBs iciUie^ or d'e dcaie b stir 19 msiIsBf ^ ani 

It did I'CXt rUBQET 

I^ Mh; vAo \^^e edlor of fre r>E^nnnd 

Fi^ds Advertiser HI Kiitbedey ^ct the Untr Tx^as 
pi^zled b^1^ a£&ir tliei\ as I anxlD-d^ Af&r 
1^ tnal he ^atid^ a leadmcr ^rtuile ii\ ^i^hictL le 
sod - 

''Itn^, T^lhuk te telai for granted Ihat Hie 
pai^ fedsanBlBpes of andniigtiHT^VGS h/ 
Icot and fraL owing to Ite i^iDlaEss of liK 
(isbict in vAndi IIb/ vhe opaalmg; liK;^ 
tdiwed that IJ:^ ^muld rraiia^ to dufe 
(^lu^ Whehff P^nera pud^s^ a p±lical 
nKson ns^ lo Kive as a doak to his 
pwianTre of i^ine il is less ea^ lo cfencfe. It 
is quite pcealie Ihat he"\\as aduBted m [Hit ly a 
<taie for polilical urtoiie^ and that thz^i^ re 
focJ his vam^ led Imn lo iiibiate Ihe difficult 

Tire deaJlk 5erit£i\:e£ did iDtnroilclIie eidof ^^e 

dmrL-Q- OIL^^aIc]l4d^1I1e C^]e Aigis pidJisl^ed. 
a IfiHETuruQEnl^ HeidnbJaastB mKiuri^iley. 

■^Ths I amwiitrg un^ny {fed hsndovtr 
vdiidi SQiteixH of c^alh Ies issei"" te^n 

ete, "ItnBHssIittierc^v, fcrlhevsdict has 
1 cpoi ard {ie I niEt Wilhm a fav^^eaE I 
shall he ED nc-r^ hut I wantyouloFuli^this 
90 tiiat te ^^o^^d n^ knj^v Ite liTjIii, 

"I-web^ iTDndiE' eiipenaeiice ixi Geuirmx So^A^ 
West Afoca lus t^ixriit rt:E tins. Efundjeds of 
Bcie^ aie er^Ecred by die mlibiy u\ d^tcduntzy 

_ _ feEowsQf allcl^^es Tl^y spend dieir nru^y 
faster dmMl'fy e^mit; and after ~d:B warisoi^Er 
hundreds will ID tloiDiAT %r|:QtlD do .. 

''The GQn:firG kiij^v Ihas y^ aioirt ard 

ercoin ccp llree dasss lo iinle v^r on liar 
awn gwamrat The GanEiiE aie also vay 
spt^ KBiiEt ifce Bnti^ hsauffi Hi^ hsi^e an 
icfe that the vm^ m thar counliy is hai:g 
pdor^ ly the Bnli^ or Colonials siq^mlirg 
the intFTSs wiliiamE ard annumlion, 

"Sg 1 1^ aiLndea dKtHD'uble "i^vuld anise Wl^etx 
I letuiTied afier 117 visA to Woicester d:e £^rt; 
thing 3 uras IdM Avas t^»l; die ^var ^x^as at an erd. 

ani t^ BoB^ v/ei^ cr^uirr Id fight die Biiti^ 
JdEitl E^nsna ui53irL~EcL rL~E duJ: Ins csptsMi 
^ATi^ied HrcL Id cio^ ink Biitisti temtDiy^ jv^t 
LIe Dr JaitrEsci XL ciD^sd nntD tire TiajEvaal ^^rith. 

InruL are agau^et bn^ ajid iheivk he wnll sI'CHXt 
dead. At tins psiiA I piGlEJidfd 1d te i^ilIb nn 
eame^lD go alatxT wrdiliirLt buLnxEiEad of AutI 
lYEcJe 1^ n:^ iTuid ^ Ba?^ie 

''NcwthisiEcpEFd- 1 ii^teiidlofceorE"with 
feiQiB, tut I Icokgxdcareii^ttodaaiyiiirg 
hamful lo ai^or& All HbL I Icok artiBl pet in 
w^s fraL I sipied Hie T^^Diuited \wiih she 

TtnBiia ^^ras indu:^ by llie Gemror^ b cid^ 
nnlD -fl^ Cokii'^, la^rwirg tlm the lest of d]e 
Bqbis "i^vidd foDo'i^. ThsiG yovilevB 4ie lot: I 
1z^st^ hsar f[DiixyQTi heJoiG I dB^ait finm lhi^ 

On Hie c^ Hiat His Miff affearallJE CsfB 

AigiE cc-nrcaied m an ffagtralic \s^s^\ "^Tlie 
e^ of Ihe lav ss 01% I& rii^n u^, cul- 

£lBn±i:g feet lint an u:irccal nmls life ^ras 
Isksi m luiE of peace'' 

HndfiTdLy aiiTednxcr "i^as gcir^ m\ tehuid tl^e 
sceres^ aid it is jEdbablc tist Htb zie'i^^pfgsr 
kne'i^ riTiiG duTL'E'e gBreial jFiiUic AtaUevBrilE 
tJ:e C^E Azgi^E 3Eid£r ^^ras uHBipEBled as an 
ap^ea] t^rn^icy^ aid contzHiy Tiews fio^k^ad nilD 

The <ianB grav nr-re uilsBe a fav c^s lale; 
v^Hi the CcfH Akjue p-ili'-EBd \'^tot it 
ck9cnlBiEea"nBn^MlQ^ fLonjohn Pfeneia. 
It n^ hcF/e tesL a rdle tffbit on FaiaiHs 
pail, or tlE last ^niie of a cuiiniiti iran 
FaieiH"wiDlfi - 

1 cannot BniiLiro the ti^T^Vi1i=' tniHnB sny kn^ge^ 
Id thixd^ 4ut the mif DiHirmt Jbiir i^en -^-^ -w^n^ 
EGJtien^sd with.n:E l^avs ^ face this tenihle d&a^ 
tJiEDiL^hnci ^nltof thsirown- 1 ampnepai^d 1d 
confer tim^ArlmEVEr these ULilbituru:^ four iiren 
did -^aE dore at; n:^ instigatiDix and tl~f y ^^^eie aE. 
ixider ny irdhf n;:£ ani oideiE. 

"Wlet I Scheie I slWl confer oiMlie d^ of ix^ 
execuHfijL I -w^sE Did£i^ in lEH'g absiit -ins 
~QLilbi1?Lit:Q& aid i^itnt^ipy cnxtrE at tlie coitnroni 
of ard by osiarof." 

tfc (tail FarsiH had TifiiiHi ore of Hb Gairan 

cffica^ Viil:th^ rgiTm w¥^gjpTgFd. 

UbL Itie omBira^r tejutpdas a pc-litcal ainB 
arri tiiat it isE wiliiHs Exc^aiy Ite Gotet- 
Dca" arri ExGaBn^ lo esEiaK the peDcplrre of 
nexy lo^^n^ HiB ]^d3: aod Hie nrin v^ 


Shsitiy af^ivaids tins caitrE id pa^ All tire Jiren 
^iTEie £ejH3BVHL tic 1?i^^ Ftnenas ard Jqds& 
^XTEie senfei^cecL 1d hlo iniiQsoriUL~eiitH ReHef ard 
PotgietrtD fifteen yeaiE ferul seivitiilfi Fbr a 
HxirE iliey dis^i^eaied mto tlie oihEcum^ of "E^e 
Ereatwater RnsDi\ Tte CtJJJFf Tfni^ polGStEd 

acpiEt Ue i^nsTO, and llHi Hie ftnai^ ■\\e& 

■wi£^ appbed ibr a divcice oil tlie groiLitd of his 

LiesGiitence After iYu::KlEgalaicjist:Eiit;slis^vas 


Novv conts ore of Ite nest slartJing as[Kte of 
the v^le affam Wdl v^ilhmlhisyfflre of targ 
saitared to ctalh all Ihe hhiIhe ctf Hk 
FaieiHhBiidvHEffit atlitaty. TIhevse ro 
ofRoal eqiaiiatoii and m these c^e Ihe 
lH^qIpIS had iiDt Ite ireeiE cl" disoj^airg lie 
fectE mndi th^ hai/e la^- 

I dc la'O'i^^ hs^vever^ duJ: tlie stDiy icld s> 

cormior^Ly b^ JooEte aid John F^iienia fioiTi 
tJreir deadi ceillE -^as not igruied. The juiy 1^ 
do^n^ied tl^e j^ea Qf GeutrBn n^stigaHon biA it; 
seen^ dst laiter on sispician ^ain Jell on 4ie 
GeuiQiE Tlutable psbce o£B£:er LieiiL- Colonel 
H. F TiG^v n^de kiJET ard cazefLiL n^ffumes mto 
tJ:e oii£rn\of 4ie laifl bLit; "^i^ioiit iiu?K surcc^. 
Three y^Bis is a sh^itEenlBrire f[iriTi.iEdei_ I luve 
sean^hed all tie a.Tailahle o£Eicia] docimErUE for 
a. chE^ bLt; I ieel d'eie ais od'er docunerUE 
lodcd a.w^ sonewbeie. 

As I luvB SEBd, tie iTexL of tlie C^ie I^ix^d 
Pobce e^^psnenii^d itn nd^G qJ toredciitxvaiied by 
adTenlumis d^^. Tl^e I^iigiir R^id -^as dtb of 
lh)s& ixilBilixles^ fuid ^'e t^!le ie still inld by ivetx 
^a4d weiG liiEie otxlJie B^dl^Ibs.bQii^nTU£5 t^ran 
£xHy yefosagD 

SCDTTf Smeik 
Wildest cf all tfe I^ddffiB DHl lAto EXfe Hk 

Kalaton fronlitr ^^^^ Scol^ Snilh Evey 
counliy has ite Rohn HxxX Didt Tiipn or 
C^Jain Slarii^ - h^^^nsi of va^iig 
(tgreescfoMit^ and aura Scol^ Smth^^jas 
Sdulii Afhca's nist ro&aioiE ouliiv fir nmy 
yEsi^ a Ifffaifeiy figure "w^i^s eK[ioilE ]ire 

I Imvc piececL icgetl:eT itbit^ &Ecrxt:EiitE of Aus 
d&sL^iBlB clmEclB^ £ hf &^ biitl anxfiilly ^cw^oe of 
t^g'-^G Geoi^e S^ Legcr Goidm^ LdiTDX^ abas 
ScoH^ Simli. lud 5D mxzh 1D HdB 4uJ: it wiU 
i^Ter be po^nble Id Hbqc evEiy slep u\ bis 

He died rfflit;^ liii^ years Kp, Sorre ^^to kiBV 
hun am mcliiiEd to fbi^ he Ucdi c^etfe and 
reoll csfc the Eds of cton^ vAr&l ■\\e& 
iiti±ii3my lypcal of hmi Ne7erU:de3, I am 
bMid to iBX-rd l±aL ScolJ;^ SnilJi was nirh too 
qndt on the In^p: A hois and dianiHid Ihrf 
n^ eea^ iBcarre a "^^tle and hrdy old 
rran,"" as sorre hffre ifeailsd ^ins niTia.". 3i£ 
Scot^ SniliivsE ail unr^Hsit andirinifeDiE 
old fre±oota; wilh oi*;^ a fav iDiranlic uitor- 
lu^ to li^aaitiEcbitnemns 

TireiG 15 IT} daiibt dul; 1e ^k^as ad£Ec&riiajAof d 
ruUe ScotUsK ^xil^ - an iHegituTolB a>i\ b^ixi 
in FeitK ednizabl^ tiaixiBd as 3. VGlEnruzy 
smgGon ^id llien sbi^^ied abroEtfl as soon as 
po^nble Dr W t^exA Boicl^eDis of UfHngtDi^ 
^vh^ canE Id la^crw t^ Jiron well dum^g ife e^y 
paitof tins cenHiry, inld i^e d^alScQtiy fust we nL 
Id AiEtialia- E& was intlie KalgoodiB gokl heK 

RDin IJh& Ik irmed acicee to iirta^ ffe iH^ff 
hald a conm^i; as imiy ^^^ntois have stoto:^ 

&7CIIIV ^rkjuJt Mitla hi= w}\t AftJ filauJv ij phnh^jr* P^* t^t-iB lu Upin^I'm i frt^ y«i4i b-^r-iu hh Ji^rb 

but -waE sinrply atbchal Id ^ xegiruEJit as "ret^ 
Dian'g one of -A^ tnH caitpaigTE Scctly 

otsGivBd 'E'dt a cavaliy spudiDi\ t^ lost its 
officer He iTuthni^elf atihe l^e^d of tl'e i^inLt ani 
Did&i«L iipB txEiL 1D clrmge CasL^Lnes occuned 
4TinT-ij ^¥ bgln; aid Gcotly fbun[l IsiTEelf nn 
sensDiL^ t7Tvn"K]^ as a. lesiilt qF Hs msgimled 
nnLbaHTe. He i^edlD boast tl'dt oi^e of tns uncles 
UTBs comTonJei^ art chief of 1^ Indian An^ at 
iIb tins^ butixLspLk ef ihisielaHonEli^)^ lie lost 

ThiE, in 1£©3, ScoBy tare to Soulii Africa, 
MLiii confLHon has tmi caiEsd ly lie feet Ihat 
apwioiE 5col^SmdilaronsiSMa±csdi 
afoil "Je iiiddls of last cstiiy" ard, fcr hiE aiiE, 
MibI lo hild IJe reed CF/e^ Bairt s Klcof in Ihe 
Ca^ The flist ScoBy v^s oftsi dMied to an 
ima rirg uiiciL is sbll lo Ik S91 on a iD± i^ar 
te top of Ite las, ScolJy Gonfcn Loirox TABS a 
aTEll by at flat linE, 

On. amval ul -die C^ie. Scotly setded at Fhi^ 
WiIL^nis To wi\ He found itniTp3^ble 1D nrnlc 
d livir^ -dieie as d '^eli', hs^reveXr for d^ 

jam-eis gnilged Hnri Hs fees and HeaJEd thenr 
owxkcalde nmie or l£^ suice^iilly Scot^^ien. 
joined d C^ie iTD^intEd i^crmrenL DiEciphi^e 
neTer teld hnvkfoT loncr^ and 'i^d^enl'e l^eaid of 
Unvible bei^x^eei^ tlie Tionsraal Rejnddic ard 
letellioiE rmiTe clueit bs dfiserted ani liiilEd i.^ 
wxth a tani of gistiuLineis Tte idea ^^ras 1d 
jHDVide lie n^itn^ts widi a cam^sn Tire Tentuie 
canre tn crnef ^vhEn the gurtrixEieis were infe^ 
cepbi 1^ a. Boer F^lrol and the cannon. 'i^'as lost 
in.aiiver Scot^ ani his ^eids esc^ed 

Scot^ lEfll^ caire inio Ins o^vn in 1SS3, ^^ll^l 
the B€dutimlan:l dnefs v^^b at \w3r vjilJi one 
acotlH: Tie oi^ niated a mmiH^ ctf v-^te 
filituslE^ Bee: am Bnlisl; cva^ He toKfer to 
lake [Bit in fre C3n^gn K nHiHiane^ Qe of 
tlee foregn l^ciE iBd a iraiT±irg sorg^^di 
r^fleeled tte ladies spnt of Ujepaiod - 

Tlren bo^ sl^iuli and don!t yon 1» 

To-m^ \^11 all be iiMdniig m Ihe 

To M v-1^ ^ UnEj uiffi FSdianeil; v^ n 
fi^ for MankjKHce 

Tie T-utE-Jiace FailiaiirEntr was the C^p^ 

Hbi^ of A^sjirdJy^ ^^rlncK 'i^'as ^v^drlnncr ev&nlE 
nntJre ot.i1pde1e wrthsoruE ^moe^ Tte Txr^nar^ 
ctne^ ^leedily recrietJEd ileir^Fpeal^ fcrsonre 
of the ^ArlntE ^VEJriui?i£ jou^ecl Jbices^ s&ised 
lootnn^'e sh^ie of oal^^ anJ chsi»s:e^»d "E^e 
i^Hves of tleir l^id They set 1l^ two lepuhhc^ 
Stenal^id and Gcis?hei\ ^id al one 1in:e 
S^llal^id I'eaiiy WEiit;^ ^v^x witi\ Goschen. 

Qr^ dmiig Ue ftafccolii^g c^s m Be±LBDa- 
lard, SoDt^ ^ras c^tiied hy a pai^ cf Bess 
ard lalsi to thar bE^l^LMts^ at Rcoi Grord 
Ife ^^QS smiaiced lo te shct the fdlowiig {^. 
ThaL mdt he esz^sd from his hcn^ sdtcted 
tro of Se LsGt hoi^s m Ite canp andiDcfeoff 
tiunihanlly- It is said that hejcaiBd a seidi 
pai^ iimBignised ard HicaDi^^ a^cyed Ihe 

Cle^y Scot^ ^^ras ^ si^ieni^ acbi: and dieie aie 
nror^ anscdotEE of ths difficuh; paiiE t^ played 
su^ce^Ji^y ani witb-giEtEi . E& ^vas ^ luidEcmre 
nron-^ttbis tiruE wiih.dmkly iace^ flowixcr i^ 
beaid ard hea?y ey^lnowB His traiiner ^vas 
coviEiECiif, and if te wn^^ed te coidd givB d 
splerdid mrpie^oonof clumrk'withDiitcniile 

Evai m llree c^s frse^^re senet ^iils, aid 
Scot^ Snilh v^ oiE of ttHH Ife saved Ihe 
Bnli^ GcvaiTHHit feilhfL% m frat c^sa^ for 
rffiiy yeei^ and m ss/aBl ^^ja^ At He bire 
v^Hi 113 0D& kr&v^rtJietiH" Bedniaralard v^s in 
tiE Transraal or Bnbsh ^iiEfe of mfliHEe a 
pjUic rre^utivBE Md m Ite oldTa\n Hall at 
Kmtai^- SoH^ spoke foirz^iUy m feroiriitfa 
Bnlish SKpedilioi; ard a isoliiion v^s [Bssd 
urgirg He Bnlidi G<?7aTTnHit lo saii tDops, 
TIe direct cfliconE v^bs Sit Chaiies Wairats 
nisacaiard Ite amsslicanitfllE tenliHy- 

I i^o^ seen 1^ ongn^dL of a leUEX wdten. by 
Scol^lD a fiend in. Kjn~heniey iTBJi^ yeais after 
t^ Bectimmiland aHair 1 n.'ale d si^it and crave 
tJ:B IteT JohrL >b:lEJde the dedit of stoppirg" 

tie Eoois ficijngdr^ wtst (not Rhod&sl/' Twint 
Scotay "Ifed ^ E0013 gore west at tiet 1irre 
liey wDiiLi l^a^a foin-Ed a uttidi^ wid\ d^ 
GenaTBTE ani the CoIqi'^ ^vould only 1h.vb 
e]ciEi'ded as iar as Gmiisl^'d West - nf rteinsted 
at all " Ife signed tlie leHcr 'Ceoige St. Leger 
LenrDX - Scot^ Sitxtlx ]»m 22rd Novenriie^ 
LB45 NotOiai" 

Scot^ cnce qal ai ncnlte t^p^ drollrg 
dqianlE m roiliEm BednEialard Ife had 
LdE "^milii £ECO v±SL he tintd souUth^bkIe 
afpiTL NfflT Ite CsfB bwfe" te aEountered a 
p±« pbd; and ieiHi±aii:g psst ciurs he 
TAOiid have tuned ^.^ if tE fed not EDtced 
ac|E of {ist^E aniHti He p±c& Th^ liM 
SoDt^ that Ih^ tad Iffit Iter ^A^fHiB and had 
i^dalllJHr"\rala: Sa% teKBiiiEdi.Mlh tiian 
f(T a safe cordirt lo Viyburg; vitae he ^^ldled 
lo sell his ivoiy. The thu^ pdice SEi^eit 
agrEedisdi^ aturfTlHiSoDt^ ledlhsntoa 
TAHla-hale aid fliMy look llHn Isck to Qsr 

Tire Hure lasbl until SccUy lud sold €¥ tisls. 
AD \^iy!birar gaJhei&i in tl^ n"fliiEt si^^ie 1d 
^k^a^Ktlre old DutlaM' lada off aganiMTtD die liliE. 
Oil tl'dt occasiciJL ScoHy leceivEd a gialEfLiL 
sali^itE ^ mtlie police 

Meet cl" Ihe Kmtei^ pcatss knav ScoBy 
Snill; fer he oftsi viated Ite dianr-rd fielc^ 
Tv^ Ihe slons hare corre from frcse 
ds^ Mi: GccddnlcL a v^-kiDMi aictior^. 
was hddirg Ihe ieibI y^?^^/ s!e on Mai^ 
Sqi-Bre, aiii ULited Utss psot to test a fine 
ndu:g lo^& Soot^ v^g peail; VA-h Ins hat 
piled oi/a" his ^ra. He ao:]qIed Ihe 
aidiorea'soffa; dig lis l^ds into ifelo^s 
nlE and "vamslEd imnii Ite Oiac^lal Bar 
cohh: ''Gai^ fur Ihs Md ard last tnB —'^ 
shcuted Mq Gixxilild, exfHlig to ase Ihe 
lose retnmiigat aiy nc-nHiL 

SoruEDi^ in tie cio^ni Tvhispeied d^ ite^ic 
woids 'Sco-dy En-idx" 

Twill ev^r see Ins nm^y is diiDd^r ruHitr '' 

Soire luiE afta VMi^ Scol^ \was aiKsted reai^ 
Kmisi^. Ife HBTE^d to slip lis hantiifs; 
frsL hs oi^apj^^H^ He pian dolJ:es nrni 
fficorluti hm and herdDjff ed him Aiy oHis" 
iix|i£ wjiid have heai aaiot to mte off. 
Smt^ {felTi^Bd his c^]<iv& at Ihe Kiii±sie;r 
cpol and acted his lart m ^Adl Ihet the f unous 
(feedrre vjas icdsim a ^. 

Scol^ ^vas once a^cd tu^^ te cfxntdv^ to ^p 

nn and ciA of B^nruten^ey S3 often 'i^'I^etx tiieie 
^ATEie wanarris crut for fns airest aid ilie poliize 
Txreie kiolnrg ibr tnitx TQlice^" guHawed 
Scolijr- 'There Twas ruilm^g tc fear finraliose 
IiqdIs^ aidtheiG was not a cell on tlie pkce tlut; 
^AToidd tdTe Iield n:E OTeimgliL I was as sale cm. 
1^ diggir^s as nxL^ie Kalalun_" 

At iJBt paiod Scol^ oflai\'^STt urcfei^ Ite aliag 
ctf Doi^as MacCcaiald, He nH an Encjish 
peisoDlsszii; d7^nonl:iis liii^ ardnH^hun 

his[Bi1iH:ThepGi3Hi!s93n, ^c^^^^a; tb^rt/ite 
hiE at aniBd Md-iqiG, and th^ £con E 

Scdt^ A^'as fiist {:onyk:tEd nn a cnxnTol {:oint in 

Bloenib JtBUL dinn'g I^^icH 1335 Cluef J^dice 
Reib ^"as on tl^e Bei'cH aid die cfmge ^as 
idlibeiy under auirE Scot^ SiMtl\ abas Geoigc 
Lenns^^ ^ipeaied. wi^ tlnee odier xiren ore of 
lienxa.KuTieniey p^hce seig^ant jun~ed Leigh. 

Tte/ had VMled i:eer Ihe toii^, on a iced 
Iffiirg lo Ite Cttancp Riva; kncT-vuig Ihat an 
"LD.B/" nHTianl; SaniiJ Kaip wjiid te 
pessiiri Ihal \\^/ vilh a fsdet cf slolai 
dianoidE, Kaip ^icu^ fictt so Htse four 
hi^^^rai atCcked hini v^llh la/olvas and 
knoH^nsL The aicfexs sh:?^'^^ IhaE Scotfy 
wo\B a Ucdt val cj^ff his feie and shouted 

KeiY|3 replied '2^o I^rds i^ and £red tns 
leToLvex- Scdij^ and anntex ruHi^ dien fired on 
Kenrp and stniz'k hixn again ani agan\ with 
]cLvbLcn33£s unul he coDa^sed. They departed 
wxdkdiani^nds vahcd a± £2,000 

The juigc^ in pa^nxicr seiitEi'ce^ i^itrmlcd 1d 
Scotty SriTtlt "^t ns a pHy tial a nraiL of yoi^r 

TheiB ns ro exciES fer you, it is i gio^ coitE 
The L»und^xy Lzie is geHii^g cl^r^eiui-s for qut 
^ecfda. It IS [{IlIlIe an acddeiit tJ:m Kejip was 
zut lolled I tcol^ you for a itujl ^^tu Icre^v 
teBET r wJl pumsKyDTi sevei^ly " 

EadinBnKceiv€dfoui^7Gais haid latoin; with 
IwHTly-fh^ laEl:es ^e:s for Scolly aiid Le^ 

Mr_ Anhur Bado^t^, MIP . then a yDT.ilii saw^ 
Scotty and Ins conpamoi's hmi^it ixdD 
BloeiTfentein by d tzocp of buigteis^ aiii 
Twald^ed Glad^^Il, U'e tDwi\ UaclEnith nTet 
the nrgs onScotty s legs Those Tvere &ee-aid- 
easy d^s, and Lz^caiEC GcoHyi^^as popular with, 
the gaalBis te never leceiv^ Ins ladies 
I^^zecvei: he -was DftEn allinved out of gdcil 1d 
[fifncti his "diii^ and Ins pE^mliar sense of 
I'on^ur ^vas suqI\ dut he ^-^sy^ xetuiTied at die 
stijFiilalBd trnre I ani inld ll^t t^ -^as i^leased 
aftr a year in gaol, but tirB seztBiice lud 
I^idered Innx if dat^^ie pa^nlile. 

He rmcfe Ihe Viytutg-TiBiH^ ton^ hs EQTt 
Md of ofs^oi:^ JiEt aflH^ the anremtion of 
iteVi^iMgaiEa hy tteC^ Govqih:hi: t"e^ 
wss an d^on am Scol^ ^^^llII]c^ agisd to 
ncannate scme m^Dstor k a Meaiisr of He 
LGgidatve Asseniiy. The canicite vo^ Ite 
dothes of a peilffliiL lo mp^E liie "volem, 
Sg>I^, m^^ h/ clHirpgre, delr^oed a 
tdJmg qssii and ^curad Ihe ir-nim^oa, Ife 
tJHi damBd £300, Ihe sum ^|EGd i^i; and 
cd^iatedm vfllc%" IhaL he"\\B3 lhn?An Ihroi^ 
a "wiriijw. SoDt^ alv^s said Ihat Ihe stsr cai 
his head was He isult of a sahre "WJiiid 
razer/ed m Iii±a The diaHH^ ^as aL 
Viybigwas Iheiffil cai£a 

Scot^ tnzirEelf adcpled d cleucal cbsgi-nse cxn 
oi'e occasion ^^dien t^ jralice weie after tnzn 
He esc^KcU but a creiiuizie clexgyivon ^"ho l»ie 
soive resenUance to ScQtty was anested on d 
Izain aid Lept ImdcuEfed imnl die reaiest 
i^clDr amv^ ani identified Inxn 

Tp^rt^rds He Old of the "^ iT^aiuig ' a^s^ Iha^ 
wss a g^ld iieIi aL MalnBn in Ihe Weslaii 

Tmi^vaal. Tte klE l^ Geozge Beet cxf 

lirospedET ani tnstDmn, set oi3t for tl^ crold 
BeDs OIL A tefcunfuL tJi^ioixrl'J^ied. Brcrli^ 
stalhatx ^xrlnch lie tad bsnowed ixoitxa JantrEr 
rdxtred Piel; Iv^iais. In tas belt T^. Beet cained 
d hLmized golden SD^jEieigTE. Tins ecfu^^ied 1e 
^^ras cb^^rByed wl^enhe JiretScctly Smdicm^^ 
^niB tiBil 

"Hiilo, Mr, Best islhalyoiir grated Scotfy. 
"'Whot a fiiE hoi^ you hav& Who is Ihe 

I^fr. Be«t said af^n^-aids d^dt 5cot^£ Sjst 
conren^ was atv.f^ fox tie hoise, njtd^ lader 
Wtenhe levealed die ownsi^s iuiye Scotly said 
iTBtrrummsiEly '1 ^x^iild nst lDT.tK aii^Tii:^ 
telongii'g ti> old Rief Neveidiels^ it^k^as an 
-QL^easy nde JcxrT^. Beet 

Aroliier pc^s^ia" rairEd Cailsr ic<fe uio 
Taiir^, teaid liiaL Scol^ \'^QS m iJ:e disQict aid 
adsEd IJe lEld-kegsrT.\tefre' his liiiaKS v^old 

T^s aJl ngl^H xu reed % woiry. ScDily tos a 
betfcrjot on" tie hd^L-lcef^r a^:uied Inm. 

Nst niHiirg carta" rret a sttar^ oulsicfe Ihe 
h3td aid com{fed his f fflis to hin allzigtit- ScoVy tas stntkgold ard 

he ^vor^ ttodiex alxMit your I'onses^" cleclaiedtle 

Later m the iroiiTiiri Caita^ daiJ/9Bi that Ihe 
sliBi:^^"\ras5:o%S3iliilTin^if. Scoi^sgDld 


ScoHy 'i^'as undoiibtEd^ loyal b Ins foenis^ ard 
often ^vamed tiemiD lock^^ dienrhoiseE wl^en 
Instant ef laideis ^as active. He also displ^^ 
a. ceibin cbivaliy towards ^^ronen Tte tele is 
often told in 5oiid\ Afica. of tie pcHxr wido^v^ 
alons ona^utx ^^dc lud teaid d^at ScoHy ^vas 
in tlie JieiglihoLiduod and -was lEnsfied of Iiotl 
ScoHy caQed at;die faim and ^k^as not recognised. 
Tte AvidoTxr confided n\ hinrt and l»fore leavirg- 
ScoHy gave h^r a b^ of n^oney to educate I^er 

ctnldierL "H&¥er be a&Hui of Scot^ ErLidi'' 1e 
cal]«L luck aE t^ idde s}^sy 

I tEGid anotiH^ stoiy v^di I ha^e teai uEBlle 
lo corfLm - Sort^ s HEGtrg v^ilh a ^rra"^^ 
coiTilaiiEd ctf his diDi^t Iceses ard rsmrisd 
"l^vi^l o:>ijld anst Ihal Mav Scol^ Smlh 

<i>"Wllh iJlB TCDYB//' 

ScoHy diei\ iGTe^Ied his identi^ and oSerod 1d 
accoiT^di^ d'e ^uirer to 1^ neaiest poLize 
stotiQi\ Wliei\fiie fanner lefLEsd, Scofly hmi^Tt 
cxutlns iGToLvcr aid Jbiced tie it:mxlD "aniest' 
him. Tl'e faTTvnr leceiv^ llie lewaxd ani ScoUy 
Bsc^ied a le^AT to-ui5 laifer '1 arualw^^ wnUir^ 
1D J-^ip a. pooT ivan b^'i^cTer txuil^ I Ji:^ he 
nnrcmcxnanced^'' GcoHy 12 EepDHed Id Imve ^aid 

IMil he vvas an old iran Scotly ews^ alic^^^ 
ovilislion lo cwQlalE tirc^ am it vas in liie 
fflify ' ninetiffi of last C3tuiy Ihat 1e niJ7€d iito 
fre ''DO nBits laitf of He Kalataii ncath of 
l^iiigtoR He aqualted oil a slice of counliy suit 

atiefbiuBiargsliJaicalli^ and rsmuiEd Uh^ 
for n^iy yearn. Ore of iis femB he i^nsi in 
lis 1:^ v;^, Kirg"s B^st; He oHh" vas 
Latlam's Fan At Hie ^ of fca^-as he iminal 
a Miss van Ni^sk an Afiilsis' giii of 
mr^Es; ard laised a fenit;^ of t^^^ sons ard 

Scoliy'E ExpkiitE dimi:^ tie EothIl Afiacai\ War 

HEclitioiL of an good ^khgI; E^eitis azid seldoiTi 

spolE ci bis €DqpEiU£x^es I do loio^k' dm;te ^^as 
luni50Ji:el7 lewaidfid lIiioixrK t^ UpinglDrL 
nrogiEtzalE. t^or Lewas Hastuig^ 1^ nilibxy 
conTtrEiitalDT an^l RliodfisaiL I-IP ^ itrEl; Gcctly 
diinvij ^looHxEj tn^ in die deseii^ ard te sidles 
tlrot Scot^ xeceived a. fiee pazdon fiom 4ie 
BntisK GovemverU; on EccoiLint; of Ins South. 
Afiic aiL W^r SGivices. 

T he Qii of Qe Sculh A fnan War did ret finish 
Scot^s uidli^Ee actvitea Fcryeeis afle"- 
vrards he [^ an ^ on G^nnn mhlaiy 
mwenails alcsig Ite Kalahan fronlia^ and te 
follo^rt^ ei/ay nHioeiji/iE m IIe Goiran- 

I^ni nn llie g-^Ji:e ItEgulaiiy te siq^pbed d^e 
HbtlEii&>lE witl\ aii\^ Agau\ aid again l:e iHuled 
GenTBiL caitrpE aid diDTe d'eir canie anIinilsE 
ovBT die toider fax Ins own profit 

l^mgbn at this toE hod hsnnB the c|Esl£st 
nBi^ for livffitt>± m Soulii Afhca, All Hie 
h[affi-<talQ3iAeelhEi^ aiidlJEGsnBrG"\\e& 
h^irg ip Hie oiiess ras/alcacfe cf horss, 
dsAs;^ ard mils iJBt sQEeirsd ip fran 
lailhPflH at Fngika. 

Liei^- CoIciiieQ H F Tici^^ a police ofEicer ^vhs 
lufi^ die Kalatmi ^vell ii\ peace and war 

declared, drot Scot^ gallieied EeveioL ^k^lirtE ivetx 
ani a nunrisr of HbHentDiE luiLini luxtx at 
Lardani' 5 FaiL Tl^ese were die irfEii^vtc telped 
hruL in 1b5 foiny^ nUD Gennron iBintDiy - d 
JbnmdaUe IxqIb amy of desi^xEcloes vben 
ScoHy lud axTL'Ed ani UeirEd li^enx 

Trav said Ihet 5co%'s pivRlE aii:[y cocE led ihe 
GanBm into a t^ Scot^ and a fev oUhe 
^cfBd into a Idcof wilii Ite GsimrG aflff 

tlHTt IIhi the IfctloTtols ojseI fiiR This 
imtfent rsulted m a GaiiBn offlaal con^aul 
to Ite C^ GoTGinnHi, HE£liitE cc-nflmBdliie 
Etoiy of 5col^£ ^foilE onteheli of IIe HoBsi- 
tols, ard poLnled out llBt Ite native leacfe^, 
Sinim Cco[a" and Maierp. conQniBd IIht 
r^aSsrcefcryeare cv^igto Scolds Mp Ffe 
sid the ste-lai calHe VME sat fiDm pcet to pzst 
alorglteMolopo toll:enBife^atVi7turgand 
Kintei^- TIhe He G^HEiiE hod DO qtion hi 
to hy Hht ovvn catUe tai± e^Ii; fcr tie \^ia^ 
cfepai^ onlorgozjluniE of vJ:edGd Irarqiat 
OtWi He sanE han^ cattle ■\\He stolen nijre 
than ores Evaytne, e/ai IIe C^ MounlBd 
Fdice ^n^Bllisd VAlli ihe HoUaitote aid 
vflnled at SKrt^ s cfeniigiaKfe, 

Once Scot^ &D ixibi -die l^anis of die GenToiG. 
ani Ins ^v^cron ^x^as confiscaJEd He zeivamed d 
c^itiT? JOT jv^t ^^^eive Iciiis li^^n le sble d 
luise^ lejomed die Hotleiibls^ ani ledanamred 
bani bdck b Inn A^'Ecron. Scot^ n^t only 
lec^iHiEed Ins cxwn wagon but also icok a^ 
Gennron ^v^di'g loaded wid\ SL^phes Tte 

GenxBiG put su?K a higK poce cm Ins head after 
-ins eqiloit tl'dt GcoVy &3iLini it advi^il]le 1d 
ien~^3rLotxtIie sdB side of tirB toDier. 

Qe of liie nist amsta" ^i93±E in Hie caiEO" of 
SoM/ Smlfai-raB tiiB tumiES of Ite B^riiran 
^id^ESi^ Dmi:gaviatloLordonl:^oiEl014i 
Di: BoKhmfe notced tiiat Ihe BidiiBn speci- 
ne:e in Ite ni^un of Ite Rmal Colle^ of 
Sut^sfflBT^ie mfenoi; aid he ctfeBd lo p^^rt 
tSte" cats. On his r^um to Upi^n he 
conrnsaoiHl SoM/ to szute lie ^Mne 

Shsriy aftBiw'aids ScoHy ^niTed ^t the dDdni'? 
toisG ^4l tEi\ CG JirplelB slElemiG. He explaired 
t^Qt y^Bis LzeJoie tl^ 5^EtirL~Ei\ l^ad iBuled his 
calde^ arcl t^Down^g tire la^i^^le^ froztieT cistoiTi 
Id^^idtdie iBid&is ajid iTUQfid. tireitxixL^ sani 
duL'e Tlnsl'eludlEeneihlelD iveeti^ deivarii 

The dffiletom ^^re m an sct^eit slate of 
pffiEavaGon Analonisis fburd tiiat l5^^;o wbtb of 
piie-hiBd BiElmai ^^llle otiHE rartaled 

HottsTlDt and BediBrfl mxtuES. Tl^ i:[B^ a 
valiotie aiUliiiiilo Hie faniDiE niBani and out 
of this fed: aiKeacpmEeqid. 

04ier m^eixiJE iTL AiTeiaca ani oiLtJre Coitiixiejt: 
heaid of th^se EcqmsitiQTG, ]aaiiit;tl'e im^e ard 
addxe^ Qf die coUectDiL aid sent Dide^ t^r 
mxie. PiDJe^x^r Kccl^ of Eedin -w^as aznxrg t^ 
leenbii^Eis The i^i^ puce ^k^as £5 Jcxra^odL 
aiil£15fQi-a wb^Ie side ton. While -die denrani 
IdEtcd, Scot:^ did a loam^g tiade. He 'i^'as offen 
aslcd I'oiAr he ivar^^ed -b £ni so itrm:^ 
slElefeiE^ ajid he 1^ ai\ ex^ilarmicm leady. 
"Wlrenl ^vas an oxHlaiAr^ tl^ psbce lEedlD seni 
BishnrmMiacicns after rce/' he declaied '^c I 
shsttJreiix No^ I' mselhx^ 4ienr bsiieE/' 

Edration in Ue IMoi; orce an nqsKr erf" 
sdrds in Hie Noilh West C^^ spat foi^ c^s 

on liie read wiib Scot^ at Ihi IHic^ ti^sUii^ 
h/ ^sxrwsgm. He r^alled Ihet Scol^ hed a 
brndt of ^zpanrg aid disaf^zeani]^ Mr, van 
6b: M3v^^ knav all aboil tJE d^lelmi liat^ 
aid sid that the DXEamE v^^ rot ah'^E^ sure 

^A^£5 iDG fiie^ It 1£ cIb^T t^Ut n'^I'^ of t^lDSE 

HmliLTiei\ w?iG I'enlier iniclcns 113 r tiBcldH. 

ScoHy, "wilh hs veteimzy eqHieice, w'^s also 
s^n^img of a hniBn anatomsL Mr, Hany 
Diw^ Ite lEbied riKiislralfi I nHTttored 
ps/ioiE^, c3nE to ktirw Scot^ lAdl. Dr. 
I^iig!^ cf liie South AfLican MiEaim cded 
Mr. Diav to secure son^ BiEiiiei aMSom 
for him Tlis ■\^BS dsne ^Mlh Ihe aid of tiie 
B^leis, billhe sM^re anrred m a sadc with 
Ihe ^tdetoiE m Ite court room and annDurced 
Ihelnathuriw^ nissirg 

"I hope I dari^tdifi \-\p here, Scotly,'' 1* E>ibw 
lenrmlEd one d^. 'If Ida^ ^ 1:^ 13 cerbmly ship 

Mr. Diav told rre Ihat He BushnHi Q:[ilc^ai 
ffaysa^ctfiiert^mliieKalahaiL Th^usd 
aioke signal^ hie He AiEttalian ahongiiie^ 

aid ^i^Hstly Ihis irelhod tabs c^sUe cf 
coiT/^Tig fairly uiticale rres^^ Oie 
exarqie ^^Ticii Mr. Di^v qiEled was of a 
pchce petiol fiom Upiglon led ly Sub- 
LiEfK^r Gra/ea The petoJ had lo call at 
Scolds feImtK^UEeSo3t^^^ffiEUE[EctBd of 
sdlirg hqucT ilJia%" lo liie Basils. Cai ainval 
Sa>l& gave Gra^s a fuU cfeaiption of Iha 
palni's joum^. Allhoi^ tlE BudinHi had 
nffla"Mf liie ftmi 11:^ l^v esacll^ 
fBlnJ had sfiit 153 ard all He [iaces ll:e police 

Ttns plircilivB effecHv^ -"Kalaluii mdio" 
aLw^^ tfifEled Ivlir. Di^^i^^ foT die Basi£is "^^eiE 
as WBll-iii&}iii:Ed as 1^ BishrtreiL EvHi^ond^^ 
^x^hen jctd signof striTilc ^vasin Lie seenojit^ 
h[xns>n news HQveDed. fast over injge axeas 
ScDt^ EnTtlL LensfilKl fiunitlre wtud uHeIIi- 
gBnue ^steiYt but af^aH; fizortxli'e snnlc agxuls 
lie coidii^Xid llm; I^e I^^d. re idea tu^^ it -^as 
diJi^_ Scotly leamtoi^ tnckfiDruLlJre Bi:kIti:l-ei\ 
howeTer^ wlnfil^ nuEt tmvc ^nred hnxi itrm^ d 
tinre. He coiild. put Ins ear Id d sand-dure aid 

jnc'k 19 d'e rDisG of looses' I'ooves kn'^ 
dist^nres s}^ay And no ci^e ev?r SLinprisEd hnxi 
^A^nlfi he ^^ras aslEep 

Mr. Di^v^^s alsc alls to thru^v scme li^ on 
Scolly"s actvilies dunrg Ihe GoriBn-Hotlentot 
TABT. Dunrg a visit to KeetoBndiDop a hc^ 
Gerran oSoal tied to pasuafe Mr. Dra^v to 
put Scol^ OTS" Ite toidei: 

"rH cRsiaiilEe th^ he wiH dc ru Imitx'' sB^d 

■^Its not ^^l]at l:e will cto, but \4bI h& has 
<i>re,'' i^ialtheGaiiBrL 

Mr Dici^ explair^ dut ai\ extioliticn "i^^anram 

^xrci~ulii be nece^^aiy^ otir^rwis^ he "i^^as not 
^n^paxed Id tmiiScatl^ over. And tlutv^as ihe 
end of tl'e iT^tlBr. 

SaiiE years tefoi^ hcwwe; Ihe Garraie had 
aliiEst Eircesfed m hsTiin Iter ra^s:^ on 
Ihs old f i^^Doter. Bparc^nEeig tie liat^ and 
Scot^ tolh OHEitfeEd d:^ had dauiE against 
Ihe Gshbh GmenniHil; dalii:g haci to He 
€91^ 6a^, for fanre in Ihe Wamtod disbicL 

Tl:^ v^se irnited to 3p^:e&\: tefoi^ a cout in 
Wamial and slale tier cases. 

AliliDi^K both inei\ lud ginhy conscienres 

they i^axded the inFit^cHon as eqinvalent to ^ 
jHorunse of s^tfe-condii^t They rode to Waim 
bad together ThaX mghl a ScolJssh tzsdenr 
^x^a^ied GcDtty tJrel; the Geniui's iztEiiied to 
asGsthinxas EDon as the case lud beei^ heaid 

Spai^Titerg t^^qs sceptical aid refiEed to 
laeve. Scot^ rc<^ ct^^ dunrg Ihe eai^ Iijljs 
of Ihe ni>mii:g; foUowlBd ty a Gqiihi pEtroI 
of five irounled DHL Tl:^canBH>vflllihiiii 
nearltefcon^, diolE\flaesd:fii:^dandlv» 
GenraiE lost tlar hoisea 

Loner aftEi^^aids I-Ir. Dze^ir aslcd Scct^ 
Tx^hed^r there Twas ai^^ tnitl^ u\ tins stony _ 

''Its a danred lie - and l:esi{tE Ihe GaniEiE 
filed fii^ " \^ss Scot^s lE^:^- 

Scicii\ afler I-lr Die^s a]3ivaIal;RielfbjitEnxLm 
laCG. his h^isG becanre so lU that; the police 
GfBi:eT suggested sl^ootincriL Scot^ ^k^as caDed 
inaiii ^aved ths I'oise Mr Dre^xr lud a hi^h 

i^axd bsdx for ib& old iybzl an^ fonr Ins 

Scot^ once took out sunirDiiss a^iiist a 
iHiniH^ of Basteis y^ ov^ bin nr-i:^. An 
aged Easier thei ^puadied Ihs nsgislrale 
mdsaidlhat lEhadteeiSo^^sccai^Hnion 
en nay hmlirg Inpe and oths" expedituHE. 
''We Iwe deEt unttr ore vdd LlanM, 
tctaeredoui^ telia ki:c?;^;n gxxland ted Imts 
tc^lbea:" <tdaied He Basto; "Howl ainold 
arri tat and I have only a f av gsalE, and tE 
TAsnlE to lake thanfromn^ " 

Mr Die^v syjir^Latlnsed wii^ 1^ Baster aid 
promised. ti> Eee^k^IuttE CQ^ililcki Gcot^heaid 
-die EastBT^s -tale and ti^Ti 1dig i^ all -die 
suLwinPEes. T luve b^eii jxsot n^'self/' he 
saiil 1 am JiDt goung ta ji:b]ib dnmgs t^id far 
olher poor peojdE-" 

Qi& ^enmg Mr. Diav mated Sartly into his 
hoiEe and off s^ hini a tot of ^^^lls^- Willi an 
^ort Scol^ sJiMk Ills hE£d ''If 1 had cne 

'^:ii^ I "^ild not leave iiM I tadfln^iEd 

took so lorg to i^iaidisi^^iies at RiSfonlan 
that Mr. Dra.^'pila^ltepHioiEhollleard 
^Ett for coffee, 

I can UTBgire ru ^ro^ter coidiast; dun dul; of 
Scoiay ErLTdiand^fcE Doio-deafileektiHrallirg 
loge^ier for ^z^ ^x^eeLs in -de Kalatmi I-^^ 
Bl»k wtc died inC^ie To wtl injune, L943, at 
tJ:B age of eigti^one^ 'i^'as -die ^^rodd's leadir^ 
aLidDnty oi\ d^e Hi^nronlajicnugB. ManYy^^is 
ago slie ^A liesseilf tJre ta^ of con-pie tiiig- tl'e 
dictiormy ^.hjncti her fader sbrt^d In 1310 ^^e 
Hsldcd. nito de Soudem Kalal^an widi Scotly. 
tJ:e oldnfian asherguide. 

Before He li^vAlhScotly, Mis Bledihaiteai 
T^^Dikig aoE-rg Ite Buslaren ctf fre Kaihanl 
dstnct StE n^ Miffi Wilimn of IJe KiiiiHie;r 
MiEami h/ anaEc^irat at L^iiglon, and lli^ 
El^^ at Ife n^gSliale's hoiEe iinlil Hie wag^n 
vsEifftc^-ltv^slaiemliie season fcrKalafsn 
tra/dluri hi HiEse I\\d cfelaraiHl "^mnHi 
9:isTlisls v-sa nat disn^^ ty He l^aL ^i^ 
in Cctofcer, ti^ set cfl" uito Ue Kalahan "witii 

ScoHy^ ^id his eHESt liai^Ei: a. gul of about 

"We d^ in Ite ^^Qp:?^ wilii SoDt^ in^- 
DEBlt'^ Mis Bisk isMnt^Scoto^l^fre^ 
cf Hie ^^Ql3■-^anK and ^^ l^i oin^ 6^ raHon 
50%, fre h^ aid Ite oxai {tank lie v^la^ 

Tlrey iTetlhe EeI; BiEhruei^ at Leitlarii's Paiv 
Sco lay's f^imondie Moibps ArLTHKr tl^ni^vas 
t^Bt ^rn>is cluiBc^r Alnol^ara ^a4ici lived 
Isyorii lie centixy itrHdc ani was ^!ei\ l^y Jiror^ 
-th^vsanis at tlie lEGG Knrfnis Kidnhiliotx nn 
Jolmn^esbLug AIubIuitl beloicjal in tie Gozir 
zybuce clai\ i3iei\ nnie pleiitifid alor^ -Qtb 
No^soh Jteitxdie iaixatiie paxty irokled. onlD 
Ky Ky^ where tie EastEiE got nnlD lDT.tK TwrtiL 

Ms Bl£^ said ihat it T-ras cflai dfRolt lo 
fdlauvScot^s^ssi, He had lost rrcet ctf his 
leeti; and his accHit t^^be h^ai Ife saiEd lo 
ha/e had a cpod ediralion wilh a simi^Qnig of 
s:isx^ hi Miffi Bl€^ th mr j hi. he tetoi:^ lo 

the ^rrdceqsr das lallH" Hian Ihe anstcascy. 
His lalle iramss, s^ai m Hie ±^it ^ve hmi 

ScoUy ^k^as iDt an aid'oii:^ di\ tlie Hi^nren 
acconhr^fe Tyfic^ Ptlw^V biitas I^er si^idard ^vas 
tJ:e tnyhsBt ii\ H^ wcili m tins inspect it is 

prm^l-ilp tiul I'e ^^ras tcT flDIYL ngrUIBIlt OTL tl^e 

subject Efe was f^ldirg to Ins uicoiTe at this 

pencd Ij7 condunUxcj scoenlists and ctJreis mtD 
tJ:e dfsert; aid ccDecUxcr vanois specniTens 
lafait^m^delDrE? jbr n:i:EGTii\^ 

Ore n^ Scot^ splainEd hiwhe IhI Ihihib 
Scotto Sinlb, Ife hEti aiirred m SoiDli Afhca as 
GoimiLaii^s, andhedjouHianiiKgijlarunit 
utiiar Ihat Daire so Ihal 1^ coild lake pait m caie 
of Ihe bH±r"iABis AbDut IliB lirre v^Hi he vjss 
dE for his {isi±ai^ he got uilo sorre ^a^K 
v.tadIlEdldn^tcoracfe^\^OIlh^e^llonlrg Ffe 
had Hie pajHS of a oz^mai^ui-amE reiiBd 
Snill; Wio hadteoiMed FlDmlhat tui^te 
asiitrEd tlE ic^t^ of Smlt arri fre ScoBy 
vsE lacked on iiE/ilah^, 1h31^ ctf lis aoHTt 

'Tjou'ed 4ie autry Jot a lo'i^^ ani I tmve beenind 
iDTAT ever since/' 1^ fcld Mi^ Bleelt ^ArrtJciA a 
i]DlE of iegiet3i\lTis voice 

Aroliiff of Scot^s aiHdotes \^B3 of a Boer 
Wai^iro^Tl; \^^Hi Lead KilElHH'STifca- him 
ard uiEliTjded limto ocsB liie Orai:^ RiTff in^ 
fre R^e Slate and find out ^oiiaL He aiflTy ■\\e& 

Scotly explaued ilml he t^jistietnuiBd &ora.d 
]or^ paUoI and Ins hcuse ^k^as fin^ied 

''Tals ore of ny hcss^"" said KiDisH" arri 
tuned a^- 

JiEt ouiEidB KitEzlierei^s 1ejiL was tl^e iTost 

iTBtrmfecent tuise tl^t Scotly, tie hsi^JDver^ 
tad evET ^!ei\ It was beaLmfiilly cjiDonred^ ani 

tie ^kUe and "^rnrTI^ coiT^lelcd a ^AnndenJiil 
pictuie In a £la^ Gcotl^ p.^ied tlie oideniy 
aside fad lode o£f 

Scol^ ■\\Qe tsc^ Eed <^ wiHi Ite lequued 
ufonmliorL KitdHH^s A.D-C Icoled ai hun 
<}£s]y as l:e s:itefed Ite ls:il; h& said i:Dllii:g 

KitdHETV^s li€asd\Mlh Scolds i^xjit aid 
sid ret a vod atcrt Ite hcaffi, 

"L caiL leheve eveiy wodI of it for Scolly 
shs^ved ii:e an. niEcas^ied cnEt "^hich Kitrhei^er 

gave HiMattlie erd of €^ SquiIl Afncan War," 
said rvSs Bkek. 

Duiiig He tdt ip tiiB NcGffib, Ms Ble^ nBt a 
nysteaiouE d^ancter kn?.\n as "^Qe Amsf 
ja:^. ''FfedidrottdliEV^BLhe^raEdouigip 
tJH^" iHalledMsBlGdL"I*ial±^lK\rtjasip 
toDDcpod- iiiDirbhe{id3ni*;r lETWiliiaanB 

I l^eaid iTore atoT^itJeUy feonrkD^ Eorchsids. but 
not enDixrK to ^aUs^ n^ cuno^rty It ^^leais 
drot at one ^2i^b Jelly v/as Scoter's ^unrg" 
paxinET 'Tbe lelaliarEliip betweeji ih^se two 
n:en puEzled iTe deep^/' ^ud tie clodcr. It^vas 
obvioiL^ du:t tley lulcd ore anstLier - and yet 
tiey ^k^eie paifnens-" 

ja^ had lc6t hs annin an arounla' vflHi a 
leofBid hi he vss a Ocdt diat tefbie aid 
aflQvraKfe, He told his sloiy to Mr. Diav aE 

Itifilf[mlEii\ - i tiagic story of 3. cciwaclHn^ for 
IJD£^ at Kiixieiley ^A4iei\ he -w^as o-wtbt of a 
fioiLinstniirr bstlie stoie arcl 1:^ ic leal desne 1o 
1alE paxt izL die tzsffio One ixicut store l^ided 
lunicirLtl^ BiealwralET fox £¥e ^a^ Wtenjelijr 
letuuiBd in KirchedBj Hs ^^rile lud liifd ajid 1e 
^^ras tzealEd as an oiHrasU so te Ireaded ioT d^e 
Kailaluni andlnJcd iq^ Jbr a tin~e widiGccVy It 
ns UTp3^aUe lEi^k" to g^e^ ^k^l^ die partners foil 
oi^ I Hunk ScoHy -^as sb^s^ a. loi^e ^Anlf at 
Ivaxtn Icrru ixbjl lasbl Idiej in. faiti'emliLp with. 

"^ r ve iH^s" put a ehT s li^te oifor hs hc'i^ffi,'' 
Jet^ (iclaied to M: Dre^ "Scol^ Smth cstft 

^fi^ Bleek descnlfid SccHy as a. fire-loo'kir^ 
old Jiran. ^Arjtli a lor^ ^vhrtB h^aid He ^vas a 
TCB^Te n:Hi\ over si>[ foet ui hengtit^ and ^mtil 
his old ^e iipB a^isiG^ tzMMJentjau' ^k^as cc^^ci^ 
^Arith.4ie rod beasd '1 si^ipose ^uco^ikl Imdly 
callliixn.h3ne5t - InAhe cerbn^ earned o^ittiis 
-Qidertalor^ JaidiFi^y % t^^ WiIixbjl and 
ix^sgI£ " sunnred 1l^ f^^^ Bleelt. 

Scot^ Smth^s last vrar opasd in 1914 He 
f ollc^^ way nrve nafe ^ Mame Maiib aid 
lis rehd^ aid c-iis heoHl i^ to Ihe idd oip 
aidi37/QB]Mafllz"wrlhnisnfle H&v^asadEd 
shot a drfordes nrm m cold Uco^^ i^ai 
Scot^j and ore can on^ hcfe that Ihis pond 
toast was tiE Di: BoidHi^toldnBlhatSoot^ 
T^^et to Ite iTEQisiiale at Uprgton aid ctedaied 
tlBt if IteUmonGoTEiniiHlv^jiidlakeoila 
£33,0X UHJiarce on lis life he "WJiild hrrg in 
Maniz aliva Lalo^ in He canjmgn m Goiinn 
Soulh-W£st Afnc^ I amaEEUiBi SoM/ £3^ 
GaiEaal Loins Boiha from n{li:g into a GoTiBn 
aniidi, Ml ClaiHtlfenle^ofRjit St Johi; 
\^ was p^so^ voided for 11^^ totals, 
Scot^ \vilii a sqisi cl" liTJEted Hatlaitols Ecoiile^ 
af&d of Ite SoufliAfLican Ikxjfg, his railicLilai^ 
nisicai taig to snidl o^l pffi[ie aipcyed ty 
the G^nnre as ^les, Gasal Boiha oflm 
sqiffid lun^f isMess^^ and ore (^ i:eer 
Wudhcdt he alnrot infe uito a Ganmi palroL 
Scot^, Ite old ouliaw, humed to Ihe spjt wilh 

InsiTen, fii^ DiLtl'e GemrHi's^ aid extncaled die 
Pinve t^mster fen^a taghtconrer 

The Vigour of SoMf Snllh vAai rEenig 
^vffl^ was offlirsited on ly ^^1 "^^ ^^^ hii^ 
cf his pels ii^j/ed him lo te a loi^ nut lo 
Ocd^" iHLHkEd a aMa" "wto infe uio 
GaiiBnSoulh-WffitAfiicai.Mlhhiin ■^The\^i^ 
he nDunted lis hfflse v^e w:^n^fLll searg lh£t 
he\rt^s six^-a^yeem cl" E^ Ffe said he oflld 
EDt eat l±e mny ImoiIe as 11:^ "^^re, hit had lo 
cpid liHnip m a coffee mlL'' 

Ii\ Ins ]dEt yeaiE^ after dut caiT^^ngxv Scotty 
lived, cm aiL "^if" ixiUpix^lDrL an ungalEd pkit 
l^esule i]ie OiBi^re River The gDvennrrent lud 
tecmn SLmreyixEf "die vast tzEct of tl^e Gcudoma 
disUict "i^'Incl^ bes izi tbe Kalal^^ix aiii tJien it 
^xras discoveied tir^t SccVy lud ju ude b tlie 
]aigB laii^lBrEf ai?as I'e 1^ ocdL^ned. So d^eold 
lEECsL iGspectaiUe erui^h hd^at, bved nxi die 
village witJx tiis Jannly He I^^d. a. sltq]! haxGe 
^^ruh d £xie vie^k" of die nvex Lzk^xils azid die 

While I "^sas teu:cj shoMi ovff liis hoiEe 1 
noticed that it had on^ one cixa; Ihefroitdxa: 
Di: Soii±ieii^VH"^alle tosqdainlhisunLELBl 
anancprel, SonOy once said to the &xiDi\ 
''When I am a^ and psia^sd I v^nt to te 
aMe to sffi iJs yourg nai via canE to court 
ny i±fl]ghlers - I v^ortt iH^e Ihean shiprg in 
aiidoutofiiBlsdtd^Dr-'' The stoiy IE still told 
m Uffti^lon of a yourg poiicE trcoper ^^^1D 
called at ScoHy' s hoireslead m the Kalahan cai 
''ofRaal tuEiBes,"" Scot^ siEpectEd Ihat He 
tEcoperwasaflErorectfluscbi^fclas^ andtlat 
ni^ tlE toMfs^ s horse vanislEd It \^ias Dffla- 

Thsie Tvasra cJ^ruist neaier tJ:fcai\ Pnesl^ 14S 
inles i:^ die ^.ve^ tefoie d^ 131^1913 War_ 
Dr. Boicheids told i^e d^t Scott? t^ a. ^.vell- 
sbdcd velenrmy nredncu'e chestn ani die 
docfexr oftEJL dici^ i^iojl diese lixixr^ "^dien Ins 
o^ATTL SL^plifs isjL out Sonre yeais afiEr Scotty" s 
dealb. d^eie ^^ras a sejEanonal nnsder inal in 
Upir^tin\ It canre o^it dut die stzyclniuie ised 

'hy die mxdeier t^ foinrEd [ozt of ScoU^e 

ScoHy kql a diaiy of soils, ard after his tkath 
He femly placed a hic^i value on it ard i^iBai 
lo allo^v aiyore to read it Mk Snilh I knzw, 
cifaHl it to a JohanrE^Mig na^sp^Kr for 
ELO.CCO - Ihe pice of a litaaiy ntsleiptce 

I ]eaiiit £mix seveial Jiren ^k^h^ 1^ gbxtrpsed 
pages of t^ cbaiy t^m it conbined iEi£iiJig~ ixl 
the -^sy of a i^enraUTe Mr Drei^r oi\:e lost i3ie 
IvisB -d^al Sco-Qy lud cuis(i and asLed Scott? 
^x4iei3ier I^e 1:^ ar^ idea wbeie it 1:^ sti^ed 
Scotl? coiELiltEd Hs diary and dn^clcd tmTilD a. 
Jautx 'id'eie d^e liDi^e ^vas fQiLml. The pncele^ 
diaiy, r gather, w'as laigely a recQid of honse- 
fl£^- d'e ateoihn'g pa^aon of ScoVy 'e ^HongB 
]if&_ The diaiy IS noTAT n\ Kei^^i ^tei^ Scotly's 
eldest sotx GQidon. and a sortixtla^' setded 
3>n:B yeais ago . 

C5E riHi vvto apioadiEd Scot^ durmg his old 
a^ TMlh an offer for lis iemiis:£fi£^ to he 

pd±diEd afia" his c^alt left this i^coidctf He 
T^fy^ "l hare Effla" d^i^ aiy gxxi to ny 
fsodevMeahve, andldi^notwi^tod^tlHn 
aiy naimaflEr ny c^lh " 

Mr Geoig? Beel^ abeai^ JirenHoned^ Dones- 
poi^ded wid\ Ecolly i^ tu the tmre of Scofly's 
deadL Mr. Eeet^ s aiulysis of d^e n:mn^ s clmac^r 
■w£sE as acc^xaJE as ai^ I l^a^e teaid To 117 
jnxiiL'' he ^ud^ 'Scotly ^vas aiL ai^aclno xnsu a 
iGTeision.b t^pe He canre of good old GcotHsb. 
Bolder stDcS^ aid ru do^ibt d^e nniG pnmtive 
iTElaids wtie deniTed feonJus taid-hTmrrr l^id- 
bgtiUncr^ catdfi-Lfbr^ an^estcis Tire love of 
adTenluiG and fisedoivk ^^aE donn^ant in. imra 
ani l:e Jelt iii^eHed 1d oL»y aid DihsGiTe ds 
ciLEtDm of tire wildeixe^ ScoUy lived as he 
pleased 1D live, and died a free n-Bi\'' 

Se/oal rrai \^ bnav Scotl^ tssure liiDto- 
gmpiE of hin Tie Ecaie I lihe 1^: iweals 
Scot^ ard his "Wife oulacfellELallaiils Fan 
fenddte in Ihe Kalahan. It is a an^le 
d^dliiri of mil tnds, wilh a reed sto^ 
Scot^s sUit^ ox-v^gon is dr^'m ip at Ite 

dDcxr Scot^ i£ hciHircr lii^ nOB, and tire picluie 
IS corL~[]letEd 'hy bevbtbI dogs aid ostnclies. 

TtHE in fre Kalahaii Ihe dd oiiJav v;^ ircked 
a fr^e iran At a lata^ paiod Scol^ WDdd 
piiat^ hare ^Ht nist ctf his life m ^d Ffe 
ded m 1919 at liiea^ of ^^^QT^-three, aEdHie 
hass plate on lis gi^e m l^mgbn teais his 
Kalnarre- George St Lsfa"Gca±aiLsTnoiL 


L*ingtonAm>The Rtveil 

Olyvehhout^drift it V^3 m Ue <^3 ^^^l^l 

cs^ ad/QTlurais and msioi^ne peesed UhI 

T^r, HOvV it IS Upi^llH^ CHTCE of QOTTOIE 

imgaton sdHie, bl still Ihs Kalahan ^te- 
w^, sbll wiHi scH^iirg of He odp:)5t fla/oin^ 
in lis licedsliEEG ahwe Ihs Gtbi^ Riva: 

WidMn hvir^ ruEiTDry ITiMiKrfcii corsistEd of d 
m^aan cliuicH a. s\E}TB ami tJ^ lints of -Qtb 
BasteiE wiv IkI snifd time Tim; ^vas ul -d^ 
^^dy 'ekdti£E of last centuy. Tte Basteis^A'Eie 

l^kced tlieiG "OLd^r lie lE^d^r Klaas Lvilios as a 
ttiEEer ccloi'y ^au^et KoiaiH. laideis- Atfiist 

tlelteT ClMasnan Schroder, de RtemshiTi^iLO- 
luiy^ ^^ras 1^ oj^y aviate n~QJL ii\ d^e aiea- As far 
back aE ISTl ScliiDdcr leabEed die pa^nlnlibes 
of ~de iivBrEoil ani plain^ed aii inifralio jl caml 
Ho -waE joixied m dns oiitEipii^ by a 70^11^ 
tzE^ei: J^ne Li-tz^ ardml^Beaily 'eiglmeE diese 
V*^ loi'D'Qied pui'eeiE co Jirple^d die WDiJt Lute 
^x^as still hTix^ ii\ Upn^glDn ui 1&4G. 

J^e Lulz also hilt the firet iiqiff d^dllI:g 
house m Up:gloix v±sl his hrotlH^ HEamidi {a 
peilrff m IIe ticdiig venli-uel its^ a hoiffi for 
his hicfe. That ^ras m IB^ and Ite ^^te 
reacfece, a feimus landnBik m Ite bJMi ^^^^e 
piled d?.'^ ca^ a yfflT cr t^^ acp, Pie±L Lite, 
the flist v^le dild at O^aiiiDulEdnfl; v^as 
bom m Ills hDiE& 

Tte nemt iTuildoi^g was die Residojicy icxr d 
nragiEtralE^ die coilelHalEd Jobn Hoaly Gco11;^vas 
sbHoned 4ieie ii\ 1333 Scotts lemtDiy iajL&>iTi 
tie Gnqiuland bolder % die Ai^nabies P^lls^ 
ani f[Ditxdie Oiar^e River id de £ist Kailaleni 
disies - an eicutTiiE aiea, lliu^ly^ lawle^ ani 
unnr^iped- GccUh a. ^^^isaule itht^ also ecjIkI as 

SdiD(fe, (i"afli99, L»3nBlte fiist si^Hiitai- 
<ba: of tiE KalsnBS Latoin^ Coloiy (m IS&G), 
taMs J^e Lijlz joined Imn the^ as canal 

TteOiHi'ge RiTer was bodged ^"texL tie ibiIw^ 
le^cl'ed Uph^glDn in 1915^ and 1^ piesGiit; 
lailw^ Irndge^ alxtnst a iTile u\ l&r^ilu is d^e 
lor^est ixL tie Umotx In die 'engtibes of last 87 
cenla^iy, hs^veT^ti: d^re wasji^a.baat ard ™t 
-QLiHl 1890 ^vas apoj^sGivice e5tal]li^'ed A^-sml 
ani again eTen nn lecent yeans^ Upu^glDrL 
tecaiTe lEolalEd nn tildes of flciod. 

It \^e in 1S96, v^hi He laiilniy iDurd 
l^ington iKsnE pert of Ue CsfB Coloiy tiiat 
Ue tcwn ^^B3 miml m bcsicu' of Su^ ThonBE 
L^inglon, The disQict of Gonbma, imre ihan 
18,000 square mles m aira (Hie lai^t distnct in 
fre L&ncn) ^^QS ranBd afla^ Sir Gcsiai Spicg; 
ffixi you wiR also fiid a luy laiM^ ^dig 

called Spicg to fre 33ulh of Loina^e 
Upi^r; Ir^^e/a; has rot forgi^llsi lis 
AfLikQH^ poi^ss, SdiDttr Sli^ is sQll lh& 
nBin IhoiDi^Tfere and Lite SIih* is rot fer 

Im^ d^^bef^ze d^ TEHway, Upuig^m ^Aras in 
closer toia^K witl\ Sennit West Afnca tiamxTlb. 
d:e UmciL FncElo, 1 50 nilss away, -was 
laiDiEEd, ani Lt^^ras a.]otTf ajid dmsty ^"E^ntiELt 
Id Upu^glDiL The GennroiiE^ as I lu?7? said, of&n 
vnsiEd Ujnr^irm Id jnnT^lrose si^r^^ieE duor^ 
tieir ^"ar wii3l die HotlBiilDts^ aid as a. lesub; 
Gemron n~ads cin:i.ilatEd itmie isxieiy tl^an 
pounds ajid sHlln^gs. 

The flist sale of Ciu^vn lan^ v^s Md at 
Upi^n in 18^6. RHturate famHS toi^t 
12,0X na^i at Iv^ EhllutE a niHtpii and 
thee hBigain iims D-i^si^femE i3faBlT.\ere 
not scM Fouryeais lata; ^'Asi He fiis im^tod 
lard \wss aold h/ piiic auclion, ore ticdt of 
t^^eh7e aas f^did £50 an eo^ TIe piffi 
tc<^ ^iiid te atout e.CCQ 

{:oiLintEd UMTiDi£iii£ Qf bales a year HimliedsDE 
iDrs of dnEd fniit; ix^ny tiioiEajids of lags of 
^AJeat end dnsEd fees aie sent away. On toth. 
sd&5 of tl'e niTertlre Imaloj] larut is flcuQ^m^g^ 
three Inindjed ^^ois^d peLtE eie i^-w sold every 

l^mglon has s^n SHiMirg of all Ihe tcsrfe 

W3ES, rai<t and idsDiors, As a gala^ to Hie 
EalaVcm lales of cfeiH^le adrotue sbll lEadi 
Ue tcwn It IS ofteai uiolaah^ hot - 110 cfe(ffis 
in Ihe nHnles I*7i^en±ff d^ BiiL ah^^ 
fra^ is Ue szal of Ite caar^ Ikes and ihe 

UjHrgtDrL IS sb^ay^ coieodte of iiie nnods of 
tie TiTeTr Scnith Afcca' s giealEEt nveT^ diBinir^ 
I^lf 1^ aieeof die Umciv SDitrEHnres lEcpi^g lilc 
an ecear^ llien dwinilii^g tc a Iziclde. Breik hl 
EvTEOfe d'eie ais oi^ two nven^ d^ Volga ard 
Demibe^ w]Tir^>i jm rn^bnenimLd^e Onange. 

I hEBTe^sBltBdsoDElJEGiBr^Fivs'inadiy 
seesDn hun hank to haife v^hi Ite slaik gi^ 
alorg ny duE^ l^lli Ard I iH/ST^^^itdHl the full 
draim oi" IIe ikH^ - oiE of I^Djre's contrast^ a 
azeiB I \-we lETa-fcagDtlaL 

Betnxii rce, ore day n^Janisiy^ 1S04^ ^i^eie die 

[dains of HislirtrHi'ilajid, talcd aid stncLen by 
^ais of diDixrliL Acio^ tl^e niTer a stcnxi of led. 
d.iEtcai'L^ dowjL&onit^ scon^Hi'gKalal'aii At 
nrp feet Twas tJ:e swidii^ TaTer^ tanai^ away tir^ 
TvoifeaiKl wealth Qfyea^ Tl^ naver atUjnrgtorL 
tJrot d^ was a nile vnde In sei^e places it 
spiead Qut over Jbiir inles. Tl^e speed ^vas 
estmraled at six niles an hsur - a dar^eioiE 
spsed if youl^^penfe t^Te been cai^it liy the 
floods and aie awaibr^ dehTeiHi\:e ona 1zee-lDp. 

At sirii lints "^^mi:^ aie fiadsd dj^jm Hie 
iwa^ for hundra^ c^ nilES, Wl:cle villus turn 
out to cpze iqun Ite cret of Ite flocd vMe dd 
han^ ^^^ dE c^th ard force of Ite v;Hla^ 
Bui: Se i&^E d>ffi int ah\^ rmdi wayoiE in 

I n~Et a youL'g it:m\ Eazeid QigdlnGclit^ ^vho^ 
parenlE ^k^eiG cut o£f DiLCarirurLlslajid duoxcT ^"^ 
1334il£H>d5 Hi'gBlliiectitfecikalogDf ^xrood, as 
1^ HatlBntEils dfi ^ aidgaTe lm\E&lf ta 1^ iivbt 
He d^xftEfl and sw^ann t^r twenty inleE^ ^mTi 
UfarglDrL %> Camnn I^ani, ani leached his 
3»ieiilE palely . 

TVo TCBi of KalfflUBE itmBd Wi^ Botes and 
Gat B£s±iHi look rre a^Tss Ite iTTa" in a cra^ 
bc9iB-n^£^ tcot "^^ule liie floods vhe al Qsr 
ha^ I ha/e alv^s tesL at hcrre m hcelE, arri 
I iH^^ mBguHi liiat Ite Craitp Ri^^a" codd 
lH]oire as paJoiE as Ihe sea. But it \^as an 
alamii:g expaiais I lu^^ed cvff He suhrcHg- 
ed Mcfe^vifli Ihen sMlairgfrnn He force of 
fre anHl in the lee of Ih^s. diigmg lo 
bi^:ES vMe fre cerenHi rested, piuiirg 
pesdiES from half dtuwiBd liEes We \V3^ 
amirg at Hie Kakairas railv^ tnc^ and Hie 
T^Tistie signs, jutbi^ 153 fPHn the tonail; i^ie 
fflT nao^on n^is, WhEn I leacted Hie 
laiM^ liai± at last Hie tallast iBd Isai \^ad^ 
a^^; Ihe nE<als and slee^ss hut^ rjE prvid 

T^vith He VH^atea^ nriimg tatalh ard son^me 
oi/er Uhh Ihad lo aasi fromsleefa^ to deqa; 
_[iEt a£ve flccd le/eL Ties and liEhe ■\\ee 
ptig \5p cgairet He siq^mls, uossiig Hie 
I2ssuiEllTroi^llE^s,I coiid fed Hie^^Ble 
hii^ qiwaiig^vilh He sQain E\t it Mel aid 
I aii6EedHEflcafelQair^TlBtv;ffillE0i*;r 
route cva^ He iwa^ for iiziiiB^ of niles for 
tlrffi^^hodiE^E^iarEa I hdie^eHEl925 
flcofe^^H^hi^H^tlBnllEn^siiDml sav. In 
tlBt yffli; He nva" at nmy fiaces rose Ihily- 
se/en feet atoiTe lis rcnral la^ 

when was fit greatest Oiarrre River flood o£ 
alP I asled old nreii in n~QiT^ a EGtl^n~eiit; ilm; 
qiEstion- Ore B^aLoziras iamiBr lecaDad fit 
Id sent of 1397 - tlie jnareens lud aniv&i^ bLitfit 
Txrater did not iHnTi fitnx for fity lud ict ynt 
sbxiEd wonjt Tlst ns about as Jar as limr^ 
ntnoiy goes; fiut is 1d sa^, a]ong~ llie livEr 
belc^v IJ[Er^tDn- 

Ne7erH:des it is iiDhalie that He gratst flccd 
dunrg He last fr/e hundred y fflis CGZuriBd in 

L790, when seds of fiie ^Euect^' -dDUk tiEe, 

jseTioiEly ULikLiciWTL OIL ^E t^nlc of i3ie ]cwer 
OiHi^ge, ^k^eiG lnm^Tt dcwn Tins ru^ te 
dedvired fiDitxa. ccir^^nsaixMi wuh Coixehs KaL^ 
1^ Gnqis. chiefs left otxiecDid 1^ llie in^aoi'diy 
CarufibelL Tire tzees giE'i^ &r ^9 Dtx4ie lurdc- d 
Jau^ zeliaUB ^iiid& to ^^dst xnst to^^ Iseii a 

flcofeDEarO^leJsgoi^alAli^, ItelH^as 
otiH^ Crancp Bn^^ flcafe Is/e heai esQrmted 
TIhe is a HoUEailat lia±lion that m 1&40 liie 
m^a^ Viffi fiix(ted fc^ i:eaify five niMihG - a state 
(i" affeiis v^iidi \miid certain^ urt te rdidtd 
ly fre [Kffint s^as It is dear liiaL m 1849, 
md ^pin in IS&l, Uh^ ^'^se saioiE floods, A 
^E^ droi^t foUcFAEdlte liaiaTL ctflBGl, ard 
a vfflom kro^ to Iffire tem lcd"wi]ile ODEaig 
a din liii^ yeeis iiwioi^ "vbb found in liie 
(^rivfflHi Thefdlawii^yeai^alcwmra^vsE 
SLc:Ge(fedlyasLIi^^ldlof^^ala■lilatIa^ as 
freHoHailobsul "likea^ 

Ereiy diaiYa of tie OiBitre Hi¥er wnll te 
j^-pe^OBd witJx 4ie ineTxbble w^atber cycle tlm; 
talEE heed only of cerHuoes 

Thcffi WiD kiDV Ite islaiii of IJe Qancp Pivff 
da EDt loig for idaiid peicdisGS in He FazifiG 
Hae wiliiii He boKte of liie Umon you can 
fliii i^^ and iiDspsi^ l:eb^^sl lie iivet 
tanks- drfflmidai^"\MlhtiEndiEst sailmlhe 
\^3iid Sliancp lo s^, Qbb are sQll hurdieds d" 
idaii^ \MlJBut KtlJss, 

If arLisl^id tos a jmTe^ d'eiL you xnst ^iply Id 
d:e JieaieEt iTEcristialE f^r a lease No oi^e wiH 
stop you fioiYL giBzn^g yQ~Qr cal^ otx an islard 
WTtJi3iLit; a jun~e Tlu1;is the nde of the ni^ci: ard. 
tJ:e fFonreis^ esi^caally in loi^ly parte, fiitl tl^ 
jurL~ele^ n^l-aiiH^ exizei^ely ^EefLil Catde aie left 
untBnded d^eie^ aiii bzougdit; luck to the v^ld 

^vheniBinl'EE fallen ThlE tirB ^^^laT^fT^:: zeCCVHT 

tbeir gia^ anl leeds. 

I^^st of ths l^ige ^^^^JTv^^:: ^le JbuLii between 
Upir^tDtx ani B^aloiTBE. "Svbtl on lHs stzenit^ 
^A^ie t^eze I'fiive l»enniiigali£ii\ setHeiTejitE all 
tills cenluiy^ SDiTe of iJiese fnirtful icJanH^ v/ei^ 
rotoccij^iifd und] very i^c&rit yeais Slm^sk^p 
T<JanH fox exanfile^ is clIdee Id llie tmisiE 
KalonrQE cokir^^ yot it is oiiLy x^ixie ycaiscild. Il 
produnes lu:eiiie and suhsras, giaixu h\SL% ani 
veyelablfs Aid Ecccidixicr Id d'e lalest fjErmes^ 
-die average n^ccne of d SIotieLdp setder is 
£B^ a. year. Clos by is BraLdss Islanl wteie 
Mr. A. G. BnnL^ SL^^cxilBiiderit; of Kalmtras^ 
luE tJ:B £jiest fanm on 1^ iiTer He calls it 
"^i^iLtaju," for te -^as tl^e siilbiu. fooreer in 
llie5e paHE, Ins vines and oiBi^es nmke it a 
diDTAT place ovei\ ULtliis legionof lEcoid ciops 

canon I^snsX Ivsi^ mles fran Upnglon, is 
He nust romrialle cl" all IhEse i^nd aila"- 
pisea WhEail fiistsakvCanronlslardiUrasa 
CR^si jutrje nre mles lorg four Itousand 
acKS in aclHil; nai:g from liie dox-lale- 
coloured ^^QlHS of Ihe iwa: In 1926 it ^^jas 
sized ly flf^ lard-hnpy nHi in {Mance of 

the s^tdaieit iHiulaliorG. Tl^ v^oifed 
unaKbd and i^!EEd lo he gerted Tc<^ Hiar 
adie/arenls have te^iiiB an irqsralion to 
feirreis aloi:g the rivs: 

The oaiiy seldeis ^k^eie ti?3fboois^ lorgu^g for ^ 

fklfce ^vlieie tliey could ^1e root Tliey Jbind 
CannnTL I^and, lDie a}^ay tl^e tlnc'k tai^gle of 
willows and wild o]r:;cs^ anddiscQveied tl^attlie 
soil ^vas gQod. Tl^ey nrede a weir and an 
imgaHoncaml di^ f\iEio ws and dan^, cl^opp^d 
trees aid 3b veDed tlie loi^lMslajid ^Ids for iIib 
fust sowii'g It -^aE a lYKrm&cejit eiHEipiiEe^ 
cained illegally onCir^wnland. 

of a lore pdiceran \\to liad onfe^ lo g ect Ue 
SGtlla^ Tlie policaiMiViBS bfted off his horee, 
gi7aias[Bcfe, andiraitedtojomlheccJor^-HB 
r^ijrtGd to the nsgiEliate at Uprgton aid Ihe 
n^sbBle viEiled Canncai Islaid 

The settleis hstcred faHently lo tirB nrecris- 
IzbIb's Twanni^, biAtl^ey went Qn with lieir til 
It Avas simnrEi: die lenrfieialixB^ ura^cd b^ hot 

^ATinis ^^ra tl'e B^alaleni, -was over ICO dngiees 
nxLtlie slede^ butthsy ideg aj^fi-ijc eEcb.iTUUQi'g 
ani ^x^dcd oil until ■i^n^'e^ Tl^ey ^^ei? S3 
poor i3uJ: tl'ey cQi:diliicitafJciid Id hn? cckuneii 
]abouEMS CiDfs q£ w'lreat aid hiren^ -weiB 
le^sd. Id Jeed. lIiEi\Ee]Te£ ard tl^eir ca£tj£. 
NcTer waE theiE a nnie in^listnoiE hand of 
"lard iHiHteE-" 

Rrel^ Mr. Bet Gn±^, Minster of Lan^ in 
l^GS, vss jH^iHteJ to 1IE5B3: IJe islaiii "^ Ccan 
Pi^ v^s astonislBd at Ite traiEforrmGornif Hie 
nva^ J^i]^ uito a ii::qHDiE stflorat H& 

tesL spat iy ihe GcvonnHit m staUi^irg 
ungaton selflaiEnIs 153 aiii cfevn Hie Q^ncp 
Rnra: Y£* Ihe v^e luirdiBds cl" psqle livii^ 
"wifrDut sutsids, wiHtfll ralliT Tj on He 
Gc7/eT^:rot fcra |:9iyr tul wilh a^y pDEpecl 

Af&r su?KeSbilE Lt^Am£il tove teennmbLiLUHmD 
UnsL tlie SGllJBis ^}^sy fconi tl^e ncK score d^y 
I^d oiealKl, "Mr. Gio!bl£T gave ti^ora ilie thi^L of 

tfeirnigtitE andadebriLk pnirLiEG of titj£ nxk4io 

The sSiias rSunsd to vat "wlh frsh 
enttuEiasin Tie/ hoi^l sted catie ard tnisr 
ardtuijtlhela^Esl''p:st" onliieQBi^Rivs: 
No lor^"VHE rails Tie:Esaiy for UBnEpoilirg 
thar podre lo Ite n73" tank Conibralie 
ttefiiBd tnd^ bcuES i^iaced Hie mri huis. 
Wala"-v J^ds ran m lJ:e ^it^e The G:vem- 
nst po/ictd a iiqsr adoDl aid a i^et 
Wilhn a fav ysie Ihe ird^nilali^ Fomlss 
setlJers hod earned out irrpoj ^^n^ fe sQimted 
at£3D,CCCL Morsj/a; tharlardv^syiddirglhe 
lai^Et uiieat and o^tton ao[E pa Eoe in Ihe 

CaEiEun lElard suivivhI i1e de^oe^nfm of t^ 
^ady mxElEerL iSnUes Sn^ti xiren as tJiese kre^v 
ho^v 1D Tx^anl off EtaivalaoTX tcwo^er lo^^ pnces 
jnghtfaH ThEirgcals and tl^orrowTLfrimt ^ ani 
^jcgebtilfE Icpt tiieixi akve They lud vmeyaids 
ani oiBi^re tzees^ ohveE, itrEahos^ liaik faLi^ ani 
nre^djuws suih as you wiH see ru^id^eze else in 

nn ]ivirg rttrttsiy- The Oiar^e Rivtr lo^red 
dai^riL OIL CanrciL IsL^mL By Aes tirL~E -^tb 
poyiilalian 1^ grown id dtout ^ ilciEaii^l xiren 
^ATCMtrEn ajid dliildiei\ The iar^, i^asx^-v,^ i^ani 
^ArascutiL^ by the tDneiHinlEi ^ ctmn of n^land^ 
^AJieie^ OTL ihe Ingh f^itE^ tirB s^tUens kv=Ed Idle 
casi^wf^^ ani pi^^ &3r help In ssr\:B places 
liey WBiG fenced 1d Bui lefi^e m tieeE. 
Hlundieds gafliezod lOTnd tl^e i^and chinch on. 
1^ higli ndg& TbEie tJrey n~^de diEir fuzes ani 
^Aratched ^ATith. ?tzi£il«x e^es tl'e n-ver^vallownr^ 
tieir po^:e^aorE_ Tl^y ^ir^ I^^txe ani aT^'aited 

iMpcaire&Hnliiesl^. D^aflff {±^, auo^ 
ctf tfis Soufli AfiicanAjT RHceaTJised alcaigliie 
mra^vjithaiBl! isra±Ljlffi aiii peicds ctf feed 
The plols v,e:B EC skilful Ihatfavctf ll^pKi- 
oiE paiagES of ireal, sigar and coffee vhe lest 
in iJ^ rr/a: Sccks cf livffi i-^re sared dnig 
tiEpaiod\rtj]SLtcalEi-^reiiBtieto ooeHk 

Wl^entbe ^^atis dirspEed Cannn\ rsland twbs a 
Ecere Qf desolatiDix and n~ai'y of i]:b setdeis 
^^^eiG h3n~Ele^ Vel; e^jci^ the gieat flcod could 
jut deEtroy tire covhec^ of die f^c^^ of lliis 
Jeidle lElani Thsy barded tl^^txEeh^cs tcgedier 
agaui iE-lave!lled d^e altn aid wi^^ left die old 
ctminels of tl'e nivar open £o tl'dtlhe i^ext floods 
^x^uld not iEar away tirsir crops. 

Canron Idaiii ssdo^ \'^ere allo^rt^ lo p-itdias& 
l^arboSdii^mlS^. IbEt^voi^rranv^peid 
Q03 fir hiE nme ni3K^ aid he HBlffis a stea^ 
£6X aytar fromlhsEirall micplalfemi Tte 
idard iicdLtffi half a mlliontalffi of Iuhte a 
yeai; a^ llmtand li^ of \^l]eal; hjcp 
quanlitis ca" vffjelaaa "He old por; d:al: tie 
^etlleas hult has gore U^ GcvormHit siq^ad 
CQiHt ard Ite fffiiie bult a nrtteii hiife, 
Canrc-n Islaitf Yss idv teen mdixkd m Sie 
gtfflL Slate migalion area Mas^v ll:e Bidmtsg 
T^\Qr.BilllECanronIslaDdisoiiel:3re sained 
"horrenl^ and cs*;^ s^Hgih ^^3cved ty IIht 
bceid of rrana^iait n^ hi/ lard csi Ihe 

PiDbdUy the £i^^^tiLtB txHiLtD t:L~QleacraidBii.on 
OTB of ilie5G QiBT^e Rlvet islfis was W£m^ Htb 

CoiT^er^'s ^nvice in C^e Townani loaiYEd 
l^ppily aloi^ tl^ nav&r ibr yeais In Ime JanniE 

rdnBHTehe d&scnlbed I^cmat he SD^^recL ^x^alBiiirElan 
ani yun^^ikixL oil btl islaid u\ Oclcter, 1773 
It&tunni^ nn Decei\ier he ibuni eTeiydmcr 

Witar aim visilsd a IfctloTlDt idaiid [bib±3& 
Rue t^s giav Uhg, all <tcoraled wilii liie 
hEE(^ cl" liiim, biMo ard liRiJ as signs ctf liie 
ha/ay of Ite taids^ D^t^ of omi^ had 
test 30^\n E^aoiE vflld OEunlaE grav 
wayv^R CatUe, she^ aiidcpalE^^s^ lidbi 
Uh^ ^sure from liie Hottailot id±a" diefe, 
The island v^s m rente tiiat Ite penile ^^re 
startled at Ihesi^ of WilfflTST^^teftca The;^ 
had heeiTl oi^ v^ie mrroins of ll:e Duttii 

Oil EDitrE of d'f dangc River n^l^rv^^ you can 
ei^oy a pmMATe scene ^^diich l^as I'cxt clmiged 
smce Vfilo^E d^ A 3alEr Havellei. A A_ 
AndeisDii wl'o ^atbs dieze in the '^cfdes of last 
centmy^ lus left a Tivid lecoid of Hs OiBnge 
HiTei ody^iey _ 

Of all Ite lEstlsE dmactes \^ Ml ^^agDn- 
tradffi onlteSoulhAfiicanvdd, favliHi^dlal 
niH& "^Mcfe^, ard iiilo \Mlda" oiaios, Ihan 
Aiite^v Artiun^ Antemn It isjiEt 3X^yeai^ 
sirts he puhiisled lis dianes liife^ Ite tilie of 
'"IVHT^-flve Yfflis m a W^3ii" Ifc nixbn 
T^viita^ of "Gsz^s litoa^ue" lor^ to te aw^ 
from avilisaliofl ni3re f9ven% IhanAnfe^n 
He oariiatiBd h!:lsi7 of Ite pcelnBn^s knock 
aid Ite diidrng of laih^ v^iisiieE "^slaillii^g 
the ffi73i ssHS of yoin^ poor tsMlctaed liBin 
aid olter so-called oviliaiigmfl-ErcE^ l^e^i^ 
153 apaT^ual lEivoiE salaiet rotcordiiTre 
to hffiiUi" That ^SBB beck in 1360, t^bie he 

This AnieiHsn by tfie ^v^^ niEt nit le 
corifLBed wuh.otl'eis of the san~E or ^Mlar rone 

■whi eii^Joied. llie ccistzy last ceiitiny. WiDi^xi 
AxiiiensDiL^Aras a geoibgiEt ixiN-^tal and Z^iLiilard 
elides JoIiL\ AxidfinsDiu ilie gzeat GwedistL 
ihunter. Expkned die B^al^^an and SoiifltWBSt; 
Afoc^ often dD^nr^ A ^ Anieisji:^ s tzsils 

A. A. Aidas^n \raE a nH|stiBte sbttored at 
WalvisB^. Ffeal93<feailHlhiiiEE^aEaavil 
a:gu:£a: In 1B60 he DHfe ip his nird to cfe^ote 
lis csr^a^ to ojsTiiig ip Ite lUTkiD/m Ia3i toiy lo 
fre iBTliictf the CajK Coloi^j aid ^^siaaJ/ Ih^ 
life EPi^sd Inn 93 niidi Ihal 1e ne/ff dd 
arDlJH"<^sprf€SBicaialw:jik, Stu^iE of hiE 
daiiffi ha^ aiutt to diszcver a secieI deIive 
fcr Artfe^ns ox-v^gon lidc It is luw 
tdiwed *Jtit l:e w^ m He f^ of liie C^k 
GoiTamet all Hie ImB as a scst of pdili^ 
inl^gaEe ^pnL At firet AiidaisHi ^med 
oqaiEiEe ly n^kiE a nunlH^ cl" dtat 
joun:^ m HalaL TIhi IE pjslsd en t^oid fe 
Dralffidiag ard caire at last lo He Oran^ 

"Ic tiBTel ^k^hen ^u ^^ease^ eat ^id dunk "i^d^en 

SD u'clirEcL luntn fish ^ldil\ e>[plaie^ le^ or 

sleep^ as die ca^ it^" be^ n? laws to cud) yo^ir 
actiorG^ OT conTenborol lutnts to be stTLiiied" 

TliL^ die lesde^ Andeison sumi^ 19 his 
philoEopl:^ 'This ns fieedcm Hl»i^r indepen 
denre^ uidie Rill seree of die woid V^di^x^lul; 
gieedl loolcd i.^onn~E^ piobfilile isolaUDn Rdim 
-de otlHet ^Arodd^ ciBvuig ibx tins vnsit Hi tl^ 
Iteppy hLmtiricr gioiind '' 

He bad a T^^dl-eqiuiijsd v;^Dn and fourleai 
tr^-oxai ard a kffiE, Th^ faishful ZiiiE 
accon^amedlimaE dnva; "vocdopff andccok, 
Hie anmuiy oonsisted of liiffi nfles and [iaily 
of gurp:^'^^. As as ohsava of lifeaidnatual 
listoiy in llie ^viIi^iee Aiifemn l^ niidi 
valiBtie infomBlnia Hs wz^ik is unidialle 
v^Hi he Ins lo sqiain saatiflc iiDllaiE, 
nmy of vAndi aie still oonlime^aL For 
exan^e, he i^dai^ UbI He BirimHi ^-ae 
really CEgi3:kdH3tlaTtols, diunk to He size of 
ct^rarfe awii^ lo iJtda=-iiD«idinHTL ScDE 1:^ 
mtuE rotes, hR'^^ra; aiefeEoralirct Hedtita 
\^te SKJe vflHi a "wirg span cf tai feet Ffe 

cIhitl'hI 1d hECi^ tHi^M €l ^k^liLlE-diniialEd cmv^ 1d 

Antas^n "^ras [iaufc fesoiiated ly Hie niae 
lerote Elreld^s of Ire Grar^ Riva; Ite pert 
teJo^v Upi^^ litai Ite IminL of Hattaift^ 
KoiBm dn^, \Mlh BiEhrrai in Hie ncunlBm 
^strsss. Ffe tuilt a v^ic^e"-voh tcsl, btE a 
Wdsh coicd^ &3n willcw^ oji^aed it "wilh 
tw> iHW bilcdt hcfe "^^ SiVn Ic^Uh^ arri 
painlBd rai He nB± l^m seals 1^^ padles, a 
DBst and a li^sail. The Es/atfoot teal ^^jas 
^:qBd litE an £cg diced laiglhA^s, Ballasted 
"witii I^TO tHncked Foinyk of steoES, He litlJe 
oaftfcdHPedv^dL Theae v^s a fire tieffle on 
fretb^rflhslaurdirg ardAnteff-ndamBd 
{lalJH" hd{t;r) that iJiE was Ite flEt tcot a^^ lo 
sil on He Oiar^ Bive: BidmEn ard Kcaaras 
"wto -^okiiEd Ihs hslonc ereit dnuted "with 
(^^asAncbscnsadels^^ ipilieam 

It IE clear 4ut he t^ a great deal oEfurLoiA of 
Ins cciEtfile ^^rliile exL^nnrr 1^ i^ands^ ^leuiliir^ 
ard fisliincr. Nev^r ^k^as tl^eie ar^ sboilEcre of 
f[H>d for tlie patn ibr ^^e JiTer tax^ ^A^ie alr^ 

widxpl'ea^aidH paitddge^ guir^^Jbu^ wild dmLt 
ard geese. 

Orce he sat hs oxenlo giBze on an idard vMe 
te r^^BiiHl his ^'^agDrs, A Gnqiadi^fv^m^ 
hun frat Ite nve^ \\ss conirg drwn in flccd 
Hadb:ysv^Ie^rtte^^Ill^^:fflteoxa^ tutm 
the ntanlinE Ite nva" rcse flftesi feet Mai ard 
cattle had lo ^Min for il; ard all laiitd saf^ a 
nile ard a half Ma v Ihe island Wilhm D^ 
hsure Ite wala"had nssL liu^ ffflL 

'Se eigoyahle -w^as tie Lie^ die dady ^ul ond'E 
nTei: leadir^ "Older die oved^ar^ixig' tzees as tl'e 
boatfloalEd i^netLy wid\ de gen^B cunent^ dull 
decided to waste three or four iTDnthE oil ite 
banLs^" wiute AxdeisoiL '1 wanted an~pte opp^r 
HiriL^ of iTvlnlffivij m -dus ^kold ard &ee bJe I 
■w^E lciUowixEj~ de niTex dfrwn f^r dsee Iiuidied 
mles^ tliB toatiastEJied tEi de tack of the wagon 
^krliEmzeldancr dixwnhy tirB nver '' 

Aiifemn celBU% kre-v Idv Iq agt^ a hfe of 
lasutR Ife lEcoiifel at His la^ peiod tlBt he 

HBveiUed e€cl\ i^umixtr for a coi^kl£ of Iidus. 
Tim; was oi^rd^ s Twodt." 

An^33ii eiqloiBd Soultem AfiiQ ficsn f^felal 
lo Walvis B^, fiDm CX^anlxjlard lo Ite loii^ 
iaqsIes of B^rimBnlard, He \wss sa^ fitm 

oviLslion fai^ h> lorg Ihet an t^^^ oxasionE his 
(teliiv^e r^mlBdlo Ite Gcvaiiar of Ite C^K 
WhsL he li^Ed in csln^ Willi lis v^gon afer 
an at^Dce cl" Ihrffi y ffli^, his fiisi^ ibs\^ 
Ihe yfflre br^-^i na disiliiHonirat and Hie 
"wildilacesah^^dt^vhuntEck ''Ahfeiniiie 

<tEQt ^^Ih all lE di^^^s±a IS cataniy nni 

dBmlI:g;^^^roteA. A.Aii^mii"tbrllHeB]e 
mrd can hsTe iriiniled azGon'' 

P^nim, cxurold fceniof the lostci^/' fomd a 
Car^dian setder di\ an island sboYe "E^e 
Aixrhmlne^ F^Bb as Jar luck as 18Q5. His lune 
^ATBsEiieiL andt^ n'Ein>iy of lliis nslazid piciiBer 
ns preserve at E^ieisd^lB^ ^ fkiisi^nr^ ussganon 
scl'^n'e Mis. J^iei^ wi^tlieaidof BisIiLXBnani 
KoiHi'a s&irajts^ serv^ E^cxii ^^rith. a dziu'er 
^a4iicH hesaid^ ^^as ''eqi^lD ai^^iirg 4m;cDiilji 

l^Te been given ^t ^i\ Qig]isl\ ^nnrd'oise " 
HTeiydirg 1^ l^enproduzecl onPoBi^ s islaid - 
potaAnes^ calibdcr^s^ ^UTBfiies^ squash, azid nmze 
iMGEd. ^s hgtitajid ^A^irte as Vr'tealenlnGad 

It ssTrlhetRiQ^"\\9sa skilful aidiilEct; fcuil{tr 
and femH: Tbe d^ tndis in his hoiee "vrae 
Iiqsify nifllcfed and humt His oidiaid 
siq^ii^ hm ^Mlh tsmnas, flcE, pffche, 
cmne^ ^^€e ard jsai^ Dirfe a^iam m Ite 
sliilE^ He gt^v iohKtD, and sdd tte livislai 
Iffl^ffito ll:eli3ttQTB:te A sirail caral migateda 
fLdd^:tf^^^^at ThDiEaii^ofiDdtii^3iiEi:£Eted 
m iitccesille diffs ahcve ihe nva"tBnk 

F^iertad binh; a bndgc of poles acio^tl'e n~ann 
nTer at ore jnintn aid l^ad EeMs of nonze ard 
ot^er ciops Di\ neigbto limner islels Gif^ vnes 
clind^ed. poles si^rmuirr [leep ani iF^nd fenxents. 
Giant cabta^ES aid ln^e Kaffir ^Araler-nEkms 
gici^ u\ Ins gaxdeiL Pnfx-waE a great tehe^jcr in 
HoVEnfent nedicii'es^ and shewed F^mn a gum 
^ma tn_^i wdnch CT.iEed fever- Fanm ^ys tiat 
F^ier v^'as a Isi'evoleiit naster. His acliieven~eiit 
in tins far comer of tire ^^rodd is all 4ie mxiB 

OiHi'g? ItLver a± lhi£ penod ^k^as still tie tountof 
laixrl^cTC \m?ivi]i5ed anJ ofkii^Ar^djlc tubes 

CHiLFT££ 9 


AucHRABiEa IS the only v^lEif ali mlJE\waid 
fraL iTEeiE aiylhiig lo nt As a ni^ I fiid 
s^rrelhug ndculoiE in fre ic^ of li^Tdlirg 
frDiEarife of mis to w^di a mes of t^^hIei^ 
pcuirg cvff a prapce, 

Onue I n:Et 3. frm\ cidunGcL ^ArhdE-luiIGd qH 
ixBiL ^vhQ speiit Hs Lie tislHtej sR llie ^TtmiE 

mrBS Hb ^^ras T^. ^.'waid C R^EtleKjK ani 

iD'i^'aiiis tire erd of hs liJe te widIe 3. iJEefiil took 
oi\ tins ixnd^ stdi|ec^ Biit ^vai&i&Ils I^vb 
reTer cast a speH overiTe. I spent ib'ur luuis ^t 
tie \^icto3aa F^Ds oivifi^ entire ^w^ dcwTifenTi 
Nbitl'em Ulicidead, aid le^oixiecL tie tzann at 
LLvn'gsbi'e ieebr^ ^^nsfied. tiet I I^ad seeixd^e 
^.hjcle sboTAT. JiEtTx^afci: nm vir^ w'alEr ULUupical 

staiDisidingH. Wl^ikl ^^rcQitb 4ie Umbi StelBs 

Af^inliM 1^1 ta<» Itu tfiM\^ Uj^ 

It revex en^iGcL ny I^^id. id Ti^Lt Hi^cr^ia- Pl^nrcj 
1^ ^id dowiL AEnca^ vancis cascades ^Areie 
ponnted out to n'E^ alDi^g tl^e Nile and el^^^k^lrBiG^ 
but r caniTJt even ren:En"bsT tieir r^rtBS. Fbr 
sonrE leasQn ^^ait^lls dc rotur^ize ixe as tL^E-y 
did Mr PjJ-n«j"Vi 

IfeTQlMes, I hare scaiShirgm coninHi"wilh 
Ml: Ra^a^ Wilhall hssqHioic^ tefiasi 
Ai^irahGS alircet at the top of Ihe list of liie 
"WJiid s ciratest ^^jHterfalls, H& could find aiy 
t^^^ ol]^ vilh laKp^vtJurres oIw'^b]: cairg 
Ite ficod SEeEc^i^ but ^sit tinin siBLislics t£ 
feud 93ir£tiTur| na^ "TteAi^iiBbe is not 
it IS lanUe and intQ:edy uifiEg^^ and Ihe 
TAtole ^€ct IS iH^Tlered h/ Ite sa^E^ aspect 
cf lie CBi^on il^f , ^'^tose vjbUs, saied ard 
mro^ard^^ea; sent3l:HiH^el:eaid^a3mfe" 
ly 93n:e ^^nJn^ _ictiE:u:g-saDk£ " 

Msi^ odier visilD^ tsve ixsEn a^k^ecL by d^ 
Aixrhfabies srene I cannot s^ drol I t^^mi 
ar^dn^g ainstEr tJreie^ bLit I sbw fine canrfurg 

^»t5 oi\ die isl^ids Letweei^ die side-stieanrE 

ani I decided dst^ns -^as a stz^nil^ of imsp^dt 
country ^^IrEie a.fLgitiTe fiDnxcLvili^alion niglit 
discoTer 1^ pe^ce he ^^as ^^elorg. Tte OiHi^ge 
RiTer l^fls lYBT^ wild aid loi^Ly reactes Ttns 
suldeii diop al Aix^hialses ns d.'e nTost iaaar^ 
Hx^of alL 

Ai^Bhs is in^el a m^ily and pmilive 
KHTfi I si^psefavSoiihAfiicaiErEaliKlJBt 
it IS liie h^W ^^alafell in He ^miid cccumig 
on a grat nva: It has 113 hi±p ard ed hatd- 
and as fer K I am ooiiared you csn laere it 
ijndBi:^d Wilhsut airailiffi, Ai^TiBhe 
n^kEE ^ Victona Falls look like scam effsl 
pEduced ly an anlitioiE landa:^^ ^nbH: 

At flt Vic^raa F^Ds ^ii saisiler out of the 

cocbbd tar^ JbHo^x" tl^e poli^ sigrtposts, ard 
secT.iEe your nnney's ^vordL But to reach. 
Ai^lnalnes yon oftei\ ta^e to swimfont Mr_ 
Ra^JeicrK alnoHt lost Ins life llieie He ^^as 
^v^d^rg tinuix^ die nver above die faDs wl^en 
tJ:e cmzent swept Hnri Bwsy ani canned, luxn d 
Imndied yaids dowrstzeain Kleepn^g Ins wiIe 
atdLitliim te cli-irej fc aroclt. T-fr_ BenNeX his 

guide^ leEcisd hixtx biA d v^isl]le c^ivEia -was 

I DEar^ fourd nysdf in a smllar pB±<:ansl 

fre flEt lum I dtui^e lo Ai^ahs Card 
Biridy, con^amon csi nnr^ jourr^ m peas 
arrim^^sr, VJBs™lhn:E■lt\^iasanEastH^■1.^ffik- 
SIi ardl lhinkvKcai^eredirDiEmlffi<liii:g 
frcGe fev c^^ iJ^n aiy 0119 dse in C^ Ta^^n 
SonBisre at KalanBS pil IE an Ihe WKSig nai 
m Card fourd huredf lakiiig his cai^ ip a flicit 
cf nx^ sl^E on liie^^^ lo OlHiialzQ^s fenn 
csi Hie roitii tBiik Maiy oUh" tra/dlaB, I 
tdia^ iHTesiiiiDunlellhatDDloiioi^clGiBde 
aid se/oal yfflre pasffid t^oie I dsozvasl Ihat 

Obeni'cxlzei: d g^ixA and gem^ rrcj^ IvTi^litv^ 
urithixL axuid of ^'e iaDs^ ^cneed in giiid£ is. Hb 
seerLcd a. IxIiJb doribtfLil abouL tl^e ^jciIilITc^ of 
^AratBT ixL tlie nvBr bLit'i^c ^Aoft waded thro v^h 
d side-stzcanx and tJ:eiLcan:E Hn a fastflownr^ 
niTer wl'eie O be dulz^r advised i:Ein t^leoffall 
cxur dollies. H£ ruede a. qiser bmidla of clalies 
anicaiTeia^ aid ^stened ittD tnslread Itwoiild 

lu-Te IcDlsd furvner sull nf 1^ roar of die ^!l]s 
lud nst L»cDiTe ED ]oi.ii aid die hvet IeJciig \e 

lud n^tbeenivmnixEr S3 &sL 

Caid and I fbllcFA^ OtshDizs" uio lJ:e v^Lff 
until "we \V3^ ip to oo" d^eslE and f Edii:g Ihe 

foiTiE of Ue cuithI, TIhi cazaiulzff ImHi 
eIo^, iHsi^ctf lhe"\\e^onli3liead- aid 
spoke "Ek"iAE^^kanditd>ai-nifli;kanjy?" 

I loolEd atdre distanufi tn be swult^ m 1^ gup 
of d'e cisieiit and I glanred at Caiel Hb "i^miild 
Iu.Te followed, drotl krew ButI also knew dut 
Caxel -w^sE a psor £WUMi~er AH ~de tiTLE I ^vas 
nrabmcr i^ ii? nind, Aurbmliies loaied and die 
ciLiniBiit ^"tnfipBd past ie And Obeilcter siDod 
with. his CO n:ic bundle a^vaidxig our decision. 

'^ No Caid - It s Kit wjiHi ir 1 said, aid^w aU 
tuniEdtack, Dis^pimilma peii^, but I ha^e 
sesi n^iy oliiff gifflt sicfils since that <^ in 
1935 irfiai I DBiife IhaL evasion I oftai think 
of it aid I am sure I ^^s n^l, I had to vfflit 

-Qnul 1E03 befoi^ I st agaixk with. 

This lirffi the v^la" caire do hi^H" Ihan ny 
T^OEi; and I iradiEd the jieasnl^ wxx^ 
islaid \^di had seerred so dar^rously 
maccGE±ie low ysE tefoiR Arotis' sicfe 
EtTEam wss aceed ty Etgpig stores^ and 
Stroom- Ihe sb^am that turns Gsst^^Qn^ for a 
^lort distance, a duEction, of coure^ whidi is 
c^pHle to liie nBin course of Ihe Crarge 
Rivs: This sbEamnEkGS a srrall ■\\alefell of 
lis own about four huDdrsd yaiife dc^m tie 

Once over tiie Sorop SHooin yovL aiE anrn^ 
"die tuL^lilecL hoiddeis rear tbe l^oiik of llie 
gorge UtnlE^ you lu.Te alaige scale n^ap witJx 
yoi^ die gBogiqil^ of the placB is bafELxig. 
Veil luve 1D Txa-c^a-cixnr tluJ: tl^e sver is split 
nxdo a. sort of delb above "die falls^ ani~d&t£ve 
stzeaitrG iTiTL iTDie or le^ pensile L nxL llie neifrlt 
Loi^nJioQd of 1^ ^lls. One stiean:^ ^vastm^g i3ie 
I'Ditl^ }»nk Qf die nver^ i^fises tc jon\ ~die 

oilier at AixrlimliLes^ itirmE on alone fordnee 
nules Isfbie leEtf^tm^g die ei^outDi.s locLs 
^vlucl\ turn It into "die goige The nmnh^r Qf 
^x^aJEiialls at ~die iTunn. Ecens depend oi\ "die 
Tx^aJEr conring dowiMhe laver. Atlor^ utETTals 
not a. diop goes over tbe edge. Tteie n:^" be 
oi'e thixL mclde^ or dozers ef tojibiiiia, or one 
EU^ei^iioTE caJaciysni Vl^en die naveris nnfull 
flood But die donrum^xET irL~pie^30i\ a!t 
AixrlinaliLes ns not one of falln^g -^a!^T. Itis~die 
iDck tiel; rei"CHmE ¥ivid m ihe raemsiy, lhe 
nro^Ks of bl^ck and grey giariLlE^ the steep 
iDck ^alls of ibe csi^otl Mile after mle of 
giganbc lock £ac^s, 'i^'aEbed aiii pcli^ied ijj 
the floQiis of centimes^ rule<U ^i^peiy^ steep 
and cleally- Tteie n"ey te a lanitc^v over lhe 
falls, or tl'e peciibar oiange-CQloiiEed iTist 
Dung 1^ by die iMjddy ^valEi3, bi-italT^^ysyoTir 
eyes retinn in the iantasHc iocIe and lhe 
m~n:BnEe lockJaces 

Each hi^ flood leaves lis own imits on lhe 
daih T^\^ of lhe cai^ron, lA^te hres SD^ied 

oi'e sbcf-VB tl'e oilier as tJci^b. NaluiG wnshed 
1D i^coid ii£ lYuods axiJ it5 j»Et Tiolerce. 

SoDE "visitoTB ha^e said IhaL Hhe is id bf e 
Kiurd AiEJirataes, In fed; only liie gca^ is 
tare and ai^. Th& islands and ti^ rws" 
tanLs wimld Md a natuiBlisl fesanated for 
T^ds Rare ha^e tesi netted IheiR 
Baboore live in a^gy kiBnlz, m:>nk^ Ihnve 
in tlE m^Q^ Jintd^^ you see "^Mld dudt on Hie 
■^sla^ ard leguaare on Ite rocfe Airtiahs is 
also He Ir-ns of Ite pla^sunE bsaid, vdidi is 
DC* f ourd dsA^HS 

Ii\£li11 flood, tie nrfiof die Oiar^e Haver over 
AttrhialiieE E Jkr grester H^flTLtl^ 'tiisecs'' of -fl^ 
Victona F^lls aid "Ni^aia. 'Ci^Eecs," bjr -a^ 
Tw^^ iTeai^ ci:Jaic feet per second. Mr O T_ 
ItLUiLiie^ d:e nnif^alioiL er^ixeer at Bu^zlndieig on 
dE Oiar^e Raver dinmg- ^ 1EG5 floods 
estmrolEd iiie flow at^CO.OOO cisecs I At dead 
lo'i^ -WEi^r u\ ^^e wnitET it dwindles to ICO 
c1l58cs^ a leiYQilQble TanaJiDixl Niagara xiev^r 
jsDElures nnie -die 2SC.OGO cisecs. wMe €¥ 
VidDiad Falls do n^t sppesr b i^o^ exceeded 

140.0G0 cvEECs duEixig 1325. an e]£ceptional 

I daiEtHinkllElH^tof Ai^iaheshEGa^ff 
tesi axinnl:^ ntasuiBd tut Irse is a drop of 
at least 49D feet ThsnffiDBlhatAi^Bhsis 
niae than 130 fe^ li^H-aian He Vidona Falla 
\^e Nia^R" E piiy imxinun{feq> of 175 feet 
lEsd 1 mdly he nailionEd 

Tte gzeat gDige of Ax^biBiMBS divides t^^) 
iain-E. Wateival oinl^e Jioi^\ t^j^ani Rooipad 
on€¥ SDudi Until 1310 die iTmn wamfall was 
indufed in tlie Roojpad prop^i^ TI:b lalB "Mr. 
Piet NeX owner of Rooipad^ den sold tls 
^i^atBifall ani paxt qF die adjoun^g lani 1d tl^e 
TJmon GoT^eirmeitt tjr £3,OCO_ 1 Lsheve dns is 
-de oxily case on lecoid m ^vtiuil\ a lamME 
^x^aleifall lus bsen sold 

Nd had four she - Fi^ Botffi, Bsi aiii Isak, 
Th^ inlHiled 60,0C0 nni^pi of land on Ite 
93ulh tanlt and aie sQll liviig Qh^ cai Uht 
teauliful, united ^mR Bai Nd is Ihe 
leccgiTised aufloi^ on Ai^nrahea Ife ias 

]ived tlieiG aD hi^bJe^ e:]creptfQTap£noii wl^eiL 
I^ w^nt to AiEtiaL^ Id becoiTE 3. ^Anol exfextn 

ani he lus iTEcIc a nurtriETof lianjHiDTE dfscenlE 

Qe cliniij Bai I^ nB^asayoulhlHsimm 
fii^aa^iig tiiat he had lo dcee his ^s ardlHrg 
csi to Hie ¥xk Lie a lluii f^. W^eI ly h^ 
hotiH^, he ^^elt os/er Ite ^p of ifce caryon 
"wilh a rope, It^^.^ rot loi^ sci^ to lake hun 
djwn lo IliB^^i^Ql^, bl he iMi goi:e SD ^^ ilial: bB 
cbli^i^Ettis' he hadlte sQ^igtii to i^tuLii 

PtasL te ]et tie S3^ go azid tzied Hn fimsti de 
descent TU'dided Ozice he looLed dcwnanl^aiw 
1^ -waXBT far helo'i^ At tJ:Bt ponnt he becfave 
di^cy He chnled down furlieT witii his eyes 
^mt, ^id fivally jurtrped tJ:e last Jcii^ Jeet ii^ 
1^ deep p3oL two hmliecL yaicls bela^k" 4ie tills 
TteiL he swaiYL and v^^all^ 1d a place 'i^'IreiG 
theie 35 a faiziy easy cluirt oul of t^ caj^T>rL 

Ifct nay oU^ dindnas he/e atten^ied Ihe 
<fecsit into the goi^ near tie falls arcs 
I^nni's d^. In 1935, luy^/e; Bai Nd 

IPi^jH^ an sqHiored irDutibirea^ into Ihe 
caracal at lis ad of a fwe-hiidiHl fmt AlpiE 
nq:^ aid on that d^ Ihe fii^ oihtb pcUirES 
vaE lalen of the falls ftxjmvbale^ le/d. 

NelludlD dfi a gzunclinrfc m Ai.rristH 1533 On. 
a public hshday tl^t rLiMith a puzriu: pai^ 
canped at the falls Mr Duj^ Foggci^oel a 
g^neial dealer^ sinod at die top of the faDs aid 
i^^chsd dawi\ Id bll a ci:^^ ^.^711^ ^k^alEr Efis 
m^dier aiii sister ^t^eie ^k^alclmxr 1u:l\ As he 
stDop«d^ Ins fbotslipped and l:e Tamsted. ovht 
the hp of d'e falls. Ben Nel ^A^rit down ^ 
lecover tie b^dy^ cJinnbmg wid'oiLit a n^-pe A 
caiT^aE canoe ^vas lo^^eied after Iunx with, 
giqiplmcr bclde^ aid Nel diEcr?^ ~^ pcol for 
houis He soLnled the pcol aid fQimi a dep^ 
of L40feei5 Tjuttl^ie Twasne tzace of tie boE^. 
While chnfaxET tetlt iTiwevtr, Nel decided 1d 
exanrine a laige potl'ole^ fdled wiiIl ^k^atEn^ 
^k^hich ^^^i^ild noniTuilly l^Te been hidden by 1^ 
^^atEn£aIl. Tte nver "i^as lo^k^eT tJun it t^ been. 
ioT yea^^ and this nrede i3ie sean:h po^dble. 
PoggBipaeL's body ^^ras Jbund n\ the potl'ole 

H£ t^ ]£ei\lo]]ed ixEbidLy 3^ stzikixig Ins I:b^ 
aganxEttlie rock. 

That w^ Ihe only faMily at Air^iisties m 
KcetyeaKL The ^poadi is dan^TKE, owing 
lo l±e snrolt ste^ ladt but peqle aie cai^\il 
(m IJe hmk of lie fn^Ttemi^g dmii I ■\\B3 told 
a Etoiy of a imn v^ iliitxi hn^Edf ^j^& lh& 
■ OIK in>Hihctit m^ affer an unh^^ Itj^e 
i\ It h^ipaBl lorg ago, and ro cse coiid 
cive ire cfesds^ 

TJpb 1325113 ixiBii inall probahilily^ I'fd.^^erL 
-die AuglnalBBS ul fiil ftood. The EaUs aie 
isiully acce^nMe £:oitx A^iqI ti> D ecenriier e^cti 
yeai: ^ftET -diBl; you l^Te b swuti find bwhtl 
Txrell, 1D cic^lhe side-sti?^iTE In^fcich 1EQ5. 
BeiLNers bioAier Bei1?.E lealised diaJ^soiTe of 
Ins sheep 1-^ be€iTLC\iL oH 'by tl^e Bulden aniTal 
of the Dooiis He is d stniiEj siAnrLnver^ ^ad he 
sa.Ted. his sheep by tskucj dietxMD Kl^aElsL^d 
Ey tJ:Bl Hxire iheie T^rere Hvc roilfis of TwaJEr 
teturcejL hini and tJ:e fsjici Rooif^dL bq he 
decided Hn spend tJ:e inf^hl azilhe island 

The ncsti^m ett^ of Klaas Idand picvidES Ite 
it occMied to BetiE tM list lie arfit v^juld te 
\^3rth sesig. That m^ Ihs flood imdHl ils 
peak, Al c^iseek he ■\\alclBi Ite s^^jllai 
Qbi^ Riva" lunilirg into Hie gor^ m cue 
colcsal ViHva Not irs^ ^^. tut gral 
nBSffiEof\^^ta^"\\e&lHigflurgcaihict The 
gtfflt goi^ v^s full ahnjst to ll:e him Peoile 
itaify for^ mlffi ^way lepoilEdllBt 11:^ heaid 
tlE roar df Hie Ms, Since Ihsi auaA have 
flcwnai/a-Ai^Bbe at flood seeaoiiE, and Ihe 
9:Ere has teen ptolcgi^iied 

In the ^ArmtET dieze is d p^ol, sunD-aLded by 
boiddeis^ pst absve lhe cataKirt ^vlreie it is 
po^nhle ^ sworuL ^ifel^ Theie are a iiui\i:eT of 
tie^ pools in d^ gianLle, scooped out lay tl^ 
swuhr^ of tie walEis Ji^^tatove ll^ ialls. too, 
^u cai\ ^v^^h die xrvcr junown^g S3 d:m^1;on£ 
pointa lETticiotpl^j^^Arould nrode ^ bndfr^ Heie 
tJ:B nver turns sI'dipLy befQie InkixE]- its j^urge. 

Thee aiE aats \rtJicii n^ke He ^^Dadi fiiffli 
tlE so^ih tank W3lh ^^llle■ Ore ofim heeie Ihe 

buti dunk tl^t Loth. iD~QtEE Irove mxztilD QiBer 
-^B viEitDr P^mt^ ici^ b^'ik you can ^^ -^tb 
^a4ei1b ^ATKteiJ^ and ilie poo] beilo'i^ wid'cxut; 

SorreyeaiE Eg^FBiiianHitvolsl £4000 for Ihe 
corslruaion of a foolhi±p abzve Ite Ma At 
psal Ite vialor^'dia v^^ies to liaifd from liie 
a^ulii fcedt to fre rcrlh inEt ccj/s" a blal 
(isbiis cl" imre ihan fca^ mles and ooe liie 
nva^ at KatanBS, Thehii^ v^^ciL"W3iidal 
fre dsisixE cisMi lo a coiqle of nilGS, has iH^^ 
tesL tulL Afjsel^ liie OHires^ ispoiHtie 
fcr Ite \^ok dEagred a In^ v^akdl MDJd 
ha/e HEt nr-is Ihan £4,CO0, so Ihe "wtole 
adisre^^e ateidDred, 

A mdest iHidgc^ isgtit ont of siglA sixy^^ 
Aixrhmliie^ arL^^hmaHlB project Hut 
I suEfiiel^ tu^ tie gxe^t gcigc wiH JETer Le 
[l&?ix>n]ed of its gzanieiir 'by a steel bmige ov?r 
"de carbon ]j]c tire lant^^ bodge at -^tb 
VictEinid F^lls It IS 2x>^dHle ~b csny anrEriLbes 
too ^r. 

The daimiid fs/a" Ihat is^^ {ie out m Sorfh 
AfLica has led ss/oal oxfsditioi:G to Ai^Bhs, 
It IS argiBd Ihat as Ite Qffiige Riva las earned 
danaik to ite irculJi thoiEsn^ of valiBlle 
stoles DXEt hsTe leiHred li^^Bd in Ite po3l 
tela^ the Ma Tte theny Ibs test lestod 
vflthcut suDiss, RESiHy a v^-eqmi^Bi diver 
nidt Iffire DT-re lirk, Tlrse ^'^to a^inited liie 
p^ ^Mlh cjffiEed lffid-bi:e£ lioi^t ip i:clh;i:g 
tut WHthless |:dll^ Arred^rHG mi v^lsr 
opals Ih^o heai foud m ihe gi^d atcve Ihe 
falls - tut r&a a dianr-rd Y^ Ite toiz^il 
prapeclois sQll aiiive, h/ He cariced aid &ai 

TJndc lilsiEiily the iust wIhIe itran to set eyes on 
tbe Ai^bial^ifis F^Us was HejidxikJ ace b V^iban: 
a. deEGitEr fnn ji:ki]ie D~Qtz:ti ^ast India CoiTfHi'7 s 
sexTuze TlnsiuL^d^v^s^ldiex^'aE anixdBilligejtt 
S^^edB. Efis salary "i^^asinxie gi:ddetx a nTHith, he 
failed, b pay Ins cran~J^uig de!bi£, aid ^vbei\ be 
^k^as F^^l^l^^'7 nrsLiLled. ii\ lbe stieets of C^ie 
Town be decided Id e5c^g» nnlD i3ie imki^swzi 
coiLiLliy Id die rcrtb. 

ns a depkiraUe msblc to ituIc V^lor letnev- 
ed tns iGputHliDrL}^ iTokix^ a luiTie for lnrL~Ee]f 

as di\ e]qj£ii^r_ EeUween Aiml, 1 775, ^ad J^J^. 

L779. he loarued €¥ Oim^ge Ri-^r ^d nolEd all 
te sa?i^ iTL a jDuu^al ^"hicK still fbnvE a guppn^g 
lanalzve n£ yon kiTJ^i^ the wiM counlzy TA^hsie he 
^leritliis yeaiE ofexile 

WilfflT dtw^ a n^^vilh the Great Falls on it H& 
dd Ydt iKe ve credit in Ihe histoiy bxfcs for 
lis discmey hssuffi lis joun^l 1^ alircet 
foigotlai m Ite aidirvs foi^ irora Ihan a 
caiuiy. It aji^^oi^ n pnt for H]e fii^ lure in 
1916, and ilis feEamtiiti nairalive \^ss not 
IraD^aLed inio En^^_ ailil 19^, vAi^i 11^ 
Van Rietadt Soae^ lioi^t it out admialiy 

In the iveanDrc^ ^C^ie To wtl itrEiclmit mured 

George ThDJirfSDn ths Gieat Falls Qf the 
Oiar^e HiTer hHei eveiy school atl^s I dm not 
Twisl^ iri heLtde Tl^jn-pEon nn ar^ ^^^. for he 
uras an eitexposirg and niHeUKrerit hteiaiy 
HHveEer His boo]^ Tr^vpi^ and A^^vti^ytuy^ in 

souihem A/ric^^ \^QS oiE of He m:>3t accumls 
ardinfonmliveiAoriEof ilskirdio ^perin 
the flist half of last cenluiy . But lh& fi^ti^^e 
Wilsrdscoveel llE Falls in S^toits; 1773, 
Vpteiees it wss not unlil Aigust, 1824, tlBt 
Thon^Bon visited IIe vjHid scs£ 

Veny ruiiil^ nn d^ ^uve ^v^Davnd Livrrgstone 
placed 4ie Vicuna. Frills oil the n:^ fifteen 
yeeis aftr ths vooitieldeiL Caioli.E Tcclmdt; 
caived Ins mrtials on a hecbab tiee in the 

Noi^v heae is Witaf s omi c^saipOon of Ite 
Fall^ lahsi from hs jouirsL "^Thae is a 
treiHidcn^ hg\^alEi^"Vi*idn3n te seoi m 
the dry sas^n v^hi He v^Sjs is cleai; bis 
sntitefnHnafile, atadslaiceoforesl^&aDd 
arai fmHiei: It seeiHl to ire as if ll:t9 v^le 
iwa" v^^ss innHiT Tj down fom a lodq^ kiBiilz 
twlffiashi^asliJecaslle—butvdHil isssal 
it in M^ (1779), in Ihe raii^ SEaaon, and 
otffiived it DEie dc^^, I sa^ Ihal Ihe sp^ 
did n3t lis as ln^ as it Isd d:>re in Hie d^ 
seesc-n in tn^ deer ■^fflatlH', ard it also 

d&peiiis gie^ll^ on ^vhellieT tJre nver is fiJL of 

"^ Wten He T^^ffilhei^ is fa/oiialle ore can hear 
He ii3ise bis He rear of fre aea froma dsbns 
cf ore sl^ aL^- ard half an hour abive Ihs 
iaqLs^ Ite cuTTHt IS va7 siKng for Ihe 
tfemy kca M n:e Ihat v;4hi ly a^idat Ihe 
lqp3s ^ into He cunnt Qsf camot tetlle 
a^iDst it aid aie earned c±j^™ Ite calarai 
tKakmg ihar IsitoEe, and fr^ aie ihen 
haulad out hy Ihe IfotlaTtols, Sorre yeais ag:^ 
fr^ TAee diviig a hsri of cstlJe thoi^ ie 
mra^ afcoii half an hour abive lJ:e v;Hterf all, 
\'Ash cnfle h^ vs^ caniEd cfesMi and paidied 

Tte nemt EuropeanlD ze^^ti livs iieigtiL»i.idi3od^ 

iTi^normy^ die It&T Jolvi Cai\^tell He I^ad 
LeeiLsentlD 1^ C^ie by tlie Lcmdfm Mi^aoi'diy 
Socia^ to TiEit tJieir m^ziaiG id. the wilds. In 

SeptBitiET. 1313. -the nelives told Inxixd^ie was 
^ crieal; ^k^alEiJ^ omlie Oiar^e ItLvei^ bLiti'Di'E 
of theitxlud seeiLit 

■"SaraBl had seen IIe uiEt ansug from it tut 
the scud had so tanfied l]HnlJ^"\\ee afiaid 
to ^^iDadi if" iHLMksd can:|±di ''Afta^ a 
seaich of ss73al houre re ^^alafell \^BS eStr 

Five yeais lalex caive the "Rby RobeH; I^f^X 
Livingstni^e' 5 Jalliei^nrtlaMr^ tzoldong £ditl 

Hs DiHEpan a± nooi^ one d^ u\ tl^e d^xecHoiL of 
the I'on^ Qf die i£H\s EndezitLy I^e -w^as ru 
LLvmgstoi'e. f^r tins is ^x'hml'^^ejied 1d Inm - 

''I^dirga-^siv^ tuHi I sat dwn infe" Ihe 
ElHtjwrofaixEhaidvjas scon fest asleep (His 
follov^s a^raloBd hiin aiid l^ffiTj^g Bie iKini^g 
of hens he Mt Ihe spot aid pi^Hi on Icja^iS 
the rett tod m Ihe iwa:) ''Ore of Ihee y^ 
isciHl at a late Ibui; audit teirg vay c^rit ard 
the tanks psiptoi^ v^ Isad Ite ^^^^ter 
miTTiinTTj Mow] tut c^ral DDt go dj^nx 

Jeam^g a ptuorge aid 1^ conrpar^ of die 

Gecscp Thc-nisc-n vse a rroie c^Einmed 
oqicSa: I do rot ktnv ■\\iiat rsl nulive 
m|:dled Tlo:[^s3n to lidi 3^^ iito ihe wil^^ 
DES, tut he gara out Ihet te ^ras goii^ lo 
UFsQcBle pDEiszlE fbi^ E^U3s Tbcnpcubad 
csieotiH'daiinIo faire, ffevss C^TcwrTs 
fii^ Q^^Qe an;:!^; idling lis <mi qcqie^Igs 
''RHXLgLEEefeshion'' seiTad (tests t^ore ifce 
iffit of Ite rrale coimum^ cpTe iq3 Iharpiss, 
On Ite v;^ to Hie Giar^ Riva" on hor^sdt 
TtunjEon often T^^HitlhiE^; aid i:£ar Ihe Ms 
he qHl fbui^ luirgiy c±^s He v^s aliJiit lo diDot 
csie ctf Ihe hcases v^gieii tie Komnras Med a 
z^B- Thc-nison pd^ Ite nts ^ad^^ ard 
tiBnkfL% tE diBik tiiB nva^TH^Htea^ aflff lasiirg 
fre Liny v^^ of B^rimMiland, The zeiiR fle^ 
he ismbi ^^QS "^ sffi^ aidcpod'' 

TtutxfEorL clamred^ n^lnly I -dnik id luve 
lE^cl'ed t^ tanlc of die mvBr 'by a loufe never 
1alEi\ l]y ar^ pievnoiE ^"tiL^ HaveUfir. Qi^ 
iTDmuET he bieakfastEd on 1^ zelna's head^ 

^vhicti I'ad teen buoed aE jngtit izi h^t ei^ieis^ 

ardd'eiLt^ KoianmE gisded luxtxotxibot % d^e 

Itv^sawalkof atculacttmles, andtheiiEh 
of v^lff siuutd hhe distent lhLJti:fer. Fust he 
had lo affis ihe southan handi of ihe ir/a^ 
thai I]h& ^^ias an island OT/eBd vflHi rods aid 
thdels aid c^ies foists of lfflirEd±oiTi At 
last "wlh He Ikuifeiig souid ctf Ihe calaicct 
teconing lou^^ at a^y eI^ 1e KadEd a 
ni^ of rotis, Hae 13 TlEn^Boi:[ s ovvn ctsmp- 

1t seetred as if ^^^ weie no^v entenn^g d'e 
untzodieiL ^^cstiliule of one of ITaAxe's iTust 

sublirL~e terL'^tes^ ard tie imliJitDied ^iv^cres ^'tu 
gmded ie evn\:«l by d^ awe wid\ ^vhiiJ\ diey 
Und^ d'at diey were I'ot aLli>gBdier imuiEliL^n^ed 
by dK g%?3tJti.-5 ^H:»rr TIbJ lHEalH% leqLESlBd 

nBtofbllcwIlHUEofl^, forme[iHipcGSVB^ 
cbi^Di^ fbi^ IIe f£et of nei - and Ihe a^ aid 
souid of Ite calaiact "^^re ao feaiful. Het ti^ 
tlHTsdvs K^Ktd tlE fiace wilh a^ aid 
venluiBd hi sddom to viat iL At laiglh Ihe 

^a4d1b of liem toltBd, ani dfsii^ ive 1e> do -^tb 
^nTe. Ore of tiiera stEjrped fDiHAT^id Id 1^ honk 
of 4ie jHecipice^ ^jid Irovni^g liHjIed caulioi.^y 
DVB^ becLored i^e 1d ^v^lhtc. I did ed^ and 
^ATitre^iEd ^cilIeiciie aiid stnkixEj~ srei'e^ butit^x^as 
zuxt yet t^ waikn&D It was a i^od fcircEd. by 
alxinst tl'e ^x4d1b voIvirrB of the hvbi^ conrfoe^ 
ed uHd aiunc^i' ctminel of i^otivDie tl^an £fty 
yards ixiInGEcltlx "i^^n H dcEcerided atai\ajig3& 
of ready Jcii^-£v€ decrieeSr and n^m^g tisnil- 
U'uiL^y tlnoi^K a black and cxoolEd cd^asiTL 
arLDiig~4ie rocls^ of &£rlilfLil depd's^ ezc^^ ma 
1D ner* of ibaruL" 

TIe Koranms mfoTTiBd TfETiTHjn Ihat tfis vss 
DDtfrenBin^ralafelL Tilled him for aii^Hiea^ 
mle alcsig Ihe rods, ^^BI^lrg hun conslBia^ lo 
T^lciL his feet GiiefelseEl^"\\Diidl:ai^e teai 

"At lenglb. twe IW-led as tefoie/' Twent on 
TturLfEon "and die ne^^ nTinrEnt I ^^ras led Id a 
jiip]edinrr lock ^^heie ascent bLu^ti^iDnixe &r 
suipa^niirr T\:y nxist sarcrmne exf^ctaborE TIe 
TA^clfi prater of tie na^er loxceyt d^; ta^bcK 

esc^ies }j7 the sidiEidiaiy clronnel ^va lud 
cro^Ed, and by asmilarone on die ruit^isidBl 
leuKj jnevioiEly coiiBrEd. 1d a ted of scarcely 
one IiuLdied ioet inlne^ddx descen^ls at onufi in 
a iTEcrnficeiit; cascade of fuDy lb~Qr liuLdrod feet 
inhenglL I sbod ip^na cliE~n5aily level wxth. 
-dre -top of the fall, artl direcdy in£[Dnl;of rt The 
beanrs of die eveinr^ sun Jell fiill i^cn de 
ca9?^de and occasioned a n^ist splendid 
TBiribo-w, ^^dile lhe T^nixy iTists ansing £oitl 
de lnolcn ^k^abis^ d^e lE3^Iit;^ieen^Aroods ^^rhicb. 
hsicr fionxdie suooimdn^g cdif^, the astomdir^ 
loarof the ^va^i&lL andd^e tiin:i£tuQiE toihr^ 
ard ^vbuhr^ of d:e stieanx teld^x", stnTixcr m 
esc^ie alorg its deep^ danj^ and i^ano^v pad^ 
Jbrnred ahocreder a con'tnHHon of beaii^ ard 
grardeuiL SLi?has I nsver tefbie wjtre^sd'' 

ThoiTIHinntved to aiBl]H"sp3t lo ^n a dcsET 
viav. Sijd^*;^ lhe KoraiTms giceisd Imii ard 
for a nr-rraiL te IJbi^ th^ ^^^e cpmg lo 
thrcv^r liini as/a" Hie pe:ipce, Ho^^^Ta; ti^ 
VH^ nsdy anxioiE lo ke^ hun dsr erf" 
dar^: ""I tabs dc* urgiBteful fcr Uht csi^ 

re^,'' added TItjit^edzl 

Ails' sbEtdiig Ite asiE aid adrnnig IJe ■\\dd 
cian^ji^ cgaii; Tkjn^B^nrsnBdlJE fells Kiig 
GesiKE^s Calarai ''in loiaur ctf our graaous 
SoiTaegn"" AIIJbi^ His rarre sbll ^^zeais on 
93ire n^is, it iB^a^ canE uJo coninm i£^& 
The Gsdiffit iianE tee clutg la tiiB Ma Hid 
q:dt ''Auksdis/ it is c^kbI from Ihe Nana 
word, dic^-oukmutes, Ite ''iiDiKiiBkiflgilace,'' 
Qojt Walsval, as IJe fiist Afntaneas m Ihe 
nea^ tojtiixKi called il, is tEaid Gx^ as often 

tfert on HiB SHE io leff^ a KconI of lis vials 
vffls Ue 3Jive;^r Moffal; a sm of fre nifao- 
naiy. Sir Gffii^ Gi^, lie QwEaroi; sait hun 
tiHEinlSfe, ard Moffat \viDls lis mpssioiiE 
"wilh saaific iiKiaon 

Ths ^k^alBi&Il OS ^ giani object; and iTL^t 'hB 
5iarideTEtall-witiLa.fiiliivEi:''saidM>fikt. Tdid 

not laTJ-^^r ^^r teller 1D coiEiderd^ fell iiEe5f TwrtiL 
t^ }saulifLiL cascade qi\ its left and -^tb giorid 
ba^ ontlie nighty or -Qtb deep cl^En:^ ixOa-^r with. 
paiBDel aid jnec^atDiE avails and tie ^^Fpaxently 
irGigrnfLcaiit si^eaitx n'eandenii'g tl^eie^ tl^ 
gianier Ql^ject Tte sid£5 of ll^e ctoELUL and the 
ap^eaianre of a gioi^ of bl^^k conical Uls of 
gieeiiEicnB aiboiit £lvb niles belo'i^^ oil the left 
Iianl:^ -^stify id^t a. £i^:uig txist; I'dve exisbd izi. 
^vhichdie lnoad 'i^'aleis of 4ie nverfbimda-veiit; 
and tiuJ: tJ:m rock ^vas tJre siditenBnean 
dost^-ntnirr agent; ^vtniil^fQnaTBd it^" 

The last "eeifc visitof anrred in 1835, aid 
nafe fre fiisl flailed n^ of the M^ v^le his 
sontodt He fustphotcgi^:G, He v^s ourfiieid 
G. A- Rflim of Ihe ''Icet a&^/ and I liink Ik 
could feufy daiin lo ha/e Imi He flist imn lo 
diiifcdwn iiio IIe g^i^ and coire 1^3 alive, 

F^nru.l'eaid absiit tlie fells ^^eiLhe v/as u\4ie 
Kalaluni A sl^eep fan^ei rmied Hai^i: limrg~ 
neai AixrEimhieE^ lold Ibzu tJrot only ore nan d 
HoVEnfentH h=id e':;cTgoiie onfen tlm gum carbon 
and he 1:^ i^e^er letmned The bald Fama n~ede 

d loft of wnllaiAT logs lushed ^Aritlx o>[-liid£s 1d 

<:aiiy -^tb c^itezs. eqii^EirenL Gmdfid by tlie loar 
of Jallu:^ -^aiET, i^ ^Jid Ins paxiy ciD^»d d^e 
sde-stzeaiTE u\ safety ani caive Id tire bni^of 
tie jnEcipice on d^ noilh bank. Tbei? d^y 
joined ^ tJreir ox- iiei\s and lupes unbl -A^y tad 
d stzor^ hi'e fbur bundled Jeet m lei^gtb. VAlb. 
-this and^ F^mn fad bis son node 3. mmtsr of 
danxig descents and secured dieir ph^tngi^itE 

The iTTff ^^B3 nsiig {tilrg Uns visit ai^ oflHi 
Rniii hod to siMin Ite si{i-3lrEenE wiHi a m^^ 
haiilinj Hie oIJhe a:Kffi as ^b/ dutg to Hie 
lafL Q:e difflciit top hioi^it ^Jan lo ire sd of 
fre Ai^TtafciGS 931^ fbi^ yaii^ atcF/e Hie 
TTBin iiva: T^ pas^ tatafli :^jtt^11 
T^lafells, {isccvamg lEff ^^ra±a3 e/ey {^. 
Qe spot Ite mxkst Fann narrEd Fann I^lfe, 
ard arcBtr I^nra Tcv^ea At e/ey turn fredi 
CBEOcis sp^ng ckS of Ite IDCfe, 

TbkE seveiol d^s f^^ed I'^ipdy as d^ey 
expkiied t^ gcige^ and sb^t pbeasant; aid locLt 

pigeons for d^e pa^ Tbey waJrlied die flcods 

gzcwmcr in voKm'e and liski~ed 1d die bsonu:^ 

of ~de dnftr "i^vod IjiiiYiiixEr o vex Inxre b^vildeis. 

Orce l]^ v^recut cffi Tlar route had lalHi 
thsLicj/a-avffilff-vontoiic^ andv^Hitii^ 
retoiTHi it \was Euhrratpi Tte GeinBii liBfe 
acKjn^Bi^iig thensid Ih9"\\aiff v^jiid nse for 
tv^l^ Ieuts aflH' Ihe flist hs^ ridfc tut Ihat it 
111^ te Hiffi or four c^e Irfcae Hie v^tET 

"We coiild see by die ^valer-nmls cm d^e rocls, 
ani by d:e wisps of stia.'u^ and n£ibi^ snll 
IurQixE]~ an die tiee-bpe^ dst die fldod ^^as ^ 

conpaiaHvely sitbII oie/' wtoie F^nrni- 'Tbe 
HEclex lDld IE dm;atIJpn'gtDnmd'e lan'^ season 
be tad seen die nTer use fdiy feet m twelve 
bci^xs^ covenncr d:e bigl"est;1iees datcnew ond^ 

Fanm aid Ins party canjEd an a flat rodt 
collected legs hm^t d:^^in ty Ite ir/ff ard 
oisxod tlHiiuSil 11:^ had a fli& The liHctr dt* 
a tebxn v-^ndi ti^ loosted ard ate for 
hEflkfest Tl^ \^ee fcsced lo spaid aicfiia^ 

inght an tins lefi^c^ by "i^imch tuire dieiG -was 
rattnncF left of tie taboon Tl^en TwrtiLfl^ nver 
■f^llirvj tirsj it:ml& a ^eulo^^ joumey tack 1d 

A ^me^ in tiiB iBctdxuliDod pinlBd out a 
plEce called BiEhrran PrB:ipffi en the sorfh 
tankjiEt Mew tiiB imm VHterfalL TIhg, he 
sicL CBce lived a Bca^ vAxy vjbs ah^s Icarg 
lis ^:e^ aiyi gcQfe aid lianii:g il on Ife lyEiBE, 
Ore mcji le Ispt T.\^di and fburd frat BiEh- 
nsL"v\eE^:ffiaLTSiliefbi^ lis lessee, Ifediassd 
fran tc^'^Bii^ the Ms, 6nir| ae tE lan It vss 
lew nva; and Ihe Bu^nsi a^Esed Ihe outer 
dBsire, In Uht teiiDi; l]i?.\a^ th^ lan 
hppril nnj cwe^ Ite pKipce - Bi^imrls 

P^niriL ccunbi^ jmi^d. ard iT^ipsd reaily a 
IiuLdied dostixint cascades e]ciEJidir^ alar^ -Qtb 
^a4d1b sxteiL imIes Qf die Ai^nabies goi^ 
Eesijies iTrnji^nr^ lun-Eelf ii\ tins ^r^, t^ foT.iiii 
a GonEa Rock a Eoolt Rock Heicviles Falls 
{after Sir HeicrileE Rolsmssn GoT^nnjr of €^ 
C^e Colori^^ ani a goige "i^incK l:e mzirEd. 

ScoH; Goige^ Mi Jolvi Scott temcr zesideit; 

corLTn^nonerof B^ianmlandatt^ 1irL~E F^nm 
als3 iDok tl^ Lbei^ of fiiKluirr a r^w iHiTe for 
tie A-i^fHahies as a wlTjle -the '"HtirKljed Falls'' 
I do iiot iliu'ik Di'e of E^nxa's Tui\es IS still i^EEd 

Ne/erlMes, it \^se a {femg siive;^ frat Fanii 
nafe Cne{^,pei:^,33nBcl" his rants will 
te rwi^^ed aiii offlaal reccgraton givai te^ liie 
fiiS: nmto lake a canHa inio the car^^n Fanni 
cfefBited to kut fre hipfo firllH^ dj^vn Ihe 
nva: I Hunk I^nm Falls and Fanni Tcwss, at 
Ifflsl; diDddfiridiiiar"w;r onlonrxfenn^s 

Tte iTBTL wI'D lus seen die At^hiFilnes Fa]t 
mist of&nliiis ceiHuiy^ I si:^3j»se^ is die lEcr^Bd^ 
wseiEd. HotlEJitDtgiiiile ^i^b? leditre in thalmvilr 
isi}m d'e Eoiit]\ bai'ik I aslEd. him lor tns 

irL~pie^:Loiis of die xireitniaUe srei^e. 

''I (to ii3t Ihuk ahnut it at all,'' i^ed Ihe 

Hnltmlnj. lighliTT|jar;gqTFfrlplhitflcy\7gilim^l 

thuik peoiie aie nBd to corre hEsa,'' 


The Lonely Ra-ek 

vou Who HivnCS^aossllteQBir^PiVEr 
ly liBin hare ro i^ of Hie unknj^™ nve; Hie 
nva^ cf ai^enluiE Ihat flo^'^E teJo^v Hie 

Tte^ la^lenRs ani ImcpE m^^ gxe^t izei'clx 
1^ ]£Et &} InjLidjGd jnlfs between tl'e Jails arcl 
1^^^ tiiesG aiG tJ:B far conrens 'i^'I'eiG ti'e itrmr^K 
of tie centimes I'ds left iei^r sgi-c Heie aie ^^e 
ixDst is^lalcd. people^ 1^ wend caji^riE^ d^e 
parts 5Q Lonely tlm;eveiMlie jmn^iectDiE tu?;e ixit 
yetsnHlrlied llie idcIs. 

Alcaig Htse nva^ tBnts, tco, aie Ite dianr-rd 
laiBiES, Ite g^-ld re^ and tsyl and sctedite 
<^xalE, IheoHiHmi^ts alsniHied 
cl" iHiL This IS lJ:e Qbt^ Ri^/a" of sun and 
s^liluds, vAa^ penile sl^c^" under He (iad 
TAa^ of Hie sunnET hEsL Thse is nDHfli:g in 
AfLnia lo nBlidi Hie fxmace of Ihs vall^ at 
DDcaL YeL it is a iwa^ ctf i Bie ^vns and kn^ 
n£ionli^:d^ aid I am Hiankful lint I te^e ^!^ 

tE^c^ it m lJ:e opai and aesi Ite firet antff 
li^ ipai tte v^la; ard fdt QE^vind coiniig EE 
1^ on the face EE He hslh of a leopeid This IS 
the wild m^a; Hie land d" odd aid iBckleE 
chei ccla^ Life has cfleai teen {far^Dus hae 
hut hf e C3n he cpotj loo, you can ididi your 
fo^dardyoui^dnifc. the\vilddiJ±you shot and 
the hea" you Isfe cooled in Hie cartas wale" 

"B^lcfw die faDs tlieie aie ic itnie inigaliotx 
£elden~ejit5 otx ll^e ^iBni scale. Neaniy evciy- 
^vlieie die nivern^'s^ waslB. t^ A D. Lewis^ 
tJ:e fbrnrer liuedcr of msgaHon eiipie^sd ihis 
di^stn)i.E Jactnixa Jirenr^iFiUe xepcxrb- 

''Thsecanhan% teatneSouHiAfhcar; aid 
calBii% DO im^on ajcpreo; v^lh soul so 
tied list he can conlarilate oui^ greetest nvtr 
tfflnrg d?wn lo Ite ocffln Ihtoirii a vast aiffi of 
counliy T^^di is IhusOig fbi^ T^^ala; wilhaut 
f edirg ll^t sane great effort shculd he uh^ lo 
ctagn and cany out unction vote fcr Hie 
Qai^ Biva^ "^^di v^juld nval Ihcee fenmE 

^Arods of Dtl'er gieal; i^veis of iJie "i^niiji - 
Gm^ges, IirfiE. Ni3&, Coknado '' 

Ml: Lsms Foiited out, iD^^^a; frat He lo^v- 
T^la^ flow of Ite Qbi^ coriEE fiDm Ite ii^ 
Di BksdHg counliy , v^ae iJae is dd y^tyt^- 

Thus m He aitcal ^niri DuntlE ll:t9 nvo" 
{jAordlffi, ''The C5ar^ lEars steq^ di?.vn m a 
lod^ valle;r/ ai|±eE5ed Mr. L&;i£ "^It has 
alv^rs teai a pr^rf d eiote; is^a-a tuil^ 
cf 1^1^^ The alliiaal 93il odihsIe of naiiu^v 
pald:ES and ElnpG, or islaiife ^^cii are 

ThEie IS erov^K "^fcter nn 1^ OiBngc in inicralB 
d mlLfiJL ac^^s^ biHru -WBy has yet been Jci~QLii 
of talorg Q-Qt fLmc ws laige eicixrl^tD tzBJi^niTL 
HislnTurilHi'd utfD acraiderL Only teie an^l tJrei? 
do yoii£xid sLvall siBas wl^eie 1^ levels aid i3ie 
SDil are faiwoiBUe 

Qe sicssful strall sdHre"\^idiI visited is 

at OiiK^iffii:G, atout Ihu^ mis norlh of 
Rjfed^ It vuss called Giaigwille iMieai the 

enlsipise steited m 1916; tut Ihe seHleis 
(Efared the old Hotleilot ran^ n^nmg''llE 
dnnkirg [ia::e for caHie,'' 

J^i££ of U^irgmx llm; Eedoijbbtile 

No^v tl'eiG aie ahoiLit s^^ i^trtoldeiE ^eacih 
nroiL with atout SIX itTxigexLl^ anitlie setUenreitf: 
roi^ akirg the vaDey for seven mles_ r-lr_ L J 
Col^'eTr the village EtoreJeeper. fonmsdy d 
n:en:d%r of tlie C^ie MQunted Police^ inld it:e 
atom the prospenly of OnseeplurG 

'^ Cto oiair^ can con^Klfi m aiy HBifcet in Ite 
T^TOifd,"" cfeiaiHl Mi: Col^a: Bet^^si the 
vrais, OrEeeptaiE sat its JBfd. oian^ direct 
to Fnrflar ri. AU Ihe tropcal ftuils gn?// \v^ 
tlHB, Gsisnal^ f&v-pffi'^G andtanaias. What 
aidn^oreaieiiipinlaiitcropG; peaEardtelie- 
gi^zES floundi You ^ b^o aupG of peas a 
year m Ihe ii\^^ alt, am in a cpxdysr a sltla" 
can nnke a fav ecies yic^d a poflt of £1,000 
afler pe^Ti^ all scfHisES, 

An agE<l HQtlBidDt ejtBi^ the sbie ^k^tnle £v&. 
Col^'er -^aE ^raiEir^ the fertility of Orseep- 
ImE. He ^k^ajitBd ^ Lottie of bu?hii e^snre^ 
Javc^im^ {:ciintzy renredy for panxL aji[L cisiYf) nn 
the stonBcilx Mr_ Collyex leefs a registEi^ 
towBven^ and iBHon^ oiH i^ns rtzDiET ivedicu'e. It; 
con^u's a Ingti percentage of alcohol. 

QiEe^iffliE, lonrte thoi^ il is, iBds as an 
(iRod'^fiHl of aty^femSoufttWest Africa 
into Ihe IMon You can hare yoin^ car isliEU 
aaiKS ite iTTa" m a iTJE^ iimilxal; a fiBsnoiE 
"vt^r^e at Ihe test of bDHL The people "^ABnt a 
tnc^ ard Ih^ a^ai lalk h:^:^i% of a 
laih^ bns Ihal will ODSS lie iwQ^ at Oree^ 
lam and birg Wirdi^ek reeriy four hmiired 
mles dose^ to C^k Town At psaiL liie fann 
pDiuze goes miey-flve mles ty iioad to rail- 
hEftd at Kata.^rf& M: Col^ya^ krowB Ihe liads 
Ihioi^BiEljnHi^xL .XTi-iWET, anddnvES&cau 
Q:eeqiQiE lo C^ Tcs^i^ 440 nilffi. In a d^- 

TJiTrnvj gi?^ floods 4ie -^aiET ccnrES alnnst to 

-liedoorof T* Co llyei^ s stoie- Tie kst Hire thai; 
I^^^ened ^^ras nn 1S24^ a year after I'o 1^ sel^Ed 

aJ; On^^I^QL'c As a. ccnbastn die n.-venined 1l^ 
in 1945^ and ]Bft;£on:E of the fish to decoii^ose 
1D0 close for T-lr_ Col^^^s con.foit Tlreie lad 
been, no thuti woitl\ nrenbonixEr for six yeans al; 
tJ:e tiiTe of Ji:^ V3si^ hut ibrtui'di^y OjEeepLoiE 
does n3t depeid on. iBizL The suLMn^er heatis 4ie 
diy II]OdE<jiee leatof lie Omr^e RiTer valley , 
but On^^jJuTE IE leabl^ in. ^ate of ii^ If 
ar^ore reeds a doctor ingeinly^ it iieaiG d 
lelepb^te call to Kenlreidt lEO niles Bwa^. 

Ute ncet ctf Ite EeltlsitnlE m Ite Qai^ Rr-^ET 
caiyoi; QiE^JarG has a dranBtc ^pnodi 1 
laimter a forest of kokstcoiiB in tie sni 
the kopp€s pled Iccedy ^vitasun IslelEtoi^ 
tlE stestok llBt steed an a Kdt lo £ffi Ite car 
pass; ard thai the 9±3ol and fcuil{ii:^ of lie 
Ronnn Caliidic ni^oi tesit^ ll:e iwa: 

Onseej^uTG xireLes a pleasant pictixe onieed in. 
tJe nenniy Mr Colder piAu^g criEhed pe^ch. 
stones uHd d ten. gallon ca^ 1d clear the sibr 
l^dexL n-ijer ^"akr Jot dnxdong Glo^^ black 
Imohul skiTG diyii'g oil tieir fiaiies The 
iraginr^^ of ginpEEruLt oiclreids and de lestfuL 

aze die ''one ivatn^' scteitrEsfe captine encuxrhof 
1^ I^^llI:^ ^AT^lEiE 1D cviLnvalB svall p^lrhes of 
d&seit^One suzti place is Aibba^^as^ I'otf^ Id d^e 
east of Goodl'oisG^ dvixrh a lor^ deldLir lus 1d 
Le n~dd£ fi:on\4ie iToniMuad to leachit^ 

Ml: H-J. C Ki^bM, tiE3^Ive;^^■\^^^asat 

"wnkmBuEJTiraiTlandfoilyyfflrE^, Ktisllo 
AttessE, I amtold that he ^sJsd Hk ilace for 
hEallh iffisora a wis doce, fbi^ he ^ras sbll 
dive at fre ^p of act^-nu^ vAai I last Itard 

Itns intEnsely hot ^t AUh^se. Nc iBii\ &!II tiieie 
teth^^eentie yeais L925 ard 1S02 W&vertl^le^, 
Ki^x>Iil tved. a± Aiiba^sas Jbr i^eaily tliiil^ yaais. 
He Insied InxE&lf with wagort n~akii:^^ ait 
[>cci^u1i£m he piefenied ic SLinTeyii'g Ki^nl'il 
^^ras ^ ^jniTE botamEtn an^L itrm:^ sutci^biiIe bear 

lis rmtre He s\so crre^k" dales, ^^diicti ^le oiiLy 
lu^v beir^ planted oil a ]aige scale along tl^e 
Oiange Eiven 

The aufliDT Ri^ HcC^eid is oaited "with 
inQniLarg Ite dalE palm to liie dry <islnds 
tcaiteirg Ihe nva: Roiran Catidic msioii- 
ans \^e^ He flKt to adept the ic^ aid tH^ 
aie nEiy fine dale pelrrG at Ifella aid olher 

One flnTipn^>T¥ivj giove of palxirE TOt far fnniTi 

Aliba^ias o^^eE its Qngin to a. stivJl nulitaiy 
debcliLTejit si^Hared cin tlie &ontier at the 
OTHfcieak Qf €^ L914-1913 War. A soldier 
leceived a 2]€cl:et of daJ£s in.a. Cbostrrus -pEoxieL 
He tlne'i^ the sin nes aw^^ and left 1d pcstuty a 
legacy of fiiuit and sl^ade of ^^hicb. te is 
piuLiaHy iiru.waie Eighty trees lo-^ yieM an 
anmul cn^p of two tm^e 

Wadrs' of GoodtEuse - if you hEC/e ne/er 
beard tinse iiairES coiqled tJHi you krcw 
nc*hiiig of the Crar^ Riva: 

But no^x"^ I I'Df^^ ya\.i tevB leali^Hi tJrm; 4iis 
jomney is scuirediizicr itidig tlun a seaicK Jbnr 
^VEiitmG alaiEj "die EiQiilier Tg find f^cple nxL^ 
dcseit IS I'ot BrDugh. I ^vaiitlD bnci^xr i^-^ ruEii. 
live on t^Fi^ily ixL lED laHc XL year aficr year The 
Lie of Weidi'er of GooeH'oil^ is tlie ley % 
sonretliixicr eliELV? ^A^ucH alllDO Qftcn as ^it% 
vam^nxLshuTTirEoiig -^sv^s of teaiL 

GcodhoiEe IS CBe of tinse ilaes v^di ahA^^ 
riBkesrffiiAidil a>iid fud lasure to islffi ip 
pamliitt In He a^QTirg li^ tlHB IS a oonliast 
fcelii^ei He hot rroiniaire. Hie sand, Ihs sun- 
SDindiEd nxiffi and Hie nvff grEerey, a sihe 
thsthKnffla-tesipjLoncaiTras-l shoiidlile 
to te lh& first lo pemt Ihe spnt of GoodhoiEe, a 
[ictutE \4iidi \^^3iid te for nr-ie Ihan a 
landac^s, Aiid if I had the hiEh of a Ifedle 
Lavis I \^iid psHffiife Mr. Caii Wadi:er to sit 
fer a poiliait These b^ pctiis \aoiid 
dECDiato Ite v^alls of ny couriy ODto^ aid 

WadiH" of GcodhtMEe is not piysical^ an 
haTJic flguiB, tut he lives i^ In lis inrtla a^j.-^ 

VoPat Pn^pHJ--^ — 'bn Ins o-wn wings he fhes_" 
SeTenty-englA ^^rlien last I caDed ojl Htlx aiii 

"die stioi'gest drmaclBis I I^aive CTer itretn 
Ivs[iLbble Id d clfcrzee^ nnbnrtely i^s^^iicefi^^ 
and as onsgn^al nn. hs gwtl ^k"^ Qf tlnnku^g as 
George Besmd SlenAr. A visici^aiy 'i^d'o I^as 
^lent iTDSt of Ins hfe wiiIl buunncr clBserts all 
iDiLmI Innri If you pa^^d throirrh GoDdliciT5& 
^ATidi cii'Jy a glanne at tins stuitn lotuiii n:an 
-wi^ iipB tei'evolenL Jace^ dien you ^^le a 
victiiTLof your o wn. st^^nd lustE and you lost an. 

Ifev;astomatBeaTt3Elia"onliieMos9l?e. and 
wai as a sdD^lhy lis islate hcd dwej^ped ^ 
Itet he "^Bs called inlo tie cdlais to iste Ihe 
feiTDiE BoBcastla" DokKa: In his youlh he 
nrveduio Bdciumandfcuidlis fiistjcbatHie 

Ait^^ep Ta^^ii HaL It had 3D'nEtim:g to (to vflth 
draumi Ite pol{ta^ Hie Icsv aaiiiy ledauiHi 
from He see; and ytuig Wa{liEr sailed Ihe 
Sd^ldt 1:^pV ^ ^ ^^11 Lx^ c^airg aid 
dceu:g i±e {iaire at Ihe i^i disebiIr Ths 
vok iai^ Inn ihe dorais of million 
v.tadi lata^ li^^ a ciffit pait inlis raiEs: 

Next te ^i^as ofleied wdijl ul a con~[]leiEly 
^k^aJEile^ pUce^ de re^vly- bounded Gemran. 
SGlden.'EJit of Ar^iR Peqif ra ui GovidtWest 
Afnca. He built die £istfbiir sohd b^ises dieie 
in. 13EG AlieEcly 1^ nniepEiident cluiBc^r of 
tl:B n:an ^^as ^bmcr st^ie. He fell out ^Arith. a 
Pn^san ofEicer aid ^^ras, as he toliinre hmKl£ 
''fomiUy itn^ved'' Weidner set out infc the 
uHEuar m an ox-^E^n wxth two Geuiron 
scientists^ a tolamst and a geoIocnsL He sbw/ 
LalE Ncranx ''a xireie piw^dV/- ^id als) 
out^}ant:Bd for tie fiist Hits teside tl^e OiHi^ge 
RiTeratadnft wlnch-die HblJEJitDis called Gur 
daos^tlre ''sheep foid '' Bo dill^ a:ieiitis1s died of 
fcTer on dns journey Weidner inuQfEd huuself 
with. niruL and. sinvived 

TC&pS VoU dove l]lD31.^tL l^DQf ^ftBT IdoQ^ 

aLv^^ nn tlie sbt^I tiacLs^ aid al; last tl^eis is 
GoodlciEe — axel Weu^rer. tfcrtsD long ^d d?e 
rcDiDr jDimey was an osieal 

FtnlUxuil you had to dmi> a M called 
Kcoisatffis, a Ml of isi sand uiiere Hie sun 

fl^Gd you in sumra" and Ite hs^ sard 
IhrffiloBl to hmig an erd to yoir rrotomtt Cne 
DT-nHTts heaiaOon^^ias febl. You hed to cpiri 
Ihroi^ 1% painfL%, uai^ an iisturt tJ^L ie 
Uc^ iJ^n skill Q^ dse you stu± in He sard 
cai Kcoiatees hll ard Icped liiaL ore of Mr. 
WadtET s trirfe \TOdd conE ard pil you out 

Sonthho'QL'd tlieiG "w^as it^ dead TaDey of ^^e 
Aut Rivtr, ^vhctiiT^ flo^v Dvce maqiBilErof 
a centixy. E^£5^ -\do, in tirB d^s tefbie talloon. 
tyres It was &:bL Id slo'i^ dowPL The iBdialor 
tonled and yo^it^ 1d letitboiL 

BelvoEai U:ese t*^ cfeete lives Wadre^ .» ard 
IcvGS it B\i it \^SE ytars aflff Ite ill-fated 
jouiT^ Ihat Ie sSJied Ihse Ife "wbs in C^b 

Tcs^^l taking out optiorG on Ihe C^ Has ard 
liannug to huld a csnal liridrg Salt River"\Mlh 
FdK B^. Afla-frat te VHt osliiciL fennrg at 
OudlElront andasadPTasuHilEcgKedtoedit 

tre iVjVj-'^'^p^ Brtv Aci^^^rti-^^r FbrHyc yeais 1^ 
hiDixrdit out idie T^wsps^^x eveiy w^el^ dashu:^ 
away ^ivklns &nii:kon.a nnfei^cycle^ liiJi3yii:g~ 
backfe cl^ 1^ Dstncti feal^Bis. 

The old jEtlled dislncG <xjdd rot held Cari 
WedtH" fbi^ bi:g In 1910 te vse tac^ ci* Ite 
Qai^Biva; lookmgforfemB^^H^celndie 
T^^^juld floun^ He t^^hI to JjiolaL iBisd 
£119,(XX) for Ite vehIuie, and toi^il femE 
alorg the nva^ fcr He conjHiy - irdici^g 
GccdhoiEe On the nsrth hank of Ihe nva; 
ofpceite GccdhoiE^ Ie toi^t a fenn called 
Haakieaion from a flim called Soufli African 
T^^QE a DHi \vith dtat-oq^Bl fan; Insllirg 
niD^EladE aiii sisitedes. His rouE ^^^^s 
Alexaiife^ Scollarii and Ie locfed exac% like a 
Gairan In feet he ^^QS tlE fani^E Bntish 
intrili jrrp offlcff \4e Kived for yffliE m He 

dunr^ -d^ L9L4-L9L3 Wji: ani was srui^gifid 
3im Gennror^ ^aixL m 1303 1d lesurtrE tns 
^lenlDis {H:ci^}al]CiJL - agam on the Gennratx 
GeremlSbff VcmruBy leitrm^isr dst Scodard 
ga^e eTid£i\:e at llie tnal of Ks^xUni^ nn 
Vemce EcotJani by lie way, is a rejSiETAr o£ 
GeoigB Beumd Shai^r. 

Wadt^ of 03iJt^ ktsvDDtim:g of all this unlil 
lEcai^. WadET ^^i^s all vai^ and hclds 
alcof tiniuall such kmMi f 0II7 in Hib ^aicid 
isdalion of Goodiffl^ 

As a. fireicieT lefore "d^ 131^1918 Wai: 

Weidzier "^as alruDst a SLVife^ E^ xeUiixed. 1d 
LvdeiTtz [his Pn^sian eneii:^ luvircT [l^f^i^d) 
anisecuied a ^k^lrBLi:^ conre^nciL Tlren l:e went 
1D Geixuari^^ £iii cfgntaX for it ^^ras iaid dc wn 
thot 4ie ^vluhxE^ conpai'^ met Lie GenuajL He 
nnteivie^^'ed. Ballux tie shij^Eu^g iTKrxme^ foeni 
of tie Kanser aid ^Tenieached 3ci£, tie GennreiL 
Golomal Seciebxy Agaii^ die itruiey ^vas 
Jbniiiomr^ - £50,CCO for ^vtelirg akmcr d^ 
coast of SoiAitWest A&ca. GeniTBi^ reeded 

^vlele oil 1D ccmreH; ixi&> explosLves Tl'e 
con~[fiji^ declaied a fifteen f«T cent dividend on 
tie fiist year's wodang- InlfflS Weidi^rselded 
aJ: GoodiuiLEe id develop d^ ostnol^ an[l catns 
JanTE on teiolf of tie London conpaii^ He 
looLed. b\fB beconii^g d mlliDi'diiG 

'^ War canB and fimdBl ny cai^o" as a con^Biy 
poniDlff/ WadiH^iiMireuilhlispbilcsqiac 
lai^ "^The^^ialQ^ ^^ee seisEd ly Ihe Bntish 
GmannHt-aiid the iraiist i^:^ oslnciL fsthas 
colla[ffid I hai £S,CCO die to n^ fiDm lii& 
v^b1u:q and m IIe end I gi^t £284 The vjar 
aiiiDiHi HB flm*;^ m liie c^st at GccdhDiES"" 

Tiente levealed ore oflns secietE, di^ TxrfriciL 
lus a. vnde ^iptcaHcuL 'If yon kve in a deseit 
tieiG IS oidy one tiiu^g in do/' declared Weidi^r. 
Tfou xnst tumit ink an oasis'' 

MisfbiliitES SMih iTora he danfSEd li^y. 
''What IS lc6t IS IcgL As iorgas I la^em^i I 
±1 iBt care Andi^iatlai/^ biresl l:Hi/eaad 

I i^id brDWTL Weidxier lani Ins bBepccobr^ 

^^aialisl for a iarg Unre befciiG te levealed 
arutlieT pluse ii\ his cImaclBr After tire 1E94 

^Aragoi\ tieL^ It EeeitrE^ l^e ^^dcwnore d^ ani 
^ATCMlEd ouL tJ:e annixit dF dlcohcil i^ tad 
{:ot:suL\^ u\ Ins life SnH ixi Ibs "Di^^rHiBS^ 1e 
BstuirBJEd 4m; l^e tad 1a]d\ as rtu:h as an 
Qidirmy itbil ^Anijld dnhk ixl iTi^cnty ^eais So 
fQr file next TT^trily yeans, tutiJ 1914, 1^ 
leru^nred a ^e^Maller. H^vix^ ^^^iIecL o£f fi^ese 
tqud aneais I^e pained lm:L~Eelf o'ut a ^la^ of 
teer^ and te still ei'^oys Ins nxideiELiE daily 

IU\9smApfl, 1913, flBtWedtH-safled (town 
lo amte his c«as at GccdhoiEft H&liGdIolals 
arayHirg-wilhlim B^orelffli/irgC^sTa^vn 
hetoi^lhaire^ alFBaiihefoui^ac^scai^ 
and 1e sde^sd Ite horses at Kl^mte, 
Elsa^H^ on Hie road he hoi^it a rrari^ cait 
daiMilliam ii^j/i^td itdie bcis^ ard at Van 
RlpDS±ip teal^aiA^f:aiardnijlG£ lo Ins 
c3/alctcfe WediH's t^ lo GccdhoiEe ^re 
"WJik lo nBiy a funiff ard pi tcqyb/ into liie 

pxk^ of"^s^;^cfefamHsvflliifom^lo sdL 
After v^^^ on lJ:e road he imdel Ite ir.^Er 
tank aid nHfe Ills Ir-nEltera OxdhDuse ^re 
huncon^l^h^i^iiiesEfornBry, nBiyyeare, 

He iMDixrlt: T^ a^ mrer ^Araler with a cn-iie oil 
pixip^ fad S3an lud miie d^an. a hmdied 
nrxigen. tinier inagatun^ - a hxidied nriigeiL of 

oiar^e and jmpa-fpi-nt. tzees^ vn^eE^ pa'u^ l^^vs, 
nroitrceE. The gcvennTent "^^^^ild. nM bmii a 
icad Id GoodliciiEe^ S3 Weidi^er ciA Ins own 
izEck and sigxtposiEd it Wl^etx poces of 
eTeiyd^ conrTDdibas iDse af&r tire 1314- 1313 
Wai^ te opened astDie on his iautxand s^ld tl^e 
nece^nHas 1d Ins latovnens at pfe-^k^ar [Hices 
AlnFiluni T^nm^ file HotkiitDt ]aadB^ -was 
an'DiEj hiE WDiJaTen. 

Not loig aflff lis amval he hmlt Hie peat ^K^di 
has camedm nm^ HioiEaiufc of liases os/er 
tteQBDcpBivEr. Q:ec^ttEp:slsnlt aiiian 
aigiy niAonst sloinsd inio Wadra^s 

"Ha-^MT far liifl you get LiefbiG it^mk?'' ixiquied. 
Weidner polite^ 

''MicblrEem - ny csi^s in the nidle of liie 
rivff/ la/edHierrDliaist 

"Ah rridstiMm ' exclaured WeuiiET- TJenlE 
til you.w'i™;- ^11 pay QrJy lulf i^nce " 

Wadt^r has hs OTjn Goalnc ffiiiffi of luiDix 
Ife loi^ed polilicBl diazuEiorG, and c 
"wilhiiBiy pc-litaaiiE, GaieBl Hotecg aTcoehe 
K^ifel \vilh cdniialior; ard IJ^ stdiaii^ 
diislrras can^ fcryears 

Tlreie ^vas orce a T-fcnster o£ l-Si^es for ^k^EorLi 
Weidzierlrk^ rutlnxEr bi:itcomBn~^ Af^rsonre 
difJezence of o^nxnorL OTer piT)?i»ctii'g ngltE^ 
Weuiner wir^fe ^ Ifittex ixl ^^dnch he CDiYf^ied 
-de oEEeiduicr iMin^iEr with a h^boczL The 
mmstEi^s seci?taiy i^jdied ponnlixtr Qut tJrm; 
the phiQEG -waE ol^jectioiuhle Weidi^er i^bhatr 
ed Ly givn'g ^ pet haiboon tie iutle of tlie 
Mimstr of t^nes R>r iTcnd^ vnsLtois l^eaid 
the s^ry, aid then Wenflxier woiilil shdut; die 

ruTLE aid. die LshoorL ^xniild. coiyb leajiixig~ o\t^ 
cf LtEtox. 

A fbmH^ Gcj/errDi-GaieaBl of Hie Umcsi 
visited Hie Wamtad dislnct of SoufttWest 
Afnca, teniloiy of Hie BoiiMs^^fflrt Hotlsaols, 
rrETif yeai^ ^i This voas t^om IJib 
Bcaiy ff^ot nsirg in 1922, and He QjTEaiior- 
G31sb1 Dfde a spesdi v^di filled Ite 
rHaOailols "wilh pi^ At the ari of tlE speedi 
&te Bo^lMa^Qlt hiaEE tand ilc^€d a tiu:e ^^llldl 
all Ihe nai±3e knav^ and ^^idi ssiBd to 
tlan ^pqniale. It i-ras "^Deutediard uta" 
the s|:Gedi hs ^iDle a IgQ^ ^i^yuig ibr 

Weidrerojize UeTelled b C^ie Tc^Amlo a^the 

I-^nstr of Raibvii^ Jot a. Lxie 1d ^QOiih^ise 
He put the case eloq^Ently^ ajid bmshed ]jy 
eqne^or^ the puis hope tJ:u1;he uviild see the 
Tail'i;'^ bui3t tefbiG he died 'Tl^^t depends qji 
^vherLyouohciosG to die/' leitrmlEd die I-buster 
cf Itail^v^s. Ths Lxie les iiDl;heeiLbiiih;ye1; aid 

"dm; -was one of 1^ raze occasors otx ^vtncK 

Tai yeai^ ag:^ I found Wadoei^ still ^faiy 
ahronirg He politcal columre of the t&^e- 
p^H3^ tut he conficfel to ire that te had 
teoHiE ''less canlanlsroiE' m pc-lilics^ Tlis 
TABS a rotolle liaiEC-nmliorL I iGemt lo ieeihJ: 
lis mlitical foi^rasls, lu^^s^; ardi krowthst 
he Das in lis posssioii a lelta^ from a foirrer 
FnnE Miiisls of tlE IMon sd^ adiiitoiri IIe 
aocmacy of cme of WadiH^s ^u^H^^st 
pij[teaffi, WhEai I vsE last at Gcodho^Ee m 
1M7, Wadner ^^QS sbll cfeiEiincu^ calsin 
politcal flcpzrs, thci^lGEhtleify dnnhehad 
{i>rem tie past 

ItTsluidlD fird an^Dre IigKi^ avtiIl^ seiEC of 

liunmir/' te leiTHded 'l£ tliei^ ttd been one 
nxLBisope^ jiEt one^ tlieie WDuld luve Li^eni'o 

Wadra's cwn Ease of hurrour "hos slsrtlai 
UETf/ an mpstor. A iiTospector cant to 
Qxxlioife Vbllii a nmv^oiE san^e of gsld 

qiBite, and sqatei Wadi:er lo te c^efiy 

Weidrer piclEii T^ tJie heavy nuggBt ard ^taied 

atrL ^^GoMaUnyht'^lEmid-TrLEazt IcanstalL 
see die Kincr's &ce oiLit" 

Cai^loffhisgiBni lfe[iDE[HtorgialiEdlhe 
n^A aiii ^ai anxioiE^ at He sfeds of 
gold Lola- 1e Issue migrant and llisl&'ei 
an acQcai for c^^iBton, Wa{5]a^ t^^^ dc* 
alamtd, and Ik head 113 niae of it 

Goodhsise is Iquwtl id die creneiBl pidilic of 
coilHsg^ rut as ai\ oaEis biLitas~de h^Hest spiM izi. 
Soufli Afcca_ Fbr n"aii^ yeais Wendrer was tl^ 
cifbcial "i^caidier lecoideT dieze, and he puhhsl^ed 
Hs views on. ^'e dlnvalE in.a. fain>i:s i]an~phlBtirL 
^x^hictL he availed -Qtb Sclivais iHirttraku:^ 
scheiTB. Oi^myht afteraiTEgrnficentdinreTof 
loast gmose^ hs eiiplanvd Id oxe w^i^ Gooiilui^ 
IS so hs^ 

Wadts" ahA^^ has a hEsi^ lairb y^ijsi Iha 
Ca[E Tavn isASf^HS i^urt a heat vs7e"wilh 
a nBxmimtai^Hatii&ctf nine^-a^ ±giES. 

H£ kioie aJ: Ins StEVd'Gcm screen ani £ni5 a d^ 
teitrpeiHtuie of 114 degrees (or itniel^ -wHl 
inre^ EiglAnn die evejni'g 

GccdhoiES IS on^ ahsl ax hnited fe^ abive 

ffia le/d. Norlh and s^ufli kj^^s/o; fre lard 
rises EhsTjiy lo IhiEe tiEiEard feet so that Ihe 
Ic^v nva^ foirffi an air px^ - a tct-air li^ - 
firan^fljidi frere IS sd±im aiy idees, Ccol sa 

R^itm^^ Ite si^er-heeled GccdhoiEe air is 
idais^ diy^ otiHwiffi Hie dji:[Ble i-TOuld te 

Tte I'ot Goodlicii^ air oftEi\ nses nn de ]a:&r 
aftEU'DorL axel baJides wi^ cooler dowitdiBTL^ti^. 
A ^Ares&ily ^ATud siioxEr^ i^ as a lesult^ scmrE- 
Hxires aiYD~QLituicr ic a gale AtsuidrwiLtlie ^koxii 
^aclEi'G^ ani a geiide breeze Ji:^ lecLiize -Qtb 
teitpeiHtuie Id seTei^- Fqut degrees GoodluiLEe 
acc«pi£ tliiE n~eicy giBlEfLilly - and slee^ ^^11 
Weidxier iz^n^y jHefeis ilie diy, tut^k^eaJlier Id 
1^ mnst; clau^ li^^ 'i^'I^en die dieunuYBter 
leiueirE QibstirmBLy atmnely-eighL 

Althci^ Gixdhause is nme^ niles hun Ihe 
sea (m a dusi line). He sa sals lis mflists 
aroi on Ills dislsnt fmiBce m ihe Gsar^ Pivet 
vall^. WIhi f eg hanls acceai^ on He v^stem 
kjnzoi; Ihe lar^HoiiB drops Ihr^-flve 
dEgrees witiin a f&v Ibuis, 

Tte -p^Y cf aiL official "i^eadier oh^onjer^ 1 iMst 
add^ slidlix^rs a. nnntJx Weiflxer faitlifully 
lecoided one of tie wendest chxtrHlES m tl^e 
^^^dfl fbrtliiE ze^raid. Hb lesents ar^ si^r^restioii. 
tJrot dieie axe I^oUet places nn. Afnca, hs Ir^E 
tenpeiobxes at Ins br^er-ti^ and 1 ^^^^^ild not 
caie 1D fJi^Kqua -±^ notlBr widi Inn^ T-l^Ji^ atx 
oj^ionent Iue Isen flooied by tJi5 fact tir^l die 
tJiEnwneier at Goocllioise^ mght aftr mgl^ 
lus regisiEzed. mnety- £ve degrees. 

Qily once Ins Ihe heat {fcven Wadre^ a'^ 
from GxxliDiE& That wbs in Ihe burning 
FdiiBiy of 1&4B, ■\\iiEai tie nsan imxminn 
v;qs IC© degtHS and \4hi thin ighrm i. ona 
giiasUy m^ Ihe laiiaalu^ laiBined al: 102 

Lannhe ^jid calvBS ^^rezG dyuxr intJrB I^e^l^ Cadle 
^A^is kisn^g drKrhDQTes nxLtlie hmtsdiii Oz^y 
lliei\ liiil Weidxier decide tn es?afe^ taloxicr Ins 
llieni\u ureter wtiIl Ihitl H£ fcund ^anctiuxy izi. 
^Arlm;!^ called a 'Vaivoqiul^iii le&igBiaJci^ - ^[iciiTEd. TtiBi^ tuise at tJ:e foot of die 
KaniBEteig witlnxL "Di^eid^ txules Qf die ^^a. 
Tliis type of corEtm?taorL sump^E^KS ai^lliu:^ 
ixEclrQjiical aiT- conditio mug coi^ pxodure - an 
ndeal atode inr asdnroUcs^ ctest sif-eiens and 
peojfe witl\ nerroif hrealdowrE/' Wendner 
^ATjclE tc ii:e '7etH b be hoi^esU I aTtxtecpnnu'g 
1D loner for a ttde m^ie siszlixicr m it:^ old 

Qe of WednETs giffltest fhaitfc \^sb Fillis, 
Ihe oioE pDfiiettH: Fillis orce offe^ 
WadiH" a jd3 as a dcwifc aid I tdia^ he 
Ihoi^l ssioi^ of iskuD iL AhAms a jolly 
DBii vfllhlhencfct bjild, i:e^mijldWeK^ 
lis auiaice ioGm:g in Hie tig tsl. 

I TvasonnTfT -^sy Hn GoodlioTEe 3rLL347 "id^nl 
asLed. s3n~eorie "^IretJieT he 1^ ^een Wendxier 
lecendy. The ii:bil ^^ook Ins I^ead "I I^eaid he 

^k^as dead - geUrcT oi\u\yeais, yonki'O'i^^ aiid 
he mst ba dead by no^ir." 

This disluied hb, thoi^ I coild 
telie/e it Thsn I {iu/e dcwn fre lorg 
afpDadi lo GoodtEuse and steatd the car 
caiitioiriy csi to the little ponL As Ihe Hotlat 
tolE hauled the ponL aoiLSB Ife m^^ I \^3S 
relie/ed lo see ll:e femliar, rorlly figure 
ialinn:g UDi^ a resd didla" on tfe EDilii tak, 
His^vife liad dial a favyaeis t^oie - a Itavy 
lioiv- andliehadsoldiiEfam:>iEGccdhDu£e 
fenn But^e\^i^sstlllWedDEa^ofGcodhDffieto 
aU v^B kav hlI^ Ihoitji te v;qs b-iildirg ip a 
nav GGlste at Haaktes^bimL aart^ ofpHle 

Seveity- eighx and still full of plans^ and the 
enezgy te caizy tJiemoiiL HetaHzcdin ine Qf tl^e 
old. d^ys u\ Ludeni^ and the negation carol 
tJrul ^^TQidd tmxL HaalaesdoouL nnb a paiadise 
Weidrer -w^as constzMirting a I'eu' pant of ^^^elded 
nrebl^ c^iahle of caizyn^g fifteen iDnE acio^ 
tbeniver After t^uX he 'i^'antedlD duft dowiMdie 
Oiarge Ritct nxk a flatr tctlonred boat; fnniTi 

"Alls Vnltir Frc2^j_-^" Tha1;fitE buntetlET iIhtl 
Ins rIaA slilL Hb tsHs of l&fcvii'g Ha^loesioaixL 
ani ddixET Ins df^ Qi^TnistaiLdaC^sdu- If I^e 
did^ It would he ^ difEeicjit n^an^lr for Wendrer 
]a^vB5 4ie Jirodc of his ^isoi'dbty on a place. I 
cariTDt linmk of Ikitl ]ivirg cuL of sifrht of his 
!l»loved Goodlci^. 'Tl^ teat suHe rut," 1^ 
lerL-micd beJbie I left That heat would ki^Dck 
Qi3tii:ErLlB!l£ W&kIhsi^s ag^. But Ins secietis nxt 
1D be JoTird nxL tl^e chxtrHle^ ibr Weidxier wouki 
1-^we itrBsteied tie AnMic_ 

I Ihnk fraL ta^hi Wadrff fiist sellled at 
Gccdh^uffi he reeliEed tiiat it is ir[p:es±le to 
li^ in t^^^ ^^oids at oixe, Gotx&cft^ tasnB 
lis ^^^alcL and he dh^ it a OMf oiMle ard 
fiiilfulvoid TlieolJH'™?iidcanElnhis±or 
dlsi aci^ He lislaHi to frciEari^ of 
tra^as fflri lemmEd ^SMe in his cjwn 
phlosijpjy. I "widi ihse^rtHe niH& Wa{iiEas m 
lhis"\mri{i forte adiiared iroie inhs ovvi; hot 

liltJe"\mrid U:Gnll:e staleaiHi hes^e cfcre vfllii all 

Not Jar westof Goodl'Dise is VioolalnftH tie last 
ung-fctioiL scheiTe oil die niTer. Set artr^i^ tl^ 

mxuLilHU'G yQTi conre i^»il pocletE of nch soil 
heze ard d'eie for lureiity iTiles. It was izi 1333 

tiot a }iaiii of ^^dirtE lOidl-^^^ilEis^ desf^nnxEr of 
Lie onieLef sclrejires at 3 s Sd ad^^ decoded 1d 
budd dieir o WTLwalETfunTxiAr at\^olsii3fL 

FollcMirg Ue Gsdia" exaii^e of Canrcn IslarcL 
th^ <id jmA ^^icaii ifce gmEnnrat tut 
Ein^ ffit to v^ik. Fust Qs/ tuit hailtes- 
hias fcr frar wivs aid ^mlis^ Tha; 
havirg cut ip Ite im^lle land uio avai to 
thar c^Mi slisfacQoa Bie nsi lelunBl to road 
nnkiig to lai^ c^al :oT 3b a^iapiE, 

It ^^ras a Ihsvo idea. While die JireiL wonjed on 
tie o£Bcial loads^ tl^e wonren and chddxen n~ede 
apmcipHriiE idecI of dieirownto tie site ^vheie 
tie ViDolsdjaft dani ^vas t> stand- Wtenever 

2ificgn"h.V ^E n~ErL joined tlieiirk anJ Masled d^e 
]or^ nmgHlicm fisxci^x" out of llie lock. AD tfo^ 
lYQik ^ix ^ATitlDut piDper c^Lbl or skiUBd 

Ife^ as at Canrc-n l^srd, givonnHit cffiaals 
T^ie 93 {t^7 mpsEsed ty liie imlialive of Ihe 
ffitlJes HbL liie peopJe of Vicolsiift \V3^ 
allcFAEd to rHiBin en Hie land Hi^ hed SEazei 
Mjt^ vse voted for a conil^ sdam - 
£y5,000 viidi grav to £114,CO0 t^ore Hie 

I ^iDiiLi blE Id provide e.I'^ipy eidix^ fbrtiiE? 

sbiy of 1D]1 ixLtl'e wJdeni'e^ UnfbitismEly^ as 
1^ yeais pa^:ed^ it becanre ^i^^ieiit list 
VioDilalnft was a fiasco B]q]eilE vi^bl "E^e 
jikce anH. fburd. too Jirar^ f«opl& on llie Hr^ 
plots Tte seldeis. cut off m dm cbsbnt valley, 
lai I'D ii:qi]e15 and no xeasDzutile tiBrspcxrt 
■fjnlnitfMT 7he go vezmrent decided dst it would 

]» a waste of pubbc nrji^y 1d go on tolstenrtf 
1^ a 5et£an:Ent without pro sipeclE. 

So Hie s^as "^^ siBiled "^mih "^Mlh s]j±L h^ 
hDpffi are dnfbrci av^"^ fiDm VicolsdnfL And 
the mifi-fc F mticicalde hts teare iiest Ihe 
atBn±?rea eivQi on lE laroi^esBjoui^. 

V^beu-Mr A_ D_ Lowns o]cpl£iied ihe coi^iise of 
tJ:e kwer Onai^e Rivor in. 1312 he did no^ 
enrcunfera sir^le wlnte n~ai\ tetur^eu. RaiTon's 
Dnft and ll'e sea. He staited ^oniPella luterdu:^ 
Id nde oi\ tuiset^c'k. rhs police ad-vised hixulD 
^vall^ wiA HblteJUDtE as cameis, they said it 
^^^uld he inpi^nhlo ^ lade coutinisi^^ alorg~ 
tJ:e nver tank aid liey weie laghL 

Lewis tidied on fool dunig Hie mst sei73e 
DecorfH" heat fcr lialf a caili^- The pace v^s 
too fast for Ue Holiaitols; lteu^vd^aDQ:GV^He 
out, ard Lavis had lo tnte than v^Hi tea ard 
tolHJXL Evai HiEai he had lo s:^^ freh 
earners v^HiffQ^ tE csiiE to IfotlaTtot luila The 
earners ktav only frar cwn largiE^ aid 
Lewis lEd to nalffi agrs, Ife hed f okI for a 

JbumgltfH and he -w^ss ddEunxed b follour die 

na^er down tn li^ ocean 

Sorrelmts le vse alls to hire a ndiig ox, hi 
DTst cf Ue lure hs jlcd^ alorg He a^ of 
fre VHtea^ on fcoL Cftm Ite c^s rraidi 
iidufed dmtircE fcr he can^ to gr^-tt^fed 
HEunlEarE iisiiig shea" from ihe m^ff fbi^ 3^^ 
frDiEardfeet Giamte taicce iu.^edteiife of 
tn^ rei y^lcw; gtsn aid llcdt mnaBls - 
inlasbiri ^HUiHiE fcr a HBn SMih a saaiflc 

steEdit;^ ahj/efrehundteinHk 

Jte^ leopaid ^nox -w^ss coiTd'on ei^oi^x At 
OTB pl^:e EonE l^ige ^iiutbI n^ied in^k^aids 
Lewis and Hs i»ny from the isver, tJrey could 
I-ear tiee biBnol'es ciEcidix^^ InA tl^ey i^e vex ^a^v 
~de ^iiin~^ Tlie canaBiE diDp^^ tirsir loads and 
nan \-\p llie nm^Haii'^ulB Whezi d'ey retun^ed 
~dey bid Le^ATis ^ tiippQ E^ ctmged tliEm Lewis 
doubted It; di^^^ti dieie ^^^eie still Ieeqx>s nn d^ 

At AiESQilehr he found Ite nirs of an aiiy 
unction sdsm wilii a qL£3" stoiy. TVjd 
h^tiHS naimd Ma^ os^vth^ cf Ihe 
ClDccdle YkM m Lr-rapx-l m 1S87, hed 33ld 
thar hHiKS and silled in His urredih^ 
rennte spt Cue of Ihs P^ssere vss a 
coiHin^tive, ard lis ttbiti dgei v^as Ite 
rsu/ay ctf lis hsllh Wt^ he ^ti^id la^ 
sdeamAiEaT^TT, an alncGt unheaid-of ^Ht 
m Ihe no-nmis land of He C^ fronlia; 
larauE a nyslay, Tte hroihas haded a steam- 
erguE and acTprg nHiiitay ly ox-v^^ag^n 
fton Ftat i^DlxOtii to AiEssiMi^ aiii fbi^ ten 
yeais 11:^ iiDdited gxd crops of frmt and 
ve^aUes, Thai IliB consun^aive died A 
nB±aiic rsnBd M j^h; viie hcd test oi^lcy- 
al ly the Masais. ctencted to iske cj/ff Ihe 
enlapiK, tut he^^nt hanknqJi TIhi a relirad 
pohcenei Pnc^ y^i to liro at AiEsaikEiT. 
Pnce {tfaitei and fiDm Qe tegmnuig of this 
cffiliJty, I tdiar^ AiESiMr has seai only 
ocrasitHial "vialors - pc-lm^ pcepeclore aid 
HoltoTlDls, It IS a teauliM 3lre<3± of Ite n^Ta; an 
icfeil fiacefbi^ansdiaiEiaolalnHisL 

On^ ^^tenLewis ^pioad'ed Sendfilincr's Dnft 
did he find die OiBn^e Rlvet eitrEigix^ -firwYly 
^DixL iipB mxuntau'G and Ent£i3XEr t^ coaEtnl 

The TT^EpeztDTE kriTff fe Oraitp I*^^ Qi^ 
tellH^ tl:sii aiy oUh^ b^dleas, Tte lale Mr. S. 
PahiuMb ca Slaiikoii", apiiqHaiTalircetip 
lo He ^ of his ctelli m 1947, cflai told he of 
fre jouii:^re he DE^ in lii& Eilst winid ctf Hie 
lordyrr.^^ andof hlS3^fiall^^^tensl5^iles 
lan ^icit aiil Hie teGt^^ffi a buii^ 

"Kir^SoIoiTDnof flie RictiiEjsvEld,'' diey called 
Jt^buvwi^ He fii^tiGikked ink d^twildeine^ 
TirrtiL padtdomlE^ 3i\ 1E05. iTEeHiKr cnJy -fl^ 
jxjvBny-EiaaclEn HoBEntelSr tie peoiile ^vto hv& 

dtl yostE, d^^nes and wJd l^n^y. Otjet "d^ 
Loidsr de GeinrarE woe at -war widi d^e 
HbtlEJtt>lE At d^t Hxtre RihuDwitz of^n 
crowed die nver cntzadix^ exF^dxtunnE^ andoi^e 

d^y hs TD^B to die I'&^iest Geiii:m\gaiii9>narii 

sold 3. wagort Icid. of oals 

As he vsE iBlurTm:g to Ite iwff fraL n^ he 
aid hs Hotl3iot gui{fe aiteiBd a d^p Idcof 
''TlHe aie riHi in Hie Hcof/ viis[HBd Hie 
Hottaitot "^The hc-isES knew thee are nsi 

RaLucwib could ^!e I'D one ixl die iTootnbgftL 
Next d^^ I'O'we^^x a Geni:m\ paHol -was 
aruJnsI'ed and wipsd out ijy die HbtlejtiDlE in 
tlrotldoof. Loi'g aftBiw^aids die E&iHEiilDt leader 
told Jt^buiowib "dot die ^k^liLlB Ufce on tns 
hoise's Iiead ^av^ hutxindie Idoof. Tirey ^atchb 
jT.^t goixE^ Id £ie ^t^ten-tl^y rec[>gnised ban 

TIbL ^^B3 RahiiiTAatz" s ^a^t^^st GKSf^ thoi^ 
1e had anotiH' v^tei his v^dr skiasi or. iJie 
ste^taiiplM'sKlocf mlJ:ePiajlQwdd 
He fdl dear, hi v^^n and donk^ ^-ae 
huried dj^vn Ite iTDiuTlBUHcfe, The gtunsca^ IS 
^11 called Rab^ s Rill ly Ite Hottstots. 

Rahucwib n~dde n~aji^ ex^sditionE ULseair^hof 
tie leg&ndaiy "iM3T.inlHirL o£ copps^ i^ear tit 

OiHi^ge Ei-vtr Once dunng- tie ISL^ISIS Wai: 
-wha\cc-ppEr-was £120 3.^i\ a Hi^EirotxcifJerod 
1D lead Inxix to tie ?ix>~L After d^s m d^e 
TYniTrTfjnvp: tliey iTet aictl^r BiEtiiTBiL Wext 

rcDimxtrlie guide udbniYEd I^nrcwi^ tl'dtte 
tad clm^ged his rLiid ani decuied. Id leep d^e 
sec£5t of the 'tD^jper iYoi3nlaii\'' JtabixiDwite 
aigved witli 1^ 5^Etin~Bi\ itr^de iheiix iBitrptu:^ 
DiBeisof tobacco^ tnLit;l~ehEd.wastBdIii5lixt:E Hb 
^b^ay^ -firti-ly bBlifived tie legerd And indeed^ 
tieiG 12 a iiL^e toiilder of PlU:? copper at Kilxios 
nnflie RiolTlEiEveld, fcc ]aigE in in>ve_ Tins is 
legaided ijy prospBctDis as d sigxpost to d^e 
{:opfer rLcunbixL "i^'Inch id are ioE BTer t^^mi 
T^ die Inidder wxth a. }mM:L~eT^ and it in^gs blc 

Mx^ale "^^alth csde Bahic^lz's i^ in 
1926, as a lEsdt of a qiEer esiieiierce Ihal 
sOik in lis mid ThiilEsi yeeis p& ioiE.y he 

TAQB out ndiTTjj i^ar Ue der^ Riva" ninih 
T^Hi lis loffi ilutrfEd utIq qiudsan^ on liie 
g^ but 1e sOll had his sjantck aid he la^iEd 

the loffi lu til it aiH^i He oijuld iBt DEunt it 
93 1e gta^Hi Ite tail ard v^s pullai lo sfe^. 

I^ahuc wib rode s^vidE^'aids aloi^ tie coast urniL 
he caiTe to die d^ires biDwn as BudiiibeEg. 
TieiG he lesiEd ard iiLir^ o^itlnsclDdieslD dxy. 
Willie Lyu'g dieie he noticed ucbcaliarE of 
d^annndifBiDiE cjiavaL He did. I'ot IdUc^ t^ 
cLiE at tie Hue. bd.m 1926 he wont hack ard. 
pnnspeded tie aiea dicuDixrl^ Be&^ie loi^g le 
jcisid Qi'e of d'e fo^haEsi DystBr sl^eDs ^vhicb. 
ais ^^ncal of tie Jich NaiTeqisIand dep3sii£ 
Tieie 'i^'as s3n~E^iiiEr het&r tien. a pead m tiet 
ouster - a dianTiid- RahiruwHs and hiE [mlreis 
mght levB heconre iTiUiomueE if diey l^ad 
^x^dEd dieir clainrE dieiiEelvsE. IrEtead. tl^ey 
sold to Dnr Hans MEn^i^h^ I teheve Rahiru- 
witz' s ^uxe lajinntD ner^ tlci^an:^ of p^^mis 

He boi^l Ih^e ^nm in So^tWat Afhci 
65,000 ni3K^ altogEtis" i^ai^ Ka.'Bsburgi aid 
stdffid itanv^ih foiF dciEaid taiakul sheep 
''Bladt daniaife are tetter Ihan oiduEiy 
daiTDiik/ 1e ctedaiBi He sold tl:e sloie at 
SleuTkoif, ^^teIe he lai lived for nmy yeais 

LetM^eei^ piDEf^ctixEj Hips. And he broi^lA tns 
Txrife and faiMl^ 1D liv^ in-C^^x Town 

I lEed lo nEet BahiDMlz on IJe Efflficat at Sea 
Ibul cccBsioral^, aid he sarEd istiss, A 
■w3ridtoirMedlore3Hialehimtoa^lif& In 
1£G7 tE lEtunfii to Ite BiciilEiwEJd Ffe hai a 
s[i]^ile nlie witiin acit of fre nva; aid he 
tunrdled into a nmmlainEa^t to Lung out Ihe 
tur^lQi 0I& Rahiii^ vib "^ras 1:^^ E^m in Hie 
Q^fe RTTff hEsL WIhi he ded 1e ^ras 
pisisztuigfcrdaniMiifc ^Bui ly spe^al panit 
DEBi^ Ihe I^nHjBlaid ccasL He v^ a iran v^B 
had adutel cjrat haiiMu|£, tut v^ sbll 
p^aiedhfe in He qsai 

I^ffi VBE arotiisr prapedor Wid knav Ihe 
fre joun^re he nafe on fcot m Ihat ai^ 
ccvamg giEet disfercs m a c^ ■\\^Hi iJae VBE 
DDolhff"^\^ctf iffichu:gv;Hter. I leierterhis 
£ffii£d, sutTrlanred face, aid Ihe ws/ his Hie 

^^s void ^niE \^5]el 1e spole of Ihe ndES 
VMlirg to Is unDZTTEied 

Bnrest Heyes signed. Ins caieer as a piDEf^clDr 
^ady ths centixy^ tzoldarg aloi^g tlie L^lopo 
■with "Sco^l^ SnxtlL "Hfi was at LirifiTHs n\ *ie 
^ady d^E erf" the diannnd disccn^tiy Tl^n It 
disfiEd eoilH^ to tl'e ItLcltBiEVBld ^id spejit ^ai5 
in d'e lemtDiy %> ^vtiuil^ 4ie old nri^iiciruxy 
Richfer t^ giv^n tns ronrE 

Ore of Ihe stons H^es lold ne Qi^diEGisl Ihe 
lordiiES ci" Ihe Ridieweld T^TEs is±sd Ihe 
Qai^ Pis^s at a shalloi^ v pait aid h^v a nMi 
T^^odii^ lo^^flids hum from ihe Soiih-Wst 
AfLican Ei(fe - a yourg policaiBii nn k^Tp . £id 

Tte corGtal]le inld HByes thatlie hfd. i^^tfihed t^ 
^jci^e of irGanu^ Efis two coji:i]dmojE ^t tl^e 
oiitp35i 1^ goTB [}H OJL dii^^ ^md hs 1^ b^en 
e rune Ly alone fbrtwD nruri'c E& l^rutseend 
^^Hte n:an dum^g tlm; tin's H^ latiai's weie 
alnmst e>[lmEbi^ infad^ I^e 1^ notini^g leftbut 
A Ltde n^reaLe nreaL An a xesult of this 

exfenBTire^ lie ^ud^ te lud decided ^ bi^ tns 

In 19^5 Hs^€S sfiored Ite "Woiifegar He 
nystaioiE cai/an on a kofpe riEar 
Anmsfbitaii liiffi niles soiih of Ihs Cratp 
Riva: Ffe toe* a v^idi ard v^re calle to ihe 
spot aid VJBS lc^^ssi uio Ite cfeiki:eE, 

Tte cavEiax I nr^" s^, is avDnded by the 
HbtlEiilDlE It WDiild te ^ darker sp^t if it ^vas 
I'Dta) zemilB; Jcxrilie Iixia IS ab^i-itturelve feetnxL 
dianrEtET^ it goes stiHigbt; dawj^ ard ^^e baled 
eaitl\ iDULd the edge czurtrdilBE xndeif^ot Tl^e 
HbVBiblE can d^ tule 'Heiji Kitob." aid dcy 
^3^ it 15 a. tixnel ]aadix^ 1d the nvei: uil^abitBd 
1^ Avlste bal5 aid vanoiE feiDcioiE iTorsteis 
Lor^ agD^ Eccoidixicr 1d HotlBritEit legerd^ in^ 
ard smle cai^e out of the eardk azid ~E:e cai^aixL 
^xras fbutred by dns eir^TtioiL 

Soaitlsts <i> DC* ao::^ Ihs volcanic 
sqianfilic^ for I]he is no lara aiyv^H^ itai^ 
fre OTttarce, Wala" acQcai s^qe mpoMie, 

ttefai-off c^sii^Hiiiisct^i^Ga^Ktii 
Yoii call l:ee^ a nDiiitjEiiaEe rear Ihe nmilii of 
the "Woiifer^" Siijfar and nica aie found 

He^s ^^reiitdo wnfbr aFxjvitsciity feetaid laided 
on a ledge. The haiz "E^at Qew m hs &ce ^^reie 
the oidumy luDiATTL spBcixirei'G Tl^eie ^veie hdje 
of 4ie "slDres thotsfaiUe lilc fii?.'' whnchAie 
Hotleiikis h^ a^run^ Icrcihe ^^^^^ild find nf I'e 
suivived tie ai^ger of tie nrn^e^is He i^otic^d 
tunrelE leadix^ o~Qt;of d'e ^sft biAhe coiild Jut 
leEch thenx wid\ tie wiie ca!Me leEtiictu:^ hns 
noveneiitE The air ^nreht suilphiLiEoi.^ Heyes 
cra.Te tie sigTuL and xetLUxed to clayligiit ^^rithi 
only a ^anf^ of cnujio ~b ^lo^i" for hiE eiEitiorG. 

The'Won^tBr v-^sqlorBdE^ninAigiEt 
1947, yA^^L Ite Diannrd Detetoe D^srtnal 
m NanBqLBlaid^^se fbUcwmg a^sy di£ in an 
effort to Kud ip dianiHid siir^las. Th^ 
Kcaved infonralion Hiat fre soiits of coe ncii 
haul \\3S He "Wort^pL" Sa^erts cfe Kodt 
aid Le Fouk "^^it to Hie spA wilh a colcuei 
coiElall^ and He osElalle vdunlEaad to 

descend -wiAi an e]£ctiif^ lDDrh azil ^% ^x^hst 1b 
t:oi.ild fini LhIe Uey^s, i^ corstaMe yjas vnialilB 
Id leach tLe bolbruL TL'e h^^ >^as ntieiEe ite 
bate t^H^ HeyES EEi^a ULitEied weiE still tJEie^ ani 
~di££E w&iB re diaiiTiiiiE Tale b. long whe wi^ 
^mif joixgn to flt "\VniidEigair_ 

lam^aiilJMliieiBireorCoiiiE^ jsDcwlD te 
feud dh lh& rrap of Qie Hidilew^d for ihs 
poet and pogHtor mri^ nBir^ valistle 
cpidogicBl i±a]ovgis in Ihs giEat iHid of lie 
nva: These ^Mid follcVBd piDfited h/ lie 
Rsdilswdd IE hs nHiDiiaL 

OUesti Df all the Iticl^^£sv^ld [HOEpectDis was 
1* Vfilhanx Caisfei^ o£ P&m WDlkdi who s 
Htill alxve an tic £^ of ihie^oie Iil amIhEfr 

"^vz-ii^ I bare dEsoiJHl fuw "lar^tat and hs 
brd In 1392 a HDtlaitoi ttOi]^ a lav gn^^Tt 

^ Si FiJ^ ATL" Frii-" ^ Vrram rna^ Cap^ Tn wa * 

nitEPfe 'iif cpl"! Hill- Pent NiiJloth, Scon afla=- 
T^^^Ti a i±j±}r v^ Isd Tiai out vazireQrg IJe 
HbttaitolE i^uiTEd vjilh He i& w tiBt hs bad 
^eoi 15^^ farr-EEsi mt^pts in li]e pcEsaonos a 
di^ as C>j Linte, 'TIh^ niEt te 
nruiaiiEofgDJdinlteFadile^jdd," sad lie 

CaistEEE dEaded te 1za?& ~E.v gold te i1h as^ace. 
After a kijirr ^'Ecr^nHBk he f-Durd On Lnnl^ ard. 
era?? Inro. a Hiv^iogrL ^iiace for the zn^g^te. 
ThEiihe Esled InxuLte lev^al die p}stu>ii oE tLe 
^Id "If 1 End eziDixrh g^ld I ^kiU Insld ^12 a 
[Ecper ciascK' Mr Ca^leiG pmruiEed 

Aflo"nu[ihtGn3lia?dhig, i]£T.\^e; is^^^ned 
th^i: Ou i-m]^ ted ED inHnQon of grvuD lie 
^ane; a^. A yomg tfcOaiot a^ up Ih 
CaraHE oce n^ and offaai c gacfe hni In 
tJE Gciit fJaca The HMESEJt dis^^td a hxqy 
of cpHiz and ydicw mca v^iidi & sid Iieo 
oanB&omtJE 33UITS of Ite gaJd 

C^EtEiE ^asled 1^ a. cieek ^bQiA tiVerd^ rnle^ 

I^bld-iire^ "Tl^puzledi^axn^g&tllE size o£ 

HEgiElrale lo vaify Ite di93J^a7, am a "^ciadle" 
tir v^Q^iig gjki The n^isliale [siiiEd b.^ 
sds trfore 1e fburd a ''colotf'; Uhi Ivc 
nr^^ caire lo li^ CaislaE isxji^aHl 
aci^gcJdto HBke t^^^ nip fbi^ his vflfe. The 
HEg^lrale, ^c^^^7a; cfen^Jm^ to p rriaim ih^ 

arm as a dcgii^ - Yb oonac^Bd it Ibo larote 

Was ths die zea] SDUice of die E^-umilDtE' 
in^geiE^ It ns doiibtfuL IndicaHoiG of golilluvB 
teeiL Jciind ixl od^er parts of tl^e Richtensvcli 
^Tce tlieii. Ralnro'wjtz tiHzed a geld iee£ and 
tieie -w^iiB imtl'oiiis at Qi^e tn^e d^atGeinroTE tad 
cnj^eddie hvet jl^ ^k^eie ^kix^ gold lu^d^urith. 

The ircet pe^stait seidi fcr g^ld m tins ar^a 
TAEG nsfe ty Ml: Tloras BiJlir^Bni a Yoik- 
dmaraii He had tsn pnepectutj fbi^ ^vai 
yeaisv^Hil nSihinQH^ aiiihelHijiElEUDk 

tlnee diafls lo the iioith of Kutcc^ over Ihe 

"WJd coT.intiy - btita treasLns tci.Ee Qf TwealtlV\ 
declared Bilhi^gl'diix T tmvc seenleof^id spsois 
sgtiti^fe die latdLirois' huts The boys wiQ I'cxt 
sby tteie wid'DiLit; giLirG ScciijKorE^ tiH>^ diey aie 
alw^^ geUmrr lutlEiLb^ Ecoi^iLDiiE BiAitosrutd 
bad pl^:e Tteie is a fire ]aige spm^g of -waXBZ 
ard I c^i\ groiAT all soits of ^^^g^btJes u\ 117 

BiJliT^Bin ard lis asislaifi \\h^ I\to cf Ihe 
three T^^iite irai m He area at liiat toE, ard 
thaETAffi93nBd3i±t about ltelJTmiltT.raBsid 
that he v-jss a &H^eJ° an old siloi^ imn v^ had 
coire inlard and hEd nste has hcHE in a cave m 
the f Ece cl" a diff i:ear Ihe nva: CUff ^s/aily , 
accordii^g lo Ihe HotlaiolE, and liviig on a diet 
of tetcors ard ii^iis, A ca^e nnn vilh lorg 
hau^ and a led-gi^ teaid, shunnu^ ovilisalion 

Wteieirer yon gQ alor^ tl^ ivoie lenxit p^zlsoE 
tie OiHi^ge Riv^r ymnwill l^ear tales o£ d^ Great 
Siulc At fust. I xegarded rt as fblkloie. Ndw I 
tdTe gaUrBTBA a> xiruiti BTid£i\:e fiDiix rebaMe 
3]eopl£ -t^Bt I IshBTe €¥ Gieat. Sr^lc is 
SDiirEtlnrg iTDie duTLlcgcrii and nTECjuuJiDJi. 

TIeBs^- H C V. Loliimt fiiEtKe^e^of liie 
Aidives in Cas Tawi; neiliored a [aKHial 
eqsiaice wim Ite Gimt Snab& Ife vss 
hw^l 153 on l±e tanks of IIe rr/a; and ralivGS 
he 1^ doMi a spit vAa^ EDX'rdu:g la Hie 
nalivffi, Ite srele hod hs:: islirg anr-rg Hie 
iffi±, ''TlHev^e a dear uqiaesion d" a greet 
b>^, fortheiffl^lsc^l^er-tlElleBi"" raoHrtd 
T-^HTar rii- "^Hov^Ta; tiisre^'^eresblldqiianlE 
in liicss [btIs ard Hi^ n^ liave teai 

Tte psweiE of d'e SL'dLE^ I rm7 add^ in?h:il& a 

ix^sIbuciie inELuezice o^jcr all ^k^ho bel'olcl it 
Ttuse ^A^ eii^EG^ liishelief suE'&r iH- Irealih or 
deatlx "i^'Inle i1d^ %'Ii3 respsct die si^aLe can 
iecIdil oil good fQitune - especially akuirr d'c 

iiTer diaitTijid digguigs. Tl'e SLolc caii read yo lit 
tJi^L^tilE aid eiituze 7012 ntio d^e ^vater. It^s 
biea^lincicliQ a. n^ajidin wnyaids aw^. 

So niiii fbi^ Hie feuy stoiy aspecL No^ hse is 
the e/i{faEe of Mr. G. A- Kim^ei; a c^hbI 
tfealer \'Ao damsd lo l:ai/e seai Hie sinke in 
lE^, ^-rfile en a tadutijoiJtT^ m fre Upi^n 
aiffi, HelmtaHllis^ilsfbi^diem g:iQlsard 
skiiiE; aiiihrn^tlteElExkaaKElrE muffin a 
flatbotlonHi faiy tcoL 

"The Ixiatl^ ji:Et.L:eei\fLill7]oEd]ed wH^goafi 
ani -was atoLit Iejl yaids ^uiTidre tank^A^ieii tl^e 
head, of a. iTDrstzoL^ Eei^]eiit etxEzgcd fiioni tl^e 
stzeanx" declaied ^^ Kinrear 'Tte head, in 
Tx^hich ^veie set Uwc laige UinJoi^ eyes, ^as 
^msGveiLfe ei£rlitiii?heE mwidtJx and die eigft: 
Id ten feet of tody it leaied OLit of tlie ^a&r 
conld. on^ l^a^e been abouL a qisHEX of iIe 
lei^rdL Oj^ f^r an irstajA difl He Iread ^ipear 
before It dived E^ain I ^vaibl m suEpei'se for its 
le^ipeaian^ze as I i^aluial^ expected it "i^oxild 
nroLc fbrd^e toatn but tim ^^ras d^e last I saw of 
It HendnK tbe boaJxtrmx 'i^'as tenoi^sti^clEJi ard 

1^ oilier JHUves Ed Idir^ tie gaal5 wbig a^iearLt 

PiDlst^ Ihe niEt aulhsilic acooutt of liie GiEet 
Srske v^s gF73i ty Rei CoirdL He was 
CBiiprg ahout Ivsily mlGS telowlte Ai^a- 
hes F^ \Mlh l\m om^sDioiE ID 1910, oneof 
iJEm an Anaican narrEd Kann^er. Tte 
Orai:cp Hjv^ v^s in flcxxi Caie ^ Kam- 
n^e^\rt^E tsllTirg in a quel tBi±"H^rala; lAliee 
ca:^ v«B grazirg at Ihe v;Qla' s e(^ 

Sulderily K^itiLTiey?r czied outin tenser azid xan 
tack Id Coinell. KaituMeyer said llm; a 'i^'aive 
I^d. suiged past hixix and that d^e opertja^^red 
lead and HertBrdoiE body of a ln.'^e ^cuIe- 
Hlc trcjEtETlHd eivexcTEd in aheifrlitof twelve 
Jeet. Tl'e si^aliB I^eiL p^in^ced on oi^e of 1^ 
calves and dis^rpeai^d vntli lL ConneU coz^ 
fimred. "die fact tl^at a caH v/as nrissincr 

Kann^er stiidt to his stoiy. He cfeiarai He 
aiake's bx^r vsb as Ihdt as a tend. 
ttrttentote ai^cyed ly Conidl sid lii^ had 
SGSi Ihe GiEaL Snahe on saeBl coasionE. and 

had shot at it - tut Hie snake v^t& mmme Id 

PiHlher d£i-wi\ de nver tie Jate Father WoH o£ 
Pella Mi^dDTL told Ji:e dut ^ans ago "die 
HoUenlDiE ]:C2^ coiifilaimng 1D Inzntl^t a tiLrre 
eihIe w'as iireyincr on tbenr stcclt Fadier Wolf 
^x^as iTL'pie^sd. by diese reports^ anJ led. an 
expedxtion inb the itduliI^ixe alorcr "die uver 
uxseaictLof die nT>rEiEr. He fciind n^thn^g. 

Nsd tJE snahe ap^zears in Ihe RichlH weld 
H^^GS, Ihe inspector, assured ire thai be saw 
it in 1929 ^^^laB liie GooimS: RwEa^joins ll:e 
OiBi^ a fav mles east of SerfeJirg's DnfL 
'^ I vffls Ihiee hundredyanfe av^ "^^lEai T shmv it 
but nyHotlentolsian for Ihear lives/ <kdaied 

F^re]^ a. police seigeajit on dti^ i^ear die 
m3iitl\ of "die QiBnge River bkl me a qiEer 


''Thea^ is a laige sishe or Eorrelfairei m ll:e 
rwer/ said Ihe sa^penL "I hai/e rs^ff ssi it 
but not long ag^ I cai^il a mloured shqiHri 

nxL 3. place ^vtiei^ he lud no nif^lt; to L:« AU tlie 
courtly a!l»Te tl^ lugh-fkio d level cm tl^ rui^ 
Lank of die iiver is ci~Qt; of bD~QLii2 - it is a 
diaruD Jid azea. The ^lepheid kne'i^ tJ:e la^v vjcll 
eici^H hot I'e told nre tJret he lud jiEt seetx 
"die Great Erelc and d^ied. ret go nearllie niver 
■with tns flock-" 

It IS rot ee^ lo decave a haid-btlai ffii^ant 
cf the SoimAfncan Police "Willi a faiiy sloiy. 
The sa^EGia, Id^stq^p rmcfe mirediale 
IrquuiGS am:>r:g lh& nativs Q:[^ic^ed ly Ihe 
piNhce In pet[d liE rwQ^ and report tffifBEsas. 
To his aslcmshnHil he leanil IhaL his rren had 
not fcesi oil on palmJ tlnl da^. Th^ reported 
Ihat Ih^ had sesi the Great Srske am:>i:g ll:e 
tees, ard pointed out liie gi>t to the seigE9DL 

Tl^ese Tx^eie tn^tword^ ruen" BuiTnred t_^ die 

seigeartiL "They lud £eei\ a)n~et]iu^ ilut very 
ixDsiixig~. I sat^vstclni'g idie nvcr for a. loner Unre, 
butdieie was I'D Usee of if 

It IS sigmficsit jaii^, thot Sir JanES 
Aloooda"^ Ihe QCfioiaTAiio vialed Ihe HHih of 

the CSar^ Riva" in 1338, widIs in lis bxfc 
■"Ffeie an iniraa:Ee srale is cassioral^ seai 
T^^ree Irace on the saiii IS a foot ticad'' 

Comellsi.-ggestEd-tl'at^ GieaJ:Siulie ruigliLhe 
a. neiA^ ^lecies of ^lam leptile I do not Hunk it is 
necesaiy to go heyQid tl^e ki^own. srules^ 
ho^i^e^^ci^ 1D Sid aieasei'able expl^mHo jl of the 
Oiange River inn'sfer Tl^aveiEcre laige pyticn. 
IS ^venteen feet ixl lenrrdx aid inseniTi 
aj.idEiiiti£s adnil Hut twenty- five foot specuTens 
lu-Te bsei^ Dhseived- Gmely d'fitis a. GieatSmlc^ 
laige enoixr^im tove bseiMespDJiEiHe I'otoidy 
foT the faixy tulles lin.ittl'e triE acceunts of lelialile 
e ye- witne ^es. 

ObnouE^ Ihse h^ ah\^^ teai nijre Htm cme 
Gieat Smke m tiis Qacge Retq: Lai^ [ylJo:G 
do live m Ihe lod^, iracceE±ie {tfilts of liie 
utEXfloied niHidBins tiial drop d^ff into lie 
n va: Fyiitais are gieat ^^;ini^HS - and cfed^ 
adraaiiffi \^llEn ^g/ i^^e: sn^il aiimBls aid 
sloi^v^wiltei or unfoitiZElE iTurrans, The[ylhoiE 
of Ihe OiBBcp River aealallhiisle^ii mdlh^ 
aie sQll ke^ig it alTTfi. 

At n~^ji^ places OIL 1^ OiHi'g? yen Wll als3 hear 
1^ lecjEiid Qf i3ie p3is3rui.El^^id drotcoitrESQTit; 
orJy at mgln; iMJsns a Inglt^tl^ed soim^l^ ani 
lolls dlnldien wuh JtE teetlL No sliiK <n^^^m^ 
€o/3s^ of coLioe^ for 1^ 5oid\ AEmcsn l^mds 
are aD ncut^JcruixoiE 5uL tl^eie is a luiiTdf^ 
LsaDi ux d'ese icgions ^vhiclx n:^ be heasi 
calluirr atmgliL 

TIe niKt feeisanB loohig lisnfe of Ite CttBEcp 
Pi/s niD^aaiiE aie Bie niailoi^ or legiBans, 
Thee are cpaniB iiiisi GSfBoal^ Ite greei 
■i^la^legLBan\^ch93nt^uiES grm^lo niae 
fran ax feet in Is^Hl Itock l^iaarG ^dan 
Qtcesd fcu" feet The BortMsn^ils knt ti^m 
and lEe iJiB fet inlJHrnEdicii^E 

A comeied ]Eguaai\ can be a ms^ c^Etoivei^ liuit 
ite stioi^, sweejm:^ bil ns riTue dar^eioiE ^^atx 
itE ~&etl\ The lock legLuan goes ^ eaxilLduor^ 
1^ cold So iitl> West AfncaiLwiii&r, aidicjirHirE 
^HTUiB innlE buns^v -QiJf^ a ib^ bnis it 

Ydlo^v iHanDi^ ?.\Qmi m He Qbbcp River 
gor^ at calam sasai^ Son^uiES lte;r diive 
you fiom Hie canjfire, and Uhi you am 
foituralE if you can vafe tinm^ a si{fe-3lieem 

One of 4ie Brest sighlE m d^e sulyelgt is 4e 
iiuri^ilioiLof H'e Nait:^^^ partndgES arL^^aicl~L of 
■w^itei- ^-KeEiEWTn]" €^y calL '"KElliEWTn]" Tl^ 
air IS filled witJx bnnwn coveys; d'eie aie S3 
nor^ di^LEariis of ilieiTill'at die heatu^g of tlienr 
Vi\y wu^s ciealES a sound hie a lugh wnni ulAib 
cai^niL Hawls fbllo'i^ d'e litde gxoi.Be Itiiey aie 
"paitndges"' in. rmt:E oidy> ani tale dieir toIL 
Often tlie gioise oxitfLy d^eir puzsL^is 

S onE of Ite fl^ m He Qai^ Bivtr m^ vM 
te mslahsi fbi^ niHEiss, TYb mil tBitd, for 
exanjie, giu^^^toaxfeetmle:glhandvfii^:G 
as nitb as 130 Ih Burddl raiHi it siiu^us 

Grm^s^nu^ Tte^ sli^ryi^ fish aie fQind in. 
slo^v hdvu^ parts of dre stieam Dad^ gieen 
atoTe ani ^vhLt belo'i^^ they Irove n? scales It is 
d:B largest fffiElt^vai&r fish uiSoiLidL Afiica. 

WireiLtlie -nvfj-r i^n^c: nji tie bai^L iGlz&^l5 deep 
nnlD 1^ jn>'ist; iTLii Special LmeathixEr oigajE 
albchedlD tie gills eiu}^ LtlD lenrHin aliTe t^r 
^ydhiIe^ isml tl^e nTer flews agauL ~Y~oi2 can 
too'k dieru -wi6:i ^^rcMiirs qt iveat as haiL T!be 
HbVeidDtE E^efu i^ieiw nn Etolla'i^ pools at Ic^v 
3a¥er_ t^ol taiel, hoTxreT^ti: is not xn^K o£ d 
disl\ 131 Je^ jTxu tflse beenlivni:^ ontzm^ed food 
fxr^loi'g tixtJE Tte fle^is iDii^tLard nEddisb. 
ani nfil^nrLO J 

In^le cf Ue inlaise sutme l:£9t in Ite Orancp 

fcrafiilc^outctf^sBlQ: Relum it to Ihe nver 
afia" houi^ of sqcaie to Ihe sur; aid it vflli 
iwive mnHiatdy- 

Tte foivcimtE ftElniicr sp^t oil tlie OiBi^re River 
last cenbLny ^ aid Im^g bejcize -Qr^X^ 'i^'as at tl^e eni 
of flie AiTj>TTTa>Tw^ cai^^^jn Tl^re iiie HetiEnlDtE 
ar^led wHlibDne b^oLs and set tJieir k^iee-'^^^od 
Ss\.\ tiB^E- WiIbt foT.ini a ^A^le inbe livii^ t3ieie 
ond diel;of £sti wild beisiss and wild Leans. 

Fari^iTLtie n3itlieii\ RictitEisveld you wJL see^ 
aciD^ die OiBT^e ItLTer^ "die end of a Ltrg" 
tnliufaiy, die F5sh RiTer. Tmige i^j tJ:e djy bed 
of die P&^ Jo ^ about "din^ niles and 701:1 conre 
tD die ^x^eud tealdiiezo It called A>AiE. 

HurdiB± ctf femHS and Uht femliGS tr^ lo 
Ai-Ais a^y ■\\Qiia: A Isit ard "^^fcai lawn 
an^s m a t^ ancrg Ihe Llait rrouiTlau^e^ ard 
aU Ite isijfie \rtjaUcw m Ihe hot raicactn^ To^ 
of Ihe liver ted Mu^ciioiE aits are i^mled 
from Ihs diElaii, (tsataia Tte^wtea^tdiis 
1^ out of flsutffi m Ite Uai d^ at 131 ctgtHS 
FahrenlHt, aid e/Esy c±y from I^ unlil 
AigiEt ttE \^iagorG aid cais corre djwn thioi^ 
the ncunlam [H3sgs aid Ettq> rear Ihe Italii^g 
v;hIs^ InsunrrETAi-AisisalBidoiBi forliK 

Tirese last great loops of tl^e Oiar^e HiTerleve 
dia.wn iTQi^ nretx be^nd ~d:e Imrts of 
CLvdi^aHon and beld dien:L~dBie Beside ds ^rfe- 

I'DHh and s3iLidiai? &3igottBiL 

This iistsd IS Soulii Afiica^s "lost woiid" 
Ctta^ in He iivs; tatcors in the cfeik gi^i^, 
nncfe^ Si^niirg ancrg Ite imnjs tEe^ ard 

a pelh alorg fre iTTff hsnk 93 reiiu^v HbL on^ a 
pa± danke^r can fbllcwiL SonEtme I]h& are 
c^E in the nminlBui lisniET, ■\\iH& old, dry 
TAQlaccuffis imdi He gtsL nvtr. But ircet of 
fre v^ Here are 01% the flanku:g peaks, and 
teJa^ fren Ihe rock laiB:]e takirg m ttE sun 
aid pc-li^Bl hf Ihe sank and ^nfe cf a 

Tte I'K^ coiYEE m ^WBiful wa.Te£ S^in helxirEl; 

ani d^ij^ crld^sE canrct^iutitciut dii£lBitpei& 
Hire ^.h^viilil crnll ^ smiE iTL tlie ^ini Only a 
HbtlentirtciT a BiL^mraiLi^ally blE nUD tins lani- 
sz^e - die land of i«l^ hog-b^cLed nnimi^ixi^ 
^ATEizd tiees^ dre s3iLini of tiie ^AralenE and d^e slteE 
of ^ATc^odsTclE ^nritlie can:f£ie 

I* nir^.^rea^ a^^ iDok gzfflter iiskE iJtin dd 
Ite BiElmsi v^ten diniuig iIke nDunlairs in 

seeniL of loj^. SoheIuies aloig Ihe Oraitp 
Biva^ you ^^iU iialice a pie iitf sOfflES at Ite foot 
ofajiBzipce TlTisvH"aEii3ta3urve;^i^shfflcon 
Look m aid you a^ sQll se ife gist hive 
\^di ffiire Tj irfwTBn irarisl as lis awn 

Bees ne^ for cejit?LineE in. dese ixkEcce^nl]!? 
caviUfs. r^uLitan\ loves ^oe often. e>:tien~ely 
mcb, d'e b^aid of h^rey }]econ:ES S3 lai^ 4^1; 
d:e tees are it>-l^'HV id corsLni^ all of rL Voi^l 
need d cd'opfer Id Jseak i^ die oi^et nro^ of 
Ib^ sixraxy wax. 

The Budnran intent on r±tira a tiv^ aid 

unalleloflidfmlitJcfeiniiieiDffi, IhiiEtdiaip 
Elicfe into aads - just as Ihe nixfan dmtff 
UEES Eted ''plonS as a last isoit These toi^ 
Bushnsn pe^ leiran juD3i:g out of nay a 
Etes) lakfece, {tc^irg Inbiiffi to the ctnm 
the Difie nsi ^^Jiq disfJ^red si^ienE ddl in 
isdiuigire ^SL ^SIy a BiEhnenv^e kllai 
nmy T^^e^ oiijled CKii:g thee ckqsiate 
dinte Not on^ Hie ha^is, tut the infunatod 

Ttey cbruted bit baboorE, i3iey ELurLTinrrfcii d^ 

l^ddfins. They got tleir hcuiey aid lowsi^ itnn 
1^ ^laUs of QBtncK Eggs Alpine i^ie woiiLi 
tflse helpsd drenxas tiey HaveiEed inecanDT^dy 
dirwiEvaids^ but iliey n~Etfle die ■ieEceiitwi'dMbenr 
QiATiL suie feet ani l^anis Ard llet JiLght^ you. 
rc^r be suiG^ tJrey dai\:«l besde ibe CieatRjver. 


tiHiiE lJ:e rorUHTi hounfeiy of B^^mBiiaiii I 
amlfflvirgliierwa^for atiiiE, audi hapevoii 
"Will EDX-iTjHi^ n:e uto BirimHTla.^ vfllirt 
takmgalBi^viavof tiEexaireion TlHeare 
hro "w^^ cl" Icokiig at lie counliy 3Diih of te 

OflBtxii\ BisbtreT^aid tire Have lie rmct worder 
isnr diese vast; acbmcr plaixs e^er siqTpcxrt 
liuLXQiklife It i5d]ajid of ^vbitEiiing~ banes ani 
^b^E^y eiiparGes of baled eaitJx liUeied ^Arrth. 
enroll Ikkciks&uss Once I diove d bend ibiDi^K 

t^ iDi^eliost stieIrK of it ixL win&r widu'ut; 
Txramii:^ liu"ci He was tcnified- 1 do notdiinlthe 
expeded 1d ^nsve ai'^^^dieie dul; m^lit^ aid I 
inst adrLTt tJrot I was tlronkful ^"ten I semt 4ie 
bgblE of Fo^dderin-tbe dadcre^ 

In vmto' B^^THMilaid IS an ^omaiig taiitoiy . 
aid aroHBls aie miniBd utife' Hie fast-nuviig 
doij^ In sunirar Ihe nHoles am FQ^nl:e 
your Vfirfff and tie Ecoidtd vdd hiss your 
sires, DiEt lii^s mytu" ireQils loiri aflH" tiie 
diEt-slonnhas pessed Hardly aIy^^te^e is I1h& 
cc-nfbrt Mid huls, nnt bn^^ F^T^ li^a 
thar slafe is a ircdsEsy aid llHe is ib/et a 
niHieTts es::^ fiDm tee leeu^ oi" BiJGlTn:en- 

Vet dus IS the lard ^vhich. Scully the pset okx 
lold iTe I'e legaided as Ins spiirti^ Ii3n~e He 
^vas dreie m the 'eighties and 'nineties of last 
cenluiy as special n^dcpstzHk for the Noitl^ein 
Bolder Tlreie he galheied tJ:e n~elEiial for 
"Lodges mliE Vy^ildeia^ess," lhe no-vel d^tgave 
Hni iTDie pleasLne tlun ai*^ other stDiy he 

ed as "ai\ Iq^utbjl ^athIl tlie I^eaxt of a Bo Br." I 
ttm^ik tins ^as 1zi.i5^ t^rhe sbw TM^tcTiy^t^ i^c^, 
but tie heart of Bi^uTBjilajid Scully livdi 
tlieie kii'g BiiDi^\ 1D -wsXch ^^ mmcle of die 

Wait long SEi^ aid ore (^ ll:t9 li^tnuig 
and liie Huri^ "wlU misn Uhi^ pT^nn^s and 
fill liievIcBS aiidvles^ Youwill ai^ tiEKin- 
lashEd GBilh ard see a i^Tval Ihat will turn Ihe 
(featinlo agitaicaiTslof graEE, I t^a^lhat 
I hai^e disDWQ^ BuElnrfldffld E sezr^ 
en naioiGS of lauL 

It3ii\ wipes out 1^ jncUiEG of wxtliei^ tzees ani 
leaflet biL^b. Raiziejidsllie duml^ aiid wxelrlied 
sHvigyle E^aixEt lar^ dmixrltis Raui die 
Hel^eis iDgetlieT loixid die vleis^ wl'ole 
^mlies lejciicorc^ becaise tlieir calde tdve t«etx 
saTed Rann bor^s die DanruigGE ani wild 
geesG^ die STtroller buds d'at Jiest on nslanis in 
-die Tleis. ItauME de ble^anr wxdi su:lx po wer 
"d^t you can cihEGire "die clm^ge even in die 
Lelevunur of goals and neeicalE The suo- 

Ueaclied yeais of suEeiarg ans fbngotlBn 
Hi^uxanland liTes again 

JrKtK-rf Lk BliJ 

VoTi c£a\ linve Bditi Cafe Town, \^ tJaci^h. 
HmlnTui'Ll^i'd 1D 1^5 loi'e^ ben^ of tJ:e OiBJig? 
Haver ii\ one day I piefertD stop ^vheieTrer tales 
are tEild, ineveiy vJlage^ Dneveiy feim ^rtnch 
^xrill bm^g lire da^^ Id tJ:e fecj^ of llie 

Ifow it IS Ihe real IJib loig Ksd telv^en lh& 
Iteari vir^rank^ cj/s' fre old nEurdsin p^ses, 
lhT]i^ ite ^cw ilaffis of Ihe tounslE, past Ite 
fehoffilleMid^ feETTG, Nor1]T.\Bn^ sbEldiES 
Ihe iT3ad s7a"iiD:^T^^"^TE to the rscr^te courdiy 
Itet IS so 1^1 (feoihed ty ll:e Aftitsre Msri 

Ceies IS tehmd ive aid uiliiis WaunBoLdEveld 
are tl^e setded and [ocispeiDis famrE of tSioEe 
-wi^^ stayed, belund ^rten iinknawi\ bx^iHiETS 
called "die Heltlcis. Feilups they ctuse wisely - 
tlcse ^Ii3 lenrmned. nxL die tJrmrlied I^oiL^es 
anxng tl^e firiLt tiees. The advejituiciis spiuts 
Twent on o ver tl^ Gydo or beyond KaHioopcoit 
THsmxel ankclmrbinrnbe G^do into tJreKoif 
BoLdcveld^ cold.]]ecaiEeitnsbig'l'ert^BnCeie^ 

boldeveld. becaise of die sfHirglrak beids t^al; 

oi\:e iT^aned. dieie. 

Gi^aL WuTlehcHk is siiji^v-ca 
hffTG iiD doutt that IIe O 

Icd^, ardl 

pealE^vill te 
ccvaei ^^cal^^a^Esl±e3^eq3C(a±^^l3of He 
Gydo m lis sttids, llie pass iJ^t iset cenluiy 
earned only padt aDiirals and li^ v^prs. 
Andiio^\^ tel^^ailiieiarras. He pear tees are 
eldHimpiJt]lea^iiEtv*iteTABlls, B^riiran- 
laiiiwill rcttelilelhis, 

Asl dni'ikof de wddenre^ of Hi^nrotnl^i'd tl'e 
spell of a. loi^ duve nilD disbiitaieas is i^nnne 
again Ii\ die city^ nn^mx^Iusi'n cleninf^rne. 
PleasLice b^girE ^Adiei\ de tyres aie hLinTtn'g on 
^jeld. tiac^. At sunh tnves I fmd. n^self deagn 
irg a stzeai^dn^ed nolDP caiBFax^ a sb^i on 
^x^beels ^"bud^ wnll cany ne into die far coseis 
^x^bile I lest Rill-lei^dL on cisbionE waJcInrg 
Afncashdirg past'd'e windows. I see n'E^'^lf in 
tJ:B aiT-CQiditioi'ed cabm cnnsn^g steadily eczo^ 
tie Sal^ara, 't^\-\r after stojJiiirg iegT.ilady 
for I'cxtn'eals and. a. gla^ of wine BiA I ankxnder 
no lUidonE absiit nndenxi tiBvel A beaMi^non 

of ei^Hy ojice said to rue 'Ilim^H£a?erLlfat I 

lived nxL 4ie tiiTe ^vten one lode 3. I^onse an^ 
tiBvellfid by OK-wagoru Tl^jse w^re Ib^ji^ d^^ 

I amadiairEdof lhBdcsEdv^o±5Vficl"ny cai^ 
as I luiy on lowBrds CilnBdal; tut Ite stuw is 
en Ite mDiTiaiiE ard I niEt hs/e confcat 
" HDtleiior s Klcof ^TH a agn tei^ IJe iDEd 
Was it orce He lair erf a idHh" teid? M;^ dd 
fiisii ^^^1D ro:te csi lo^sdt irto Ihe ncath 
"wjdd have l:£eid fre sloiy of HotlEiiot £ Klcof 
at liie iE[t oiisfBii Navvitisirs^a"\\^rEi{fe 

No oi'e lold ive tl'dt 1^ j»^ antn Cimsial is 
im^\ ard rBno^"^ die soil of jdace ^^dieie you 
m^htsee ^leopaid oil ^ ioc3tdiiDiL^ti die gl^^ 

^irirdimr. ItlS IbohslMD dlive hlE tlns^ rprAfivij 

rc^self "die sp^ed. du1;I Imvc inidentry fbo^ At 
Citnsia] I aruLbackDi\4ie 'T^iaruoni ItDad'' 1d 
NaiTECiiulani, ani diii^K I stoll iDt fDUo^v it 
&r otxdis nmx evBiy mla lus iIe iibuchss. 

JiEt t^ond ClaiiMlliam the w^d to B^riirmn- 
lardluireoffa^a"FaldiLiisF3s,aDdl leg^eliie 
valle;^ of caar^, I hEC/e a ^ites of Klan 
Klipms farm ^Mlh lis tarasi ganfere of 
Elra^temes ardfciditea Rcoihce heeasw^t 
odour, and ore iictt csi liis pes I sn:dt it 
telv^ai ^]i7.\9s cl" laui Sidi an aqHisEO is 

I leaclx 3. ceiitiiiy-old vdk^ m die HantsiTi 
Tx^heie, letweei\ t^e TvaiSr I Qften st^y^d ov^p 
mghL G^a\ it be ^iglit yeans suvifi l^Et I leaiit 
agaiiEt iIiie bai^ I loio^k' tl^at I I^a^e been heie 
be&3ie^ but ru'i^ tl'eie is t^ stiDi'g ui^re^norLnrL 
n^ mrd dut I tove rever left H'e ^^^ce Tl^e 
lonily hotBl jHopoBfex^ one of die iTust 
corscifiiflaoiE 3i\ tl^ coLinliy, i»i3is ny TAd^d^. I 
d^unk reflectiTe^ Wt^ toE die clock gore l^=^tr 
eigbt yeais^ Tlut i]b:^u>i\ canrut be deaited 
neiely ]^ qLI and JaiTib^x fisTEtme I lu.Te it. 
Tte gioi^ atdre Jar end of die Larisd'e ^ane. 
One it:Hi\ not ~de tautrmx sb^ay^ sbod belnni 
tJ:e coT.infci: tie pnviieye of anoli ci^toiTer He 
isdeiG tomglit The doctor is izidre gioi^ Otl^er 

oli fneriis are tJreie^ BXEtfrd^ -whn^ diey stDod 
eight yesis agc^ dmnkixEj quetly aid liisci^sir^ 
1^ j-fFjni^ of d'e liistncL A decddlfi iMght luve 
aged tliei\% but 1I11E evEmr^ t^By aie as I left 

''This IS uiieie I canE in,"" I ^ to n^sdf, 
TTBTV fjliTYj at Ihe iBcollectton of sending 
vAn&L VJCTld hare g^re t^^rd ikbU if I had 
DDtr^tuTTBilotlEvilla^mliieHanlam Ifere 
free iMcs>i±es siccd lite liis, at this hour, 
Ihioi^Eut Ite ac^ yffli^ I ha/e sai nuii 
since last I a5cyedi:[y viasiymlhishBi; aiiil 
hs^ a^TQHi Afiica fiDm eii to ad 1^1:^ 
s^rre of IJhii hsi^e teai fiilhei: If rot Ih^ hare 
bad gi^at ^r^:ilB lo disoES in the e^aiicp of HiB 

One of theml'ds teen stulynr^ n^ in i3ie vast 
mnDr "i^'IncK geneiois ^nsL^ (bstilleis nn 
Scotiai'd DiEfi ^^nt oiLit Id t^ l:a^ of tJre ^Arodd I 
^lansB^ hm adeim^uEr nre No^k" te ns so suie 

'^ You ranE dji^vii at Brand/la in an aaDilaiE in 
19S, aidl tookyoutothevillKpaDdstoodyou 
adrinH'"?Hraiis&en:Bn"\\ilhanHrDiy. "^Aflff 

It IE collect I zGiTeitriETtlHtdiii'Lk wel3^ anialso 
lY^ desne 1d Hmy 1^ inlot back %> 4ie aixciHft 
wxth ciHy ore dmnk under his bel^ This explain 
Hon IS Eccepbi^ aid I aiTi aDo^ved 1d xeUnTL^ie 
hcispitaLi^ ^"hu:^ I l»d leneivd^ied gialefuny 
Jbr eighfeeiiyeais 

This IS Ihe har, I le^ll, \'Aa^ I oire started an 
inlanirslle sKjuiet ly askii^ sanBD-re lo 
iMiiB He fiDnlias of B^riiranlani Sii^esrts 
hte iJBt affi calculated lo ^sspy He la^^ 
coffffl pot 01^ a VEflt|ie of wiliiils I leemt a grffit 
dsl alEutBiEhnnnlardlhata'ffiirg 

Im^ engbkendi ceiduiy^ I gadier^ llie ^x^h^le of 
tJ:e NoHi^ixi Cafe Twas ET.EliiTBnEaid As the 
^vhitB ^inreis advajiced^ 4ie aiea. occi^ned liy ILe 
B^Elirt:Ei\ coritiBctEd^ bo dut logicaUy tleie 
should ic lor^er Lie a Hi^nratnlaid QfRnally 
theie IS lu sixih place. Yet the mure zeitrauE 

raHiLof Calvinu. ard w^stof E£ritBid.t 

Qe Iran cfedared that if you <iwe fium 

CSlvii5a lo U3iin£^caiai; airi frei rr-rtorar^ 
B^diiraiilaiid iHfaii t^nnd lie feimKiiidi^ 
Rji^ a ca4uiy Kuhdej^ V v^s llie lEEt f amiin Hie 
C^£TlHE^^asallDffieonKlJhlskaw; atatinB 
wA3i fre paqle lEiiri Cius^vn lard d^dt in 
Isfe Wl^r KuhskW^ It EoinifedRi^aanialiis" 
fren Afniaare, Wdl, Hiat \^BS hasLEe nmy 
yEalsag:JavallBll&o?^\^iaslcGl; ands/aytsie 
frcix^l Ite Bi^ren Isd stolai it A conirard:? 
wst out and fbinii the o^y "^^^Ih a JBf^-hifin 
(alt in a Idccf abj^e Ue ikni So IJ^ oUed fre 
k^iie Bieskce The fenrs^ kta v frat ^^^lal 
araU ^-rfiile doij± ^^zeared routid the suninl of 
fre kifpe it \^olid sur^ lain witiin a fav 
<^^ "^Kyk ra die Bied^'' iJi^ \^iid s^ 
Whi Uhe y^as aiy (Isossiiiii atout He 
'^^aUs: The ^nlare heanE shcrlaisd lo 
''Ktiie^rK,'' andmi/^iti3si:dt''KijhdinMV/ 

I am on He nad sg^\ fhy\xp. it voas hard lo 
Iffl^e Ihe azihi urdBBcprg gifflp in Ite tai: Bil 
I VMTt lo sleep at Lounesfmitean again. 

Last tnve I -w^se at LomesS^ntEin I -was gieatly 
lro\itilcd iHCfCLSG tire ^k^ar lud jiEt st^Ucd. InAie 
"giorumlDBlas^" I -Q'oi^it^ tl^eie iTigliL te jK^ce. 
Ttey cr-iTe iye i roora crpemi^ on Us d Isck 
stoep^ ^ad in die txTMnmcr I co^ild ^^ d tiellised. 
vire dumL^tid'e cipendciciT. I bBgan^ fbig^tl'e 
^vdTr jT^Et for 3. fffw cl^^_ Tl^ere is an end-Tmr^ 
peace ixL^ie wastes of HiL^HTBnlani 

Thsjoun^iscolcfe^liianny Sqteiterdnve 
a^^^frffllllE^^^Br a^yeeisKp, Asl Ifflve 
Lounesfbntean m Ite immnig, BidiiBnlard 
v^con:ee ire valh a diEE slomi Fust I ^e it 
haigirg CF/ei^ Ite nminlauE qita^ illumnEd 
hy the sun TIhi it sa^^ ci^Mi en fre car, 
rallls a^uEt tie isin&^it ard arclJHS Hie 
T^vind9:i^SL I am fbiffd lo stop It las^ 
Is^irgon^ Ite hs^odDwof {JeL 

I see tlie fiist EolEniKiciiYG^ tiees out of d 
ngtiUtrHiE. There isa.lD]jpie ^vhiDtL ^^eit:^ b lie 

sbi'es And itiss? colil^ul;! aiuiie^irLired 1d 
iE€cl\ Poiadder teJoiG sundjuwxL A mghtoiMhis 
vbM ^vai.ilil be intEileiaUB. 

Sliar^ lav He dry, seidiug cold stu^ Hie 
DHiDiy. AtbcnBl amnfflff cold Hael live 
Ihroi^ cold Bchx-lc^^ ard htta^ aircy c^e, 
lA^si tiiEie ^ras re sc^s fiDm dkaiess 
aqHiEiEffi Son:eiii:sI lhiitl±al;is\45rlam 
hEiermv- loremnd?ry3df ofcoirfoiGTAiiidi 
are lie offen laksi f or ^ci jted At lie Qii of Ihs 
jourr^ ny hcamwill ssnuiaBdih^ liranoiE, 

Last HxtrE I -^as ixl B^Ehrtrm^Jajid tJreie wcie 
tzeldnens jn>vixEr ^cro^ d'c Ihdwti &ce of "E^e 
coT.inlzy nnflieinvscrciE- ET.iiely r I ^^. tiiey nuEt 
tflve selded dowrLJ^ hdtat I anxwinr^ IrL^iitB 
of all tJ:e fei\:£5^ all tl^e la^h/s tiut luve t^en 
2»^e<l in tm\^«T tirB tzeiktoens^ m sfstE of the 
year 1947, t3iey aie slaU itdvu^ Sonre of lie 
tETtEd -w^^TG l:uv? riibter t^ies^ b^it die 
ix^siEHJUiE gyp^ ?[iiiit IS snH alive mtlie laiii 
and the HeLdsens aie still tallowing t^ oH^ 

Faim after fenn in B^^UEdand has heen 
atBiid>re± I krcw His tessus I am staenig 
ly Ihe Einx aimm at Ftifed^, hit in realily 
mlf lost on Ihe pfeire and I am krodmri at 
dooistoask^^chv-j^totmn, ardlhEaeisuD 

One ^nxrticiiEG ^^asopeiLl availed, b^pefiiny 1d 
the baclflnoi^ and tJrul ^^ras opei^ Ido^ xevealn^g 
a. iTH>n~L tiLirEr witl\ en^i^h lnltoi^g 1d feed ^ 
conmrandin £braiTDntI\ Brem^ie^ no Qre 'i^'as 
aJ: b^nre At last I cai\^ tD an affable gii3iL^> qE 
nen staiibncr outside one of t^ tsr^ I'otx'e- 
s&ads tl'at axe ^^nizal of Hi:sliL\'ai'[lai'd Tbey 
gave ire landnadE - sakpans^ uoiiirLiins^ daiTE 
ani wue fenres If I ^rent wioi^, they sftKl, it 
^i^iild not nafiET nuizti as long as I l:C27t;tbe sun 
oiMbe left^ Dnvnx^^^io^ Bislmrarilani isbic 
ocean ruvigaHon. Theie is a ^iDTtest; po^^itJe 
imitE, but; no one ever follows it T^\ii:^iy cm 
the tzacle lIut^Aranienx^ 'i^'agons I'dve leftn you 
jFuisi^ an enaHc comse, but nf yoi^L l^ave ai^^ 
sei'se of duection at all tl'e end of lbe d^bnis 
you neam^g your destirmioi\ 

One feii\^ die owner told iTiEr Twas 3iyot.e VTei. 
Why ^ ^niTL stuuld he i^^iYEd after ^iMUxieiBJit; 
Heder I carmst iTi-wfiTTP but I iGn~Ei~Li:erod die 
ranrE Iscaise I willed in discover ^^dieie I lud 
teei\ TlHtnight at Pof adder r se^ached n-^^ old 
jx&p of B^EliLYaiilaiid I fcund Os V!lei aiii 
LaxEiekVlBU E^b Vlei. SandVlei. Droog^Gal; 
Vlai, Gooiliies Vim, Haas Vim, Hastaaans Vlei, 
Kat VTfii. erov^K tIeis, if d^ir Etonaes -weiB 
1qi3wjx Id fill an encycibpfLedaa of vIbis. But 
llieie ^k^as ira Sitnis Vlai I ^ull neTer kns^v 
I'D'i^ I amved at FQfEdlder t^t JigHn except tlrm; 
I Eteeied by tJre bisl As I tuv? said bef^ie^ I 
urastluukful]y, tie VHSici^aiyr l^ed. a gar^e reserve of 
ITO^OGO ruDicraiL jHoclanTEfl ULBi^mrBJ^and as 
&r back as I8EG It n'HEt tove been Qi^e of die 
£ist iTL SoiliU^ Ainca. aid if it lud b^en 
les^ected d'e ivuden^ traveiller ^^^^^ not foai 
HmLnTui'ilai'd so bfele^. 

Bil in 'nuey-liiffi it ^^QS ed i^ Idlirg Ite 
tr^dBQ^ Q&/ coild rot dioot A pclice 
SGJ^nt Kxfe out fomOoki^at mla^^to 
FGlrcl liie isave and v^^^n le set off Ihs 
famHsontlEbnTfesof BudirrBdand^rtj^ 

h^ Etmls firs as a v^mii^g Tl:e je,*^ v^s 
IiiS£edcaifasla"lJtinfre£at^aitcoddi^ and 
£d±'mvsE a tiMis cai^l. So litlJe ^m^ v^s 
1^ m 1919 that Ite ieeve"^\QS de-pcdauiHl 
SorreytaiE lalff this C^^^in laiii v^e scM 

Unbl a]» 1311 mjst of BisliiTBJ^atii ^vas 
Cie WTLland. Tl^e SLTrrey sbried nxL 13C& ard -was 
earned ovitb^ Vi^a reitrmloble n'ei\- J G. W. 
Leqnldtla. biod'er of Dr. C Lous Lei jx>!ldtJ ard 
H_J C Kj^bH Ttefustj^^iTof dresLnvey^vas 
^ dioi^it year^ ard die stxnjeyons lud 1d live on 
IneEcl tBaaidlIiin]ju?l:C After tJ:e tfaTDVEiBixG 
of lECG, Icwever^ Leipoldt mrce lnDi^bt clown 
twenty- two wiM du?k widione caHndge. 

No cfcutt Ite huntirg eqlaired to s^ire sclai 
the feoTBlion v^^di liie wasle of Bidimidard 
Mdfbi^ihelreklxas, Apart fium hi torc[ Ihae 
was a gtfflt tafe in Ihs f^allos <5" "wild 

DstnchEf. They sliDl;£xr4i& pQ^axvl ^nml iJienr 

Yet the sprit Ihat mved He Ii^±oq^ Hie 
lEstJess ^nt Ihat sbll rroiTGE IJhii has ih^s' 
tesL fii^ sqiaired. The cerre has alurst 
"vamshed, BiEhiranlard Ibe teoi fored arid 
sflll I foijndtiHnonlhem:weiiilh3rv;^3iiE^ 
''Die v^isd is ny whhiq die iesl is ny 
kairg'' iiu:eaiio]H^ii]gatoutiheli^±oss^ 
hlffoilJEraiil ardlteireasureof"\\E9llhit 
tni^ d^s iBt Ec-lve ihe iiyEtey. Maiy of 
free pffi[ie camot tdl you ocd^ vAs^ Ihe;^ 
lAsebiaik ll:^oiT^kiavlhatllET^^^goiisfccd 
csiaceilainslreldiofvE^donStitc^. Mai^of 
franha/e a {t^seeted ^refaere foi^ VnapiiE, 
late or nBgie^Maes lalha^ Ihan fbi^ hini 
hHEGa Whai l]^ start a fenii tiiB ^'^iidrnll, Ihe 
slud^ way otiH'<felail coii:ee h^ore ti^ Huik 
cf hidiiig the hffl^ Tl^ s^ IJ:^ cai 1^^ Ihe 
otUe at mcit tetta thoixh CBiwas crnBtT-ral^ 

Tl:e tm^ e iIbI €ie H^ldKer is dna^erL by €^ 
^n^e mdefixel^ inge drot mxvEs 1^ Q^P^y- 

tJreiG IE aiL ixEtii'ct ilm; con~E5 Bntxi the Bibla - 
tJ:B on^ tooldTBi^cif d'enxluvB stuljed Over 
tJ:e I'onizcm diei5 ns ^ ProrLiEed L ani TteirowrL 
v^]d t\:bj te gieetx ^nd tliic'k -wiAl Bd-w^hs, but 
still 4ie ^v^cr^JL IE 2]acicd^ "E^e ianily le^cves tirB 
Jain~tDi^ ^ATjtldit legiGlE ^id tl'e [X]^n be^d. &3r 
tJre &r tuiizDi\ Only tJnE doBE tJ:e tzeJdu&rfiiil 


F^irg OTer BffilTn:aiilaiid I hs/e olsaved Ihe 
trade of cpHHiioiiE of liddsa^ ireaiifeircj 
oi/er Ihe vdd from pen to jBTL This IS iiifed He 
lard of pars, ardinaiBiiy season IJ:^ are flllai 
htE binrnngsauiss, 

It IS aW^^ po^nUe izi JcnecastHBULmBv^mrmt 
lani by the itxiVBixEiits of die irsectE t^UbciE 
of EcoipioiE^ beelles^ tsiHiitulas ani itrm:^ 
srelEE^ IDO^ £xid SEiL^ li3n~EE mtJre c:[aclEdparL 
smtces They d^ie ict Lie caixrht by die ^"abr. 
Hoiiis teibiG ths £i?t;diDp J^]]e tl^e iriEGct jut^ 
iscndf nrHicb. Ecno^ the baLEdnruL allinlEit; 

an leacHi'g higK giuTnd V&lil lodEri^ ^^ 
nrstixict rules 

I^&iy [BiiE in BuEhrrBdaiid yidd valiBUe 
(^cklE cl" salt Qe mesdHLEQUe salt axs is 
biMn as GiffiL ComnssioiH's F3n - a sbSiii 
cf de^ai nils wilh a hnllianL oust Ihat lo^lc 
like auw. A SMHittrful [icce m Hie c^s of Hie 
^inctii^E. nic(alnHi^ y^i^^i a kuilirg Feit;^ 
TADuldtnrg ctoi^vn kirdiBde in a sii^e ^j airi 
sit He vemson fbi^ hlloiri at Gist Qan- 

Iti5 easy ic lose t^ ^at^ onai^ ]aicje fex^ &3r 
liey aiG 4ie ^jciy hoitrE of tie niiBge "i^lien tl^e 
suTLis ip A dficr giD ws ic "E^esize of aneilei^uiiL 
I^^bir cai5 aiG seeiLi^]sd& down iscmg ecid^ 
tie £l^_ Tte an-alleEt i JoHle of w^aleris tiicTXTL 
1^ aid iTKTxn&ed iztD a ]alc No woid&r 
Ven^T.ik P-an w'as giv^n itE expie^ave rurL~E Hi 
tte bumuKj i-cidsLiTLTUEr of L902 a nmirfcd 
poLcen-BiMDolt a sItjH; cut ^cro^ VemerikPaii. 
His hsise bshed azid ^as caixr^ and recQ^nsEd 

by a fazTirermles aw^ A seaichpaHy w^ntout 
biA tlieiG w^is ns tiBcls tc ioUc^^ on tie Imd 
sm&ca Qf d'e pan Two yeais laler tl'e 
policenBJiTs eIeIb^jl was &}i.ini BceuIb tl^ 
bojies ^as a poclct kmfe - ani a tullc^tf 
s::[aJrLhed hy tie dymcr n~aii. LiuIb funows 
mdifilBd fEomtJre hQEo'i^ Po^ntJy he t^cl hsaid 
tJiLindei^ aid "too ^veak &di\x iJiuEt fc nnvE, 1^ 
1^ piepaied €ie tiagic Jidle d^nii' b caAihtls 
lain^u^ never caiTE. 

SasTlisb are dz^uhtful ahout Ite ongm of Ihe 
peis LNUtpliaie ctedaiBd 11^ ^^re Ihe 
larauis of ainat lahs "^No stisfEcte-iy 
expianalionhasyelteaigivti;'' s^Dr. A. W. 
Rccpismhis''C^c^ctfllEC^Coloiy/ He 
six^slE lint 93ne, Eidi as Veirejk I^ w^^ 
once the tafe of nveis Tl:ese ir^as vse 
dt-ksd ly sard dmnigEUDiss^ droiriTte. aid 
v^Hi ll:efica^ canEatla^ ihe sud^ABSstiffld 
out unifbinly cva^ lai^ areas, 

Vfind ailaon is given 1^ Dr_ A L_ dn Toil; 
an^tiier well-la'O'wn Soud\ A&can geoIogistH as 
tJ:B caise. The sof^Er layeis of lie sunface leve 

LeeiL a.wa.y hy d^ jnevaJuKj weEtedy winds 
of BiEhtn'^i'LlanL l£a?uicr4ie luxder iocIe Jslo^v 
1D fbuixl^ batlDitxof a slellc^^ dcjEe^ikiiL It 

las s]so been sixrgEstEd A^^ -A^ f^jE VEie 
flaSened cxutby gl^^Kis 

I hhe test Ite sqlanBlioD aterced ly lh& ^ 
tiila^ ard flirr^ tdiwed h/ He femes ard 
oIJhs lo Ihs c^- Tlie;r s^ the [Bre ^-^ee 
h/ anmBlsL LaKp aiiaqK Lie Hie 
cfirehc^ z^i^ aid EnBlltr aEstius wudd 
corre to diink at a siiii^ Thai^ Ihist slabEd 
U:^ \^uld roll in the imi hallo^rg out ard 
eJaitprQ Ite niasl aiEa iItidi^ Ite cotmes 
uJil at last a pan v^s fomHi The anurals sbll 
viat tlE peffi lo hi± liie sail on 1^ surfks 01^ Ihe 
slm9 flaToui^ of Ite ^-^te ImEGtons fcannlion 
at Hie e^E Youuill fiid rcdffi Mansmxilh ty 
a mllion GKp^ liHtjiis, Alorg Hie ^pradiES lo 
aoire FfliE Sie tma^ "wiH point out Hie foot- 
pinlE cf all He vflld teasts, from Hie 

i¥TTis? takaHp pijTT^rtg: nf lirm tn thglirphrvTfr 

cf guaffa At VaiHk Fan I v^as sluvvn Hie 

inpinG of ^d celndES m teds sudi as one 

In BistitrLVuilaiiJ Bcoies of f^nnrG aiG jm^Ed af&r 

tJ:e Jiei£rH»iim'g fans Tte ^x^id pan ie tie iTust 
conTn^n of all lEnrnxuHoiiE - Angcbeisi^n 
VoDiclfielsfdn Giaspan I on^e djove all mglit 
tbroiL^li iipB pai\ cciMiy Thei^ ns a lor^ 
dfiTi^Hcn winch 35 tl^e otnLy w^ in esc^e bsng" 
bogged nn lom^ ^^ealler, and dns loute led ne 
on Id d^ "Gioot VToer^" adainof pans wii3ia 
mid iann tuise sone'idieiQ onde edfje of ^^iti 

I could ffie Yo sisis os^viiri to Ite ibih and at 
m^ IIe n:£tird of iskiig OHifsss teenr^ 
(slill fbllOT^ hy imiimsls in flat ^^iy 
BushnHianii w^ mpadicahie, I ^ait nrst 
of the mc^t fuiiiiglmnlBits aiii hrdoig ip 
femHE I reted Hie faim naii^ ard m Hk 
manrg ny n^ dij^^si Ihal I hod ng-^E^ 
djwn Hiat siccsaon of isns calliig at alnrst 
argy iHTolfi femi on Ihe v^. it T^^QE snroth 
tra^dling for Hk pars am relhong l£ss Hian 

The isn nii^^, T^^dil ha/e natioiBi lAee 
lE^n^salle foi^ qi-^ stois of Eurv^uig in 
BirinTBiilaiii Eaify Ihis catiiy, v^hi feirre 
"wae allotlE(i fre c^neas had"vagi£ ictas cl" Ihe 
aze of Ihai^ hDl{ii:^ LapiJdt and Ki^iM, 
singing a^uEt mia^ ^see kru^m to sr lo 
ttie sdEil a* l^w HiDiEaDd acis on a su^e 
fern (In flis <iy" ar^a a fennof b^el^ frDiEKri 
aas IS iBt isitcijlait;^ laiga) Navsuiv^ hsTS 
cpo^ nBiy a fame^ ncre laiii fran he aqHJsd 


Wafcr is d gisat sight in B^^irtrHrilHiiii t^cavG? Jt 
ns SD laxe. In £ii£ ^^icl'ed teisifeiy iTen i^^^e 
larked. fQT waJET iTuie drmi ar^tliu^g else ixitl^e 
^ATodd^ ard e^jen ixotoiiEtE in lecdit ye^is I^vb 
gQi¥ tlnDi^Mlie ^iruE ingtitnraieE as Ji:u?K older 
1za^re!l]£n5. Boiel'Diles and wixclxtrllE tmvc giea£y 

lediLired tire cl^i^gei^ of cmizse^ butdieie aie stdl 
lorel^ HecIs withlor^^ 'i^'alEde^ sU^^tes 

Cn Hk "tdr c* BidiiBnland m the old 
tlHE vas n3 w^sL No siiiiriE, ed nves^ 

thq HJanT¥j saltpqnR.fl m^ ndiTTjjfTnri-ijiyFhtn 

[icce had aM^ to fece a "^thusT cl" D^^ve 
houKL Joini:^ had to te ilanred v^lh 
plosion, andramedoil^vithnjlUGsdiEi^^id 
for a^ylliig sa/e Ite iH]G^^ fcrKa±_ij^ t^s 
vsE dsniHlGd ly Hie feai^ Ihst ihe vrata-hde 
liBL s^airg ni^ he {^- Ore nan ah\^ nxfe 


At a ^nt called Scint Klip C Boat RodO diei^foe 
Im;^ h^los n\ t^ grei^ qtl tJ:e ciest of a ndge 

Tte l^ig&r 'l»ai;' e twelve Eeet lorq-. four feet 
wlfi ard tEJL feet deep Ttese le^^i^vnis ^oe 
filled by thLinieistDiitrE ^id su^ipLy nsvelleis ard 
cauJe widigood waJET foritn jri'G rhBncorL'ESd 
day "i^^noriLy a.]iule nixkly fhnd reitrmxE ixktLe 
sand at die LoUEun Tire tzs-TeDer met im ve on 
ard ntsve iast 

TIe ^ATciUs of Hi^mratnl^i'd yield -waltBi 
leLudandy^ anditisa} Sutler 4m; tl^e city- dw^Uar 
^ATould te suzIl if lie diBnk jL The f^c jlI& "^'b? live 
-A^iB T'irt only dunk ii^ but becoitre ed ^lccie- 
-tDtxed to die Davoiir of liore dst ^e^\ ^x^alBr 
stnlcE -A^ir fulaits as scuirediu'g ^LerL Ttey 
m.3t pvit ^ih ixL coffee n~Etde BntraOiBi^e River 
-wsiBT before tiiey canei^oy it 

Kei'J'dsit; on d'e e^iteuk edge of BiEhiTBjilani 
T^/EiS aE ^i^\ as Lt5 surtdniad ^ipeazsnue u\ d^e 
eai^ d^3 I ^vas m lbe tar 4ie£5 one eveinr^ 
^Adiei\tJ:e tuiEl ownerlDld a stoiy of a Kexilmdt; 
luinlaiirr parly _ 

"" T\Bf nxfe out dmnig Ite Efni^ijk nlgralion 
ard dut a llciEard tudt" Ik said "That mctt 
inHishHr, lJ^a:qtislalJBiEardlxtl]es-jiEt 
lo rourd off lJ:e {^.'^ 

"A dtiEarMl bottJas of teer/' I Mid. "Wl^, liTs 

''BGff - vAn said hea?^ ui^uued fre held 
oi^^^iH^ jss/ishly- "^No, it weg a Hio^EaDd IsHis 
of liBii^ U:^ dranf 

I do iDt beLeve lbiE ^nbstic stoiy^ but it would 
Iu.Te teen typical of Keidmdt in JtE lecLde^ 
period- 'X^Tiy diose people wItj fovmi it 
mpD^hle Id tralc a bTU^ m noie ciTibsed 
poiHons of d'e Coloi^ cai^e beie/' stales aii old 
nogistzalE's leporL 'Tbey "i^eis widioiA c^m^l 
OT eduiaHDix aid dns ^vas one of 1^ iTcst 
bacbh^aid districts." 

It sesre, hj^^e/er, that liK;^ ki&v Id-v to sbMt - 

Kei^uxdi^ ^k^b? gave his iui\? to ilie ontp^st; ^vas 
an ead7 BiL^HTBnlani tzEdar and lumfeT No di'e 
livmcr Eenerci^ei^ d'e nan d'oij^hl aiwsLiEe be 
-w£sE Di'eof tbo^ cluiBcte^ wl'D mcttuive been 
^x^idineeUng aflei a since^^id d^' s hkintn^g 

The villsp fad ilE oiigm in He ladles <^s of 
BiElmBdaii \'Abi Ub KoiaiiEG t^^s^ iai{ii:g 
aid [imtaiig at will aid Hie C^ I^iiiairsl 
ckackd to ^pjiil a spe^al nrcpstrate ii> isttHE 

Older an d^ femQer Tlat Twas in L3GS T-t 

seilfictEd. for ti^e tasL^ aid. d nei^r police &3n:e of 
fifi^r rrounlEd iTen w'as lecrMLted 1d si^^BitlniM 
TliL3 did Kftnlrmdl becotxE tlie trost lenmte 
^i4irtB Eelli£iTeiitirLi3ie C^e CgIdi'^ 

Jadaai found a minte^ of slaiviig BiEhrrai at 
fre [iace en liie Hart^eest Biva^ \'As^ 
Kaimt ikjw slank Th^ \^re a len^ait of 
flie Bi^nei viiD had flounshed m list ara, 
White hita^ hed shct off Ite CBTiE, aidsDiiie 
BiriinHi hod tesi fcsrad to nrri/e on, Sorre had 
cpne lo Ite Kalahaii, oliiss had joubI Hie 
Koianas. The reirsnt acl3i:g on Jadsorls 
SLC^slior; T^es distntuted ano^ Ite Cafvima 

TteiG ^veiG four clarE of "Ki^tbt^e 31\ "E^e 
reKrHEiriccuL unl&rtl^ "cf^rtauE" RietRooy, 
PffaAUi^ Carel Ri^rts aid Jan B^iTidn Very 
sDonJacl^^^ cbscG^^ded tim btE police Jbice 
^^ras too sn~Q31 to deal wit^dien\ Q^itiM^rH^ 
aftET Ins amval Rooy aid. B^vido nilEicepted d 
party Qf Hastens^ Lolled £Te ani stole dreir catde 

IiEpecHii WngHn wiiIl dnz^ of ti^e Bolder 
I^imfed Fobce ani twenty Baste r volunteens sel; 
c\A Tn p.isuLt of tlie KioiarQS Tliey oveHcotc 
tJremat De Turn m^aeix a nide ef five h^iss 
^inKenEmd'L but ti^e Koiaius were si^ienoim. 
nundieis aid die police ludlD reHeal as Lzesttl^ey 

Nett (^ Sir Wallff Qine aiii 150 police 
aiTTTed at Kahaidt in isporEe to an a^;^ 
Jadoon hod sat to Ite Cqs aoiiB bire 
[iwioiE^. WhsL Ihs iB'^E ifficfedtiE KoiBiee 
li:^ f eU lidt on I]hi^ Elroi^tJcfe an Ite Oiaitp 
Biva^ idant ThEse IJ^ iHer^ ^ uip^ 
natie In Hee otp^iHils, h:?^'^^^; Ife 
ranfbiiHl IfcrHiEan Bonfe^ Police dmve Hie 
Koianas fiiffli Ihe islaiife ard re^JMBd iraiy 
v^gDiE andcailnaiidmnE ratlla 

Cune letmied ^ Kafdana, leavmcr a n~E{ed. 
joice of bungl'eis^ Basleis ard Koiai'ds of tl'e 
Potdder clan (wl'o lud Jallei\ out witl\ H'e 
otleis) % nauibin pe^ce Di\4ie fiontier. Theie 
-W€SB stiD Tc&ny naisuleis to be "^Tipped iJPr' 
ani JftfilGon 'i^'as IcjTt 'hiEy far sone Une 

tieiL a laigs xnsirdsr of ^^Udweis SLnzendfii^ 

IneabwalBr jEQSD JL in serre Jar^ sejilEiEes. Theie 
UTEie SiElirL~ei\ aiYDi'g tiiezG poEoneis, ani xiror^ 
of t^enx esc^^ aid letuiiied ]i1e Ivim:^ 
pigeons ~b B^dni^oiilaii:! Hut tirB Koibjus ^Areie 
bmlen JacilGorL zuLed tie Loider teitxKaj^mdt; 
TwitiLoriLy foi^ poLceruEiT 

Kadiaidt bad sggh cassional li^bce^ at Ihs 
poicd, hi it v^ rot iiil 1370 tiiat Crui^vn lard 
■\ses offered to f amHS, Accoiduig lo a Iravt^er 
vAo psESEd throi^ Kaihaidt in 13T2, Hie 
villa^ OHEiEtEd of iJiiffi cfei^^ nui Ibuks, 
Qe VJBS HienEgistiale's hc-rre and coint-htHK^ 
arolha""^s^aEtor^ Ite Ihiid v-^as rxfles ard 
mnhahlGd Tte plice lived in rtsd hulE, 
Twsi^ yeai^ lata^ meie^^se still fe^ famHS in 
He disliicL Even in 1910 a Kaihanl n^sliate 
i^urled ''Unlil i^ist years IhiE fiace vbe 
le^ifelasaaDrt of n3Trei:[slaid, DmrgHie 
past ax or sa^si yeei^ hzw^/a; it hcG nsfe 

mpd ii::gi^ffi^ P^iirG add for axjsxE a niiKpi 
aie ro^ voth Drt^ dillir^ a iroi^L'' . 

NsT^^niisle^, ti^re ^^eie still dioiEaiiiis of 
sqi^iG mlfs Df unsLiEveyHl gxoiLini ii\ 4ie 
Kejiluxdt diftnct^ Von coiild still nfle Eir d 
Insidied xnlfs ixl itbji^ duecUai'c witlciit seeir^ 
3. hsi^ OT d ^vhutB peizojL Ii\ tlie eady ycais of 
it^ cenlixy^ I'onses^ cadle an^l sheep felted Ingb. 
puces ajid tl'e faiTv^T^ loaded, tl^eir ^xldle-ta^ 
witJx goldei\ soveieigi's Tie Gennrons^ al 'i^'ar 
widxlie HQtiEnlDtE nnSoTiitWest Afiaca, ^veie 
ivp^tiaVilg. izL dienr dezirands for 1iBiisp3itaniJi:Qls. 
DoiAe^ soitrEtirces felrhed £10 a^nece. Ttuse 
^i^eie goHeiLyoans irdeed^ aid Bistiruai'ilaiid ius 
iiETer loD wrLL]etlEr tirues. 

Feice Bei>£iLIK The Palms 

R^RYun U^rev^LsaDoasisinBi^iiBidaDd 

\^^ I ^^QS alw^ sine of a ^i^conE - a groip 
of ^fl^le buildir^ and <fete pelnE v^Ee a ceep 
feacHistedlikeataiediction I hcC/e ib dDiii 

Pellans isiclm^ged, Enill laivc nDt called tlreze 
sirceFkdra- Wolf [Led 

caniiBE Foit^n is Ihe oliist ran^ a spmg 

TA^lirg out of a peidiEd, sari^. nve^ Im in a 
^Bsl^ dset Tte ir mniain clos ty v^e an 
dd Bushnsn sCT^irfcold Ron IJh& Ihe 
Birinai VJDiid set out on laidiiri espeiliore 
lo Ihe ^mE of Ihe Hanlsni aT>3sii:g 150 mils 
cf v^Btaiess ozjuntry^ hi{ii:g csttidi s^P ^^^^ 
"wilh vfflla" e/eiy tk'oi^ mle^ rammrg with 
stolai catUe, If He ^mos did not ovolske 
Uhii <linir| the flKt fiftGen diIgs of pursuit, 
Ihai He Bidsiai ^^^^ sifa In a diy season 
o^ a Bi^iTTBi; ^vilh S3^ isavES of vala; 
GauldsuivivellEjom:^ lo Canute RDii^rn 
ThDUSEi^ of sh^i hunted of catfl^ ^^hb 
<iTven rorth ly the BidiiHi dumxi Ihss laicfe. 
The toTES of anmBls slai^ilaBd for gaigan- 
tLBn feaslE lilts^ Ihe sai™ lound Camias 
Rail^rn f 01^ a cenluiy . 

As f^nr tacit as 1776^ hoTA^TeTr i wIhIe rtarv 
CoezE^id. FtijtH gann^d die confidence of die 
BiElnTiei^ and seuied al; Cai^n-HS Fbrteyn. He, 

ani JacQLiL^ BnenTBn ^k^lc EbDc^^'ed Ibtlx nnst 

luTe teen jacmeeiE of '^mfiiute fQrtitaie" A 
liuLiixed yeans later CaiTii~as Pb Jteyn u^as sOU 
iar fioiTLla?i^ and osier 

Cluslian Alhs±it of lie Lord^n Msaomiy 
Soaety mned tie il^s I^^ in 1312He Isd 
teai diwen soulh d"llE Qai^ RP7a""wilh his 
coiT/alE Ly IheHotlenlot chief Jcgei^Afnlaiis^ 
aid at Canrr^ Fonl^Ti le Ihair^ he lad 
fourri a saicliB^y" like llat in Maodaia ^'^ise 
tie Clmstiam of J Qi^sn aaiifct KfL^ ftom 
BiaiBn pafficutLOD, Pdla it i^mireil hA 
Altasiit {ied soon aftawaids, 

Join Carcfibell Roteit l^HaX, Efeinoiih 
Sclmslen and otter fannTE i^i^^Qronies all 
iDiled. at Fella. a± vano IS isn.'es. It was only aftenr 
oi'e of tl'e [HieEts lud teen nindeied I7 
Si^uTen tl'at tl^e Londoi\ t^E^nDi^^iy Socie^ 
atandorBcL "die sinttalcd oiUp^sL Tbsnr^Eoni 
tbe tiBvelleT£[on:kC^>e Tqwi\ feu?lied at. Fella 
ux 1Q24 OIL tns ^v^ % Ai^rlnalHes ani ibisid tl'e 
jn^aoi^ deseHKl. It -was a tad season dut yea^ 
ani TtonriEonani Ins Jiren. weie aliTostsi^ivir^ 

^A4iei\ tliey i^^iil'ed 4ie spoxtrs They a:k zehia 
Injie, bniiEed tetweenlMTO Hbi^es^ atFella- ^boiit 
as pal^laUB a nreal as a kooL 

So for rroiE ihan ax^ yeais Pdla reiHiied 
"wifrDut a mffioi Mcrfifel: He surv^^r fourd 
Rbdcoie Galiid, a RaiimBi; ]3nrg I]h& in 
1SE5, rramed lo a Baslff giii He lad teai a 
liGilsiail m N^ulfflrts aiw; ai^ fi^^m Hie 
nins of Ite msion he had ailt a 1bie& ard 
nnffe a cpn^ Gahid niwed a^ to Nan& 
qdmil ard for ysrs only Ite Basils ard 
BidinHi i^Ed Ite lor^ F^la spntE 

PeiUa. IE DrJy aJe^^r niles ^mtl^e OiHngc Rive^ 
xearabeid wtnchihe EfoumilDtE caD ^'^^Cuivb 
-ttat Slm^eE " It is tBF--WH7 "helweerL Simr^tok 
ani B^aLoiYHS oi\ a ^st Hack Jot lYDtDr c^i5^ ItlH; 
tefore tie djys o£ rtnUrniKr a iET3a^mcr "timst' 
stietzil'ed east^id "i^cst of P&U^ and tl^eie ^Areie 
sDitrE ^atIu did not sisviv? i3ie Hsk. Kvei\ nn 
leceiityeais^ nn tiTLES of diDixrltfh Ih^ivc tzav^liEd 
t^Bt load EeeiJig~ oiiy die eitp^ veld. ^n:diD^A a 

I oii:eiffldlJ:e{laiy of ancffiaalv±cloij±Ed 
at Pdla m 1^73, "The ni3BicaBi7"s hoiEe ard 
store Ywe i^n bumf" be ^viDte, "Tre ^^thi 
ferces aie tioksi Ite v^ter funu^^ diOiffii aid 
theliHsckai Ifoaidrelicsof Ihsmsac-iBiT's 
futnluiE CB He irounlBirGicfe - uidij±ig a 
cardlstidt Broinj^ihaeiEaBidiiBnonlop 
of Ite Duunlain acttrg as ^nby. aid lir^ for 
you if you aie ycA ccm^dlai to fBss His y^ 

Td -tins dessl^te scene in L373 ''cdire aiDtber 
m^aoi'aiy - a ItDiTBik Calli^hc m an ox- 'i^'agon 
FdiJrer Godfille of tie Socne^ of iIe Holy GtosL 
He Etnirrrled st Pe!lla ibr seveisl yeaiE, bint the 
intEiiEe heat ^^as 1do mch for hm Bnnleit 
heaited te xeUiiTed ti> Fxsn:^. 

AiBlteryoutg Itedi piat l^ardctflheMiie 
of te nisEiiHi and volniaaed to nske a frsh 
ElBitatft^I^lhffSnron^rtjBshisrarre, hev^e 
Raros De Sala Tte nirtto Edopted hy Faltei^ 

SlI^al^^aS: "^Tl^nuj ^ no?T dJPTrrtir?!'' Fbrmxie 

limL lu]f a centuiy he ]iv^ \-\p Id tl'dt piiiicifdB. 

T teve giasiKd andl wiH rctietgi] " 

It lD3k I^H' Sumn sis Vn^^eks in an ox- v^gi^n 
lo Kail Fdla from CsfB Town in 1SS2 SonB 
marflhs aftff lis amval He yourg pist \ras 
tddciiig ftr^i^ fre saiil dure lo Spir^ 
f^diEiq^iiGsforll^nKaoriFSscKEiidisi ard 
he set out on foot fcr tiis itaist f aim T1h& 
T^ie IE v^laitJes on Ite ^^^, ard at last he M 
QdmEted TIhi Yb hndt ai:d p^rei A nalive 
fo^iid him lalo; uikme^ioie tut sail aliva 
T1hb"\\9s a^rals'-hole a hutidtelyaii^ 3a^. 

Pbr two yeais Fk^r Snxon c^isied otxtlie ^^^^ilc 
alciE TteiL otirBr pn£Et5 fiDitx Ptsjice jonred 
InruL The heal^ the loi^ebre^ tirB I'dnisliLp 
^p^Dsd dreitx One of t^eitx lnule dcwn 
2YEiibll7. AH of theiTL departed- 

I Ihnk BioUet Wdf niEt ha^e ten speisalfy 
^e:led fcr He ladt fcr I ha^ iHra^ n^t a 
slns]^ dBiBTta: Bom m Alac^ lis eariiest 
nHTDiy (1e catE liM nel v^e He sound of ihe 
onron rceinig dosa Id his ionE all mc^ as Ihe 

Rnrh relimled tdcae He UT^aiirg GanBre m 
tlE \W3r of lETTQ, He was b^el^-olE viisi he 
agreed to spad lis life m a ravwiJiid, aitiidy 
difaeit fromlliB &d<b of Alss 

TEat was UL lEGS. and I hsazd die Eteiy of tit 
^ady yeans atPell^ui 1335 Bishop SnTDix^vas 

dead die l^r Inodtr h^ hecoitre F^cdrer Wo]£ 
ard Tf^ir^s tns golden jididee year Fella t^^aan 
l^Tnder 1^ stror^ wui^r sua but die ^;c!ldaiii 
eTeiL dt lYountan^ TAtie gieen after tie hest; 
laixE Jot it:m~^ ^^asojE Tire 'id.'eat i^d been 
sown the m^oon was£Liixq~. 

FatlH^ Wolf, \4hi I krev hm^ v^s a stod^ 
nBn ^Mlh a vflcte-lmmBd hal, fre gr^ dothe 
of apiGst head and rroiEfedie aid a taBTo- 
lat fec& I reirsitsed his cpiiJc^juhilGe, ard 
aded hunv^^tlH^ Iters v^iid te cdtiialiorG, 

"CefehiBliorE^' FaliEr Wolf ^uok his leal- 
Too nuzb. n3i^ Ttot is had for ai\ okl ivon 

We ^koU celebiBiB b^ ^hmcr a. gla^ of ^tone ard 

laDur^ absutdre oldd^s '' 

It -was d'e wme of t^ iTi^aon a s&lf-ieL^iit; 

"'Bidnei \^se sbll liviig in tiiB rrounlamE 
'w4bi I amvei tut IJ:^ Lhshb cur fhai^, 
te^nl^frs^Wolf. "Th^hidfiMiiolita^^^dTite 
ijfie, tut fr^ hcnrtl ie EC-ire of Ite rant 
bUei Ifcvv m aU B^^inmilaid it ^rt^iid he 
hard to flrd oiE pjiE BidTHBTL Hq^ |]h& IS DC* 
ffoi a K>± pnTTiinj to rraih Uht pessii^ In 
tiuse <^3 \rts rc<fe on bci^Kic ^Mlh Ue vdd 
flcwss tou±ug our shcffi. The Eseore ■\\e& 
tedff and sxai oin^ gaii^:G vhb pJaiied ard 
■iAe\\e& alle to slart v^it on Ite oIliedraL I had 
Dwa^ hada haniiH^ m ny haii^ tefbiR^ 

poller WoF looled 1^ ^t -die caJh^dml. and I 
{:o1liI£1 UTECjii'e dv^ lun ddEninxEcL RonrorL 

Cadisbcs feilii'g nxL tl'e slid. They kre^k" a> Ixtde 
q£ die doft of buOduicr^ it SEezirE, drul ^"ten a 
pIilID'J] Ltb ^vas sent Id dietxi fiDitx Pkajice d^y 
coi.ikL ncH; identi^ It Hncle lud Id be baled an 
-de n.veT tk^j^ sue mles BWHy^ wl^eie dieie ^vas 

suital]le grovmi They I^ad itrHi'^ lld^aii[^ of 

InclEie^dly ^ he cazlcd hy ^^^agoiLlEi FeDa; but 
dreiL d'e nver can-E down ixl flood and earned 
tJreir wndt Bwsy. TL"ey steitEcL straiix sHonj in 
tJreir iaid^ tJrey n"ftde lnndieds of joim^ys Txrrdi. 
tJ:e loaded ^ecjoue Id d^e VnTil^ivij site 

Lm:eGliaie had to he fowl aiid He r^i^ 
(fepcat v^ a hurdred mles a^^. Urai<bi 
tlE^ iGenied to slake it TlHitlHevss bnto; 
and BidUb" Wolf a^^^m to Ihe islaiife m Ihe 
nva^\Mlh an axe on his hai± ard cut Ite vjiUo^v 
trees, Tl^ "^^re Lie <tseit BDhmaan Ciihs, 
CUff {iirg flies Hsj tennsed ard t.'.istEd lie 
nt^ for asiual sfanrase, FaSiei^ Sinijn caived 
a aiofls aid a teauQful pipt Th^ nsfe flie 
calirg from He boses in v^ndi Uht store 
amvel QilyfreallaiscanEfiMiiRarce 

Fbr seven yeaiE diey lalnined- Onre Fkd^r 
3inDi\ sbp^ed £nn\ die szafE^ldn^g aid hiole 
Ins ccDar-bDJie Diiox^ all dns tinre one srceH 
hdiEE lud ic seive as ctaiEch si^h^ol ani 
d^vellmcT- Oftei\ d^y w^re huLyiy. Dicn^lt 
lolled dieir stocL^ and diey ^^reie Jbiced to ^H 

!back OIL a Hot^ntDt diat. Ttey a& 

leaniitiD soak iliemnrLvixiecrar^ LIe ^jcms^tx Hut 
tie ^voife wenL on Hiun^itBiiEy- Tl^y bmlt li^ 
rcB^Te pill-JTC: tJrBt Hank Htb fo^es tl^e 
an^hitiH^^cr^ tl^e kmg ^al^Biy "E^ey set 1^ cno^ 
on i1e pinr^cl£ of tirB spue in. ^i\ ec^ta^ of 

''As \^E hull; the hun^n populaton of ftie 
msaon gia^"" ^^slt csi I^flK Wol£ ""At flid 
ncGt of He iHqle ^^e^e Hotlatols \^b had 
li^^ed "wr^ldB^ m dbL his. TIhi niae 
IfcliQTiEls and HaoDS joired \b, v^^^ 
<iwQi cva^ the fronliff hy IJib GarreiE Tm^ 
yeais 3rce He Fferam can^ aid Ihar 
<tscaibid5 am eQU Ite shb pmid peoil^ a 
lace ^srt Gi*;^ orce has a Ifaao at Ite nKaon 
nBmal a poscai of anatha^ laa Th^ \ wated 
in Ihe copisr iniie of NanBqLBlartl lEtuiredlo 
IE wilii{^e ard rracfe rror^- 

The ]ai^ru^E5 ^ATEi? a cbffici^ty I leamtKi'^bsti 
easily, and n:uil\ QErli^i^-vas spslEiMn-tiie e^y 
d^s^ as the Coim^ ninens 1^ beei\ n\ d^e 

coLmtiy f^r a. loi^g UnrE But tl^eie 'i^'as also ILe 
Nanra ]angiuge Qf He HbtlenblE^ He Hcieeo 
laiEji^cr^ and AfaJuanE All th^se I kamtn but 
tJE d^OJET of tlie BistmEi^ -was Ido itliiK f^r 


The diuri±L w^ fLmshei aid on AigiEt IBti; 
1EE6. Biahop Bcae/ of C^ Ta\n anr/ed ly 
Ca^s cart anl Uesed and <tdicalal IIe Churdi 
of Ite lnnH:iiate Ccoc^on - Motha^ Chndi 
of all the Fonan Caliidic niEions m Ue ais, 
Before the erd of Ite CHtiiy" I^IJh" Suronval 
to ftarce lo te coiHtraled as Bidicp of 
'nBunH]cs, aid te z^mBl to F^la as Vicar 
A[iElohcoflteOiai:^Bive: That \^SE Bishop 
Sinim's ca^ viat to Fiarce, All Ite ret ci Ins 
life tE qsnt m B!^iBnlan± 

Nuns of He Older of Sz. Francis de Gales have 
^x^ilsd at PeHa smce He iKpinnrcr of He 
centmy They^ Ido^ iGiTQnLatHEn:i^aDi\JbTli& 
- ixde^ DIE IE called 1D France for Hie ekctionof 
a re^v L^Het Si^enDnrof i1e Oidar. 

"Afcca. is cter^ii^/' len-fldtd F^^r Wo]£ 
"We had 3. Imd ]ifc We saw tie simirrlEk 
tzeldfu'g -past PeiUa in d^eir mlfaorE for tlie Idst 
HxirE in 19C6 - a sight to iGJi:eit:i]er Wl^eie tiieie 
^^ras ons ianuEi: nrw tl^re jib iei\ dt Efteru 
TteiG ^?iG ID docfeis. I luve piilled oiA Jiror^ 
tcelil buLru'i^ I JiTiold anil find it too nen^ 
lacbirg Vet jRet £ifi^ ^ais it is good in see list 
all IS well at. FBlla. It Iras leei^ wonh h^ldu:^ 
^feie tJen Jb'ur IiuLdiKl people aie bTixcj lieie 
I'^p^ cm our ni^nciL and wb aie edi^^abr^ d 
liuidi^ childien. At Pell^ ^we l^ave i l^unty , d 
LdLeiy^ oilIT ^leep, goat^ wl^eat ani gasiens 
Ttns ^ar tie tweIIs aie gi¥incr waJET eveiywheie 
Hb^r d'e I-^^nonl'ds spie^d. sn\:e IfiiBtcjiTelD 
Pe!ll^ Tieie are iid^v twen^ iM^norE ani 
DntstaHarE njitlLani so^tlLCif tie Oiai^ge River - 
jm:e tl'oisai'd Ca^Lcs mtie vicanalE '' 

I ^^BltEd Ihm^ the gaE±a:e ^Mlh Fafre^ WcJf, 
arri he told rre of Hie c^s ^^^lal leifsri^ and 
jEdals p^€d on Ite stock Oflai h& fourd 
tabx-iE lGap:g OTa-lhe v^ T^vith nidors lotr 
frar anre, Tlae wbb s/Eie droi^ils Ico - 

e^HiallylJEgrEetdroi^tiiiflEeei^ mr^s 

Tfead^ evtiy year iien daed of fimst 3i\ fiie 
desert loimd FeDa," ssii F^4ier WoU sonow- 

fidly. "Dnne I sa?i^ a Geiit:Hi\ HhIct "i^lv 1^^ 
cro^sd tl^e nTer at RaiTsn's Dnft oi\ tie way 1d 
O'oloep He lud scoqjHd out a iule 3i\ ti^e dxy 
giDiiLid ^atjiIl Hs I'drds^ seaicliii:^ fbi^ArateiL aid. 
tie pooT tx~en 1^ deid. l^eside tie iule ie 1^ 

Qre only did I^IJh^ Wolf r^Mn to EinDpe on 
Is^a It"\raBml910, and Ite IranrfomBlicsi of 
the ali€s he hed ktij^vn a qiBitff of a caituiy 
tefore alainHi Ism He foim bnidf dxt|ii:g 
niDloi^ caKL "I \^ias used to a dry counOy, a 
peeceful country ^ he (idared ""I humed hack 
to BidmBnland, I^lla is IibiijiL"" 

I krew it^ but I coiild also sen^ tie great 
tzBiKpnliLty iiLtihe heartof Fathei Wo]f_ He was 
ofEeied leave Ecran\mlEG5^ but he lefL^ed. 

OiE iffiiit of liBt disUrfiiri viat to Alsace 
vffls Ihe vin^aid al Pdla. At the sigc^Elion of 

HishopSirccJi F^lIierWDlf LioucrlittficksoiirE 
vines Two yeais ]jlEr tl^ey ted tl^enr o wn wnne, 
and ]alEr tJ^ey iT»de biBiidy 

I^a has a mid wiiUer. The s^^Et polaloffi 
c|Dwn at the msaon aie fam^iE, peai± tiHS 
UoES^m in Jij^- BuL m sunrre^ Ihe jJiaip 
Imi^aatuiB at ttE Iffiv-^irg rnsaon runs ip to 

Pnests ajid mnis tiavelled ixiT bundi^dB cxf 
ixiles -to Pel3a niL Jin^, 1332, wten Bi^up 
SiTLTii^ celehiBlBd. tl'e fiftietb-arsuvei^aiy cf his 
aniTal. The eiQ?itEiTieiit; ^vas too i\u:ti for liie 
oLl rL-BTL wiiIl die fkiwii'g ^vIiHe b&^ni He lell 
nIL xene^ved. Hs pnestLy tows arcl died. Agaux 
-dieze ^^ras a gieat pikpnxtr^re tQ Fell^ but 3. 
scmowfu! one T^^elve liLindj^ people s^^g 
-die 'Te Dei^iTL-r as -the Eislcp was buned 
tefbie the albr u\ O-ur Lady's cl^ieL I-^i'^ 
^^diD lore^i" InTL^sdll pi^at de tojird? of Ei^up 

The lEd went Ihat Pdla iaren±ers v^"^ Ite 
^Ideai juhlffi cf the dedicalion of Ite 

CaliEdral. ltTAffiinl&4B, and Falbff Wolf, ll:e 
poiiea" piffil, 1^ ll^re at H^ Mass as ll:e 
sun canE throirfi Ihe slainsd dass wiEd:?^^^ 
acd shona on tre v^le-dad fiist oinnnim- 
Qids, onlhev^lehahlEof IheSistoB. onlte 
figures of Chiist and FSs Ae^s kxjkiig dovm 
fiDm pafelals aid dicIee, T1h& wss Iha 
Iw'^^ figine of FatlH" Wolf sff^mri his nsaiy 

Fadier Wolf lived on at Fella, -unul Fthrmiy, 
1347. "^uir^^ ^s a peasant, bs lei-cmned'' said 
ere ^vhs bne^k" I-oivk d^nu^g tas last yeans 'T^^xi 
dne as diey live, ai^ so did F^lJier Wolf As a 
laji:^ slo'idy goes out arcl leases one ixi -die 
daii^ so passed Fadier Wol£ ^o^y, pe^:«- 
fuRy, widici-Qtnllne^ '' He 'i^'as eifrlny- are 

I iHi^e no d^utt that Pella is Ihe saire Iranqml 
v^le oasis Ihat Bidiop Suron and Fati^r Wolf 
HHte il, aiyi Ihat ll:e ot/k slill find didler in 
the c^le fBliTG fiDmll:^ lakiiri sun 

MrsTEKY InThe Rkes. 

Oh a Rock. intiE Grai^ RPTff you \vi11 find 
Ue Elrar^t Biriirffin agrwirg in all Africa, 
The pias IS 93 lordy tiiat I cbi±t"\\i^tiH'aiy 
9:isili3t has examiiEd He ar|ravu:g It c^ds 

Tte Rev EfemrictL KLi^. one of the Ttbernsh 
m^normiBS at StEuiLopf u\ Narrftqisl^i'd for 

nroi^ yeans, vcuilied fur 1^ eisslBiiiie of tliis 
nr^s&naiE er^rievii'g He gaive tl^e pQ^rticik as 
c^^nsitE tie pouit ^k^hEie ^^e Gieat E^\ "River 
entEHE tl'e OiBi^e - a locali^ &r fizorui tl^e ^^^11- 
kuDWTLHEtfilG^ ani lui^'Jy zire^ m]e£ ^mtl^e 
ii?er rcDvitlL Oi^e of Kln^g's ccki~Qied a^asbrUE 
1^ lepDHEd tire er^iHvu'g^ ^uicl KIixej piszled. 
cn^trtie crngm of It for j^ans- Ths scei^ peeled 
otA oil tie watET - -won:i loclt witii store tools 
sh^^k^ tsvet/B rL'EiL sitling~ at a kiJig bble^ ard. 
CUE standmcr. 

Klirg firal^ fbiiTEd He l±B3iy tiiat Ihe 
eiOcF/irg ni^ he liaced hEci to Ihe niinfe^ of 
William ThraM. Ife Ee^i^ insioraiy" m 
182a Thtdfeillaiii lis asaslartiAe^ stored lo 
(iafli hy BiEhuHi vMe ih^ d^ Tfsi Ihe 
\^3iE v^ie looted, ard Khi^ t^ccir d^t an 
lUuslzaled Bitie fdl :nto Uht l"Bii:fe, and Ihat a 
BiElmEnailist m^ DEfi^ coped i±e iiduie, 

It -was 3n ingemoiE exi^lamUcm of de itr^ste^^ 
biA It IS nut enbxe^ sati^^ctDiy. £i:^Ti:en aiHsts 
Tx^eie rctii\ tie iHlut of coj^nng- aii^tinirr- Tl"ey 
^k^ilEd ^DiTL hfo^ S3 dutif yovLsee anelepleiit 

or a. Awm en ^ locl^ you n~^ ]» slus thise 
amxtrBls onre ici^iTed. u\ drot part of llie cothH^ 
It 1^ tz^E list a>iTe of t^ ca^e paixmr^s ^A'cie 
JanuRil - Iiultbjl temgs with tl^e heads of 
anlEilafeE aid a> oilBuLic Bi^nran CQijId ever 
]m?e nru^gired. llie Last Si^Tper scere ttot stiE. 
sbrds onl^ loi'eLy i[ickaxL4ie Oiar^e River. 

TIhe is nuii in IJib h^ cplley of BidinBn 
art Ihat is bofflu^ Sorre iir^st^tors ckdaie 
tiBLlil&[BlI4llgE^^e^eafblmof n:KBc; and Hie 
B^rimHi pcat^ed theL whidi ^e/ ^^^dlEd lo 
kilL t^iy tf Ue isufflitE are IhaiEsnds of 
years dd; tut it is dear Ub^ Ue ailisls \^h^ at 
"wak ip to fre adci last caauty. 

BreiLthe siroll to^ cf the Bil^htbil claiE VEie 
artists. 1 Irove seen a. stick of wiM oIivb wood 
feimtie Oiai^ge River caivKl iTHrreDoiEly by a 
boy of IweLve Tl^ fenaier wlio ^varthscL -fl^ 
voik said d'at llie boy i^ed a psclctyloBfe^ 
gnruL^d to a fiiE piMiiL Tl'e boy clecoiskd d^e 
stick witli pLiEf- Ecklens, ostncbes^ it:ei\ wid^ gisE^ 
apncldy fear plant a giLimea f^'i^'X spm'^hol^ a 

hoise^ and imst sui^osuig of all tvo c^er with. 


AiTllas ^fear m a fev ca^ pamlii:^, and Ihe 
' laWiani^ tcdilion still lii^as aniH]ga>ire of 
the BushnHi dam, Thseai^cl" course mc^s" 
with anflas in South Afiica ^sit from these 
vAKh have hsai mforled h/ zees in re:al 
yeais. This Hie ''taWijmtf le^id is i^k^ 
h/ az^ire slufeils cl" BuElmMi art as fnof UhI 
tfee peoile CBce lived in EiuDpe and kuited 
cks^ "wlh anlle^ A fcffiilised aialff v^s found 
itai^ Port Ehzal^ hji^^;e^er, mjur^ 1947, Ihe 
hist a^a^ etca^atod in He sd>conlirsit BiEh- 
nHiin^t have loig iiHTona 

I-^denn aitists n~BivBl at lii? ^esln^e^ of tbe 
paint m die ca^^es^ ard die skill of die Eii^men 
^x^h^^ ^ATonit lenmns vivid, affer d'oisai'ds of 
yeais The nen v4io doscoveied the Eii^mron 
tEchrnqte Tvas a geologist raned H. J. DT.inn 
^vho si]eiit Jbif nniitJrG inHiJ^nmnlai'd nn 1372 
withanamred. escoit of Nbit^BmBoideTPolice 

^ATith. 4^1; of d'f abonnguKE. He found d^e 
Hi^mrBn ^^^Iibie troie ^lormvc "dun tli^se of 
1^ AiEtia]iai\ blacLs - jist a cucQe of iTelkhoB^ d 
]a±rnxk4ie giB^ i^earalaigB loc]^ a.rL'GiG wnrd- 
}iieak givn'g ^K^f but ^IdoiTi a. zoof. Oi\ d^e 
floor lie ruticed. loo £e sbuE (but never lmT>^s£>^^ ostncK egg-^^^Us^ die paj.m?K of a 
^nn^gbcxk ised as a ^va^er corHairer, di^^es of 
Dx-I'onix tDUDi^ cai^^ces^ ^vhisLs of Ir^Eci^a 
I^u: tore spool's &Dn~L sporgtok nbs, 'IbecA^t 
tags of Bbi'e uirplenrErUE^ i^nvens aid annws. 

The BushnH^ saad Dura; v^ie oaiat lo dnve 
a wild anmBl o^ of a aany in Ihe lodt ard 
frsL ntve in wilii Uht ^mli^ Th^ le/Ea^ 
inp^jTGd on a rare lo keep out lile^^oi 

Dmrg lliis joun^ey^ D^inn ob^ived tire last XEirt 

i^ant of lte clarE of C^ie 5iEbn:Ei\ bTuicr tiienr 
oiATiL lives in. ibeir mHiml sunoimiix^s Tl^ey 
^ATEie sdll lEixEj stone^ wood and bane oxtrplE- 
ixenlE and tbeir o^^rn. p^tlBiy^ and i^ coUecled 
ixDie 4un SG Ten. bundled sbi^e uirplenrErUE 

Dium iB33iited frat He Bi^thmi aitsls Esurad 
tier coloure fiDinied iBEimtils, ydlo^ oxicfe of 
m^^ gr^ fLDrnd^ly iHfe, ^^^le fiiHE lic^rs aid 
llEdtfromdBiaBLTl:^ earned tlH7pgnHTls 
m He hc-nE d" aiMopes asid ^^.ed t^sn^^vitli 
eQc^ I^inlirg was Uhtta^ of [Bsaig Ih9 tnB 
wisi QBf v^ie pwQTted from hunlirg The 
only nyEleiy Ihat has rot teai scfced is Ihe 
sntelairE vAr&l cpre He isinlutE Uht 
T^\EallH^-K33lu:g pofslia Durai bixe^sE QM 
it n^ hEC/e tsn lales and rsu:G fromilanlE^ 

TireiG fe'i^ ^k^bi^ people still bvmcr ^vtu 
^va^bed die BiEhtneji idonicr dienr paudu^gs^ for 
d:e amstE ^^reie idyixcj out 3i\ tire nriddle of last 
centmy It is clear fionx old desdrptions^ 
ho^xrevei^ duJ^'d^e 5^Ebn:Hi\ farnter sbited widia 
peifectLy clear trental nvecre and jDlJed clown, a 
nmvd^er of isolated doi£. Only ^k^beji l^e ^as 
satisfied widi Ins dots did l:e lun a fiee^ boldhi^e 
fionrioi^e tn arutber- As be did so ll:e anuxal or 
1bsi:qil JbnixL ^^^uld tai^ ^^q^ Hie ac^rnrscy of 
1d1l1?K was s1l1?K tlul once alme lud been. idiBwn 

At iisl tie 5iEtirt:Ei\ confined t^eit:Eelv?s 1d 
amxtrBls^ aid tlie lock ei^Tovir^s zepiesGiit; -^tb 
dawi\ of art aTtmnrr tJeiirk They t^ been 
er^iHvirg ^id paixilu'g Jbr centunes^ a^Tparently^ 
]»f3ie tliey a1lEJi:vtE<L liLirL~ajL fifmies Cnbc^ 
I^d^e 3B2£[ tIuts3t:L~e of tlie ajciTBls Ic ok stiff ani 
-QLU'dtixaX buttl'e &ct ns tJ:Bt ti'e Eil^htbil aiUst 
tad ane^ liic a ski^k"- m^taoi^ cme- canreia, te 
^3?ir4ie ]«rs of divmnuET an^lope^ f qt exaitrfde^ 
m. d coiT^hca^d ani urndial posdioiv and 1e 
painlEd eiiscdy ^^tlre ^xw. 

Thee litlJe ca^ rrsi seldom evicted sQll life 

la^e and reac^ T^vilh tier Iua^ and aiTT.'ffi, 
DqAi ard pa^ipatoe is^e^ holJHai fren at 
all- tut IJ^ aciawed a staik aid ^Hfil 
lEshau Tt^ hed ^rrfcols fcr lain ard 
lig htTinrj SonB of te firet exanxies Twael a 
sOrngsHES of keiM^ - ayoui:g t^^ 
Ue lail of an ol<ta^ ore oraBiElTnBn{lK|ii3Ed 
as an ceQich aKHHig Hie susiioore of his 
"vicflm No iBis on earHi s^a" olffiived Hie hahlE 
cl" anurals niJie dcGE^ ll^n Ite BuElmBD, A 

telxon 3cial3±ug &:r"\\alQ; a tudt in its cfedi 
agory, a diargiiri linno .» lJ:es ^^re ^rat 
Eiil^ectE \4iidiirGfiied liie BidiiHi aitEt 

Tzees ard jOantE aie ni^nxcj in. de cave 
painbr^s Frotali^li'e Bi:^in:en ^.h^cie ^lEQlile 1d 
fird tlie cqIdilIT gxeen aid so avoided SLibjecte 
den'aiichi'g tiul pignrenL Ore sobt^iy pambr^ of 
analoe 12 kruwr^ ard ilu1;i£ colauied rod. 

I iH/ecsiecf iheiaistfbirffictfBiEhnBnaitm 
ny poEsaon - a carvmg from a Kalahan sva 
Sddom do yon hear of Ihe BiElmHi ee 
s^iptois^ hit Ihs hIc^^in store tebx?n head 
i^Tfflis cWff watamrehip 

A luUve Jbund tJ:e babocm head caxred on die 
xDcLc^vall of d^ cavE aid lmM:L~Eied itoft ibiH^ 
juJEly widciit dairBge. Tte irmls of cleavage 
are diEtin?^ He took it ic a. stDielEe^ei, v/io 
ga.Te ~dii£ emf^nrs. m store 1D lie. It is an old irmL 
batoonfe tlie liie^ wrdiwnnLdedf^rehead^ deep- 
set eyes^ tme-Iip and pau:ted iTuiLitiu sltbH 
ercv^KlD I'old indre tend A sculiTtDi a^nsed 

I kroiv (tf only" oiE olitr £Kan^ of B^riinBTi 
s^lpture, TlBt is a l^sd in He McGitg^r 
Hi-Eaim m KinlHi^, caiv€d from Kaioj dio- 
mlE ard foucd E^^f^ei: Mow Ite surfks of a 
KmiHi^ siluh I vii^ IIhI: I could fird Hib 
<tsQt caiffi ^^^l^e ny tstoon bead T^G carvsi 
fiirfre sloi^^E^s" "TDi^it QieeT^^He ofrEK on 
fre ^^Qll from^^Tich im:e caiiE, But tE had lest 
loiriL Willi Ue natve i.^ found it - and Hie 

Po^ntJy as a itsudt of si^ieistitiinx d'e Hi^nrEn 
sdiotxi depidEd sL'filEE ixLlieiri[ickei'giB?ixig^ 
Mr. JaiTes DiMiy of tie Soiri\ Afiacji\ Misei^iTi 
discoTeied tun sl^^Lce an d lock duor^ a 

TCalalian jfVTin^y 11^ 1PR1 audited aie 1^ Ol'Jy 

^relc d^giavings la^cnvji ixl ttot feniijfciy In 
olier legiDiE Hi^mrEn eat ^rulcs^ buit Dnicy 
fcruni d'at d^ HiL^mren in fiie locak^ of d^ 
er^iBvu^gs lix&Edled smlcs It iTi.^t;luvB beenan 
an^iETTt "taboo " ibrtlie ergiamaigs w^re very old 
ani tie B^shnm^ cl^i's bTix^ tiieie coiild 1bI1 

Dnny I'D tlniicr about ti^enx O drer ajniTsls caiv^ 
on iDols inolulfid ^l^id genEbsl^ wildebeest 
anizebia, d^e ^»or of vanois aiite]D[L]e£^ aninn 
sevcial jil^ces tbe B^^HTen lud caivecl bunon 
JbolpnntE. Ttese iDck d'giaviiigs ai? beliETed Id 
be sigrG ^sed by 4ie HiL^HTenlD imhralB ^^atr 

Qe of DiTJiT" s la^ v^s lo leem Hie n^tii^d ly 
T^^di Uie BiEhirsi iracfe tea^ of oslnciL e^ 
sl:di VanoiE cfecnpOoiEaiB gp/ai inaoaTlnfLC 
T^^ofe, tut Ites VH^ hffied la^ge^ on 
oiJigeclutR Dn^ fourd Hiat the l^is lAae 
iiB^ ly Ite v^nHi An ffilndi em \^^ irifeii 
inio laKp psss, and thai aiBM^ ficgnsnls 
VB^ bUHi off. Holes ^-iSE dnlled vfllh an iioiv 
pointed sQck hdd tel^H^^ai Hie paliiE Stoi:e 
\^re lEsdas haniTH^andaiT/il to lumtlEteEt^ 
uite dsc dmsa All He testfe vme lediisd to 
unifonnsize ly diiac^^g feienon a sliDi:g pss 
of git so U^t He ^^tole iHsire a aolidard nc(d 
HBSB litE a sQdL ThsL He teat vs^ ground 
snroHiwiHia roi^EtoiE, A ™:'nBn loldDnny 
that she hed lalenjiEl ever "Uii^eiirorG" to 

ixqIe a stnxET oi beads neaiiy twelve feet nn 
]ei^tl\ 5he paitEd -wt6:i tlie ^vh^le stung for two 
I^anifLils of tDbs:co . 

You l^ai^ Hie last ^^ eires of SIote Acp 
niBO amHig Ite BushnHi, Son^ of IJ^^ 
EiGtnFrads iWe vamd^d - litE He pmiliv^ 
foir-slili:^ haip v^di ^{£si^ m a care 
pamliin B!l Ite ndariiia^ rotes of Ite ''g^m'' 
n^ Elin te heaid in Ihe {tffiit - IJe ore-sQiitpd 
Bii^Trffin viohn fburd only mSouUiAfhca It 
TABS iiNated ly Ite Bi^hrrHi and dalinaled ly 
fre HolteaTlQls jiEt a b:wsttii]g"wilhgul; bi 
"wilh an osQiciL {jbU allaiiHi to ore oii of Hie 
gd. The ji^ff v±ialGS the gd ty sudorg ard 
tln«igmloU:eqiJiE lnl±edaaii:eUE"'g3m'' 
93urdE bis a feint ti^a 

Tire "goia,'' of coT3ise, onguulEd uniie onhi^ary 
bounded. Jot sic otir^ Ai'cieiittiLintBis disco^?r- 
ed diey cciild prod^ire clcids of moc by 
tM^^ar^uirr dieir b^'i^ stores Latrtlrey aji^iliBEd 
ttese EOT-inis, as nn the "^oib." Ail uHeiestir^ 
van^Hfin JvlBd b^ Dum t^ geoibcnstH nn 
Naii^ciiialaii^ TB^dy ei^Hy yeais Ecr^ ^^ras a 

iDrtoisG TifibxL- die sl^ell of a^nloiEG onafert 
in::K sticl^ stroi^g witl\ sire^k" and pl^ed ^Aritli a 

Althoi^ Hie B^^mHi had oHtr msc^ 
irstmrrsils it re/a^oxuiiBd lo lJ:ese Store Acp 
peopJe IJbI ordtslraE oaid be fbmBi Ttie 
woiiai rm:fe anHe-intlls fitan spir^ijk €ais 
with ficgrrenls of cstidi d^ iracfe - Hie so- 
called "BuElTrran fcella" Tl^ ±^ rot ssn to 
ha^ had dmrre of Hiar a vr^ tut l]^ coped Hie 
HoltoTlDt "imndfot" ard called it a "Cm 
Ism'' TIht saigs are "willBut voi^, ard are 

Tte anlElofe hsiiE T^sed b^ tbe BiElm-En wl^en 
IixAx^ can tmdiy lie cla^sd as mcuzaL u'stn^ 
nenlE, for tfiey wtre iKed as decoys Tlrey g^tvB 
out a blfialzi'g note^ bliC tlie ciy of a ^'OL'g buik 
and ev&iL ]ficpaids were scmretm^s deceiTed by 
tins cunmiig device. 

It niEt l:s/e lakEii Hie BiEhrcai C3iunffi of 
patent reeeidi lo pcdice Hiar dE&st/ anu:^ 
poiaans. The a^lcaig iikess ctf Inal ail sior 

do ratyetpo^s^ 

Theeliltie pecd^ suriDutitedhr aHne^ lAee 
ptdzat^ sbniialEd in frar ^cafe hf Ite gnm 

fed; list IIht liJv^ aiil aiTTiTO did EDt give Ite^ 
siiRaat pDlerQoii S^oig greta^ pcv^ 
fr^ seeidBd Ite plant v^^aid v-^ilh± Hi^ 
T^ie s> faniJiar. But ilantiin^ss alcne, did not 
yidd satsfktoiy isiits. Tie gi^at skill of Hie 
BirimHi 1^ in Hie OHi^ieic and dB^ 

Ttas wbeikl^ jiace of tbe corctTDiLpois^rLbi^L 
(^urocuFithenj v^npnaia^ ^^as fomd lO Is CSfo 

mldly pois^TDiE Ite Bidmei llaited it "wim 
caie of Hie e^icaiiaE, The final con^iJurdvsE 
an iretent Mer. The earfy Biduei kiBV that 
mlk of aqioiia wodd irahe arall pools of 
w^b: di^Tl^ loxiQ llHi 11:^ adfed male 
■vsE-mamsajielapT.^rfilFoiaon Soireof 
IIht nest cfeir^TD^ poiscDB v^iid not sbck lo 
He anu^^E, m:d it nijEt affile laks^ ife BirimHi 
a lorg linE lo dia3J^a"llE ncit flialiv€s, 

■which tiey call '"Nkw^a," and winch e sull d 
nr^stEiy 1d arolystE. 'ITgwa." as a caJEipillar 
TteiG aiG jc pQiEDiDiE cakipillais AxDtl'er 
d£ SG It poosQi^ aboiA winch litdB isla^cnvms 4ie 
Injln ised for tzppu^ aizo'i;^ Lzefbie Hinlii:g~ 
buzLc TIh5 jxxiau\ kiSs die anlBkipe farHy 
qimcld7^ butdoes rutsp^il the iveat 

EvQi leffi is kno^vn about tie BidnBiTs 
anlidots,Aa^^H"C3lled''Edanr isiEs^and 
it calsii*;^ cai^ vonilirct tut Ihat dze not 
sqiain lis utfliEns cva^ poiscn m tie llccd 
slifflm FdicaiHiT^^B petd B^^iiBn counQy 
know ais/ WBV^ of savu:g Me \^^hi ore m 
tlHriiii±H'(oralo^ is sttirk ly an anu^v. 
Tl:^ ffiise a BiEhntm jab He piosHied anuvv 
inio his ami ard {farand He anlidota Roi^ 
jiEtice, tut it has pui^sl ^e:aive on (iqsale 

DunrL^vas escoilKl HiiDi^h ET.ElTiTBnlani by Mr_ 
I-^^^uniLan JacloQi^ ths Kei'J'dsit JirogistzalE^ a 
seigEaiitH aid fainlEei^ tzoopeis of ths Noitl'eiTL 
Bcnfer Fobce. Eren nn 1G72 it "was zut 

{:ot:Eijiezed sale ioT Inni Hn c:[d^ tie coxiiil^ 
alone The ca~QLitiy ^^ras suHknx^ £ditl a ^^vcie 
diDi^it and D~qlil\ declared af&iw'aDis tJrot ^^ey 
^xreie JbiturelB in. ccxirplatu:^ tlie kmcr Hek 
^ATithjiLit 1d^ ofhbi. At n:ar^ ^daces iley t^^mi 
eTidei\:e ox heaid siDnes of Bi:^in:an p^iam. 
One victinx^x^as e.lidie Hi^nron. gni "i;^ tad 
teen. appioEclied by ii:etx~J]en£ of arudier clan. 
ani tckl Id give i^ tie g^^HB sl^e ^vas niidir^ 
SheiefLEed^ anl^^asLoIladbyaponsQi'edaiici^k'. 

Durm cfedaiBd tiiat He BidmsL hed do Kcerd 

ID4E iJBt the police lai ofiifes to azi^ am^^ 
Bi^ren Hi^ SEOuntoied, If fii^ coiid not 
nBke aiiels, IJhi fr^ VH^ iieai ttod to slrot 

Wtule faml^f^ of ^A^1E tieldds lud been, 
pcxisxred by spLfcfLiL HiL^uven. ^Adv conEideied 
t^By lud a crnevance DuiuVs p^^ can^ 1d 
iTBT^ TwalEi^ holes winch Ired teen p^is^red TwrtiL 
plaTTfe ani tins added, gieatly to thenr diSLc^iLbes 
Tire 5iEbn:ei\ thexiKlve^ D^mn added^ iM.'st; 
often. iH-ve EiiHeied fcHiJieE &on"Lthiistnn tiie diy 

y^ais &^n. a BiElm~Bi\ coi^ n^t suivive V^o 
days m E^^lEirQnlaiii wnlciit^vater. 

On a giBr, Dunn foml Ihe B^rimHi wsb 
siqHior to Ite AiElralian atongirK^ TlHr 
viaon^ras 93 fesi IIhI: liie;r osld Idl v^^Ih^ a 
nrni on Ite sl^bne v^s a ta^ba" or a iialiva 
Whai out lutig fr^ \^3iE garehok or ox-h{fe 
smdals to potEct Uhf feel from tct sand or 
thc-ns Tl^ siibls also fonrad frar ''iion 
mlion," If fr^ "^^re fer fiom fc-ne ard led 
killed iBlfairg Ih^ pjt Ubi^ siidals m Ite asfe 
p3uti±d Ite IffltiH^ aidhalslit iito a 93iqi 

H^Ebn:Hi\ hunteis tnTted. tiie jJaces ^"teie tte 
buzLc could dimk by bkiclor^ i^ sonre of 4ie 
^x^aler-hQles Tl^n. iiisy bialt sneerE close m the 

ien~a3iiixEj aiuices of "^aikr and lay in. ^ait foT 
Icuis witiitJreirto'ws and anoi^rs 

TtB[ also ItJ^sl Lcs^Ig^ BidmEn v^rataio 
for ^me^ WD^ sd€ct an old hare^ kill aid 
eat il, aid Hhi stuff it wilh grass. So cutmrg 
was Uht l3xi{feTiy iJ^t if Ite fam^r did not 

examre 4ie I1315& dosly te ^voukL Hunk iX lud 

fre IcoElE setfled at mcit l±e B!^ren fizai ihe 
^asE, ^fltiEd Ite saiadsd IooeI^ iidsd off 
l^ai^wir^, ard giDurd ip Uie tcdiffi Th^ 
ciavjlunp on liis <ik, 

Ii\ lean Unres Htb ^AronrEn coUecfed ImT^im 
plants^ flesl:^ iooi£ Lie Hazge^ flat tuuiqiE. TIe 
loTLinD IS fidl of ^^ ^ good subeUtulB for ^k^alBr. 
Aictl^r BiEhruei^ food ^vas d^ craip Theie Jie 
Gutter and sweet vanseHes of lIiiE cactiE-hlc 
plarUn aid Hie sweet bstes LIe In^nnce But'E'e 
Hi^mEn^i^eiG nn~[aD videiiL Thsy goigHl ^fbr d 
loll^ and revET tlvixr^ of sbnir^ ar^ Jbmrk of 

It iDok Tmaily ^ l^urdied yeaiH % ccnpile He 
£^rtand 01^ dicHormy of "E^e HiL^HTondialecb. 
Tte -task CDiTf^lelEd eaily- nn 1&±7. itbIes an 
-QLHsiuI story Ii\ i]:b 'fifties of last cenluiy H^e 

Cafe Govenm-Eiit eiKf^crtd aphJoibgist Dr W_ 
Bleek 10 stuly rmr:;e larcri^cres Dr. Eleek 
jbund a. xnsirter of Ei.^hn:en in poEon m GspB 
TowT^ and £nm tJ:e in^n^nt he Ireaid tlienr 
jHamtiver clIic]iii:^ spsecKl^ conremzHted oiMt 
ani node "E^e fiisl s^ientzfic stuly of the 

Vay 9:x3n De Ble^ iffilised that BidiiBn v^s 
enlu^ diffaal fromfre oIJh" l\TO grffll iialrre 
largi^p gim^ of Soiih Afhca, Banli-i and 
HottoTlDt H& had rolhiti lo wo\k on, m te 
ElBiled hs dictLora^y h/ givuig Ihe B^rimHi 
pdure bools UTisnfed for duldai and 
trarGlated Hie pduts of a^oyd^ ot^ate into 
BiEhnHi^^jiik Ife^^e Eeasted ty a rdalivE, 
Di: Liry Llt^^ and Ic^fre^ IJ:^ fOled a lorg 
ruw of Hdtol exaos bxjte "^ vilh Ihe ^utp of 
the Care BiEhrai Thar studies \^re corfined 

Dr. Bleek died in 1S75. leavucj- a dai^Her 
Doiodiea E^ed tinee The lidie cpii^ hmiL^tit \-\p 
b^ Dr Llo^d, connnned her Jade^s ^^roii^ and 
afier €ie deaidi of I^As Llo^ in 1914. I^fiss 

B]«k tec^i\^ -6rB Vt^oiid's l£adixig~ aLitlDii^ on 

I lalted to Mis Bl£^ m Ite she C^ TG^mi 
Eutuiten ^rdai v*eB Ih" Mh^ hed lalted lo 
fre B^^mBTi I21331HE lorg agzx It wss gb^ lo 
in^uE ihem aoidTuig cai ife gras^ sniiiirg 
Dr. BIg^ s isiGcm, and dBtHi^ a^ in IJht 
irasil^ difficiit didc ard gutlaBls, Nav 
^ntols had to Is closed to i^iodiis liie 
93uiife ulteal ly ll:ese htlJe fffifie of the Sliaie 
A^ Tlst■\^ffioreof iheisffirGv^liieladt 
"wal on f or reeit;^ a ^Hiluiy . 

T^ficg; Bl£ek ^vas ict coiHEJit 1D Invittl'e 5t?.iiy 1d 
lte C^]e BiEtit:L~Eii. I tdTe alieady n^jiticiied I'er 
Kalalena joT.iixey in ccnja^ ^wrtti '^coVi^' 
SmtlL Laler sl^ -wmit fardieT afielfL «> d^ 
I^fe^nnAra BishruEn m BeclnsmlanL llie Nanin 
nrLScnid^WeEtAfnca, "to ScmtireuL RicdfEia. ard 
Aa^i^ ani 1d ti'f Haih^n Himu:^ people of 
Tai^ai~^^lQ- Once ^e ?i]erit; fo\-\r itniiilb alm'e^'g ixLai\ abaidoi'ecl police station oil ^^e edge 
of d'e Kalalun^ gatmr^ llie coji&deniifi of d^e 

5iElmEi\ thnDiL^ti la^owledge of tlienr langiuge. 
She neTer canned a we^nnn^I^er kle 

MiE BlffikloldnEof theisi^ of BidBHi^B 
\^re lakai to C^ Tavn m 1SS4 afla" Ih^ had 
test at VM^ wiHi Ite IfotloTtols m ihe KaitBnl 
district. The gTs^anrrat aiiBi^d fcr Uhii lo 
tra^d hy SEafromRjTt Nollolh- asQBBcpard 
fn^aoii^geiqHiaicefortlEB^riTnHi- and on 
anr^al its/ can^sd out at Salt Rws' near Ihe 
raih^^bna ItvsE MaiT±^ andv^Knll:erain 
cans lis BiElTnHi"^\ereiiiisei^ia Tl^v^e^ 
afp^nticsd to famH^ but the espainHt ^^ 
notaaciESE, Orec^llEBuElmHivamslBi 
argy HBix \M:jirfin am chid No one sew Ban 
go, and Qiar nDrlh'.aid ti^ v^e unotE^sred. 
Tweily ytais later sfHB of Ihese Biriinai 
\^ie looted m BiEhnnnlani 

Ft'i^ luve stulied Bi-stmon aH; as clcseLy ^ 
I-fi^ Blee]^ and l^er n UBipi^taHc i'g of ancieid; 
cave pauitsr^s axe faiTciE. Oi^e of tbe nxist 
inlBiesDr^ doscovenes sl^e descnlied ^^ras 
foiLind nx an almost ir^cco^nMe glen near tlie 
OiarE^ RiTer - d ^^diole Boor com\>ai"iio o£ 

Jbi^ 3ide^^ nxicLulizicr one itui\ witii a. qun. 
These niei\ -wei^ vooiHeldEis, of coui^^ siii 
the pautii'g ns one of iiie veiy fei^r m li^^lnizh 3. 
Hislin~Bn aiUst depicted. 'i^'hilE people I aslEd 
Tvfi^^ EleeJt ^^etJrer s\r^ could expl^u\ die 
{:oidzovBisial 'Xady of Biendt^ig'' paixdnig nn 
So~QtltWest A-Fptf^a ^ud Id lepiGseiit; a ^vliLi£ 
Twoi\«i\ of GieciHi\ tjT^, and eEUn-aJEd in Le 
-dioi^ands of yeans old. f^^^ Bleek implied tir^d 
SDine infei^EebHons ^x^ei? too uirEcr^rmiTe Slie 
-dui^ht tl'e p^nxding imirlit lepieEerit a 5ish- 
ixBTL ^AToixBi^ with, ^ce sLTBaied with pnik flay 
^tEuuJ^Tely^ tl'e picture nuglit l^aive l^een 
pairitEd after the fust nn^noi'diy ^k^nreiL lud 
settled nn Soullt West Afcica. 

Mss Bleeps sui:[imr| ip cf lbs Bidnren 
Im^B m ny nmd "He is all his life a chld,^ 
^K saici "^avase to v^afc fond of [1^, of 
psinlirQ sirgmg; dt&arg ip and adiig - 
ahj/eall fond of heaiii^ and telling stonES,"" 

Chapter 14 
iHiNirE Fdrhtlide 

mah-y WHiTBMnHhai^elrTeddcffilonaluE&m 
tfce sditudGS lo Ife rcrth aid south of He 
Ora^Riv€r.Vcoitrddffii^, soldiers, Q[iioieis, 
feirreis, liekhosis, police on cantfe, oi^wscsi 
hca^dsi, mffiicffienGS, nHi of infimle 
forttiKfe - oonB fcurd v.tat th^ soi^t anc? Ite 
h^p£st\\aethcee"^\iiD did not seek Vn^sldi 

Yel; I bno^AT oit fiiritaTe ^vho lived tl^ mjst 
pomUTe life of all penmle^ and Iningiy as ai'^ 
HoVEiitEitH an^ he tecanre tl^e nchest ivaiL m 
Soiaib West Abaca. I do i^stthink itTwoiild l^sve 

turned out blE i3utnxLai^ qiJiet CQuntiy EzL^et 
LudHEi'stEin 3S his JurL~e^ ^idbs gaive ii:e are^x" 
nxtrpi^^zLDJL of tl'e wilden^e^ drul; stzeud'es 
[JdwiMd t3ie nvex- Oiiy a Etnjr^ d^eiaclBT coiid 
tdve SLiEvived "die hfe of emtzeiMe isolaHon tJr^t 
LitLlTlEi"EtEm ctuse FbT eiyhteei^ nnnllE he 
]ivE<l izL huinig arrci JicrtJre Kaias ivui.inbii'G aiii 

Hs felJ^ "^ras a Gaimn IranEport nc^, 
car^Tig 3^55^165 lo He amy mtte field dmuig 
Ite ^^Ql^ a^iJEt the HotlsilDls, EiTEt aiirred m 
Lij^ib m 19)5 "^Mlh his nnllH; I\to tiDlbea^ 
ardaaster^ l:ev;Q3de7siyGei3oldv.iiaill^ 
1^ il:e s^ni* lo jcaii liie fmd of ll:e fein^ at 

They travtllEd with, a corrwoy o£ seven dik- 
^^ragoiE^ ki aded ^atiiIl ann Y sinies ajid tJ:Kr own 
]it^ po^^e^acii's BBtureeiL AilS and Kai'ileip^ 
ixilitaiy QiLitpQ^tE oiLthe 2<X> mle tzaciktEi Keetr 
ixBTEhcurp^ tJ:e ccmrDy y^as nxifeicepted by 
CoQieiliiE Header of €ie BetiuniB HotlBntDtE. 

EiieTs iTDiiH', iBV to that ^sild comliy and 
dEspsBle in Ihe ±siie to save ter dildra; i^n 
fcsv^daidkt^t tdbreCondius, 

'^^neel bElbie God, Tjut ret bsfoie ar^ rueix'' 
sfod CoixehiLE nnp^ifectGeiiirQrL 

Gan^us Icoted the store, bl 1^ IhB LiJ±il:a^ 
stem Viffifcn untoiEhed IThe sanE ciiivaliDiE 
trffitirst of v^Hiei aiiddiil{fe; you see, vAMh 
Von SdiaiffDlh had <teaited lo he in his 
CcGfla) NEsd; nDinu:g a amU GanBD pbItdI T^^^e 
si^tei lBv\e7a; and EnEt sa v liie Hotlotols 
slrolirg d?.'jn He sz^lditK, ThaL ^^as tte fiist of 
ntiy c^atms mttetemteay- 

Afkr a fe^v weelc at schciol in B^eetiToiEh^ap, 

^uncr Qnst weiit^ ^^jdic as Ins ^li'e^s feileiBr 
llefdler of ~de team of o>[Ejii^ aid laikr as a 
^iT^cr^ztdnTer. He lell aiLit wxth his Ja^rex ard 
Jcmncl a hcuire ^Aadi a ^mrer Jun~ecL Ivl^c^uy It 
^vas a queer I'oiseI'Dild, &3r L^cl^y lud iToniEd 
a HDHEiitDt and tl^eie ^vas a laige lelf-casb 
fani^ Bnrstgie^k' 1^ widMlreni leanitt Hsz^oi:^ 
ard all die lone uf A^ -v^ld; te spole HotlBiibt 

fiveidly ani coilM ^mieistHiifl die 5^Elirt:Ei\ Tic 

iamiwas caillfid TaiEiiiHe/' -abo-ut LS nileE in "d^ 
I'oilh of KeetruHi'^DCip ani cIdsg Id tJ:e jnesent 

The vai^ uilh tiiB HatlailDls <lac^ on One 
n^ a tBrd of Holtenlols rmcfel "I^Hi^ 
^T^ aw:^ Mack^ ard {faraiidEd nfles, 
I^fed^ vsE a told ntm v;ith ore ^e and Hie 
^^^larce of apinla "If you^rtj^it YOf nfl^ 
^:«f 11 hare Id lake iV dialls:^ Maii^. 

T^ Hottenfeiits coi^^aHEsd. lienKlTeE ^^AilolLr^ 
oi¥ of I-^tfil^y' s CQW^ and roastmcrit Bnrstani 
-de ^^cl^y clfiljixejLjDU'ed d^e loidens n^^mi d^e 
£ie_ Thsy ^^le ruErubens of d^pany^ and a few 

T^aiS l^CtBT RUEt Lll^hlEI'StBUL 1^ IGaSDl\ 1D te 

"dmikfid du:t tie HQ~DEiitDtE legaidcd him a? a 

As a yoiih Ernst fbllc^'^^ ^e b1 occi^BlionE, 
Ife slaved a bJdiEay m Ke^n:fii:di33p, da]^ 
laEd He cattle ^iniEd He cbitsese and sJd 
fren c?7ff Ite Kjunta: Ub also Ined He hold 
li3^ hit foiidro aniESEBit in s^vuig tea: lo 

dmnlsnGanancfficas unlil He ^dy bcus of 

ttenr-mii^ TlEvdddaumdhun^ainardhe 
retuiBd lo fainii^g H&v^steoFcoi^touBkea 
sitcssofit andiptol914lEhadre7a"fflnied 
niHE tiian a pounioi^t^^ a^^^dt, 

At fit ovtlHeak of TATHT in 1914 of cixuise, EiTEt 
LiLi?lifet:GlEii\ becanrE a Gemron Eoldiar. EotlLtiis 
InotJreiE ^ATEie captm^d, b^it aldcurK Euist^s 
hoiEG 'i^'as ^"Dt isider hnTi ii\ ore of dt 
sldun^tE m de soiid\ l:e letzeaJEd ruitliwaids 
widx li'e i\s3i\ fbice ani leiTBzi'ed. nn i1b StUd 
TinlJ tie Ei.iiiendernnjTily, 1&15_ 

HcF/irplJ^aBlE[i€a3edfory€ai^ EnEt dd 

- ani h& hEard l3]at all Gan^n aMos v^is lo 
te uiaiBiln fed, h& lanksd K a is3vi3t ani 
wodd Isfe teai alla\^ to lenjm to lis famj 
tut 1e bnav iBliirg cl" liis, ''I dEa^fed to 
diadH^ nysslf ani lemin a ft^e nar;'' EnEt 
LidileEta^ i^ld ire, 

A iiB3i>]oEd. of SoiLidi A&ican Tidoie -w^ss gmirg" 
EDufli - beaided bixg'he^ ^vha ^voib oijy a 

Gen\siL t^dlgcs aid shDuldfii^ stiqiE H£ 1^ a 

■w^as lixe^sd in ^^rai^ ^bnied Iduku and 'i^'I^en te 
joined 1^ tiHin. he pased as a nrenrdsT of d^e 
cotxTtrHido J\'^t tefjze die tiHin. le^iihed 
KeetnrBr^ucip te jul\^^ off an[l vam^^ecl mtD 

If you lH7e e^ff SEai Ite Kams iTDunfams flisi 
you can inBgu:e Hie VLiil fi^T¥:^ in^^di EriEt 
LiriilsElaii 33i^ i^i^ TIh^ are t^^ 
lar^, lteLitlJeKaiceiiilte"iffisl; rrcetof Hie 
peafe iBt mdi h^s: than kifpGS^ ard Hie 
Qst Kai cE lai^ toi lo Ivsily mis a'^^ lo 
fre east acicsB a saii^ plaui Bolh ibi^s use 
tinina [ialGeii vJae Ite graziig is ofteai gxd 
It v^QS a wijrtfeful se^cn ^'^^hi LuilsEtan 
fflTTTe^i for Hie sunrctr lauE of 1915 had 
iRT^TedHiefoijnlamE aiiiveldk)E"\\ffi ahu Yfart 
In a droi^t year te could ret haTe suivr/ed in 
Ite Kaias m^udams 

Nev?idie!le^^ hie fbrLixzhtenstE^n^Aras red-iized 
1D the smri^lest ^irL~E It called foT eid^uBniifi Jar 

atoTe the noinraL aid a iTorith. of it ^k^uld leve 
been ico n:uil\ Jot nrm:^ Btioi^g nreru I tned 1d 
doscoTer Li^hfei^e^in's ^xiEt^ ani aL lastl^e told 

''I ^ras rs^ff a gialt diil<i ard confort u^it 
n^thirg la nB/ dEdaied LirhlaiElEirL "^Thci^ 
I IhI rot a paiy m cadi IhadsanEthngnijra 
valiaUe V"^iai Uib ^^B^ started I had tuned ny 
OT^nfleardfif^iDun^of annumlion llcok 
this irto frerrounlamswiHiim"" 

Widi only fif^ cartridges^ of cot.iis&, L^i^hfert 
stein. I^lo he caiefLiL He Vt^aE piep^i^ in ^k^ait 
unnl the end of d'e ^krar in. BilIeo^^ and lile 
ot^eis at dm; jienod hs dioixrlA it "i^vidd o jJy he 
a nrHttr of mxiiths Ajiait Bntxi tl^e nfle^ tns 
^k^ddly goods coi^oslcd of his giey ^nn.\^ 
o^^crcoaX a^ieai^ a Je^" itb^ tirG^ and a n~oi^rie] 
dog~ ^k^hictLtBd foDowed hmxinto die niMinbins 

LiditerGtan trailed Ihe d:g to hit cfasaa 
Evsy <^ the {fasas caire diwn hum Uht 
reds lo c(aze^ ard v^hi lJ:e ±g laccd ip to 

piDvuied. Lu^zltEiEiEirL with, ei^oi^^ iveat for d 
d^^ an^ tlie deer liTed. on i]ie sazire liicl; 
Lii?lLlB^bLk^ni\ baled 1^ da^zieE ani ate 4i&itu]^ 

On nixaii^ ii^tIe tiie propiies oratpi 

vAai LiiiaaEtsm ard lis ±q fourd pcacu- 
pie, a Ucw CB cte idee funEfed Heki ThEn 
ftHETABS a dBi^ cfnffit 

Of&n Lii?hteiiEtEni\ Jirocle tiafs fiDitx hsi^leni^ 

HbttenbtHqE witl\ a. icD^ Jqt cnime^fb^ ard 
^Hitisdg? These he set rear ^vajsr-hsles Wl^en 
liey Jaded te ivaie 'E'e ^cre- old SiEhrtrBiMi^ - d 
teavy sizuie ^i^Fpoi-bl by a sticl^ baited ^xrith. 
seeds Tte sin Tie fell dimtbi^ a guire^Jcxud 

''^*al; ntal; ntal;" isallai LidtaElan'' I 
had 93 nirh ntat HbL I SE^cijm lEsd iiy nfla 
WtHi I dd, I Dwa^ filed mae ihan oie dt*. 
hEBi^ a SDUtid btE a dtil it n^ jiEt he s^nsaie 
tiffikiiigalrffiliaDciL ButifyouteBrascord 

shot - titn you are sua I a^n^ed ip to ny 
gan£ aid nB± catam that ny ore ^iDt hm^ 
±^viialdii±okoi^kLdL; spu:^i3koi^^id33k'' 

Aftr sue nnntJrE eiituely akuie nntJ^ n~oiinbixE 
Li.i?btet:EtEm sa?^ sdive Hottenbls t^ 1^ brc wn 
be&3ie de war Up 1d lim tirue hs 1:^ a^r^ided 
all bLin~eTLteings; te lud been OIL 1D iutlId avnid 
eTende po^nbdi^ ef pLnsui^ NQi^rte fell^er 
ard be caiTB; Qf bidn^g azid six>le 1d 4ie 
HotlEnkls. Ttey bne^^r jd^ht^ about the covioe 
of "die^Arai: biA t^y cf a:^;^ hixixivilk and ]afer tbey 
bioixrlit tiinxa.gDaL 

Foi^ lJ:e ntat-sabaled LudaaEtHn tins v^g 
luiony. ""I bjiltn^iB^apcotkmabr^Hcof 
aid tsare lan^"" heloldnE ''I hodafedii^g 
that re ore ^'^bs Icokiig for rre .» and Ite nilk 
^we^^Hifeful aftea^all fratnEet Teaandcoffee 
I did ret niss - ti^ hed re/tr heDHie iBcea- 
ties as f ar ^ I was corcanEd, ard I sail iirfo" 

LiLi?bterElEn\ I^ad been {nnnncr sldns tn pa^ tl^ 
Unre E& t^ nroda ^^^jenal pans of sboes^ i.^u:g~ 

steenbok la^^er for li'f xippcns aid tliick kLii^L 
Jcxr tlie sdIbe Hf craveHs^k^hDle stDckof ^m'dD 
-de H£itlEii&>lE ii\ e^^cl'dr^e Jot 4ie cr^ataid felt 

ThsL a l€cpsid took tiiB gj^ LiriisEtan 
(feoffld a t^ fcrfre Isjisni hi it ^^B3 Ico licit 
aid fre lai^Bid {ia^^ IhB li^ a^i^. LiJ±lm- 
EtHii amiiirg from Ite less ctfhsoBtfdla^ 
ed Ite lIbiL He oald l:ai/e dtit ItelsjjBFi hi 
hep^srai lo S7e the cailnip, 

"I canrE idiirI a bi^L an^ ibxird itr^self stsox^ 
nnlD t^ eyss of 1^ lecpa^'' said LudHejEtEirL 

The Hqi ^vas belweeiLitE Jeetn ard I sa?i^ itcoiild 
nxtspnx^ QrirtB. So I pioled i^ a jagged. lock 
ani SETBEhBd tlie Icopaid between tire eyes JilSI; 
1D rtrolc suie^ I tiLtitwithiT^ ki£i33e." 

TIhe are 113 lioiE m Kai^e ncunlaiiE, and flie 
SEOunls' v;ilii liie le^iBid vjas alnist l±e ca^ 
adTQTiMe LiJ±ledan could iKaL "ASi 

amrffils aie hamieffi luiGl yo^ aCcdi IJhii'' he 
<tdais. But he i^aify Ml as/a a diff csi cne 
ocoacaimhis anxie^ to i<^ a sptlmgajlia 

I asLed Lu^zlffiiEtEin ^^te^'er he ever ielt Icnely ^ 
ard he psndeiGii Jot a Icng Hxire hefbie le 
iG plied. 

''I^rti^s, I cartt lermiH' vay v^^ Ys, J 
niEt l^ve he3ilcaie^, lasiEe aftea^ ax nr-nil^e 
I started visilirg fiierife en fairre rear Uie 
miudam^ No oi^cpTerffi as^^^. Th^ siq^ed 
nB"\\alliafavlitlleliii:^ tut ny iiEe± vse 
shbIL I had ah^j^ led a haid bfe and krsv 
alirost rclhug of hanB life, Ye^ I vat to Hie 
femE 1h31^ I T^Dled to lalk,^ 

At lastn after iiea^7 eiglneei^ itnjttJrE ii\ tl'e 

rnxuntsn'^ Li.i?litet:stEni\ learnt from a Ho Venbt 
tlrot die police ^A'eie ii^-nirnrr abiMit hixix Tlet 
jiraie hutxrtnie caiefLiL He veiitLiEed acnx^^ tl^e 
{dam Id die Gieat B^aiBE trcmnbizE^ a lenxite 
large at dut Hxie In "dcse iTuiLint^irG tl^e 
Bo Jidelsw^aitHotleiibls l~^l nude tl^en lastsbrd. 
agauEtdie GemrorE^ proloi^gir^ tJ:e ^var Jot 1?^^3 
y^ais Ftenith^sG psaLs LuilitejEienncoijdd scan 
aneicutTiiE aiea. He could see die old Tolcaru 
of BnjldoiDB nTiie li~an a hkitdxed niles s}^sy- 
Westw'aids dieie was €^ diy hed of €^ Great 

I^ 1^ fu^ n~et die E&IJEiitDtE But i^^Ter -w^se 

Lulled into a saise cl" secuniy ^ii; 
Lu±ls:GtaiiQn£ c±^Mi&:anlhB m^unlmrs and 
isted m a HollsTlat s hi, Ffe hadiiDl teen iJiae 
fcr lorg"\\iHi he hfflid hc-iss ^pKti±u:g and 
bDB^r that he v^s consHi Tw3 \4iite p±ce 
trx-fHE and a Daln^ conslaJie €Taa^ Ite ht 

Thene'E r*. QiEt'' exclauirEd one of €^ 

poLcerrtTL T^lan btit ^^'ve Leen IdqIoi:^ for 
yDufor^kinrr Unre. Tlrexe's amlitaiy c^r^uinxk 

KeetxtHTE ^vki v/artB to see yoT.L\iLy tfiily " 

The pcJicaiai v^se edi^i^y pc-lil^ hi 
LiJ±lHElan iJBi^t iJ^t v^s on^ litar piee^^ 
Ti^of ctelingvjiliithealuaton. Tibial him 
fre inbve ccnslEMe's mile for QEjoijme;^ lo 
KeelnMidiDop aiii^MHitiwcan^sdLnatnicil 
11:^ ga/e hm f txxi and a oanket and did not 
^;^rlo i^gaidtimas liar piaoiEr. 

Still LixilitEiEkixL sa^v 1^ di^^dled uilBiiLitrEiit; 
canp ^^ead. of tnxtx aiddedded Id es?^ie^ if I^e 

covilfl. dmirg 1^ jngln; He lEjFtd sl'dxp kioltcn^ 
biA wl^ere^JET l:e iD^ one of tl^e co JEbUes -was 
g-azmcr at Iiin\ It ^^as d Inttor ingtiL At last die 
cat:Gtal]le ^lolc T see you can! t sleep either - 
^iit:[iEl;be as cold as I aiu'' he ^mL Theie^vas 
no -^sy QTit and ne]ct iTuinmcr Lu£litensieirLiode 
intD KeelruajEh^op widitJre police 

He"\SQB^DMlinlDanoffic& Itw^lh^ lmrir g 

pjint in hs v^le lif ^ hi he Hioi^it hs fts- 
damvsE Qited and his ttci^ilB ^flHE ^ocffiy . 
The Soufli Afhcsn cffica- hdund Ite i^t 
Caplam Till^, vss m diai^ of Hie conms- 
snat Ife ■\\^03nBd LuiiaiEleui and canB 

TTwantm go out ImnlaiKr andeveiyone leDsnrE 
^u aie 4ie itbjl ^vIi3 kruws "^Ireze to fixcl tl^e 
crarre^" ^udC^FtamTilley '^Can.^u telcive Id 

Foi^yeai^ trfcae 1914 LirHsElan had teen Ihe 
iKcgnised iMiluig gui^ of ll:e dislnct - am 
flret dtt Y^ lE^^as slac^Bi v^Hi 1e l:earid 
Till^ s rajisL He had aqsdBd to fiid hin^f 

}]etiixid t^n^Kd wiie^ ani I^eie -was tins oiBkr. 
Gmtefully l:e agieed- 

ycm'' leraited Till^ ?g LidtaElan 1^ Hie 
cffice. With his teaid, taLlaHl dofre aid roi^ 
hil^an sires le IcokEd a wild imn of iJie 

Aftr 4ie stuotu'g tup Tilley ga^^ Lu£litEiElEin 
dccitiBctiD SL^TpLy gia^ t^rain:^ fQdd&r Tlst 
yeai: hie tie pievioT_E yeaXr d^ veld w'as d 
flower gaidei\ ani die yeDow gia^ stDod high. 

" Wili™ &^ ircnlhE IlHi im^ £2,C0D - jiEt ly 
ciilirDgices," Liri^Qrlan lold de "^At lasll 
\wss a&e lo g:^ atout fezmrg popai/, ardca*;^ 
llHi dd I iffihse IIbL ny a^ieen nri4l:e in liie 
"wilcferesslBdiEtteeivHted YouK^ I had 
carre lo kiDV STsy hectare of ihe ground 
airorg Ihe Kaicfi nmnlamE, La^d^^B3d^>m 
Ihise c±^ I toi^t Ihe fenre ^^h^e raui vss 
calam to fall, ard ^'Asi He leiakii irdLEby 
bxsmdl nHfeafoiture"" 

At ore Hxtre Qi^t LudHerEiBUL owned 400.CO0 
hecbxes - T^ady a jnlhon acres A ie^at systeiTi 
of l^Jid tH]{^Hm was ixiln>dur«i nn GoiLidtWest; 
Afnca fauly leceidiy^ b^weveT^ ard LmhtEiEiEnzi. 
Jbund It advisable Id ledurehishDHixEjs Id about 
GO.OOO l^ec^res The ore-rrHn bLilEl^i^sdiDpnn. 
KeeHrm'^ioop hecarre a gerei^ stoie ^^rith. 
ibny-ore a^zistanls^ ajid LixzlHEiiEteixL i^^ed 1d 
IZBvelby airlD Ne^i^Voiktu hi^gQQds. 

LidTlsiEtaiilBE anDllH' daiinlo feire of ■\\iTidi 
Ie IS irt at all iimii InAigiEt ltG3, he was on 
hisfemiGanT[ib"\\iHihelEeidlhat axhoTE 
VB^ fi^jA^iiri !T7J[id his she^ He v^nt out 
afle^ frem am dy>t al] six v-^ith six shols - a 
iffioid for Aftica at Ihe tuiE, "^ LioiiB aie e^/ 
dEdamdLuchtei:etanvd:enI asked hunatout 
iL ''Ai^re v^ ^s nmied ty a hen has 
teai adorg for tuulie, Bui a WDuntfed cpre- 
fcok - Ihs^s a dargEamE a mnwl nuii nc-i^ 
feocioiE tlBn a Iiotl I only diot Ihcee hore 
iHaiEe Ih^ ■\\ae afta" ny diEqi"" 

Ttnoi^tciit his career Li.i^litEi'stEizL I-qe Jievenr 
^uvrji die slighlE^ iztEie^ m iTu^erals on: 

lYuies. Hb never prospected tlie Kaias rLouit 
iHixisr Ins eyes weie atwsy^ oiLtl^e emivBls^ 1^ 
^^ralEr-liDles axii llie giB^. He cciild leve blEn 
pait nMiiannrd pzospecUrc^ expedxHorG izitlie 
gieaJ: d^^ of tlie e^dy liiscovenes XDinii 
Lndentz^ Lut he i^iefened tzarsp^H njiii^g ^t3. 
^^rage of ^fteei^ shiliixEr^ d ^i^eek. 

In recsil years Lu±l3Elan has oflei flcwn 
(s^ff the larote klcofe \^^ls^ he fomd 
saictuaiy loi^ ^p. As Ite old landrraris 
^^:ear 1e thu^ of his lui± - not Ite lui± that 
hDi^l hiin T^^^lh, tut sorrelhirg IhaL hs 
ffToicfel v^Hi he \^ias a figiliTe, 

"1 was yQT.incr aid nnexfenertEd - anil Teiy 
eager 1d leiTunxL a. fzee txmi," LuztiteiEteirL 

explained ti> nre. 1>iLiiii'g tJi^se hist fe^ 
rcDiO^ I tod ii^^seH ^vhei^ever I saiw ^vhUE 
3]ecple intlie disbJice Hut I often a^ Ji:^3e!lf 
^^dut I ^ATDulil I^ave dojie if I t^ ititl nilEi a 
police patrol I nughtluve ised Ji:^ Jifle .. axvl 
tJienit^^vuld. luve beerid veiy difleient ?tDiy /' 

LKhtenstEUL ^vas ncH; llie oiiIy nraiL te di^^ 
pear udD tiie ^inrtr^rped spaces of South West 
Ainxia. It t^>j]eiied agaixL d^iiirg tbe 1339- 
1345 Wax^ and not lorcj afteisvaids I met one 
of tlie two Geinron. scieniistE ^vlia f^Eo^^red 
LvvdHEnsiEuV s exanr^Je 

Dr. HaniD Mailin and Dr. Ed^^id Koir; Ite 
saenlisis, \^as ana-Nazis \^ 1^ GQimry 
in 1935 and found i^iEp m Sou11>WgsI 
Aftica, Thai^ llan^GE rsconfe "^^^re \\dl 
kncsvn lo He aiih^nties, and lii^ vse in no 
darga^ of teing inlHTtd vAmi v^w: canE, 
Hcjm^^^ lJ:e ouflcok for Bnlsin m 1940 "was 
Hacis and IhEse two young nai kre v vAat 
thai^ fete \^3uld te if Gorraiy voi He vjbe 
Th^ (iacfel to di5^feer into a lona^ \^iT:■rid 

Slukirg off civihsabcn izi tins ^"^ is no 
sinrple nrallEi: so I-^i^sn and Ko3i\ nrede llie 
tzai'ELtiojL m^iG comlbrbMe by ecp^iipping 
tbeur^^Tes hheiBlly far tbenr nsAV Lie. They 

]cadad a Gi'e-lDiL tiiizk ani ^car wxtJifDod for 
iTBi^ msnliE, and Id occxipy tl^eir rm^iis they 
took Eciermfac nrstrLUMeiHE^ cazireias and a 
^AQxele^ se^ Breiy clfbil of tlieiT xdiHe an] 
"^tui^giila'' t^beencaxefLiIly plaiiii«l. Ey die 
HiTie tlieiT depai1?LiiG 1:^ t«eiL i^fcHEd tl^e Iwri 
rcEiL ^x^ie safe ii\ a trDinitauL str^icrlialil in 
-Qnmbfihited. countzy 

The qi^t 11^ had EdedBd vss a cs^e in He 
<tep gor^ of Ihe diy Kinseb Rive^ reai^ lh& 
e^ ^ Ite Namh Desat For rrai^^ nulGS 11^ 
had tra/dled on hand liireslone, ItsTiiri ed 
tsds, ButliiarnBslH]3e:evjcetlEn:Biii:erin 
vAndi Ih^ aT:sed the cpi^P ^^i^ li^r 
VE^dea Th^ replialEd a imruw Is^ with 
a pB^pce Mew - a Kiule uiiid; as ll:t^ 
eqHtei Ihar pmsias re^nfel ^ 
mpKE^his Fmalfcll^ludlhEartiTj±te:eath 
an ai/ei:fii^i:g diff, eo that it could not he 
cteaved from Ihe air, and pjdied Ihe cai^ into 

J'jian^ yeais ago tJiEie ^atcig Bishnrexi ozi the 
Kui^^ Riv^r caves Tha^^ajids of yeais ^o 

Neohtliu: Jiren tv&i tlieie TtcixrK tbe iivenr 
GiiLy rLiTE DJice m a decade^ ^k^atBr leixBins in 
pools Dr It iTi^ be foui'd by diggn^g tJiEDixrtL 
tbe ^and AjnxtrBls coiTe in tl^e n.vBr ted b 
diuik. r^AxL and Kciii\ t^ a pistol a ^lotrruu 
and a laxge stock of anminrtiorL Ttese 
-w^ispoTG WBie iL^efuiL far stcoHzig buck fox tbe 
potn bi.It tbe t^^^ JirexL lud a I'^no'i^ osc^ie 
^vhen tliey ^k^i? cluxged by a bull If^aE a bull 
^vluch lud escaped fixuvk tbe setded aiea and 
irm ^ATild. T-l^itin and Kom ^nled to sbp lbe 
clrmge widi ttenr fizeamrG^ but; tl^ey lud an 
a^scrai ^A^ucl^ fimsbed. tbe bidl. 

Son^nntslh^foundcarpintheniid^ pools 
of lie Kus^ Ttey slBrted a C3ip hffimxi 
pool rear liiar chte tul: Ihe l^eias canB at 
inland stole Iharfish, 

Nire i\iontbs of dus desert '^Dbn^son Cnsoe" 
bfe pa^^d luppily ei^oixrh. Tbe SLmnrer iir^!t 

yeanvasso diy^ boweTei: llHt i3ie ]ast;poolE m 
tbe nver evapoiatEd^ theie ^^^eie n^ nmi^ h^i 
and tl'e gaiMe m^ved nnland nxL seaxcl\ of 
noiLm^iL\ieiiL t^arbnand KoiTL^kreie inrxolbng 

1D leave tbe caivc wl^eie diey 1^ fbuLd sanc- 
tiuxy. Ftij a tiJire thsy pitbl th^ir Hained 
lYuids ^auEt tiie wildenne^. Wlren llie £i5t 
^nTtont of scinvy ^peaied t3iey aJE tl^ la^^ 
flesl\ of tlie aiHElope tliey shot ani cined 

It \^3 lh& \^ral3" iioliem UhI forced then to 
ntve at last Tlar found ter^ oicn^ to 
(iiiit aiti m the husleirg NOTerto^ heat Ue 
haiddnp of g3u:g urr/^Hi v;es loo mic±L for 
iJEm The b™ heaiifei rai^^ n^n jacked 
Iter Moi^urp and Di?i/al inland afle^ Ite 

WoTAT tl^ey Tx^eie back nn counHy patrolled 1^ 

"die pohce Whenlliey ^^iro^tched a -^aXBT-i^]B 
"diey ^AToie s^^cial shoes ^nctilliey I^^d. ivodfi 
for tiie pinpQse - sl^ses wrdi tl^ hooves o£ 
getxEtok btfed ^ tl^e soles^ a> tl'dt ru hmvatx 
irniiiiii!^ "i^^ie left ii\ die ^and. They 'i^'allEd for 
itiIes widi die and of 1I115 device isdier tIm\Jeave 
v4ieeL-liBc!lE ^k^huilMrLi^itle^d. i1b poLfze to lhE£ir 
hiding" jdacEf. 

The wudes ib^q^tq^ kqi llHnm toudi^lh Ihe 
tlE haltene^ and ll:e v^ildes bii ih^et Mai 
But llsr fliEt ChnstiTEG m Ite v;il{t was a gnin 
cdehalior; SMih slors rumig lo^v. Cue can 
havetconiilivai93n IheoiffffiandsL^rlBd 
to Ik stiidbf lalicaiei Hi^ vme liiBd of lenlils, 
EvQi a aciaitisl, it seai^ canrot ahs^^ rs73t 
Eixce^ul^ to IIe di^ of iiimlEre nMi 

Vfild teastH ^^eie o£iei\ a Jirer^ce Orce iheir 
docTr a n~Di^ieI b^iU tenier, ^^as gored, by d 
gerLchok Ore mght diey found a zehia. caica^ 
aJ: a vjHlEr-hoIe, and diey lud ojJy j^^t leahsed 
tie rueamiKT of tieir discovery ^A^Lei\ tJ:e leoi^id 
^x^hiclx Ir^cl kUed tie aeilna. returned in tl^e feast. 
I-^Axt cai^it wuh. his sI'olgiLiD. iLinki^d.8d^ 
spsazed die leai^id widid^e a^e<r-^ 

AtlastEioiie lanm lo^vltetKoinhadlo diive 
mio WiiidliKk lo hy food Tl^re aie nsr^^ 
teaiited nai m Soiih-West Africa, Hie nKarg 
sziQTlisis hod heaifbigottoi ardm he"\\BB alio 
to da his sl^i^uig and i^un to Ite Icoe^ canp 

Soon after tJus EtlT^tnUiEer hci^kreT^tr, Ei>ja\ ^.fc^tnt 
dai^riL -wi^ ben-beni - tlie ■iefici£i'cy disea^ 
^AJiictLfblio'i;^ ^ kincr ^i&ll onlo'i^ liifil; The ^esti 
si^ipbes te 1^ EGCumd. t^ CDi^e too lait 1d 
^^raidoff 1^ iUne^. L^itii^dio^je Icsfiierii Id d 
JasLi I'Dl; Jar froiTL V^iniluek tliei^ Hnned back 
1D die ^Aaldeiiie^. 

ThaL ^^B3 Ite &d of fre qiES^ eKpamHt in 
iscJalion Kcan had lo g^ to Ir^lal, and Hie 
pcJice nB± hm istesI Martu:[s hdutnias 
Both rrsi vh^ fiiei Hio^rt ii3t heasJi^, for 
piee^^ flKamB "witiEut li^Hte and feihig 

Tte a^ientiElE t^ iDt been idle dunxcr tbenr 
voKintHiy eidle BnmciviL^aliatx Ttey lud itrode 
IiuLdieds Qf jJ'DlDcjiE^^ of Wild liie^ tbey tad 
discoTeied BiEtorsn ^anitix^s aid nror^ o^^er 
vahu}^ lehcs of ai'cifiiit; bie nn SoudtWest 
Afnca. Their tDpogi^itiuzaL survey of die Kimseb 
ItLTerted^ neTer jsbtioieI^ aSeitrp^ nndelaiL 

It IS sd to Iffire to Kcoid Ihst Kcsn was Med in 
a nijlia" aca{bit in 1946. Dr. Marim is savirg 
the oj/amet as a smv^or, and \'4eii I led 
l^ainof hunbev;asMpi:glJEAl±eBjaiil to 
93lve tlE ndle of Ite ^L^xmn pautii^ m Hie 
Braidhsg imunlamE^ 



I Ah W^hdemjhd 3A^ fon Hie Oibi^ 
Riva- ^auL noiliManfe this tmB, leaviiri tl:e 
rwer at SaiMi:g"s Drift and following tl:t9 
old, 101^ nisaonaiy liail fcr 120 inlts Id 

AiE 15 "die Gemron A^^id for "o\3t^" and ^"hen 
you reacil^ die m}unbn\ Tillacje of Ais you aie 
o-Qt of €^ Najnb DeserL Vet thai; easy 
exFlaTunojL did not saJisIy nre. I went deepen: 
inlD tl'e Qngixi and fbin^d tJrut tbe HotteiitolE 
lu^re a A^^id Ais pronouL^ced with. a. chcl^ aid 
neanirg "die "Big- Enale '" This ho-i-hd in "die 
nuisdainE ^vas la^own in tl^em as chcltA\s 
long tefoiB -die Gacnais eitfBied lhe coxitiu.^. 

NcTciilielB^ I -^aE pl£a^!d. b ^nssve at Ais 
fosrixLiidfiiitz, for ths Bist twenty iTiles of the 
d&sei^ jovnney ibtiLs as ^a\ QDieal The o£bcer 
nxL clm^ of ths Di^rLTml Delective Depart 
iTentes^DTted iTe in his jsep ani 23T.Ehs[i rue i^ 
a steep sarKl hall wl^en I sHidt. Without ibal 
telp it^AToulil teve iTieaiila Ini^g stz^^rFl^ with, 
the ejiczoaclnxEr d^ine Ore feais3it:e sti?trhof 
sand Qtx this Halite OS called tJi5 'lazige jeiTTtrer^" 
the larig~ gnefr ani another paitn ^vheie stmp 
idcIg ji.It 1^ £xMix the sand, lus t«en mncd 
"tl^ joffg^nes-" 

The Genrai^G sfent £10,0C0 ayearon dGeimg 
Ihs iBil^^^ tine of sancL andtfeSouUiAfncan 
Paih^^ys sGll ha^e lo riBinlam lai^ gai^ of 
dy^vdlEi^ You can drwe Ihna^ the Kabhan 
"wilhDut eiicuiTlHii^ Ihs sard pollsiE v^iiich 
niEt te aat/ed on Ihs nBin luad tetwesi 

Canels tBulirq~ ^Aragons often took a nuntl\ Id 
leach Ais butxMhe coast in ths eaiiy d^^. The 
zuins of the old foiage staHoi's and ^x^alEr 
d&potE HIE Still dotted acno^ the deseit 

Donley tzanspoi^ pro ved. iTcie saJ^sfacto ly^ bi£ 
in 1306 the ibiIw^ i^ached. A\e and put; an 
end U] a ct^Wr of painft^ pioi^eenng The 
noil Ham i^1es eight ho uis ti> c d Teniae eigbty- 
six nides i^^thdl ^omLiileii^ ti> Ais Inotbenr 
^i^oids^ the tm~e-i3hlB lus not heen altei^ Jbnr 
fony yeais- 

AiE vill^ 4^700 feet atove sea la^, gt^v 
ip round Ibe raih^j^ steton The \'^Xid3i 
twiEes like dialols, aid speaal^ liie qiBurt 
\\03(tei Bahniiofe Hotel, gvB a Swis alntG- 
phs^ lo Ite fiacs I spsiL a mc^ at the Baho- 
hofs, and heard Ihe stoiy of Ale fiT^m a in^ 
vto IbiI lived in ll:t9 disliid arce 1904 - 
ca1aii% fre deist v^te isi^fenL Hsr R R 
Izho, ^Mlh lis diavei hea^ liac^ e/^im^ and 
iiDiEiBd^ peaked c^ leallH-jaci:^ teei^ and 
aror. nafe de ^e Aie as an ouqiet of 

It I'as d'e coldest winter clinrate m So^itltWest; 
Afnca. Eon-eHnes ll^ sni'^^r is tliree feet deep, 
and Izl«> lenen'heiE tJre lutler wizi^r of 1SD4^ 
^vhen a "i^dvle party of ti^Ldeis and tl^eir oxen 

p^nsted ii\ 1^ SEU'i^ iuur mles ^m Axe. 

ani dreiL t^iLini tbcee d£^ canrEils ii\ ^^ 


Airorti otiH^ peculianlies of AiE"\\EalJH"are liie 
sitYJuSkes aii He vmiMnrffi, Izko lold hb 
UbL his v^if e v.^ thrw^ off 1h^ cisir en Hie 
fermdinitianGarUi^uabeafevyEare^, arri 
Ue liamr 1^ a as-uidi ^3 in his c^m Cue 
'wiiikl3:ain i^d Blurst urssanlJy fir acit 
nr-nlte ard 1^ Ihe vddtaiH 

IzLd I^ds beena s[i]jiicT^ trar^poit juier^ liiaiTorii 
digger aid Jamrer Hiis Jaixa is fifty- six iniss 
^dtclAilS^ tn.itd:e air 35 oftETLSD clear d'atte can 
Jcllc^r t^ bgltis of a car lea^uicr d^e village 
P^3a\E ^ae eronuDiE nn tins distnct Fdt -fl^ 
TTWTTfall of fQiLir md^es a y^ar dees i^ot ^Hoviile 
nachgiBzn^ VoTineed lO^CCO iTDrgen fQr 
Imabuls OIL tl'e &x^e of t^ NamL at Aie^ and 
Di'e Jan^er I^as OO^CCO rn>igeiL IsLd bsi^ht tns 
land a1;niJie-perce a iti)igei\ 

Siiii^iok nic(alal isst Ale m mllicsE sriy 
this catuiy. Tl^ fioi^Bi ip Ite veld T^viiii 
tier hccvs and c^lKy €d Ite grazirg eo liie 
GaiTBTG lunel rmdm&giz^s cr- He ^i:^k 
hanfes Izko savhai^ of ^rstoki^m thoiEaid 
stoigmfrcsed^ andyoucansQllfirdsisor 
e^t hutidtBi m a liEid iHT AiE, 

Tte rtnunbuiE idulvI A\^ yr^ shelter b itror^ 
leopaids^ ani hors I~ave iTit ^el; beetx exteim- 
iHJEd-lzliD fcldn^lTJW 'SlEifeHendiik' vdn[lEr 
l^lETW^ir '^ stzoncr ivmLof tirB liistisctH strar^led a 
leop^id witl\ hs taie luids^ ani IiD^k" anotl'er 
JairL~ET sl'ot and Limped fifty- su[ leopanis wxdnrL 
V/^ yeais T welve yeais ^o Izhs ^vas fcld by tns 
lalsiiiens drot diei? ^i^as a ban on Ins fanM His 
wife WDiild nQtallo^x" ImTLlEi go 1d die spotalore^ 
so ste ^cconpained Inni- arid shsttJre ton 

But Izky s rrcet cksfaalE srcula^ \^[E wilh a 
c^TTEick He"\mijtiiditvfllhhislast caitK^ 
aid Shi tned to kill it valh a di^E^sr. lie 
^TTEii^fslEmpaisdlzko'slffi; aid 1e could 
lEt mve fbi^ 3S v^^dc At 1^ a B^rimBn 
naired Fi kmBh Q:[jicyed hf Izko, offered lo 

1ze^1;4ie "i^vind H£ i^^ed a qi£er piepaiBliorL of 

I^ils and po'wdfiiKl gcn'Ebo'k houL IzLd -was 

BtenBb is sbll on Izk^s fenn Four fe^ in 
te a csaaianaD, He \\ss a mdle-c^d nBi; 
^s EiSsnnb vJtai He Iratfe Lu^lz anivei 
at Ai^ra PeqiHia, That v.^ in ISSi Lorg 
t^ore frat he ^3sd as gmcfe for Con^us, 
Isi:^ ctf Ue Beiianie IfctloTlDls, on cfe^ 
tudu^ eiqsdiliom. 

TteiG aiG Hi^nran panntn^gs nn 4ie m^isbiiE 

iDi^d AiE^ ^id n^tnd^l^ ecjg stsUs^ Lzeannfully 
pauifed Tcsy be faoled. \-\p inl^ caves 5uL1d 
fini H^ iTJiTes of wnld HT.rfin:ErLyDU wiD 
1D tzavBl uHd 1^ Jarely iTD^intHirG tet;wEei\ A:ie 
ani tlie Oiai^gB Rivci^arii e^;d\ tten ^u wiH 
seliatxisee lieEe aliL^iTe }it^ people. 

AiE had a laKp ^maon v^Hi Ue GaTrarG"^se& 
at \^s^\vllil I& HotloTlEte, It IS fre on^ jiace in 

Soulh-Wet Afha uhhqe fiDm los ac^re^, 
and Hie Gaimn csraliy tanadE \'^^ae tmll 
tJHR "In Ihs tai;"" reiallai Izko wiiii pida 
'^ iJHe ^'^ere fbin^ hanrnKfe, all vay h^/ 

T!h& ganaaEcn at A.\e in 1914, whsn lie ScnUiL 
AfncaiL HDD ps landed at Lviieutz axel feiEHBted 
t^Namti^ 'i^'as laiysr still - po^ntiLy 4^0CO ixbtl 
IzId I:^ 1d clin~J] d^e lEolaled iTDi.int2irL callEd 
Dildc Vfilitlitxf after Kaiser WiBElnxm -to set 
19 a Vv^linijTTajTh staHotx Tt^ South. AfdcaiE 
exF^cted a brtlEr stn^ryle for Axe but; tl^e 
GemroiE reHealBd after a iveie ^cmMsh aid left; 
GeneiBl "McK^r^nB in prm^^nmi of dus val^^ble 
base omlie unlaid plateau. 

After Hie GaiiBn sunei:fer Ale Nek, jiEt 
oulacfetiiBvilla^ lB3n:e Ue intannHl canp 
for pait of fre cheated amy. It w^ sc oM in 
the lailE in ^vulff that He Gannns lacoved 
pennsaon lo huld 500 inid l^oisa. You can 
EliJl SE He luns of HiEse tiy builcii:^ tesitfe 
tJE lead at AiE iMt and il IS rot hard lo inEgine 
the nDiEttaiD^yeeisliiat 1,700 93l<ias livai 
throi^ in Ihst lltak spot Tte a^meo^ m Ihe 

canp bult a. clock laxge encuxrh for a to wtl toD, 
i^n^g all edUe of oddrL~eiit5 for Hr^ ix^clnrExy. 
Wtenfiie clock cHiTEd, flEitiiidevBry i^LBilErof 
antuvic i3ie soixid lar^ dsDi^K Ave d mie ^id d 

lalf a:w^ 

TIhe VJBS ffli asodronB ^Mlh a pT^efil 
ard a Gairan plot iianEd Redlff nHfe a 
nnie^ of fli^ils os/s" the Sorfh Afncsn hres, 
Duinig He l^GS-l^C War the Ale aaodronB 
TAOS iffii KBin - IhisluiEly Hie Soiih African 
Air Rara squadron istolliig Ihe ccBst in ffieidi 
cf siiiBm^E Solfiei^icsof l^mv;arefomia 
Ka^cfeosacGl; He old niid kte, andfcq^rd 
tiHiitfe inx^D auTzrafl; njni^^;^s 

Hffozte of geld iTL "die nnimi^iiE rovmi Axe 
sbitEd a. i\sImjl 131 7^ buL alildxrK itbi^ cIhixi:^ 
^ATEie pegged^ xutcne -was ibixid Id Lie j]^aUB 
AiE still lives nn hopes of golil ani co^iTper 
discoTenes Tte on^ jnofitaUe imnxEj m -^tb 
az^atfEESEQitis a-gi^tiLk liap^sLL 

AiECBcehoditsavnniiHalV'jalH'fediHy, hi 
To^ Ue TABlff IS sat to Lij^ilz foi^ totfliig 
TfeAiE ^mE 5151:^ Lutaib^vithniittoii ard 
ve^Bliffi aie gi^i on aialltddii^ m Ibe 

Oil the OLtddilE of Aif I noticed d Red Cio^ 
sigr^ ard learnt tlrot tliis ^vas die litde tu^ntHl 
^x^hictidE la:& Dr O. ^JOJiLo^^'i^ sbiied out of 
Hs oixrn poclE^ Tins liolliajit GeirL~Bi\ sisgeon 
ard jdi^sunajL flei^r 1d Br^laid as a corsiiltaiit; 
dunr^ tie last nlli^e^ of Knr^ Geoige V Soon 
aftez%vaids^ trnxcr of HideiL he selded nxL Lisle n:b. 

Di: von Lossjiv, frDirii not lEal^ ^^^liy, 
nafe a pout of givirg ms pofessionai navies 
fr^e to s7Qytai& Ffe wcdd rot e/ai cash a 
cp^amrat dsqiE, Ridi aiidpxrKcavedIhe 
siiB skilled allQilion Qe of hs [BlisilB had to 
te salt to Ca:e Town fcrliffllnHil; ardDr. von 
LcffiOvv liired a ^Hial raih'^ ccodi to SHjre a 
cx:'irfbi1aliejo^iiK;r. ffep^aiEdgjirgcaifajt 
to see lis petais, ard y^as ofSi ofcsavEd 
tm^:g oil to KolnHacp a dislance of tei 
nilc^ canyurilisirGOunHils, 

AR Li^lente SLita^nbed for £l gift of alvexjJalB 

j^rmned die sister in dui^ of t^ Axe b^siiH^ 
Tte ^ATcddu:^ gift ^k^as disfil^'KL ixl a stup 
TwirdDTAT. TteiL d]l Lvdentz nrjun^ed TA^lrerL hetwe 
canrE tl^ttlie telo^;^ doc^KT tad. been ■ixowi'ed 
^^diJIe t^nr^ dTipivij iEs hQiieyjn>Di\ He left 
£10^CC0^ buLlie mstlu-Te ^lent&rn'Die oiktos 

Arolhs" agn of taiwolatE in Aus is Hie 
Ramn Cafrclic inasion in diaKp of FaHiEr 
BaL This dcfeiyimntasnE aiiistlaleinlife 
afla" a hsres caits: In 1933 he boirdl Hie 
^cud en \'AKh Ite nisBicai siarra, and 
iB:a^red futii to hild Hie diutdi nuE yeais 

patter Ball hT^E ^atiiIl hiE fljuck m ilie uliTDSt 
^T^Jid^ An DccaEiciu] cicrar is Ins DrJy 
IvT^Licy He l^E twen^ Bistm.'BJL dnlfken at "E^e 
iTi^Don aid f^veial adT.iLlE ^.fc^c itii\ aw^ inmrE- 
diai&Ly at ti^e sigtit of a stiBr^er. Oie Qli 
Hi^mon WDiTBJL alw^^ lejirainE^ hQ^vevex^ ani 
I ^3?^ hersfflmg ma. ''slEnii' nn1^ coin^asi 

Tleie s\rB ealE aid sleeps^ n'ovu^g indfions cjiy 
^k'hemtiBn'^ and naver doixEr astidlE ci-woiix. 
FatlerBall [le<:QaieE ti'dtliis EiL^HTenaie jFm^ 
Mooiiad specuverE^ and tlm s^v^hbL EciejitistE 
Ih-ts TisLted the ra^aoi^ 1d EtaiLy ll^n\ AR tl^ 
juJzvc laces of South West Afica aie lejaesert 
led an~oiEr Ins coiEriegalioi^ of nnie 4un 2 50 

Firullylieie isde ^xn^oden Baln'J'of s Ho^L si 

hH of cluiEctBr and iTenmises 

Cvff ttE±oi^mliEtai;"i^Hel amallirg"wilh 
Har Izko dnnkirg li^ Wiiidlrek teer, is a 
iragiTifLcot ^p Tccx^ Shs is fre five-melBd 

Pam^ in full ^uX once 'E'e laigEEtsaifai:^ stiif] in 
1^ ^k^dd and tie pode of GeutrBr^ Wlstissl^e 
doir^ I'eie widi a. desert lielu^en ter and the 
sea? Izlc s^s a boied ^uioi: utiBined at Ais^ 
nrede tins iTodel nnie tl^an Jour feet m lei^gtli. It 
15 coiT^ilelE^ ev?n to die oais in tie 3ifeboaJ£. 
Ha?nr^ nale itn tie ^ulor eixzlur^ed itf^r a ca^ 

of beer Tl^Patoa Sflll giVffi Q rauttcsl tOltiL lO 
Ihis AlpiE mn. at Aifi The viHk^ is full of 
CBivutp, vnxi/'^Dik ard oilier ofiiiHfe fiiai 
fre uionnHa: canp 

TteiG aiG lmida)n~e cloved cleans u\ tiie h^iEl 

tdi^ ard a itb^ve sifleboaxd drot inist Iuve 
2YEd£ d ^VE^itload ^'IreiL it caiue iq^ ^ora tl^e 
{:oasL In "die h^fel gaicleix jist cmtsd^ 117 looziri 
nsdZDund pond ^^rith gcldfi^ IWf coTeied ^^rith. 
Llie^ and SLuroi-miecl by b^Jirtoo^ acacia ard 

I stolid Lie to l:ai^e fceoi in Aie v^hi IJh& 
TAse four tfiirfflicfe ^mig lJ:e tea: Izkj s^ 
frcse"\\e&c|ffil:(^rs Baron von Wolf, ItenBn 
TAto hilt a castle in Ihs v^lcfeness to Ite Death 
cf AiE, slccd at Ihs tsi^ and r^tdied hm^f 
(tnig Ite lorgjcuD^ to Di^visih And Uhe 
T^G arollH" lBiDn"\^ ah^s T^^sntEd to adl hiE 
t He for a tottle of dianpgtE, 

Tomfrlit ^^ey aiG j^yuicr cbe^ ui die bar Ttns 
outp^stmllrB rn>ULitaii'G is i^Liietsave for "E^e evil 
^imd det liaiiFT^ aganst die WDodBn avails I 

mst be 4urikfLiL ho^vevei: fQT iDiiigliL dieie is 
ID simf. AiE IE i^net afiET its ^v^ntmois 
intediLiieE butlzlc i^sE i\^cle n^e see ^udaixrs in. 
tJ:e t^r. Lhairmd jHDEpectDis^ EoLbeis nxL field- 
giey ard kl'dlo, tzar^poil; dnvens ccmr^ ixl for 
tJreir J"ti^- dnnk after "die fbitmgtit^E ox- "i^^agon. 
Hsk &QruL Lixlems^ swEfr^rem^ Pi^^si^jl ofEiceis 
ard A dm^ty old ^ulor Jir^n partnicr widid yea^s 
-wcA-iai^ of beer 

Ai^ison^aMlflevilla^inllieirDijnlainE, tut! 
^^jiild ^^7 isES anatha^ WQimg m He tar at 
tlEBaimhc-fsHold, listeniig mii pctonrg Ihe 
efiscxfe m Ihe life of a iicoES^ villct^ ER 16 

-^PERRcuBiETT^ tt^ oJl ll:^ "dcffid disQIcT 
of 12,000 sqLBremlffiliiatteginEjiEt oulsicfe 
AiE^ TIe GanBiE dnit d:^^in en Ihs dianc-nd 
ck^rt reai^ fca^ yeais ^, and a^ET sure Iten 
it Ibs teai a forfad^ Isz^toiy. At e/eiy 
enlienie rcbcB toa^ m ^hree langm^ l^ 
y ou^Bt h^i^HE to DsfEeseK 

PEHXLTT £E<X)oi[.C^BYBb.K.'4 iHr 

P PiD l-k in IT BD i}\J^ HO n D A 

l^nnr ro t i-i n lSc>^ d 

EaAM>ND Area H>. 1 


TIe arm slailE at l±e niflih of fre Craitp Bive; 
and mrs in> the coast for b^o hiidiBd mles, 
Allhci^ Ife peat of I. ir^ i7 13 stdutd, you 
canrot ^^jBlk ouIei{e the Iomi without a pemt 
All Ite airt^. lifd€ss ODiifiiy iiJai -ri for axly 
mlffi lis wiliin He "^ Spei^i^ . 

Vou leave "d^^£s belw^en ^a:ki> b^les ni "E^e 
'Spengeln&t;' attlie nsk of your ifc_ Ttns part. o£ 
tie Naruib Desert tfls been roT.^tiLy nviisiKd, liuit 
teyoni die coasi^ lii^Tuni woiJoirfE^ iTxi^hof it 
IS suR unexplazed PeniMiE axe seHoragiHiitHl Id 
ar^DiE outEide tlie enrploy of ilie diaiToni 
{:on~pari^ opeiatn^g nn tlie 'Spenigebielf' It will 
leironrL closed an^l jealoisly g^^ided as lojicr as 
diamnnds aze WDzdiwDnJax^. 

I ^^QS ccsKioiE of Ktaviig a laie pwilffp 
T^^Hi Ihe hEad of Ite Diairoiii Delesrtrre 
D^sitaat in Lirfenlz sigiHl ll:e foimv^iidi 
^^rrelheftHdomof liie"^SFaT^tia: . 

"As far as we Ims^v/' leiTBilEd tie deiEctive 
offcceXr "^13 one ever gels hw^ whIl a. i^iaiTurd 
no^v^ilays- We l»h&Te liBl we luive cibsed e very 
loop-b^le Tl'e diaitnjidclepDsitEaie all witliirLd 
Je^ATiTiles of d'e coasL And itisdcnr^l coast - 
yT]u CDiild nst land a boat tlnoixrh tl'dt SLiif on 
nT>ie tlui\ sc^ d^^ a year. The fe'i^ sheliEied 
bays aie all patroUed If you conre nn. ilie otber 
"Vi^^r tJ:^ dfsertis aneSecUve banier. No ona but 
a. TdqI wvidd alfen^ ^ laid tbe "Spengelnel^ 

I aded the c^Edwe atc^ anoafl; and he 
lai^Hi "Thefve tied frsi; Ico. Cm plot 
lar^ on a pen ndt reft to a plice outpzsL 
The point ss that ime are vay rav fiacGS Ml 
Is pckEd ip You hsTG lo dig a^^^ atout f tftesi 
f€^ of and h^bieyouisdi Ihe gi^s/d taiHcs, 
aid ly ll^t lumlte police will Is^eyou,'' 

off Ue Ii^± in His (^^1^ as I ha^e said, it is 
FeutfLilly €a^ lo de of Ihnst In He Liifeniz 
wi-D iH/e paidied Bcdies nunrcified hj tlie 
smd, □ndEKdeloi:G, fe/ehEaifoiniTrBi^yeais 
aflav^ids, II IS on^ viiHi Ihe grst dure mw& 
oiTn^idE, aflff lorg psiods, ti^t sirh iic^die 

DeaJiLfen"citlTi^rtTvaE alnmst a conxnm ffventui. 
tJ:B e^y d^s I-l^ie TFrvwricaKLi aiG die stones 
IdM of JireiL^Arhci sunviveddie oideal- esf^c^ally 
tJ:B stoiy of an si^isan rmtred TlneitrE It was in 
1910 *Ht TtneiTe set m^ hoiseback fmirci 

sidir^orLl^ edge of tlie desert Tliietx~e chd Jut 
l^Te JarlD go fiDiixdie iHitv^^ Ijutlie ^atckiwn 
for aiest hs toise ^vanieied oft ard ^'teiLl'e 
a.'wvlc he Jcmnd tlut a xnst 1-^ coTeied the 


TliaiB Ined to fcJlow Ite qBCTctf Ae hDTse hi 
hBlcGtitairilffithu:ffidf. lt■\TOlidl:s/ei:eslia^ 
tellE^ if he had li^dsd Imiffilf ls± lo Ihe 


1D i1e Loi^ tul£ ^iDiJd I'otlmvelslcrLlciig'. 

In a bjii:iii]g c^sat b^ |]^ Sahara a HBii camcit 
last niae ifm a c^ or t^o v^ilJcut ^'^ala: It vss 
ccol m tiiB I^mh as Tham iloifedaa^s Hie 

lis IhiEt v^ffi Eg^iiEiiig Ffeie aid Itere te f ourd 
SLCculal [ianlE, aid Ined lo lidt Ihe mst fitsn 

WteiLtlie Icise reH^n^ed Id Gamb, cniiji«l by an. 
nrstiJict tlm; TliiBn~E did i^ot p^^E^, a seaicb. 
party sg1;ciiA unisdialEly . Tl^e police EexgeantnxL 
ctmge pclcd i^ Tlnanre's tizcLs and jv^d 
BTeiy Bercied cixcIb tl^e ciazy itqil lud nrml^ 
Often "tJ:e seaichenE foi^ml ThieiTE tad 
^■pEOEcl'ed 4ie inib^sY isrB - biit r^Ter dlo^ 
BruiL^b.tEi givB bunlns iHam^gs 

At OTE pcant tii^ canB ipm a pafliBlic fera^ 
nesa^ saalciedm k^ l£^iHS in Ite sand 

"Tlii&rLE'B letsne sUside/' he had wniltezi- 
Thi&rre s lasttcLir " 

NuEdff;^afla^Thi£KEhaiil£ftGanii nuEfull 
tfa;^ DBikyou Hk^t canE iqiai Ue c^ihtIhI 
Tharai He hed loin hs dtst ^^iih his iiaik It 
v^jiid he mp^Eitie lo set &j^'m. Ihe full c^teil 
of Tlisffi^s suffsir^ He spat niaiJE in 
hc^lal tefbre he leDDVo^ No othff ntm, I 
tdi&^ has Ir/ed afl3" spaidiig nine d^ in 
the Ifemb v^lliiDut v^la: 

The ntsEt 5&iaoT.E tliuEt Hagedy e¥er recoided in 
the "^Eezcgelnet:' occiDed in 1925, wl^n a 
band of 167 ruHv^s deEGited fiDtni the FQn~Dra 
^^^^■^^=: aid set off SD utiiwaids on fciol; akinrr t^ 
coast niL ai\ adEn:^^ 1d reach tie Union. Tins 
n:eaiit;tJ:al 4iey lud tQ ccvtrneaiiy ISOnilesb 
the OiBJigB River vitJiDut zofiBing tJ^a L»tdBS 
thsy canied 

Thse \^re eic^-eictt suivivois. Police 
inlEK^ited Ihein on the tants of Ihe Qar^ 
RpTa" and hEaid a ^laslJy lale, Soire of d^ 
nalives had sm^ falloi aid died along Ue 
hns cf tlE iraidi OliiEa^ hcd Ihmwn tlHn- 
sdvs into Ihe sea in Iter <Kinum 

The pa]jce sorted at once to seaictL for 
sixvivGis^ bi^it €l sanistEiZLTi 1^ oHitBiaJEii 
HbcIe anJ iIe bodies Qf tJiD^ 'id'o lud died 
The sevEi^-inxie ni^ar^ T^Hwes i?n~Bmed 
iTi^nxig for five yeais. Tten a ^hc& seicre^iit; 
dtl patrol fifteeiL mles icrth Df lhe niTer canre 
i^»n engtit dzElelDiiE Ai\ioiirr d'e &^LgrL~EiitE of 
clolhirg he coEectEd ano Id puise coiitaunzigax 
^lUuigH^ a nsty p3ct:&t tznfe^ poitioixof a £5 
I'otE^ and a ticlet heanr^ a nunrber. The 
iiunJ]er ^^as d^at of one of the ixs^si^g reUve 
laboiirois Tl'ese slElelons w?ie JoTU'd ataspot 
the jnhce often p^L^^d on paHol but once again. 
lhe shiftiiig dixies 1^ been xe^nrsible ioT 
ludn^ d^ liBcredr_ 

A fav"yeare lala" aiElhEa^ police Kigali foiiid 
^eleloiiB f or^ mles rortli of lh& Giarcp ftoa' 
mz^ulh. Thsre vhb Ihe of rroiH^ am:>r:g lh& 
toiES, aid also a fa^/ stoleai dam:>ri^ No 
<i>ijtt m:>re sudi discos/sis ^mJI te rratfe at 
lElevals of yGflis as fre dures iisalslly 

I <fcve 93iilh to Crarga Moulh fiDm Lu^lz 
aid visited ^tet tovns, iie^ ard abani^nGd 

naimEiy wurih mUiorG, diair-rd aiss that 
hffTeheenalniEtdeeiBlout; arda^QyT.\tereI 
thoi^it of ll:t9 pores^ ulio waisi in lJ:ese 

The galB nnk die '3peiigehiei^ is eig-Iit nriles 
fioniLi-ideiTb. Thei? yovir esccit sigi's die boo'k 
held oilII;}^ a U-TtL^voHhy old HottentotH and you 
enferihe Jbn^^idden tensrtoiy . It is worth nrakn^ 
a sid& 1zip^ ji^ past lhe gale^ b Wolf lor 
Adijenb:!!?^ ^^7 ^ see d^e fur seals on die 
iooIe- No oi^ coiliLI tell n^e hs^^ d^ bay canre 
I^diDse mn~es^ b^itdiis fart of die coasts die 
oiily pkce I Icns^ ^vteie d^e seals aze Ihtce. 

Thst IS £a^ to sqiaui Stals aie hmted 
nHoles^ on all the islands, and on Ite 
nBmlard at C^k Cnsa BeaiEe of He 
dianr-ri^, WcJf B^ has teai a suctmiy for 
near^ for^ yeeis And fre sals ktnv it Th^ 
flrri irfirp Ihe from RESGsaon Islaiii fiDm ^ 
the iHf 3 aiii nxte ofl^iare ^^^^ Hi^ have 
ffli^sd Ite giiE ard di±G of He Efflbi:g ^r^ 

Hei^, tr T^3 oi\ ihe ]»^tl\ they ]je sunmrtf 
ttenrEelTes fea££^y, tlie large b^iU seals loidir^ 
It ^iTor^ dienr luien'E tirB p^^s i^^^nr^ izi "E^e 
^u!l]£i ws wiiIlci jJy dieir flip^ens stu wir^ as ^^ey tBid&r stiBiids of sea baiTi»a 

Ifeeyou canT.ralk ip IH a lazy, deqirg seal and 
sOi^ it The h^ colcais wll hsarre istiss 
ard HDiTe off slixgidily" only vAhi you ^sslk 
c|Ealt;r alairred Cue s[xh oJoiy did [Bst riB 
OTff Hie Kxte unlil Ihse^sffi caie s^lil^ litlJe 
ffiall^-aUadt Da^*;r-]x■mp-^ls^a^edatlile 
pip and thsL hsarre a'^ire cl" a mwerrat 
arrorg Hie lods dcse at herd The imtlH^ sal 
had rot afcard^red Ih" pp affer all I ai70i{td 
loiJ±ii]glhep^ forlh^sff^rihatifyoudalhal 
fre rrotiH" ™1] n^t r^tmn As I stdled a^^ 
DutiH' aid pip v^ie umled ^0111 

Tte ^mIs Qf Wolf B^ aie antuKj- tl^ gre^tsigiilE 
of li^Scn^> West A£cLcai\ coast and r-widitJHt 
ixDie people coiild visA theiTi Ton Daziliear dierui 
before yon leacK tl^ Hnp of d^ rocJ^ ladg^ 
ovedoolfu'g thenr be^^hes. At clo^ q^srtBis 

tJreie 2S atv^s dut ^jnc^ seal odo^ic Imd Id 
define^ ^a4scK ^vo^ilil le^ you to t^enx nn H'e 
ihuJcstfog A3w^^ on opei\ spaces ^utL^oiti 
tJ:e lieid aie ^'e deaci seals Ttey loQ'k as tJi^iL^b. 
a steaiM nailer 1^ pa^ed Qvor tl^^n^ Noi^ni^g is 
left but teedi ard Imr Tlcsl^as iHen a feast, for 
tie stzani wolf Nature's Tway is ret so leToLdrg- 
as itbh! s ^"^ wiUMlie seals, hD^^^ever^ axel JtwiH 
be a sad n~Drt:ent if ever die pe^ce azid^dely of 
Wolf E^ IS Inold^l^ "die nrenwithclidis 

Not fai^ t^ord the sals IS Ehst^ B^, "^^di 
has a teau^ lare m ll:e Namh The lliK aive 
of Ihe Iw IBIS'S Ite ydlcw {tnES; and ro 

doiil Axa Entesca^ He arlist v^to pamlBd Ihe^ 
rerrDte sca^ riHte a canvas of it As a 
danoid ailsTfii^ fre aim has tesi {fc^^ijuit- 
irg I sa^vahi^lhealrearddijU^MsiEdard 
sQinfid ctf ite Imte: Slre^ cl" hoiHS wilhtsl 
ro^, ±013, ^vuiij^^s or floois-lcits fican 
v^ndi araylhrg nDvalle had tesi lalen to 
tuild Ite nav tcwn at Giar^ Bits Mouth, 
EvQi He lailv^ hiE t^n^fid Ehzal^t B^ v^e 
piled 153 dmiig liE 19j9-1&45 War and sst to 

Syna foi ajvutJrer TEolwBy tHa^ tn 1^ coast 
Dian'cii^ls ai? still teirg xecov^eied otx ^ slxbII 

scale near £li3ab5^\ B^ I ^^ras stuwik a pdn:el 
Tiroith I»ii^E, £2,CCO. "clearBd ■i5>" ULlEn d^s_ 
Huttlutis tmd^ ^AnrEMi^iitioriEiicr umIis saive 
Ineathast^ iBUHzes fortlET soud^ dtI^ ^aT^f4^:: 
^AJieie S^TlI^K axel oihex pu Jieeis jBclEd i^ Ih^b 
ftnUires in iiis eaily d^s_ PQ^nbly tl^ie wiH te 
d rn>ie nTfns^ ve revival at EbsaLei^i B^ oi^ 
d^ MBienEL^ s CiBler^Aras pomlEd ciAlD it:E- d 
likc'kciicle qJ S3cls^ a]rLTist;st:L~D4iei«l ui^uii^ 
oi\ a InDade - a ciHtBr ^vliicl\ i^sE still ic te 
expkiied In die iTeaiitixtrE 1^ bbn bay ^nu vuies 
ciBM'£slx&3r tiie caji:patOiBi^eI^idl\ 

In Ite C^mrn dnB Ite diairord d c^bis lived 
ai^ta^. I EDt^sd a tuil{irg of pe^iiar di^ 
at Eliz±elJi B^, aid vsE told fret lU^SE OEce a 
^tlle a!l^- "As lorg as Ite G^raBiis had Uht 
tea^ aid sktUs IJ^ vise coDlaf laraited 

I ^^ras als3 stuwjL "die Lonler s3on~L ^^teie Ecnre 

^psightEd diatxTnid tliief ^Jted away a pan:el 


^AJiicti he -w^sE umUe ^ sn^^le cmt wnii IniTi 

eruv^ti but tire [li^jn>i'd5 "i^cie still dieie yEans 
]a:tr ^Adien tire itr^^hnieiy ^^ras diErtrHiitleii All 
tie way dcwTL tins coasii wl^rever diamsiKls aie 
Jb'UL'd tieiG aze SL^ip^sed ic bs caches of stolen 
sbres They aie to \WEi to tire thieves^ anH. d^y 
leruam ■QiJaTJ'wii Id -Qtb liiaiTDni corupames 
Itewards aie paid, ibr the lEccnjtiy o£ sutK 
Ivasis^ hci^kre^jci: ani SDnretsiTes d desfamr^ 
thief giT^s die infcmtrmicimD a -PpiptvI aiid^]lii£ 
1^ aitnixA iGceivEd Oftoi\ ei'oi^b die p^sLHon 
of 1^ hidir^ place^ ^k^tiifil^ see rued ^ te sq easy 
1D ZGiTeitrbei^ is JbiyuLiiax Legeicls grD^" out of 
SKd\ nn^idenlE^ ^nrall paDrels beconre ibiHiEE^ 
ani gieedy ii:ei\ set Q~Qt; [u\ qi£sts ^"tiuil^ s^^mi 
mrcBnlic^ but lAdnctLtx"^ erd ULpoEon. 

The reed 3c«h' jbii^ flTitfe ib y^ aesiioi^ 

TAse orce Maid feimiK At ore point rear 
Elizatetii B^ He dutts ohie n^ {fc\\n Id Hk 

Ooft u^ flit i^mriwt FnT*<* »l Onuft 

SG4 ^nd tieiG IS ru w:^ idiirI d^eitx Vear after 

year reHTes eIcveI tJ:e Baid iiilD con^^alEd aron 
1zoil^I:e^ and d^e ^azid is punT^^ back uHd ^^e 
sea. It 15 ahoiLit die txcst rtn JicilDrui.3 diulgBiy I 
tdTe seexL T^'^whPTTi wl^^n a dui^e ciD^^es d^e 
load^ a. deviaHon IS iTEde^ aid m tiiTe tire eIuee 
rcBiclies cm ani i1e old ioecI catxte i^«l agaizL 

MEt of Ihe old disccweis ^eest to ha/e teai 
DHfe m arasiL ir/ff Is^, ocffi to Ihe oast 
The 1^ Tal ^^ffi cne of liee, ranBd ly SIhu± 
afla" his wife. In Ihs fehloiE Icb Vall^ Hie 
latoures (C^ mloiusl hhi in iJree c^s) 
sm^:^ cra^^dai on ban^ and kres pdarg Hie 
dan™± out of Ite sard and di:fpi:g li^ 
tre ^urg lojnd thar neds. It is on iKcad that 
43,000 CBiBls - ahnut a {jbiIh" of a nillion 
daimni - v^e ieccvshI ty this ir^iiod in 
axteaishfis IcfeVaU^v^BsfrendiestfLddin 
fre void at Hiat bnt Not fer av\^ is Hie 
I^feidHi Tal, Ite "feuy lale -vall^ -^^He Hie 
danijni oire ^llaed m Hie nixjnh^ 



1^ Eogenlels^ d'e geolo gical ^AnjidfiTiYailed an 
HnU^ cl:ml5 as AxcK RocL^ abcrut sux:^ itrles 
SDiitl\ of Liil&nlz It i£ a doIonxtE ^octi nisu:^ 
^leer fiDiixt^ ^^^ &}r IGO feet If d^eie ^i^as deep 
^XTHler teneadi tie ^inti you cfmld steer a slup 
-Qider 1^ tx~fi^ve piU^r. But 4ie smf luealc 
dar^eiDiElytJreiG^ die rock ns fiill of J^LiLtE, arcl 
1^ g&okicpsts v^'I'D w^nt roped down ilie pH^T^ 
1D examxie "E^e &3izi~^]uml s3n~E yeais ago iTL^t 
I^?e teei\ feade^ ani expeit clixiriEns. It is an 
'QL'canr^ place At die base of li^e aich dieie is a 
iDi^d dailc tunnel in. die loclclaige enoixrK&^r 
dtiain. The sea n^^es clean dcoi^htJre tuin^eL 

You can dinb to Hie smint of fre Bc^i"ds 
fflsi^ ani^rb ip an oonmE dcpig dab 
abziut bf^/e feet Ihids, Thae is a pe^hole 
aliiut helf-^^"^ m allavuti a dzw ^m^ of 
fre sa flrakuigfai^ tdc^u Boc^^ vse oixe a 
ffia-rava Tv^ of He sicfe Im^ fellai in after 
cstais of "wmd and sa a^Hon Tte v.inle 
inpESF/e ardi niEt coll^BS ore d^- 

To a geologic tiiis area is a snenbfic paiEdase. 
Near tl^e BogeiifelE, ^^^end sti^ta are exposed in. 
lEHEces and laised te^tfil^es The grey saridstm^e 
yields L»re ^EfrnreiitE identified as tie sLeleUME 
of annTols i^eTex seen qi\ die coast lod^ ninru^ 
jngs aid lodentE drmt loan'ed m vamsl^ed &3iestE 
anl eigoyed a JardifleieiitchnrHlE. HeiG^ ino^ foe 
nrmnie t^^ls^ die ^leillfi^ tiot kved m ^^raim 
^valer n^ete^ of 1^ icy ^^as t^ot lasK d^e 
BogenEels. Hetb aie giavels coiHaniirg e^^Obs, 
bnnwn. and red jasper^ dulcedor^ . and aibo^je 

The orfy pcture I hs/e sesi asvwiiri 33n& 
lim:g ofte cpunl; 9±laiy gtan^F cf Bc^if^ 
\^e an oil [Binbi:^ five feet in le^glJ; dsr^ ly 
Axd Enliscai in 1917. Work ly Ihs ailist is 
h^i^ pized in Sauth-West Afiica lod^. 
Ents3ix I Ifflinl; o^Bd oie ctf Hie dianr-id 
con^His £200, and fBiiied His laiga c3iT/as to 

All aking" d^e Bogenfels beaches aie deep ca^es^ 

sone of d'enx widi loo^ ]dc cad^edisls. Kveiy 
ude s^^ee jE into die caves^ ]eai;arg dnftTi^vod ani 

de^d seals^ H^e tzMnliS fizoni tire Oiai^g^ Rivb^ 
occaaoi^l^ a ^np' 5 lafL I I^m^Iied ^ tl^e ivouth 
of ore cngariDr ca^e ^vheie iniE of eai^ lock 
ani led ochiG lud Jallen Boitl t^ iDof. At this 
spcf% -A^ -weirirB^ of "E^e wnld diannzid ooast 
gnpeyovL Tlie siEcp bs^^heE aie littBied ^^rjtlL'E'e 
d&bns of iipB sea. RouLid 1^ conxBi: yoimTEcrnE^ 
ar^iliu'g ivurlit }]e Joimd. ^v^EEhsd i^ - axi^iir^ 
£oi\^^ diam^rd to ^ FQiti^iEse gaDEOiL wiBclEd 

luted tJHE hare test qiEer fink The carg3 

SteariH" Cjry c?;^ B^rm/a, torpedoed in 1342, 
■WEss ^baniored. Not &r fioiix Bogeiif&ls is aiL 
aze^ af giotes^E iocIg ^vhiQl^Iookblie stieels of 
luiLBes seen in 3. mghliTBie ToiErsi^i^ i3iey 
call It -toTAmofdt deal" Tie CHyofB^mckl 

{fcfted on lo the J K^pd rsfe at TolerGlai± aiid 
fciDke ip quid^- Rum the headES Qb police 
coUedei mr^ teiT^e tellcoiE thoiEantfeof 
tiE of En^di agaiEtes ard ktp ^rack (^ 
dmtse t^trotes. The unlud^ sagEanl ^^llD 
fii^ <fca37eied Ite hanfox^tes i^iated his find 
to Liifeitz- ife v^s UEliTJcted lo nnke a list of 

the DuniHS and cfeicsnnalionE of the hank- 
iiDtea For once a faittful savant refiEsd du^. 
''ItismpssiMe/ l:e\viotetEdL''Tlia^aieso 
nBi^iBteslhatlcBiTDDte/encount ttan-aiid 
ftalJ^nore I canncl read Cbuts&"" 

Bogerdels l^aE been i^uzLed ablest cle^ax ln£ 
IZHzes of old QCfn:^a1iojL ieji:aii\ I^esh waMr 
^vas slwBys a jnubletxi d'eie, aid. yon can still 
see ibe n^tir^ plant on ths beach 'id'eie all tbe 
■wE£\Er-waE distilled Coall~£d in he bioixrlitl? 
se^ aid landed nL ?isf tcalE, ^k^liicbiBiL tie cost 
of distilled ^^raler i^ 1d £3 per cidnc n'EUe 
WliLlB rnirens w'eie allow^ livo badis a wselt 
expei'ELTe bonines mdeed, tie dianoids 
paid for eveiythn^ 

South of Bc^tfds He ct^rt idails a liltle, 
TIh^ is a lorg drub-ODVo^ strSiii sQJl 
dEsolale, tut {ifsirg sfHB giBzuo m g^od 
years You se a steoitok ha^ ard iraa^ ^^ai 
hads of cpi:±ot andah^i^lileJaial3■ It is 
an ea^ nil in a lounrg car iDrt^dc^ but Ite 
old Imds lold nE of iraiy onials In l&C© it 
was conacfe^ inpossille lo liavd ±^'^ Ite 

{:oa5t beyond Bogeiifels Id i^ Oiai'ge River 
iTDUtl\ciwii^ Id iJ:e l^ckof^vdlErtcles Tteie 
^xras jvulliii'g itdig doxect tir^n ilie j»lice iD^itE^ 
Jar ixiland, ^divl A\^ 1d t^ n.vBi^ and tins 
journey ^vas scconphsl^etl lay itrearE q£ ox- carte 
^irith enonmsTE T^rl^etls ani Twide tyies T^veifiy 
yeans ago tbese caxte ^^^eie stiD benxicr ised. 

caiTE^s DBi:^ He coaslal liip tcsBiUe - jiEt 
pKBiHa TIe fust niDlor cai^ Old EDt att3ip; it 
At last a liackvsB nBcfe for cais, hav^/s, and 
lartp dniiE coiiainiiig fcxxi, ^^Qle^ aid pelid 
■^ae liaced at iiTlHvals of lai kdoireliffi, Oflsi 
€fi3i^ He {iivers bed to leee/e Umi^ sbaiifed 
C31B i^ m sard aid TAdk lo the nEarest dnin 
fcr siq^es. The ticds Ih^ 1^ n:^ Ettll te 
ffist s/en iJMr troiilGS rrs^^ be trasd m lh& 
sard. Like liie Lilyan {feat lh& Nainb 
psaves sp:x3re for i^sis, 

Diesel trials with ta^e tzaileis ^^eie fustputon 
-the rurLniLl923 Tlreytale tEi\ hsiES for "d^ LS7 
ixile? mL\ f[oii:k Lixlems Hn OiBnge t^ii£\ day 
aftr d^^ year after year^ Irmiln^g 500 Idie a 
ixDiitlx canyii^ everytlTuicr fmni kceTxe Id 

heavy iTEchn^eiy One t3ii?k punzlrused izi 1S32 

lus rD^r coveied nmie ^^aji a mi]]ioi\ niles 

At Ite erd of lh& ncfe you aie hEdt m avilisa- 
tior^ affiOiaiHitiitf fourhuii±Edv^lepeoilft 
TTHX WHiHi and dTil{iai and tf^^ hutidrai 
Cuanto latoine^ ffeie ai^ sQEels of hoiES, 
irdu±i:g ttei^ mlic^ nixfen hcaiES^ a h^ 
derQic fo^b^ slatiorc a dii> vflHi oisia 
sqLBEli coinls hllianb and a fiist-dass lihaiy. 
TiK ha^ tinE out 1,830 IcsTee a c^, Ite 
fcutdH^ ^^i^ has iiEat aiil Ihae are ro 
slola^ m Ihe iSail saa& 

I-^st dm'gs aie bee at 4ie Oiei^ge ^^ud\ selde- 
nrenL ItisieiTDiE^ biAoi'Jy ui e\i:K pl^:eE cai\a 

nratxBEve dnee-i^mte^ of btE anra^ inroive. 
Tte coT^psn^, die Consihdaled Diaruond Mires 
of SoudtWest Afnca, si^iplies lentfiee^ fully 
fimnshed b^^^es^ fiee eleclzicH^, fiee ^ainffin 
JOTCookir^, &ee ^vater_ Oi^of tie nnEthigWy- 
qiulibed feacliens n\ Soiid>West A£ica. ns in 
clreige o£ tie fee scicoL Tie &ee n^edical 
service molideE ixeibiTiL^ experees - anuniEi^ 

-ins lEolalEd ^ntn and ^vteiL conHEtfitE eqnrod 
iTeiL reHJn^ed Us iiie ci^ti^s Tire gioT*^ o£ 
atxemties^ hs^^vei: i^sE t^cl a setdixcj efEect ani 
iDd^ ^bouL eifjh^ per cent of tlie ^"tiL^ ^ta£f 
letnm 1D OiBi^re Month. jBet drenr aiini^ 
tcxlidd^^. WhezG else c^n a bdiil'ekir bvB ^atcU on 
£G 1<^ a iTontlL^a'd ro e^diB^ 

Bray fcacMcT has his cmd \^^>xfen p^tii- 
calBd bcn^ hroi^t fiDm the atendMied 
<ic0iir|E futlte^ lo^ Ttere are "p^te" fbi^ 
93ire of Ite rramed coiqle^ Ico, aii 11^ like 
fren ^^ycl"lilEffil]DlIS\^selr[pHtedfrom 
GanBiy £0^\^ei He v;e^ at a ccet of El.CCO 
^i9s Th^ siBEd 1^ lo oiE of Ite inst [Huliai^ 
dumlES in IJib ^mrid Oraitp MoiiJi is on Hie 
Sim laliluis as Kin±ai^ id otiH^ hot piaiea 
hi it 15 ah^s co3l iJHe, ard oflai mid in 
mcfeunTca" cwiig to Ihe ccaslal fc^ From 
tfciTaiiH^ to Maidi a fif^-nile-an-lEiF ^^^^ri 
llcs^5 on nEGt c^s, fellirci at m^ Blugun^, 
paln^, pres aiii olitr Ires 1:375 tesi planted as 

Tte con^dJi^I'ds Ll5 oi^rn Janx\ nn. tl^e nctiiivBr 
silt on 1^ north. t^jJ^ of the Oioi'ge Rnrer. 
VegetsUes aie SL^iphed at ti'dt veget^iUe laHoiE 
for the Ov^nios n"e^ te ^irnvn qi\ iiis sixxt 
HeiG^ tiH>^ a dauy l^eid is lieu^g bi-iilt i^ At 
jEiGSGnttJre people of OiBiEje L^nth clmik tnn^ed 

A "'Kjuntiy cluhf on IIe nver tank is targ 
[ianiEl l^feiias of Ite v^te comniti^ are 
int feft tdird taitsd wue ^^ canviat Ihe 
nva^ and tlE sffl teEdies"^Mlh fav islncticais 

Tte ^tdenrent stsids on a iTxi'vdianT]nfhfeioiE 
fdaikau. El:^^ nriles aw^^ re^rtlrB^^ aiel^nch. 
nrmme tenFices tlut ta^e yielded diannnds 

£1,000,000 tfls "heen oidered flid wliei\ tlm is 
a.Ta]lal]le tie piesentou^TLit; wiD te douliled 

I iloiriiEdioadtlEdicgiitEinajt^vilhliie 
asiElant nBi^^ p™i^ iiuis out cf our 
isll; Isi^ig Ihroi^ !]e^ of aid, n^iig alorg 
the Iid!1^ 1it¥:^ aid gnidirg <n^ Ite dure, 
■^ Tl:e jsp S7ffi HE a five-mle ^^jalk 07^ c^/ 

*^n^ it:y guide cheenjiill7. As lie lizove^ 1e 
dc^*^ nt hs^r tie liuiTDnis aie lecovei^ nn 
tins fer collar o£ Scrulit West Afnca. 

The dianr-rd Israces, y^&i are really dc^ 
laiffld teadiES, im [sralld wiHi Ite sa Th^ 
ViEffi Msed Willi fre iiEiiig iif Ite lard Ihausiids 
cf yeeis Eg3. As l±e\vmi±lcvmsardi3 ranwed 
hf sccotE, the toulc^s cohe to li^ ^m"wilh 
tikr [^nfisl cy^ff dMsL It is <j£a^ lo \^Hl3± 
free ana^i ^st- von guUis ai^gmg fii^n 

Axinncr d'e touldens ^le die l^^ei^ of 
diaitniidafeiDiE giB?el Tins gza.Tel is sL^ov^Ded 
nntD Hi^Ie^ and fn^al^ die n>c]:S aie swept ^Arrth. 
tdni lnDoit:^ a> tlm; ru diaruon^ ^ull te 

CwaD±D latoines ^^to find dianciife whUe 
<i™ig ip c|a^ am Ia^ia^fei at Hie lale of ei 
a ^mm Duiiig ^Toy ^ft an offiaal of Hie 
conjHi^^ ncfe iniud on hore±ai± wilii a 
colleJirg box, nOxn^sTiEd b/ a cfelstoe. In 
Ihsv^, onana^aac^ahunctaddiairontaiB 

collected c^i^. Ore fcsturate latoinff nsfe £1 
incoe^ift tut Ihat IS lara. The fbi^ diairon^ 
te lBn:kd cvs; ctf coin^ \^se vatii niH& Ihan 
tE coiid earn m nniy yeeis 

Ttns ^QM^u:^ systenx tos itE diHwt^tfils If 4ie 
snvple I'dUvBS foe iDtcfoefLill^ waJid'ed tl^ey foe 
apt 1D s^ejid tlienr tin~e looloncr for d^arL~ciii^ 

irste^ of stuTeEmcr giBTel Ard oice a laige 
and valiL^iHIe daaitnnd 'i^'as sLTosted. ^athIl d 
iHTLTuer 1j7 a gieedy Ovan-JE w'Itj hoped 1d 
iecei¥e ^^veiaL lewaids fQr ore disco^veiy- Tie 
nremx of 4e ^eHeied diajnnd coiild stJl be 
seennMhe -peiiHy ^UECXi ^"teie it 1^ zested f^r 
so lojicr 

Ho^A^Ta; He ^^slon has test retailed hezaLEe 
it daiJUi^s IhsTig An CXranto ptfa^ lo 
recave scqHXH, v;4iidi he can spad at orc^ to 
lidirg a {iaimnd Widi v^ te mxcssilie to 
snirpeai^^;^. E^^ylalxura^andallnispoES- 
sionE go uti^ fre X-i^ jiant tefbie 1e is 
allo^^ to lee^e Hie "^Spai^it^^" on lis v^^ 

Tire great ln£k of tire dzannnds^ of ccis^^ sib 
leccvei^ ^ftBT 1^ giB?el tos i^^sd. tliEoiLrfh -^tb 
jiggii'g plant an^ i]:b ccicentialEE luve i^aiil'ed 
1^ EDiHi:^ 1b1]|e I luve EGendns fixul piDcze^ in 
olierjdaces^ in.Km:i]eii£y and o JLtJre V^ialltiver 
diggings InAthe sgtitaf 1^ WBtpeJdJeE Diid^e 
SDitu:^ bbl£ l^ds rever lostitE iascixuHcn Jot ii:e. 
H£ie aie tJ:e fanTME '"B^ntsi\^' agam - ^^e 
InD'wn.p&UJeE of baided. nui'sbi^e^ hei^isgzeen 
epiflctB xnxed ^^ritlk jasper ani dWcedor^^ 
ganretE aid gisib Oxit^ black bbl£ sudace ^^e 
tzv^ ciyst^ls ^ure "oiiiMstalQlil^. Daaitnnd after 
diaitnnd ns sciqied aside ani Ss^-ppetL intD ^^e 
loclsd l»x. Keen eyed O van'bDS Eoit ilie giHveX 
TwrtiLa ^rhutE n"ei\nn.cluig& of the iDom. 

The iBcoidCrancp Mcflih store v^s ore of 245 
hi WQi\h ca^ £4,(XX) hezaiEe Uie oiJour vss 
ted S3nBlHfllifdo:?louisn^lsofcGQV€din 
a m:aiJ:[ s oulpl - isle c(tsi ydlc^^r and antff 

The vanel^ of stones^ coloms azid ^ses 

sixrgesls tim "E^^se doaitnjidE l-^we inyt all ccmre 

fro mo re SDiHce/' an expert told iTe_ 'SmrEii:^ 
lu.Te bsen prod^ired 1?7 ^p^s f^uly close atl^anl. 
OfiieiSr tit w^alEnwcm dianoiKls, irc^iy Ibvb 
HHvellecL dowiMiie Oiange River fir hundreds of 


Gsdcgisls sQll aToid teiig d:gnBlic atout liie 
ongm of fre Soulh-Wtst Afncan oast 
darronds, frci^ it is ro lor^ Ite 
nysteiy it"\\BB at Ite Ime of Ite diEcm^- 

This deseH ccastfEDnxLuleiiiz n^iililD Coicep- 
HcmB^ ani south. lEi ^^e OiBi^e Hiver is leg'azd- 
ed 'hy geologistH as t^ fiist solid cs^ct ever 
jcunred oneai^L Heie it^vas^ pidbaHly^ t^Httl'e 
nrxlfei^ n~^lJET £istccici]ed aid solidified, a^oskd. 
bf ^Hticy ciment &tin:i-flt AntoD?1ac wdnch stall 
nreelsdie hot land wnds and covens ihe coastnn. 

a "i^ilLlE "Klanlgat. of fjg 

The ccsEt ra/eels iraiy signs of He giganlic 
iqita^als \'^^i±L nised it life a puUrg Mcse 
the diEt l:e:sne haid sbi^ to itast Ihe 
cc-iFulsiore teJo^v. lti.\ffiTAdl teksd afler Ihs 
sliini:g you can see tiBt h/ He oiJoured rois 

ani ib^ o^ddes of hdil And ^A^iei\ e^^ciythuirr I'dd 
catxEd dowi\ aid tl^e {:oaEt; t^caruE a. ^^afedc^ 
d&5&]X d'EiG ^k^eie lii^i^x^rds left so i^ear d^e 
sui&ce tim n~En sdHb^ted icxr tlieiTL wid^ tlienr 

At fiisl liie dianr-rife v^re found itai^ Lutniz, 
ard the penile fltn tdia^ IJ:^ vhe ^'^odied 

dsE^rael lo te ndi m daniaife and frose 
Ucxisl h/ djTEB i^fflled pxr {t^xalE, 
Diarroii^ w^^ oflsi found ail^ddEd m SEa 

•P-^^pT jsD^iectEiiE s?a1lEzed Jar azid wide nn 
SGaD?K of JE'i^ diariTiiid aieas^ buL inglitT^) 1d ^^e 
jcesent tuve ic qi'e lus famd a ^idisi^iitial 
diannjid deposit at a. grealer di5bii;:£ £nm d^e 
DO ast d'an fifteen inle 5. SottHiy diam^rds l^ve 

teeiLJound fmlliEr iml^id bLit xt^^as thoirrlit dst 
sonrE t^ bserL candied by osdsclrEE 

At flist Qe ozaslal diaccvais v^ie bloi as 
sOung e;icte:cs m Eipmt of a hbdib oncpn 
The dianDTit cf Ite SoulJ>Wst Afticsn coast 

aie of a ^rpe ati^ diffsot from Htffi of 
Kmtei^ ad liie South Afiicau rr/ff dicgu:^ 
th^ are a:[Blla^ and ni^^ hiEianl, e/en v^Jhi 
un^njL ThEai^FUiil^is racBiMla 

GenivaiL gee Id gifts ^Adv iiT^esticraJEd this suldErL 
wmdlall nn i1e ImiiEilD Lzanencolci^n^lSCSput; 
ix^TW^EOxL aiiDtJrEr p^^hle e>[plarmian of the 
piGSGrire of diarrciicls TI'e soiiflieni\ bsundaiy of 
tJ:E colony Tvas fsm-Ed by iJ:e Oiai^ge Hjver. ard 
It v/as si^gestcd d:m die diajnii'ds coxild leve 
been sweiJt dowiMD tie sea li^ tl^; great stzeji"ci 
ani iliejL earned ruii^L alor^ tbe coast by ILe 
Anbzctic cimeiitani distnbuled ^Arbde tbe lani 
^vas still SLibiTeiged 

This iJBHy JSHved slroi^ siq^mt m 1927, 
v.tsi Hie greel Ire^iie d^ ctf daniHit v^as 
opered at Alesaiife^ B^, jiEt scuih cf Hie 
Qai^ Riva: It was sm^ to {tdre frat a 
Einilar dgiHt dculd te fburd csi Ihe naith 
tank, dcee to Hie pte sunk rsi^ D^Hi^yeais 
IiwioiE^, fre Gra:^ MduHi dianr-rd taiBie 
vse located E/s arcs Iten HieiE hs^e teai 
fcu^ diairord watai:^ \Mlhm si^ of sdi 

olier GiLlIie njDztlkaLvl aiiitiLlsulE of tlie Ozange 

It IS dear Ihat Ue QBBcp Rivff had oUh" oulJelE 
lo te SEa Icaig Eg3. Near Ite psat nculJi Dr. 
E Rfljnuti; Itecp^lcgiEt foiidamtiH^annof 
fre nva" Itairg tcvjcmfe ihe ssa m a rc-rflHt^r 
diBdioii That \^ffi in 1909^ arcL e I shall 
idal^ Ihseai^oEipetirgaliiEstieTeeledliie 
Oraitp Moiih ciamnt hi^esi yeare t^cse 
Ue EctLBl di93Ji/ay v^s nafe De Reitirg^^e 
coniH^sd for lis ill f oitme on Ihat casaon 
vAb\, in 1927, he ^^Ht to IfenEqialard to 
iiFsligEte ifce r^mlE of {iamsife IJh& 
RmrcGQ hj MeiHE^, Reioiri opaed ip Hie 
ciffiLAlexaiife'Bc^rcyEtei^laiaies- oreof Ihe 
"WJiid s great dannrd flddE, 

TteiG aiG Btill geologists "i^'lc b^beve ttot Eonre 
of tlie [ii^iToriis ongu'dlE ui a subrtrEzged 

■"paient incl^ off ihe coast; and -ttat liey aie 
earned alorg i '^ope" 1d d^ stcre. Ii\ i3ie eady 

d^s die Geinratx GovEnnTeiit fcwp^ this 
t^Eciy ard liy Iii:|]onal decree Tested aD nglts m. 

doaitnnds oik 1^ sea floor ii\ t^ colomal 

A Soiih African ^/uicato v^"^ Iten foinsd to 
dre(^ f or dianiam TIb/ IcettfardipvMe 
sl^aniiig at fiil qssdfEDinapnEuuigGQTTBn 
guntoatindaiffi fcg tut mt hdbie ore sflilaiy 
danaid hadcorre ipin Ite bij±£t, 

Tteie A^^eze hzitdilUS tJrot dzaitnjids t^cl l^en. 
fbixid oi\ die EnHsItowjied gkmD n^arvj^: 
sttiuifed clo^ izEb^ie The C^e GQvenm~Eiit; 
seiit a piosf^clDr ~b Fo^E^non, de Laigest; 
island. He sHu?k dzaitnjids iiTixEdiakLy }]elo^v 
tJ:B l^^r of giL^ic left liy die sea buds It ^vas 
not a nicK deposit; hci^krevci^ ani inllie end die 
aLTthoutifis decided dut it ^x^uld be nrxie 
[EobtaHe to leave die hixds Tn^^rtiTT^Tn^t 

Meet cl" te diannrt^ VHB urdoiiaH% b™^ 
djwn h/ He CttBEffi Bive: Tfce a^^fl, ncath- 
flc^^ilI:g cunot iiDEet^ look aam of Usuto 
the islanffc T1h& n^ he diannrd aBtas 
ak'^silirg diaojs/eiy m the "^Spai^id:"; Ihe 
jG^ T-^re out ffieniirg for or^ witttnl 

SKCic^^, jiEt beJoiG n~E^ vi^ But t^ ongui. af 

1^ lii^iTuriis iiD kijigcr ^idil^gs hat cDiHTOTei^. 

WteieT^tr yon look on die fn^ n"^ o£ -fl^ 
■^2»iige!hifif pimfcd inBerimin 1313, yonwiH 
£ni iipB 2ng-x^ iD~QtEE of Geoig iCuigluidt 
Tl:e^ Im^g HbcIg p^^ dnoixrhcrlustly, Vt^aJ^iif^ 
DoiLintiy. A gOajice ^tt^Bt n~^ i£ eno ixtImd jsdv? 
t^Bt Klzr^'didt ^vdE ^ 13A^ e>[plDier As I stuliEd 
1^ ix^i I iDrged. 1D lou^v ituiq; tlie ahYDSt 


Ife ni^ hare teai oiii^ forgz^ttEii if his 
nariE ltd ict also ^zpeaiEcl oil Ite nrK^n n^ 
vAs^ Ite Icicle Klii^^Bidt MoinilBirG rise 
fitsn Ihe <feet &'^en^ nils from Se ccest at 
Boc^da Ratural^ I v^g aiie lo tia:e oie of 
bsck.^:s^, M^ L P-RjiniecfPoitNolloti; 
aid ^liiEf^ scai^iirg of his caiES. 

^vho ^^tded nn Ljtde tTanroquBl^d and die 

e^ploiGT ^k^as toiTLtlieie absutt^ mddle of last 
cermny In 1897 B^Lnglrndt dEcided 1d start 
fainiiicr at KiLibLib^ and l^e set oiA widi tns ^^rile 
ard yovir^ faml^ ^.vith. bTestock ani ^ve^ie. 
I-fis Pb^nB, diei\ se^^di ^^aiE old, renenlpEied 
tJ:e daiigEH3T_Ejoi.iErey vivndly_ 

Tl:^ OTSsed Se Qcii^ RIV3" at Rarran's DiifL 
Not fer fromStdHinllEfeni^ Imc^red f or a 
\^e and hilt a mil ln4 ai^ Uh^ aiBlhff 
^i^aff ^'^ss hom KEetiTHElrop at ihat tiiB 
coi^asted of Ite m^n and ore stm& In this 
^d aod M^ counOy Ihe Klii^iaidt fenit;^ 
alnnst canE to gn^, for Ihe callle dial dum^g 
the last sl^ of te joun^ ard e/ei Hk 
chldtai sitffeBd from fcia TlHe \we ^^alff at 
Kubij iD^e/ff. aaith^hvedmliiearv^g^rG 
until Khi^Bidt bad huil^ a hDiEe 

Still lEEdB^ KQuiglmdt; sTaiiEd tia?ellnicr Ecrann 
as a. "stltsik"' in dis eniiloy qJ d^ tiEtlfir at 
Lvdantz. It 'i^'as die love Qf seemcr I'C'i^ places 
laJdier llen1^ iTorey d^atseiitliinkoEf mlns ox- 

^AT^Dix ajid I'e earned an ancient box-caitrEia 
^ATith-his tialfi goods. t^Es PbinE accoiT^^niEd 
I'er ^d'er cm EoitrE of tiese joT.iia"^^_ Klu^taDit 
rcode fofixcls wrth. die Bedrame Hotfcii&>lE^ Jbr 
~dey Iumfcdmdie cdasbl c^seit aiid Lor&'i^ ^vtEze 

The di33J/ay of daniaii in 19C£! ^/e 
Klu^Bidt lis darca Otb of Ite conjBmes 
9£^d hm as pospsJiH" ad surv^r, ard 
fre; f cr ncrlhE at a lUre 1e dis^jieai^ miD Ite 
UTn^jsd isQt 93ulh of Lii^ilz Ah^;^3, \\tei 
1e ors^ "wHi lis ■\\^3ii his Ir-iKS oi^ hs 
carrds, 1e had found i&v ^^jaiff-lx-le ard 
coKiaiioi^ iT^^sd his imiles, Scme of his 
jcam^ v^B n:Etfe Ihio^ sij± rente 
sQ0i±e of Hk "Spai^iier ttiat ib ok tes 
fdla\Bdlh::ffiioilefLoml3iatlm:Eloliis B^oi 
fre jeaiG \vill lake a loi:g ImB lo ohiiteaals Ihe 
v.^3i>licde oa GsjrgKlu^iaidt 

Oil oib joisney KbngliBidt zeUm^ed ic Liilenitz 
^Arid\ diamonds "i^vi^ £10^CC0 "ESb sinewed Ise 
dji jjl lUxr l^H^s. Pbiine] de Bbne^ ard told ter 
liat aiL nlfacLt diannjid bi^^er h^d. jiEt iT^da an 

cifler ibr ^EiTi Tien he I'oi'ded tire ^vlT>!le jmceL 
OTrer fc his eiTjiloyeis Eveiyore I nret wic ted. 
liTD^n^ Kiir^'dsltsFolc well of him. Tl^e Englest; 
Inbute cane ^mDr. Reiimx^ "Tie was a cjisni 
nan an odealiEtH yet dFtemmed - aiid reTer 
l^^r^ LU'Ja^ te ^vas gcncj i^deiG n) nanletflsel; 
foot te&ue/' declaied Reunn^cr "T ^"as yoLu^g aid. 
ne^AT m £^ coT.uTl^ whsn I fost tiHvtUKl widi 
Klm^mdtH aid. te was a.^diei'lE> nE '' 

Kln^BidrsniEtvaliBUediaiJTay, ci"oDur5^ 
heai m liie i^ of a oon^ay it WDdd hs/e nsfe 
lima mHioroue, As it ^^BS, 1e lEtred on paEion 

"TtcEe days widiKlinrlBidtm-EE 'Spensgeln&t: 
weie Htb ImsL days of ny life^" ReT^nn^loTd ite. 

"AfkT a tu\e ^ATc unvBllcd SB-psiB!^Hy, 'iiKiL we 
alw^^ acBiged our jomieys ed tiot dlit Hods 
TVOLild neet I coLild le^ oi\ KLiglraDit anl te 
could leLy onn^e. We Bterted WTttiorily die dl^art 
of die coast- eTeiydnn^ nnland wasblaik E^eiy 
d^ we Hiok conf^^ Isamigs ard i^oled 1^ 

Ore c^ in 1910 Bainiig and Kbi^Bidt irel 
DEar SaiHirg' s Dnfl; "^^HE liise vfls a Gansn 
police EfalnHi cai a hct laicce atwe fre ir/a: 
TlE;r \-£d alw^ teai Irqilah^ rasved fre^ 
ardfr^ ^^^& Icobirg&iffTH^flid lo a ^as of hea^ 
■wiHi Ite pidicaisL Cn aiiival, h?.re7g; !!:& 
lad«im"vamfbi^iiEvw>^ihLk TheMacfe 

Uider tire Im^Eeldjuoin ti^es oik d^ iivcr baiJ^ 

1^7 ^TULil 1^ h^ru^le^ -pahcxi Tiren iliey learnt 
liat a ^AJmlwiRl I^ad sw?pt; alor^ ti^e OiBT^e 
lUvET d JeiAT d^s teJbiG Tl'e pobce WBie at 
IiLin?K stUr^ at a -^abki belween die hiHE ^^ritiL 
oiJy a hght stdter over tienx In a. tzice 
e^eiytlTii:^ Twas ^uppscL aw^^ and fiiW^ d^y 
^anAT tlienr ^^Ucrod [tveiUir^ pla?tBi«L ecid^ d 
valley a Eoxidzed yasis aw^. 

Tcv^nfe tte aii ctf l^c© Fsunirg surv^red liie 
cceslal route lo the ir/a; hs/mg airai^ lo 

nt^ Klir^Bid; at Ite imuHi, Th^ pJantHl lo 
EpaidChnslnBE D^ IterelixfelJH: 

ReiLimx^E tiel^ lasted kn^ger dun te lud 
exf^cled. His cai^els weie BmEled ^vhen I'e 
iGEched 1^ rtTMitlx liey 1:^ ixsEn 1bil d^^ 
witJi3i.It walET ReuLiQ'g aid Khi'^'dDit t^ dienr 
ChastrL"eE celehiBtiDi^ Di^JariLBiy Istn 1910^ ard 
tJreiL set Dfi~ \-\p tiie OiHi^ge River fegetlET Hut 
be&ie tiey left tJ^ nrjulii tiey irwesUgafcd ILe 
land jiL^tiEuli\of ti'f iiTer Jot diaiTcrds Theie 
Tvas one ianTex liTiiicrontJE rcrdibaiJt "Gnel" 
LoilIU^ of Sandloaal I^uluxet laid a. senses oE 
piospectmrr juts and ei^fcred Lo^ri^ Id dig" tiieixL 
He niHEJided 1d retime and examxie tJ^e giBvel 
later 'I>i£j istd ^u stnlc lock or walET^" 
Rekimx^ mstrnzted Loi.ri^ 

Bejnu:g aid Kbir^iaidt thai tra^dled ip liie 
Qai^ Rivs' iiBi^iig ard gt^Kctuti liie 
counliy as fer as Seirair^ s Dml A nts^rgtr 
uilQTi^aai Uhii IJbe, and Bam:g hod lO 
retun to Lufaib mimdial^ lo lals diaKp of 
i:ecgii:g kudreds of daiire on He fid<fe fmlhff 

T^neL' Louw saii^ t^ sI'dftE and leceiv^ P^- 
ixeiA for tns ^Aniif. But Reumr^ i^^Ter zeluii'ed. 
1D ^vaEtidie gisv^. If I'e i^id liore ed^ lie m^it 
tdTe found die diatrond tei3BC£s "^huil^ Iuvb 
ynelded nilhoi'e smce die CorsQliil^lEd. DiaiTund 
I^fires of SouflbWest Afoca. EfcHEcL wodt tJieie 
atoiLit tu'dity yeans ago Tte old n:^] nrmle by 

ItBiLinmLr and iCmrrlmdt; i£ a. fascix^HxET piece of 
^xrodL I IbVB a secUoi^ of ii^ Htb ^k^h^le n:^ 
^AToidd ctnrer a. TwaQ, whIl iIe s?a!le of two 
lolonrEties 1d die inolx Acio^ tJ:e enp^ ^Hces 
ii^\ tl'D^G old tiods Kbr^lrmdt ... Jteimmg ... 
Kbr^taidt .. Reurmrg . dnoiirii die '^vanler 
dui^n" acio^ tie diy plan^ Qver crluEdy sani 
tzEcls^ skutir^ tie rLTMU^mE^ t^lkiwnicr "wb^^ 
]e^ nvtr l^ds, but atv-f^ coit^^ejutct atlaEtji^^t 
as Reunn^g l^d. tDld ne^ ai:wBys nreetir^ beade 
tte nver or deep oikdie "EfemjelHef 

Th^ Icok ffiire of litffi c^E^Hle ki^Igs 

tc^iiei; ard IJ^ tra/dled li^-tEaite% as 
"wiik as did Kbi^iaidt ard Bejnu:^ canpig 

out v^^ afta^ \rt^^ vflth Uht csn^ ''ThcGe 
i^^ v^ilh Klir^Bidt in Ite 'Spait^et "wae 

the test t^rs of ny life,'' 


BlbhbiehOf The "&ebb.ge3SEi" 

ohlt A BuaHMiN ffjiidljTeonlJErsoniTis 
of Ite ■'Spaigehel/ but I feud fav peoile 
tlHE^^ kiBA^ ai^rthu:g aboil Ite B^^Trren 

In die Gesuan tme d^eir pie^^me ^^as bnown 
oidy lEi one or two eii^^ieiE B^ibngimdt; -was 
a.wa£e of dienrt b^it te lepL tlreir secne^ A 
geologist ^vho tza-velled widi Kbr^tmdt nn 1SC8 
lold iTe of de i^eer con:|]aQt ^nch iCixErh^idt; 
nrode wili\ die B^sbneix 

Klu^^Bidt Qijicyed a intrv^ helf-HottsilEt 
half-BiEhntm DairEdHcEoh; ard Hcssob acted 
as iiaar^Bdiaiy. Tte ^oloc|st and Klu:^tii4 
iB^^cairsaa^m^^ctfOKBidinHi HoEob 
v^juld gy irto tJ:e iiDunlairG \mIJi oiffte ard 
tolEcco, iipes, krws ard dolh After a fav 
days he ^TOuld lEtun wilh BidiiBn amiel^ 
iH^laces of CGtnciL diE^, atpe^ed ceQidi ag 

^]dixilEd iGcL ani M^ck ^i^d t^crs of ^uteiape 
]ealier. B^Lx^lmdt; ^^ras aEowed 1d iee a>iTe of 
1^ Eil^htsil's ^k^^lBr-hsles^ but ne^^cr abov=e a 

9:rL5iL^i^ ard isis rrsilioiHi Hie pe^rte 
cf Ihe B^^THHi lo He police, Soire tiiB later, 
ha\a^ aiBlhff 3iive;ror\'^sa: iiio IJe area ard 
i^d Ihs Bi^hriHT s ^ralff-Ms wilhcrt panis- 
sicB, TlEsuiv^or's candBdei andtiEnBn 
"wjiid lH7e t^ poisaiBl loo, but fcr lJ:e fai 
UbL 1e had dg c^> inio lJ:e sard for lis vflla; 
teJovv ttE pcaxaied l^re: 

Hb^iQ]^ s&ldcm&ilfid 1D [ODvid&Khrg'l'diiitwjtlL 
rcE^L Ore d^ ^^e geokicriEt sa?i^ KJuiglmdt; 
gi¥iirr Ho^mh €l hBb arri two c^mndges. 'Vou 
rcx^t hniK^ one cflrtn^krE Lacf orEtan-tlEd 
Kbr^tmdt To tJreir SLinpn^^ Ho^rat stEcr^ei^ 
nnlD caitp ^ATidi a stEd'ibo'k on hiE £li3i.ild£i5 ani 
larded backkoth.^ cartndfjEE. Ha hEd-iuid^ 
bu?k ddwiiDrL Jbot; jistMc ^Hi^nron 

Jce^Ma^ anddiiDspecloi^^rtJthspallhiily- 
thrEey€aismliie"SFaT^ia;^ lold rre that he 
sw 01% oiE B^riTHBTi dinrg liiet poicd In 
1918hevasalSlaii±"sl^^ a danoid ca:?p 
itai^ Ite ccqeL This ie ore of the laie pJacs 
v^HG ahUJe frehv^lff v^s fburdhy ^i^u^a 
v^ Cte d^ an Cuanfco latouTff ran lo Meis 
s^:g that BushnHi had chased hiina\^ from 

PelEns idde ci~Qt; otx l^oisebacl^ aid ^vas ui tixtre 
Id see ^ts Ei.shn.'etx dos^ipeanr^ intD die 
duL'es. One iGrL~anxied^ 3. suzk H^^utbjl "idv 
could rDt run. PeiEis gallieied drul; d'e Qllier 
Hij^uTexL ^ATDiild ne^ex luvc i^vealed tkern 
selves m tliis ^k"^^ bul tliey l^ad been. D~d; 
liuLitzi'g Jar fioiM tbenr s^'ctisiy izi die 
in^iLinbn'e^ ai'd ^^hei\ one was ^Ietl ill diey 
d£<nded ic leave Innxatllie 'i^'aler-licile. 

A sui]2iai:g dscos^eiy ^^^^s im^ v^Hi Feiss 
seaidBi He adt BiEhiran, His piesessiorG 
oi^rGisted of a hiw ard anus^v, and as Bnlidi 
sji/sagre, P&b.^ sat a iressa^ ii> Ihe police, 
fcr tiE BiEhnBn lanked as a IreqBsa^ - ei/en 

thsughl'e lud teeiLbozi^ and JnoiL^hti^ h&yur^ 
the I^SAT UL tlu1;d£serL Tl^ police TArere escoitirg 
"die wizened 3ilde fellc^" 1d L^iienb ^k^lierLhe 
esc^ied, and I^e -was neTer zec^rtiiEed 

''I amslill w:Jii^iig"\\iieiB Ite BiElmBnfourd 
^ hs had re i{tfl of Ihe vbIik of then 

O n ana t^er occaEiDiMiie GenTBJL police an^sted 

d pai^ of EiLslit:L~en as tiesfa^:e]5^ and tuxvl- 
ci^iEled tlien\ Kveiy jeosohet esca^sd tl^dtrnglaH 
lea-Ting tl^e I^andciLiEt ^letind Bi^iLveji Irove 
suzh lender ^atosIh tlul; ru t^ndimff nrode can 
I'D Id lheiTLfbr]ong~. 

I heard ctf cse oHet rcBn viiio or^nsed ticde 
"wilh the Bidnei H& vss a pi^qKior iiarred 
HuissnBm, "v^^Kkiig en lJ:t9 Bc^i"ds &dc^ - 
He rrost soulJEriy" diarrond cfe^cst krovvn in 
He Gairan colonial c^s, Hj:snB.^^s wife 
colledEd aroilait ilmilE, tte qita^ little 
crwtiiE f ourd m Ihe <fesat An OiTfflito iBti^ 
si^^iied Ih' with slccuIqtIh of iibiy vanetes, 
Me. HmsnBDnadiKlhiniluwhessMrEds^ 

HBi^ specuiHiE, and Ite Cvanfco eiqJamEd 
that he cpt llHnfram Ihe BieIthhi 

Lilc Kilii'gtmdt; I-lr. ai'd Mis Efui^Tmux 
never saw tJ:e ET_KlTi:L"ei\ Ttey smi^y ga.Te tiie 
OvarLin bh^cco and ivmrhes^ and tdie 
Hi^uTenbnjixrlit die planSs 

Afta^ the 1314-1918 Wai^ He police telis^ed 
thflt all th^ P irfwrm in tl^ -^iTjPhpf- l^d 

died 01^ li^kked ^\3y to oUh" hntiig grourife 
in tlE £asL Tl:^ ^'^^e Ihae all He liire, I hEairi 
the dianEtic slcay of lie disccj/aiy ctf Ihe Birit 
HHi fiomSei^ant J ohame Willanvan 7^ cf 
tlE Soiih African Police, 

Vm\ ZyL fdlzDiled €^ 'SpsTigehiei;' for seven- 
leetxyeais. He is alean, gxeyixEr n~eiMntbe lale 
" Jmli es, he joirEd tJre old ScmlitWeEt Afcca 
Pohce u\ lECG^ aid he lus s^ent jmst of hiE life 
in lone!^ jil^ces Vai\ ZyL i^sE left he rmve on 
tJ:B secret n-^» of ^ 'SpengebietT' ised by €^ 
police Tins IS tie onl^ n~ap of tie diai\\3rid 
desert OIL ^k^tnch ~de ^a]ei>tules aie n~enjied If 
dianT]nd ttwIj^t^ kis'i^ 'j^'Ieib 1d fird -^aisr dieir 

joT.ii3:eys ^vould te nitii le^ iHiaidjinE- "Van 
ZyL's WalM' as scnrew'l^re nMie igixdIe Aihie 
>45urTtoiiE, ani Vai\ Zyl foT.iiii it w^lnle he ^vas 
iDindir^ \^ tlie lastb^d of Bi^ivetx 

It h^^^td m Jut^ 1931. Van Zyl, Uhi a 
corEbLle,^\ffislalior£datClBrras. a<tgsal^ 
LilJe v^]o^ 111 m liie {lits sei/aily-fl^ nilGS 
Dcsth of the Qbi^ Riva; andDDtferfiDmliie 

ang police post in SoiBh-Wsl Aihca, and fav 
nei ^rtjee atie lo slaid IIe iscJaQon foi^ loig. It 
has sure teaidcEed c±j^^?r; frci^ lJ:e hols are 
still QsB m caEe it^ aie i:£atd Van Zyl vbe 
«iev^ li^red at Changs \^ilh3ul: ^zpiyrrg f^ 
tarefs: ""T^flian I Mt IIe naiDtoy ^clii^g nB 
d^vii"" he said "IjiEtVielculardadrniHliiie 
teautte of ralure - Ite ^idm^ ard ^m^l; 
stesihDk andoccasicaial^ Ite leotBids,"" 

To Clun~En5 cai^e a repiMt dut a HjhUejAdI; I^ad 
LeeiL rLindeied hy BiEtm~ei\ ii\ tl^e Aixie 
I^urbuE Ai'ollier HbUen^t I^ tsc^ied ani 

At Hie luiE Ite pcJice v-he unaram Ihat I1h& 
VB^ aiy BiEhnai Ml; in Ite "'Spsi^i^. 
BiElmai aiE still fourd in He noitlen fBite of 
the tanloiy and out lo the ast in Hie KalaltnL 
But as fai^ as Ihe p^-lice kra^ Hie on^ hunrni 
tai:^ m He ''Spai^ieT \'^ere arfit^effi erf" 
the diannrd con^ary . 

Van Zyl was nrstzM^^d Id nde &di\\ CtmtrEis 
east^aids acnci^ 1^ tisclde^ cleseit Id arctl'er 
leruct police poEt Witqnite, ^igli^fiTe ruiles 
away He ^^as^Id Id ctuos^ a d^ ^Arliei\ tl^e I'ot 
east wnn^ ^vas rut bkiwixicr^ for ixia sani- laden 
eastwind tlie tuses WDiild not last ouL Sei^eaiit 
ScheepsiE at OiBirre ItLvex >tnid\ widIe ^ Van 
ZyL 1 dciirt. "whelieT youTll itbJc it on 
luisebacl^ for tlieie is jvn '^■atr - but see wiet 
^ucando^ ani tumb^tfik ingDod Hxire if yon 
canTt leach ^^t^nitz. LooLc out for tzacls of 
BiEhruEn. ' 

To Van Zyl this c^dc^oie msion canB as a 
T^\dcon:e tnak in ^te niHiDfory. He set out otb 
aflsTix3n"wilh a ffeeo tiac^s-nanBlJohanre, 
t^'^o hc-isES and a [Bi inile The w^Sb: 

^p^^^iied ic bs faTO^HBHe Van Zyl plazined 1d 
nuie dnciixrh rtxist of die fi^inght^ for ahh^^^lx 
jfwaE wir^nr, and coli on die co^Etn I^e kre^v list 
1^ d^iys irJajid wo^ilil be "Qi'pleasaiidy ho^ 

Afla" ndrg for eode hours. Van Zyl deocfed 
lo canp in Ihs sard His fiKt pD^an aiDS 
TAten he failed lo find btes lo lie ip ll:e 
amirals^ Rrslly te usd a foi^ tag filled 
"wilh SDd The horss ■\\He reslless, lm\^^ 
ardVanZyloauldiBtdeqi That ^^^^elhe fust 

By ne^A aftEm^oi^ tl^ey 1:^ icEched tl^e Ai^irs 
Th^TiTTtanT; fbuy niles &DIT1 Ctojireis^ 3. lai^e 

■uridi peals Qvex S.OCO feet high. Tte hoisBE 
scejted ^^ratr^ but tl^e bole contained QiiLy ^ 
Je^v iJiopG an[l It sn~eLt hie sulpbixetlEd 
I'^diogtn. Thei^. ho^veveT^ the Heienn nr^de 3. 

discQTeiy - die imtnust^loble n\^a3n£5 of tn'^ 

Van ^1 Icoked raurd for inspraliori but 1b 
sa^ only tie hc^ m:>uiteire^ He had a d^ 
tut at Ibat TT TTnrrt he did not f sel dspo^ to 

follow iL An l:oijr hdbre sunset he nxte on 
to^rtjBnb Wit^Mlz- A sQDirp^ pohce Espedi- 
tLoiL he Ihoi^Tl; \^iDuld be neiZEsa^ lo caldi 

But ag'ain d^e HeieiT) pDiitiBd oiA bunnazi 
spoo^, aid tins UiTe Van ZyL coiild. see tbey 
^x^ntinlD flat coinitzy^ inwaxds a loo eg Lo^^zie 
He sensed tJrat tJieie ^^reie EiEfanren nn lbe 
loppiE- '2ToTVTA^ n:i^:get tiem " Van Zyl told 
JolunneE "^ide iD^ml tbe Loi^iie and I'll cfd 
inb d'e idcIg after diem." 

Van 2^1 w^ fL% avaiE ctf Ibe nsk he i-ras 

Iskiig, At aiY nr-iiHt a poisc-redanu^vmdit 
coire sirgirg out of He rods, and thei re 
v^juld ntet Ihe irost painfd ctaliiinBginaHe, 
wilh no hope of recOTay. Ife^atiidess, hs 
carnal his isTjlvff m 1^ hand and niDved 
isc-lule^ lo^sBEfe thekotpe, 

All i^ found ^veie l^^ls. Tbe foQi^Eoztis 
en~eiged £nnx d^e locls at last ani weid; 
iD'^aids flat CDnnHy^ ^k^beie dieie ^k^eie a ie'ir 
la-w bi^'es. MQunling~ bis boise. Van Z^ 

listed, acnn^ tiie fl^lE. Bvbil i^il he itriglit 
TBV^r luve se&iL tie Hislnreji but thEir dogs 
jiiii:f»d. 1^ ani attfcLcd tl^e jn.ilB. 

B^Ehrran dxfs are fiaize rroDgrds. Usually 
ll:t^ are Iraiffid to aler^ but micteil^ IJ^ 
d)^ i^^nfed He niie as thar [i^ and le^ 
lo the feast Ore diot from Van Zyrsiwot/er 

aid. lliey sinQd \ip and sunzendez^^" VanZy] 
told iTE "JolmiLES tl'e HezeiD kiie^^ eiDi^tiof 
-die Bi^iLxiBi\ lancRsgE 1d oidar tl^em b diop 
eve^tlnjig They cteyed, ard I felt easar in. 

TheiE vas IfaiEe BushnHi one ^pd atout 
b^HT^, and t^^ tcys^ Th^ had tesi hunbiri; 
aircBd with tews, anTZNW and speais, arid 
acEon^Bmed ty eicfct d:^ Johani^s qiES- 
tored IhEm am Isint Hat th^ v^^^ lEing 
aiake vaiomfor thai^ anuwpoissD, 

VajL Zyl diei\ itrEubcuied tirB inindaienE^ aid tl'e 
5^Ehrt:Ei\ lej^iad. iriTtredia^l^ tlul diey kre^k" die 
^kT-futKl it:Ei\ They ^k^eiG 1^ ixk die trcmnbnxE 

It v^s CF?.vii]g {feiK tut Van Zyl v^s c^h"- 
nired lo anst Ite muifess, Talm:glJE halta^ 
from tlE hzjisES, te toiid liie amE of liie ddst 
BushnHiandlold hunto Isd Ihei.^- Van 7^ 
realisd Ihat he ni^ he ataiig a ti^ and at 
fiist 1b thoi^it il adflsaUe lo anwe at tiis 
BuslmBncanpin Ite {feiki:eE ard lake Ihe HBin 
bx^ hj siu]iise 

TireiG "i^cie li:ildi»otx~LlzeeE aJ:tJ:B foDtof Aims 
r^unbuL Tl^ie Van Zyl hendinzEEad die two 
HiEhrt:Hi\ toys and Had 1^ die annvolE. Tl^e dcgs 
^x^eiG secinely ^EiExied^ Idd, ^uid tJreiL die 
5^Ehrt:Hi\ crmde^ Van Zyl aid Jotanres clrrW^ed 
steE^jly iD'^aicIs die ?imnTi:L 

round a fii^^ trailed Van Z^ "That ^^^^e 
iniiEaUe I told He Bt^mHi Itet if he led ie 
asQ^ I T-mdd slrot hlI^ airi be iBtfeislccd At 
thiffi in Ite manig Ite neon caiiE i^ tut it 

■WEss not iaghL eicixrK to leTe^ Teiy ivudi. 
^ATE I'ad rutit:u:lxfLiEtIiErlD go. 

"I lold llE BuEhiran to leaircE straicitiD Ihe 
DunfeeE, The Kxic ^-^He ste^ and I had to 
take cfl" He B^riirffins hardiiffe JdianreE 
koav as \^ as I dd Ihat ^^e ^-^eE m a peilouE 
pcstoii andcon^aiiiEdlhatv^^wiidtediDt 
"wilh aiTTAE, Siill, he follcF^d ire and aded as 

Oil 1^ way tD die DiEtit:L~^JL c^ax^ tl^e gud& 
iBTeailfid d laxge poo] of gcod walEX^ tie dtb 
^'i^ teans VaikZ^'B luzTE So it:E distance 
fan^Br on iipB 5^Elin:Hi\ stof^ied belnii a sltbD 
1z5e and painted iD^vaids a.fl^ bisl'^ stzelrhat; 
-tte base of -tie fn^peak 

"^Snuk^"" said Hie BiEhriBD, ftauglhiDi^liie 
h^:E^ Van Z^ sav Ite caig] fiis ard 
''dEEinE,^ JolEire tookdBi^orlheguicfeat 
Ihis pout ard Van 2^1 iiEhed for.\Bid wilh his 
iwc-lvo" lrp.%BiTfe Ite ■^darn' ^^ileae Ite niitb"- 

T)cigs aHacLed \e fcrain, aid I ^vt anstl^er 

dccTr" ^and Vai\Zyl_ 'Ttvo Ei-slinnen. Iretl jinY^ed 
1^ biA tliey fell flat at-d^ ai-uni of ilie ^ct ani I 
ludru i^iffirnliy in K^nHd^TiFRvij t^iPi^ They^ATEie 

slnvcnxEj wjtlxJear. No^v I ^AraiitEd tlie iest;of the 
}iaiii Led by d^e inndeieiE, I leaclied a Ingher 
canp ard fbiml d^e ^^^^n^eii and dliJdiGi\ I toM 
drenx Id caU i1e n~EJL h^ilt. Tte woxiren. 
Edcanred^ and a>Qi\ I ted. die lo^ 

ComOrg Ihe hj/3 1 hed 1^ at Ite foot of Ihe 
niiudaii^ Qs^Vh^^ssi^al^ne^wz^nHiard 

Van Zyl collec^d all the to'i;^ and anciws ard 
tientie whole par^ rraiclrEd do^wai Id de spot; 
^x^lieiG d'e B^slmHi^ boys aid d^e honseE l^ad. 
been left Tl^t was Van Y.yl's record mg-lit; 
wxttu Lit sleep He 1^ anealard rested^ butl^e 
■w£sE imea^^ 5yr d:e hoi^s ^^le dmsty and he 
^kranted 1d taijB d:e cro'i^d of poEoneis Id 
V^t^Tutz widuLit;del^. 

J ohantts Kxfe at&d alcoe Willi a DEsa^ to Ihe 
WiUpt p±CE Elalion askii:g for a Ettoii^ 

escort; food and walEX VaiL Zyl foDowed ]a:&r 
H£ puttie ^k^ealcr Hi^nrETi ani d^ "i^^nreiLard 
ctnldien m ^miL Tl^e EmidciLiEEed jnind&ieiE 
hiDi^liti^ die lear AH d^at nnumicr die stzHi^ge 
cavalcade tzeldfd wcEtwaids. Tliei\ Vai\ Zyl 
caDfida-l^t^dfeddie b^ise anl tl^ nide . 

An ffi'^fe^Md ira{feit occun^ vitn te hc-ise 

ipK h/ Ite ±^ Rjitmal^, fre yourg 
BiriinMi v^ iBd guicfel Van ^ 1^ the DEun- 
tam tsd rai:fiUBd Mffii He dime cfi" Ite cb^ 
and toi^it Hie anuffils tack 

Vm^ZyLsEcklled and tfclded oil Oi^ oldBisb: 
rcBiL WDiTBiL Lept coi\^ilanmx^ dst^ie ^x^as tu^ 
anilanre She held i.^ tie ccilT.irLTLuntilVai\Zyl 
lad cjivetxter a. cigaiGllE. Piogie^ ^vas ^"i^^ ani 
nn tie evemr^ liey were stall Bigli^en nrles 
^DTCL V^t^rutz. By dns tn^e, hrwev&iL tiey had 
iE€cl^ die edge of the '^jieiigelHet:' Oi\ an 
atandcn^d faun Van Zyl t^^mi ai\ old catde 
lo^J &3m~Ed 'hy a cucde of linm Inslres Hb 
tr^fiA hK priq-iTTPT^ iTTJi^^ 1^^ IctfuI ]ita.£iGand 

sbod gissi at "die eiitiHiice. 

At im:e U^t m^ Johenres retnred with a 
oi^rslslle and SL^iis, Even IJhi Van 2^1 found 
iteL 1e ODdd DC* rdax. ItTABB his Ihid deepiGE 

Tte BiEtmEn^reiE Irandcd o^^cr id tirB WitJpi^ 
police al eleven iiext; nnini'g^ bLit; Van Zyl's 
iG^ionEdidxti£5 lud niterded. Tte si^Honis GS 

nriles fiDnx die village of Axe, qi\ d^e lailway 
line. Vai\ Zyl 1^ to Inie a car fEonx a farrvnT- 

duTe b AiE^ Eepoitdie c^ituiG of die Hi:^vi:En 
Id lie police officer al; dostnct heEckpMilEis in 
Lidentz, and a^ Jot irstzM^tiorG He icEcdied 
Axe after a fbiiidMiigtit;wid'o~Qt; sleep 

The pcJice offlcff did EDt vismliK He pHUon 
oi^er Hie MefiE-rfi "Bmg m fre Bidiran an 
can:ds," Ik lold Van ZyL "Tte pobce at Aie 
^1 Mpyou" 

Van Zyl and d^ At.3 police ssb^ed the probleii^ 
b^ timrg a. nmlDr loniy, p^irg for it ouL of their 
ownpscletE Tlstnighl VanZyl slefA ^x^ell^ m 
die kno^k^ledge dm;lHS tiouhles Aveze OTcn^ 

-die Bist txTHDr dnrve of tl^eir tves Lalcr u\ i3ie 
d^ tliey BE.'u^ a tiBux ioT ~de rii^i- HiTe^ aid 
1ia.TeUE<l UL It dowTL tD Lvidculz They "i^^eie 
sick with Eogtif said V^\ Zyl '1 told tbeiTi 
-du^ af^rt &CIITL "die i^mndfieis^ diey lud 
rodnxicr Hn fear^ bul tbey lud Jiever been in. 
civilisation Li^oiG an^l I cculil jidI; cdtgoIb 

At Lu^ib, seqr-it for Ihs ^ouliHTi dsliids 
cf SoufttWest Aftica, the "^\iiole pc-pjlaton 
turned out lo slare at the "wild BiEliireii Tie 
■\mirEr- a.^ crjldiai had teen 1^ at a Borran 
CathoLc nision at Ai^ the tavilc^ed rrsi 
■^AHE led off lo Ihe pdice station, 

Only die iTHsdfiGis^ l^o^vever^ -wei^ seiH far 
mal The otl'eis^x'ei? inEbiii:Ed.tJ:e1;tl'ey could 
zutliTe mtbe cbaimrd. aiea, altl'oucrl^ tl^ey hid 
teen bon^ ajid biDi^titT^ n\die lenxilE AiniwE 
iTDiuitaixiE witl'oiLit ar^c jie lieiKT a^k^axe of tl^eir 
liresenre Wbdc v/as foTmd Jot dienxcm ^ute 
ixktbe Ais distnctn ai'd t^ey weie leleased 

At Ihe nunfe' tnal IhejiEfcfe polntad oil liiaL 
Vnild Budmai coiid ret posaliy" krcw ai^- 
thma atoul: the la'^c He seTtoysl eadi 
niJiaEi3"lo a^ mjulhs haid labour, 

Afier iIe fiist ihuie nnst of the D^^UTETt 

di^ETpeaxed Eionx die fauirE ^^dieie diey i^id 
been ^AnnJzOi'g Ore old "i^^jnrmx leiTiaixied allbe 
m^dDn; "die otl^eis vamsl^ed. afler die n'onrer 
cf BisbnrerL 

"The hois I iHfe duni]g Ihat nHir-raHe 
joum^ died m Sqloito^, 194S/ Savant 
Van ^1 told n^ "It had a«EEd Ite Namb 
desat 2&0 lures on palral, and had aj/eral 

I aslcd Van Zyl 'i^'I^eie tbe Eishnren weie 
livmcr roy^. 

"Proteli/ th^re tadt in the 'SFe^gEtl^^ 
he said with a lai^ "Tha ■\\eie liviiri 
h^pdy on gane, ostndi kj^, fior^ ard nxrts 
- ail IhseaieolhETiiaceEv^aetl:^ can find 
a diet like liiaL All I can s^ is Ihat U^ did 
notntumtoVanZyrsWaler. 1 was tlHethe 

Dtiier d^"^ IfiEdlaxicr azi officii e^p&iitiai^ in 
seaiT^K of a da^iMcmd ciatET ^a4ilcI\ sDiTeoi'e lud 
lepoHEii ^!eiJig &DJi:kt^ anr We fcxun^ neitlier 

ci&iEr HOT BiEhvexL'' 

VanZyl paiEedreflecliv^/ Youns^a-krcw 
vjilh Budma^ he sid al last "I v^is lisi^ to 
find tlHii lud^ lo aiTEEt lheinvfllhD"dt ^Oniig 
a poHored aiiuw m ny nh& Qiea' little 
creatures - th^ n^ te aiyvdHS rn^v. Good 

CHjLFTm 18 


How I Rlvh readel Ite ad of Ihe Gidc* 

Rivia: I alw;^ fdt Ihal oie c^ I ^miid cotib 
lolhsvHidaiidnis^regiim kncwnlomfav 
Soulii AfhraiiE, tMhb Ue Crancp ire^ Hie 
ocfflft Alii 1 v^ss calam frat I \TOdd fliid \'rfBt I 
93i^Tt iHe, jiEt ?e Eut^ as I found tt alorg Ihe 
dsbiS Icope of He ir/a; at Ihe Ms ard on Hie 

DiiRmtdwI ani diBit:^. flo'i^ down die OiHi^ge 
ItL¥er 1D -6rB T^tiy emL A jeep Ibs lnui^it nre 

fromtlie ruitiL luiik otx to llie ^roalsarii bodge 
aciD^ ilie riTiu^ Qlier niTeis luve dreir ^ird. 
Iiai3^ but lias Inndge is a mtuial "i^vjider woufi 
HHvellnvr ^ tJ:^ ^AT^ fiDitx Uinor^ s Qi[l Id see. 
No^ evBn1^ jeep can go id fardieT. The coM 
Soldi Atlantic nsbneakixEr ag^ursfd-^ steep sard. 
bamex on one sifle^ die ^mbar, ind^y -waXET 
1 aphtha oiIei: ani inBuiitQf ll^e jeep ns die g^ 
in tJ:e bndfre^ iDt veiy wide^ ^k^teie tJs nrrer is 
pauQi:^ inb ~d:e ocean. 

I WDdd haTe cc-ire all His^^ fiiffliUmoiTs 
End to ^ Ihe nir^mg of IteT^^Hlas, But for iiB 
this IS iroiE liian a sisifede I can v^ldi Ihe 
\^Ble pad and liace the conxiGts joiur^- All 
the fffifie v^ have lanfei Ihs eJI \™ lare 
b/ed ha^ all He fercoires Iltd to ffifi t^csel 
v^e di^vn iiB^lat^ to Ihis final tnc^ cf sand- 
Diaz IS si^ndir^ n\ te^kraids the ^vie ~b anchor 
ind'e sheltET of tl^e c^e 'i^'IiLcKl^e caDed. Vohas^ 
a few mles id 1^ eoii1]\ of d'e nver . Tbiee 
centisies pa^. and Coloi^eL Robert Gosion 
con"EE 1^ ^vscron. He ns a Di.i1el1\ exiilorer of 
Scottish descentn and he luiTies die Oiange 

ItLVET - rut for Lt5 cclour^ biA ii\ hsnoTir of die 
loyal I^DiL^e of die NBtJ^dands .. Anil r^yf 
C^ibii\ JartrES Ale^aiiier coites ciMlie scezie^ 
liunlai:^. jnuspectn^, seairliirtr for tBitoT.iis, 
anJ Jea-Tiiig die luixis of a sbre b^nljiiiig dut I 
can see liiiTdy en iIe south b^'ik Half a 
{:entiny goes by, and Adolf Li^ien^ is lown^g 
■paE^iir^ ^mdhoflge manoj»n, carcras boat an. 
Ins ill-^itd. ^joyage .. 

Tww ad^aluroffi hDthEra ores nst thar 
horrs rsai^ Ihe rwa" m:>ulh Oi:e vse Heaiiik 
Loij^, v^ pcei^ed aiii iMdt ip Ihe fire fann 
GiuctcfemonlfesDuliilHik, Hsi^tesiifed 
tiDlher"Gid"" Lcwv lived at Sardkraal onlhs 
Eorlh tank until He GenME pcdairrEd the 
"'Sfe^^^ ardturredhunouL 

The Lduw^ weie oipl^ans. Handnk ^vonjecl ona 
Jautxi-inlil te ^x^as twenty- one Tlrej^ inl3EE,lie 
Heldsd. i^Diidrvaxiis on foot with, a t^amm 
Henry nifle^ a thoisand caxisuicres and a led 
paclt ox leaned Danstol^ Hn t^cone ahuiitEnn 
the TAold Orange River lEmfciy 

Haidnk LoiL V diDt 03bid:es at a lure v^Hi Ite 
feather "^sae fettimig £33 a pound At flM tE 
vss 30 pMr that he could tra/d only t^viUi Ite 
pedt-ot ai^ lis caito^ES vvs^ so p^aoiE 
that v-^Hi he fired he c^red not nis. Often te 
acesed Ite CiaiQe Brva" lo t^cfe "wilh Ite 
HotlailolB, SoufttWest AfiiQ hod only just 
tHDiiE a Gaimn pctectoiHle the Hotlentols 
\\es Elill roliirg aid iniEfeirg tra/elle^ acd 
Loiw took his life in lis hartt on ll:es 
sqBllionEL But Ihe la^ HottentolE ■\\dconHl 
Loiw v^Hi he hffl^it llan oslndi Mloirt 
ard cpTe himjadal and le^peid skuE in 
exdi£fl:ga, Thsi LouhV "WJild return to Port 
NollothvAlh his pedt-ox loa^d^villi skins and 
sdl Ihen to the Cornish muETS voiorg for He 
C^s Ccq^H^ C^ai^si^r. Willi ite rrtSEf 1e 
toy^ iBidleidiids, pxiet-knives, lotacco, 
shrlE ard nails. Bade Ie \^ould Ira^ lo Ite 
QBr^ Rive^ ard h^caid - lo Ibe Hotlailot 
ki^ls \'A^[B t^^ dmiE \^a& WHih an ox; 
\'A^[B a sl:e^ ojuld he lal for one hardks"- 

^g-aixiand again LQ^ri^ nslsd deaidi £mix thiiBt 
TAdierLl^ HBvelled iar fosni the Oiar^e Ejvbtotl 
JboL There -w^t^ QiiLy the "i^^aitrjaiE earned, by 
Darsbok bet^xreeiL hm-L an[l death. The faithful 
ox hv^ cii\ t^ samva and wild ciLi?iiL\i:ei5. After 
d tiTLE^ I'owevEi^ his clargeiDVE joianeys 
^v^Ared In^e focifitE and he ^k^as able 1d bu^ a. 
virago n. 

Iferdiife Lou^"\ras a ndi rren vj^hi he dial 
tut he alv^s regaiifel hirredf as an ortroidy 
stipd rrsn Is^i^ for yGeis he nissed a 
fcsture un^ his ncffi. This is liiev^ te liM 
Ihe Etoiy to his old hiad Saiator W. R 


ToTi lav^x' lhe lictest p^it of an ostdch is d^ 
sbrcEch - the soft i^eaX four inches 4ilc1^ tist 

lastES better dun ox-lorgiE Well I cut apetx 
"duiL^anis of osUictes ii\ the old d^s Theie 
^xreie gieat beids of ihem near the ccast at 
Alexander B^ Of&n I f^^mi hoglit; stones in 
tie EtonBch, and I ji^ thiew fiiein away Ves, 
for ^ea^ I v^as Bniing~ dianonds ani I never 
lecogmsed them'' 

As a ferns' at GiDsOfeiri ComHaiiik livGd in 
iadalionfbi^s&eial<tca±s, HevsE, infcCt lhe 
IcGt fenrff in lhe Cafe, sitisted s£ 1e WBS on lhe 
tanks of lhe Qairp Rivtr stiaiy T^vith lhe 
(iffiit sa^dmri ^j'^j to lhe ma^ aoulh and 
easL Apart fiDm his liDlhs-'^Gid/ his reiffit 
iH^tan^ \5p He 1^73" was Dw hurdiEd mle 

Tteie Twas alw^s hfc in fit estis^^ Ic^frrever - 
Qami'go^ wiM dnik aid cd^er buds in 
th^iLEanis LoilIU^ Icpt hcuses aid ^leep on tl^e 

i^andsindie estT^my. f^^i^ i^]es aie 1okl of his 
pnn^k^e^ as d swinnrer aid his danncr e>[pkiii£ 
igscilUxej catde ^vhen the nver cane down in 

Hai±ik LoijhV sold hs fennGiajIdainat a li^ 
pice as a isult of tiis dianc-rd ds:^^, Ffe 
died cai a fenn i^ai^ Spnttcfe NairaqiBlarcL 
€ai^ in 1947 aL lhe ^p of act^. 

Up 1o die last Hendnk Louw fiied a. dut 
of:casiamlly As te alw^ssauL 'Tbecisckof d 

of iT^ yoT.iEtf li^^ " 

''Gid'' Loifiv also hed a laKp feni^. As I hare 
idated, lEddihefiiEtpraiB^uigcailteDcsth 
tank daimiid laraces, Ife re/er Ihshe nd; 
hi litE hs Li^jihff tE VJBS full of diaiBcter. 
Smalor Slfsilonp Ifdd nB lliat be iBd tieab^^ 
■wilh"^Qd^ yeeisagj, aiidlJiBnBmdidii.rasa 

Opp^sLtB ^^e did ^im of Hendnk Lcnix" as a 
UinielBd Gemrotx police stHti£iiL^.vit]i a gmvkstDiy 
Tte iDof i^iS gcne^ 1^ ^alls aze dec^irg^ JtlH; 
~dE pibce sbAan at Hoheiilels still toE 
SDit:Eiliirg nf a -Fn-iTih^aT aUvDspheie iiMtE rixred. 


B!ilt eeifo intiiB caamy, ffchaiels giBntdHie 
bwfe for tinlB^ ^if nilffi From IJh& 
Gaimn p±caTHi vjilJi hi£l]u:g rroiisladES 
and sails nxfe alorg Ite iiver as fer as Hie 
tareiifci^ caiyon v^H^ Ihe Lords DEunlam 

riKS abwe ttE {^ ibi^, lis fiid purpise, as 
for as I could gafre; T^ras lo ii^rtnt Ihe 
BidilerwE^ Hottenliols &djii aDEEu:g He itvs 
and joining IIe fdidhous BoiiMs^^^iils Lalsr 
liE can^l latids fiom HolHTfds kept diainaid 
raideas oul: of the '^ SpeipEtid: 

It is a kively setHxig for a batfil^xDiind Qf 
Iz^cTEdy TtelnghiDck^AdiichgaTe die place itE 
mruE juts \^ sheer fEcuntlie Oiaixre ItivErfQr 
eighty feet The ^^a^er 'i^'ashes i^ K^Ese aid 
succJeits gic^Ar OIL ths stinmiLt PkcmtJreie you 
cajL ^aze at tl^e puiple^ senraled Tabsteig^ 
ConxeE's Berg, Fjchler's Beig aid Kiiboostezg 
BliEguTL^E planted b^ the Gem-arE ai^ rc^^ a 
liuidxed feet IngK ^fcnlfys scanner in the 
uver didets. 

That viav Met you B^ondGiH^ldeimfann 
vfllh ilE giE^L ungated paldES, aie IIe dutts, 
aid t^oiid lie durs is fre sooidnjig 
Bidilawdd \4hb aa rrsi^ pioqHtore has^e 
toiled- Cmvirg out of si^gDesldEiwa" Willi 

llu OnogE Ri^i^ oA Ifiobmfdb ^Ihc " haunted pLLme datum ''J bft^Hi niS^ irans ilu mmcb 

itE m.iiliaiiLs^ aid ^b^sy^ wiiIliie Inulenlires 
of tieeE.. Westwards tirsTB aie tirB last tends in. 

"die iTver, 1^ ^ATide iiii^l flals^ 1^ last oslaiiis^ 
-die sand hndge ard tJ:e Eca. Itos fifteen. iTiles 1d 
the nxiTUlt tn_it even l^ie, ii\tJ:e gxeathLEh. yovL 
can SD JireHnres l^ear die hreaLcis^ and ^k^lien die 
^xrird IS s^httlie sakarr reaches Hoheiifels The 
GeiTL'urG hied. Id select dianraHc sites t^rtJreir 
buiMingH^ and tJns is ons of thenr 

T1h& \\e& dsTQi large idcsie in Ihe police 
stsGoii aiidli^3teqB,Ahx?i7eliiebiildiir|was 
a lowH^ with Icoiiialffi - the ilacs is nmisd 
R3it HcJisTfds on ore ctf nv old n^s, Clcse 
iy IS liie canid sblie, Th^ red m diie:! route 
lo Lu^ilz; Ihe policsiHi Kxfe ip the nvff to 
SaiMirefs Dnft and IIhi tuinEd norlii to 
Wit^iib ad AiE It viffi allal He "old 
Ganai IraiKoit iDad,"" and it fdlcR'^^ He 
■WBla"-hDlffi alorg Ihe ftn:^ of Ihe Namh A 
DHi on CBirel-tedi DXEt hare teen ilssd 
lilted to conE lo the erd of his joinr^ at 

Behnd tl^e police sbHon. axe endziTD^E said 
(hiEES. I lode over theixi in. a jeep^ gnnin^ 

i^nQ UL extia. lo'i^ gear^ slewinrr side^^^s at 
Hzires^ wxth. a jecIibI ^x^alcliixEj and genr^boLc 
lacirEj s}^ay fxonxdie nirader. Itis wild coiLintiy 
noiAT. Ii\tbe GenTiammre Lt^ArasiennlE evenm 
dus laid of kii^ly cnUfcsiE. Seventeen. iTiles i^ 
the TTver fioiTi Hohenfels is Dahheias^ wlniih 
^vas orce a Jantx I coiild fird no Iz^ce of the 
nrEdhsise 'id'eieihe ^n^er livedo but his grave 
istheie. One d^ d^ £fim"er leHmiBd fosni Ale 
wxdL Hs ^^ragon. loaded wid\ stoies Thei\ die 
HoVeiitEils caiTe over d^e nver ard nnxdeied 
Innxf [XT tas coflee ard tohacco . 

Hol^nMs, as I have sai^ has lis o^\n ^laslfy 
Etoiy. The secant stationed litre had 1^ wife 
aid c^ir^aer v^llii him Afto^ a tiiE the giil 
w^ seit Id sdiDol m GenBiy, Hs^ nij^a" 
diedatHohEatfdsvMediewaEai^^^, andlha 
lore^ Ea^pent anairpd for his dai^tff Id 

Whei\ nl'e ai^^^ed at Hbl^ezdels ^ie fbind henr 

fad^er livn^ wrdia HotlenlDt w^jn-BTL Itvrasaii 

nxdclfmUfi sLUuHon, ard tl^e gui azid llie 
Hbt&idDt -^eiB atva.ys cpunEUii^ TEe eiii 
cai\^ ^.vIhIb t^ EGigeant;^^a5Ci~Qt;cii\f^1i[iI one 
Pkid^y. There -was a ixdi? viclei^ i^uniel llmx 
1^1^]^ and tlie grd itiqL^ \-\^ a ctcj^ier in ihe 
iQirlieiLarEl killed tl'e HctlBidDt WQn~Bzi- 

Th^ ^ that STeiy Ric^ m^ at Hoheif ds 
you can hear lh& old qiBn^, iJs szrEarrE and 
Ihe felal llcMs. Se^nl Van 2^1, Ihe nBn 
vA]fy foiffid the BuslmHi, told ne he had sl^ 
Itere oflen vvtule out on patroL "TIe liace is 
full of tsls/ said Van S^L "1 lend slrair^ 
souri^ often Eamrfi - tul: I g^t ip and GBced 
ll:e gT iTnri^ No ^icsIe e/e^ \^iT:■med iiB at 

Hendisk Louw, ^.vidi tas great Icve of nfle 
1X1.^1^^ onre fued an InstEnif: ai'd d^ploiatile 
^iDi^ In tl'e deep ^ol 'heV*/B^a\ Hol^enfels ai'd 
GiDotdeim liTed tirB last br^^^ in tJ^ danie 
Ib.ver. One day in lEQ 5 Loizi^ shstxt. 

WIhi you think of all tie mddEss shcotiiri 
tlBt"\TCnt ondmrgltela^^GEyeais, aid Ihe 
cai:uns of li^prg and hmlirg hy Ihe 
HotletolE, it IS reuMtaMe Ihat tfe Orai^ 
Bivs' hpfcs diDuldhai^e survived for so lorit 
It IS also intselii^ lo liace IIht ongui 
SojI^, the poet, sluriedlhsmv^Hibevssa 
f[Dnlia"nEgisliale€ai^mthec34uty- aid he 
once lold he that he mei^ Ih^ m^t hs/e 
cont d:3wn Ihe ccQst all IteT^^^ftumAirpla 
dunng an umEually laiiy sesscsi hunieds of 

NatmalistE ideidi£ed tl^ese brppc as ttie species 
ki^jwn as HF^ipopotoFJU-i Arj^^iE Jiu ti.^ Cap(^-[^^M 

TtBf TAse Eun^ lo the Beig Piva" litpifs, 
v*idi hecane ettinct in 1B69. Wikai; Ihe 
rurm^ Svf&5^ saw lai^ sdiools of hl[p:^ 
(knio has jourr^ aloig Ihe Qai^ He ^ras 
told ihat iTBT^ Hotlsitols had teai htten in 
t^'jD hy hii^DS and an old nnn naiiBd GoiJzq> 
shjffld tim a Ih^ scaned as a result of an 

Wilor i?!alBd an adv?id?LiiG witJx hippo ^Arhuzti 
ended in Hagedy Tire Ei.shrtreiLl'Ed. woi.inded^ 
Inip) ^vloch t^ esci^sd in die nver. It -w^as 
JoEced. cot of i3ie ^"-^lET by fish nitl]3uig i3ie 
^Arci~Qni, and Wik^r tl^eii inQk ^ potyshot at it 
His l]luni£iinEs buUBtn balf-k^ hEilf-lm 
Jailed Id penetialE tJ:e ^ku^ ^ad tl^e lupj» Jirode 
off Ecram. It 'i^'aE wixder^ arcl tir^t znfjlit llie 
Bustm-en i^sde WiIht ai\ ''eyleiD'' Ifire bed) 
'by diggii'g a. tzeiclx bglilir^ a £ig aid ^vaunr^ 
-de 5ani Aftr a restful m^lit Wik^r ^^t oS an 
1^liLpix> tiail agaui and tlie ^Anunded hippo ^vas 
HEclEd aid &3iLmd dead It 'i^'as a ^leat feast for 
tie EiLElnTerL Sq gniged weie UrBj TwitJiiTEat 
t^Bt two ^x^nei^ lay dcwn ^ sleep nn an 
eleiii'dnt paJdi aid w^^ 1ian~pled to dea:d\ind¥ 
znghtb^ a.Iii^B biiU elepl^anL 

The HotlsSolE nsfe Iei^ ^ire als, "^MlhtiEm 
Ib^^ coiT7Gi^:g on c^^ traxfea Witar s^ v 
a hpjB and a haildses in ore of liiEse ti^s. On 
nronli^ m^ilH the hippie grazed for fromlhe 
nva; aid Iten laKp baufe cf Ffotlaiols 
inlac^Jsd tian wilh assegais. In ^le ctf IE 

biX a lupp can nij/e fest so Ite hinias 
^^ji^ed in id^^ a fiffili hBudtakuig Ite pias of 
thcffi ethaiEted ly aidirg cix^iig and 
aBac^iig the hpfa 

ErennMlcse da^1^ Inppos l^ecanre ihi? nsar 
d:e dnftE ised by -die Di^tch ^ist Inlia 

ConfHi^'s exploieis. The hrfTpos seeived Id 
knci^x" 4iey "i^vidd Lie sh^talaght Atodier places 
V^iluT decl^ied tlut "i^dien l^e sl'outed a. luppo 
^^^uld ^^FproacKIunx filled widi ciaio^rty ^ 1d see 
^vlul t^s caised -de umsLel sduthL 

Sir Jan^ES Als^:aiu^ found Ite Oiai^ Bits 
stLBiy tesiim vilh Hf^ Hae is his 
dsmpGon cf Im mra^ scais "All tiiase v^ 
ha^ had the cpod fbilinie to see tiiB Gantp 
agree m paiarg lis teau^- IE hrad sliram at 
one tire n^^e tonillusus^ oi/a" a nxi^r aid 
tei IJhi is humed cj^ff a rcdt four 
feet hct fbmuig a CRard calaractj 
s^A^^ in lis OD«s iDurd miBous idartfe, 
s^nE cf Ihen inhahled hy fceniai, and othas 
hf lifpnpT iam- lis hfflTts are s7ay\^He 
clotiHi \Mlh a heed Mt of then; willa v aid 

hkc'k t^n^ tzees^ abvB wzd\ die rui£s af hn^s, 
■wbi]st die stiajig^y slr^ied hiEs ^ilcK s3 
^eqiL^ndy enibs^ tie nTer fbuix tirB trcst 
excitmrr srei^es, froivL diEir WLire^ ani 
mrcBiiiifi^ tlu1;cfli\2»^nhl7 1» ccnceLvtd '' 

IfctlailEte lold Alstaii:^ Ihat v^hi the nver 
carre dz^Mi m full flooi hi^ \^re SHi^ireE 
earned inlo Ite Iree-tope aiii 1^ liiei^ 
arrorg flie liBirtes, \^J]el Ite ^^ala■ 
ThsL Hie Holteaob v;Dnld dmb Ite Iiks and 
qzear Ihs Mid£s hfpi SCm:^ hLjnlni:g misd 

P^niriL fburd. hrfTpo H^ls ^»ve tlie AixrlnahieE 
Falls nn 18SS, but re lupps. Dt Eoirheids o£ 
UfarglDrL IckL n~e duJ^l^e lenrEi^iieied a f^onrer 

nn 1307 ^vciUxEj a Icppo pet Lieibw llie faHs Hb 
Twas cJ^arged at KeritBidt TvrtiL sl^JDlaiirr Royal 
gan-e ard £lxie:cL £10 Tte fanner bdd. nrocle tl^ 
Inpp} lude ixib s]ai\i»l:S and s^kl tJiemJcix £45^ 

SD lim 1^ VddltCt lild JIDt flicJriT^ hllYk I i^VB 

seen a. police i^p^itn n'^de by Sub-IriEf^ctDr 

Boi^rdei^ in 13C& m ^^bi£il\ be estirualcd list 
tieie were Letweei^ twejty- t^^ir aid tbmy-six 

liLpp3 left nxk IJie niTer betweeik Ai^hiabiBS ard. 

SorrEtmtE Ite liffo v^itaed a liltie wsf ip 
seen Htie m 1910 ard arpin m 1915-, ard 
ConM, ltepm[Edor, recoiitdsaitihipfoaL 
the R^Ora^ jmcQcsi on ^veal cccasiors, 
AiBlter q33t fartMEd ly l±e hi^ {liirg IJht 
last d^ v^s at Dattsas^ Izk>, Ite feirca" of 
AiE, cfeaited to i3e Iij^v tE waldied a dbI^ 
ferrale andayDingSai^ fbi^lcius Uh^ 

Tte lore bi^pi shst by Heidnk Lcmx" 1^ d 
nroit ScnrEcne ^Dt lbe nroik ul lECO. ard for 
neady five yeais tJ:e last brp^iD ^vaDo'i^^d 
■umhsturted iiMie GrootdenavipsoL Piotab^as a 
lesiilt of die lo^ of its nroit it becanre lestivB. 
Hejdisk Lai.ri^ -was j^izmrcj Ins boat at de 
uTe^ s edge ^x^hBi^te teaid de taMbaiL bsomrg" 
lipp? caiL 

He Icoked 153 and f ourri 1^ li|^ l:e^s^ESl hun 
and his hDnisteicL TIe hi^ atbaired on hun 
with hirp j;^^g? g^pnij Lou^, ah^^s {jidi on 

1^ Inggcr^ lDok ic cLmi::^^. One ^iDt aid. die 

^ fairhlf EesKfe liie hi[p3, aid Ihs fdlinlo Ihe 
harife cf Ihe pdice at Rat Nollolh, TIe hi[^ fel 
had tesi OHFeled uio sc^ ■\\iTile Ihe 
tcditoiial gaii±otE ltd teai nafe &Hn Ihe 
licfe Other pert oiiE of He cariEffi VME found at 
QajDbni ard lJ:ese vme laken to coint as 
Qthhls, Loiw ileafei 3alf-cMerce srd t^^qe 
ao^ijitleti bl to his mlsse di^|i£t Qe gmiteils 
T^ie aafisoted, TkE iHsed Be last hppo of 
Ue Giar^ Riva" - and idv ihe c4d tiiia^ has 

Wild toises live on the islanis i^e^ir tie Oiai^ge 
ItLTer htjthIl As I liroTe iDW'ards the eni of H^ 
niTer r ^iwtienxgiBEirtf omiie nverlaiJt Tl^ey 
sb[>d 'i^'anly^ hlecraiTe amxirals^ all I^e^ds Him^ed 

If you opai a dx-r of yo^r car Ihar leata; a 
\^iite slalhcat IS av'^^ m a fladi"wilh lJE"\\tole 
herd Tl^ have Icra n^L^es and tails^ and ti^ 
have cfe/doped Ihici hxj^^s IJudi^ slandirg 
ah^^smlhenvo-alt Th^iana'j^fromllE 
femE of ihe Loiiv holJH^ aid vst ™id veiy 
eai^ Ihis cailuy. I was told ly old Irav^as 
i±al; 11:^ ^'^ee tJH^ lEei^ f oi^ yeais sqd, aid 
ly nj^vtiEieniEthe a^^ Ir-isESiiillE iHd 

TEey hTe ontl'e isl^ids Jcr egclhi^^ ard tecaT^Ee 

the leeds aie gaod to eat 5iiL ^^IreiL a flood is on 
itE ^v^ clown tie nvtr, ii^staict TvaniE tie hoi^s 
Id ii:q1e for the nver l^tnk Thenr tzc^krledge is 
isicanr^ aid tliey aie reTer ciLitoS oniniwred."eE_ 

Gaidijk aim iraini±e cold, 9cn±K]ai^a^flals 
lEsi^ihenifllhaiidinitje^MlhlhehDi^s, The;r 
canE to Ihe nva"m lhivnl±Gdh[HTfe dunm ihe 
droi^ of 1946, b-iT -J:^ i^s^ grass a^T^^el ?e 
v;hIs^ aid kudiHE tied OslndES also psidied 
on Ite nva^ hank TIe diaimnd con^aiy's fenn 
irar^^ told itb ll^t he b-Uied hurdre^ of 
gai^ckaid CGliiche to fertlise hiE ^n^ 

OiLtliesG ^ajidsattiie niTernTui^ yen will oftBiL 
£ni d'e ^»or of die stzHidwcilf^ tl^e Ieda^tl 
l^aeia duJ: seels all ilie coasLiefise ^mafisK 
1D ade^clsealciTwlule. "Walt wait wah." Tliatis 
tie Etianlwtiir 5 cny as it goes s?a.vei:giiicr alor^ 
1^ ]are^ beaclieE. Lidie treat corL'es 1^ ^at^ of 
-this uruid ajid ui^Jovely deabse Oftei\ it is 
ledvired to swii^nincr o^lII; Id tire lee:^ ani 
feedn^ di\ ^lellfi^ It left t^ shares qJ Tal^ 
B^ acenlixy ^cr^r and iei^" Jtsisvives heie nn 
-lie WaiTil]_ "Waltwaltwal\ ' Feili^£ tie stmni- 
^ATolf I'as &3iLini a decked p^i^inix ^va^ied i.^ t^ 
lie tide^ aid ns ^atIidg jm^g ^^rrtlLdeligl^ 

Qe d^E mt expst to fuii a lion m tins iH(on 
iii7.\aQ^ for lii^ c^KTtel m Ite saDE"v\^ as 
fre limj. Hie giraffe ard Ite elqiiant In Ihe 
93iJiiandislncEctfS3iilh-WestAfiic3, lions are 
ffiai only fer out on He Kalahan hc-r^: Yet a 
solila^ non pu^ed in Ite cts3t to Ite roiHi of 
Ue Giar^ Riva" niMih ret loi:g Ego. WIhi it 
"WQB flist iqmted Hie pcJice 9o::ffed at Ihe itta 
ard said it vsE a li^ ticwnfcebxai, Thsi four 
ncre nsi E3^ Ite hcai at diffaait tirrs. ard liie 

SIrol^\^as ic^Mled It last ^^EaiBd as iKOTlly 
as 1945 and I knew a iren±ff of ll:e Dianc-rd 
DetKtoe De^Bilnsit "^iMy sQll cams a nfle 
\^HS^^ te g::e£ in Ite Icpe of shcoliig UhI 
lion Itetah^ lie lion slra^ a/^ fiDin Ite 
reccgmssi hen ODuliy \^e fdl^j^vug ^n^ 
ard Ire teai aile to sali^ lE ^p^to in lie 

BaiUdonBV Diaz Mt a eIoie oras at Ai^ia 
PeqiEre, tut at Ite Ciar^ Rpt^ imulh he 
Ein^ fUled his T^lff issts, naoored a 
wiadBd iHt!SE ao33idiir| to PoiliKp^Ee 
CLEtomard sailed souflTn^^idE E^n Thee IS ro 
recoidof teialEoiilEiH(ea On^iieitinB 
CafK VollaE raraiiG to nnit fre fust lan±i:g 
a^s^ nEtfe ty \^te DHi m Ihe land ^^iIdl is 
rcn^v Ite lAion of 5outh Afnca, 

Colorel GoidmVs amval at lins spat s 
jirenTimUe bscaieie it ^vas lieie lim 1^ i^et ^ 
party of St3Hi:dlaopei^ lYDSt elisLve of all Ue 

^^ iBces ercounfciKi by ^isdy expla^as. 
GoiclciL sppBsis Id I'dTe teen tlie only ixbil 1d 
leave a des^i^rtiDiL of drese psoj^ tasecl on 
acti^ otseivatiDiL "E^isl te caive i:^x>n ^^e 
ien~^n:G of a least - tie tores of bahoQrE anl 
Diter amnrBls Alinie fLiciiiEroi^I'efbiin^llidEin 
^AJiictL d'e ^BnE^^^ik -w^as n'^dle of gianpif 
dtletors- Elevei\ wieiEhed liLin"fli\ teuigs 
jsesented itenEelTes They ndicaled 'hy signs 
ttott^ pl^ce I'ad beentJre I'DiTe of a ]aige tnhe^ 
but tim; scin:^ ^esdleiice 1:^ earned oH all d^e 

Tlee iside ™:'re salskiiE and jadal ^oie, 
Th^Qj^n^ ard^^Hiavielev^ecaEton 
^OE IJ:^ ols Ite iTEatlcffici affeut Itcl oec^^ 
Wale" IJ:^ earned in oslndi ffg-dMs and sal 
tlEd^^ B17^aIlda^TUMffi^^eetiH^v^^I^^E■ 
ThEar bzdiGE \^a& srreaiBd wiHi oiL iMcrtu- 
Dal^ Ctoloi^ Gca±ai^raB too {t^:^ ojrcaiiEd 
"wilh olhff i:[Blles lo give a imre trailed 
acccul of U:e Sliardlo=)|:a^ It is a ladaliaig 
cfcnjEe of ti^s insEiig Ms in Ite "WJiid of 

Tte gieat mteiest sunoundnirr tJ:e GUniidloofeis 
lies in tie fact dul; liey weie lelatiTes Qf ILe 
BoslcpiTon- a t^rpe kn^wi^ only by li^eir ^fuUs^ 
buL identified definrtely as Teiy eady nen m tl^e 
IfistDiy of die Afncan conlu'eiiL W1ei\ tl^e 
B^shnei^ amved tliey tzealEcL tl^e GUfuicRoofeis 
as uileiior l^eings^ and oflen kiDed lIieinfctsigltL 
Tte StiHidloopens inst indeed luve b^en 
m^noT u\ -d-^t diey ^nefened d^e bJe of tbe 
sea^ioie aid a diet n'au'ily conps^sl of 
sbellftsh ^vbeieas 1^ BiElit:L~En ^k^eie iTEgmfi- 
cent bunfe^ aid coimted. it a ^vasted d^ wl^en 
tJreyl^nD neaL 

SliBidlcoFQ" ca/s \-^/e rwfflled Aht rrEfrcd 
of hiyiig Qsr ctad The todas vsb alv^s 
[iEcal "^MllTin 93urd of He sa, Tl:^ ^-ae 
[Hintedv^lhradodir^ and tuned on tiHi^acfe 
with the Ike dic&'^ ^ jiEt as pdistonc iran 
slept Laige siahE of iDck ^^ee ilaced on Ihe 
b^dis, aiii store m^iaisils t^is Ml "wilh 
then The flist jout ctf the liltJe flr^^ v^s 
ah^^s lenved "^vilh a sharp straie dimg Ihe 
SlrandlcoFa's hfe-iin:e for Ihis seoied fbi^ hun 


FeijrelrxtoiiE of free hores sir^st fraL Hie 
Slrardlo3[aE"\\e& re/a" rroie ll^n five fe^ in 
to^ Sorre adtoiiliES c^aie Hi^ bad 
p^^Hm hau; sfBi^lirg ^es and hffiEBid 
fec^ oliieis^lii4^hadin^itilefealuffi,Tlie 
TAonHi {tcoi^led IhaiKtTes ^Mlh teacfe of 
CGtndi Kg-shdl, \'Aji\e He nsi earned b?.^ 
pcasmed anus^^s, hantoo haipcom fer fiamg; 
and store iBDirs^ 

Tte latheiLiTiddfii'G of tl'e StiaiiilcDpeiE^ -oidBr 
^AJiicti Inindzeds of slEleferiE l-^we t^en f^uni^ 
td?e giTeiL isefid proof of tirB v^nieties of 
vamsted. wnlfl liie m lirEIWi^rit j]dilE of SonEi 
Afnca. IiL S3n~e v^^n^ discovHi^ an exHa 
oidirmy niscellai:^ of huppo an^l &le pliant tones 
iTuicd with InsK^ng U^l^ bLi^kan^l hucl tores^ 
cibI] c]a^5^ tDUDi^ cai^^ce and die nrevitaUB 

Siiii ^^^ae the Slrardcopa^ of the p^* Th^ 

^sied VAth Hie Bi£l:inoi Hie ait {i" pnting {n 

lods Mai5^ ircoB idics cf litffi fer-off c^s 
niEt raram hdtai in Ite sanfe arri caTES of Ite 
Soufli AfLican coasL 

CapGanAletan:^ of coin^ v^sltenBnvSu 
gave his rerre lo Alsantr B^. Soldia- ard 
sqioiH; he^^^equnitorolicedBiiaiTksiscs 
on Ite n^^ rser the Crancp RPTff nmilik ard 
te aiii\^ 1h^ m 1E95, hLJtiu:^ Iimiscoi^ ard 

seeidiii^ fcr hartouK, TIh^ ^^ffi not a liiDttit 
of dianraife m lis heed Coi^h^ y^as ^^hat he 
was afta; ard Hie HoUailols hcirtt hm 
sn^lGS ttsL na v-^ilii his qpmaL A nan of 
acQor; Yb cbuckd to niiB Ite ODfper cae fca^ 
nils 1^3 Hie iwer m liie RidiQwdd 

Tte luii^ cf Alexandei^s Insldn^gs, "E^e l^ogB 
stpways aid Qlter signs of entEi^iQ5& still 
lenvoii on. die an^ lujik of tie Oiai^g^ Riv^r 
near 1^ itdvuIl Pbr yeans llie p^sitioi^ of Alex- 
anie^ s cfxpper itue rezirained a m^^stEiy^ biA it 
^va? iedis:oTBied ixl 1S2S b^ Bnrest He^es^ a 

Hieile^ piosiKC^T -^-^ t^^ ^AniJcd for nror^ 
yeais in die igixdIe tend^ of tie hvet A 
Hi^sirmxled hizniD d^e sp^i^ under a i\dLintHirL 
^i^»i blip m\ eagle's head The tcschE of 
Alexajidei^ 5 ^VEcr^ JE w^ie still tl^eie^ ani caived 
on a. rock te fo-oni tl^ nrBcnptaDn ^ A_ 1333 '' 
Near 4ie n.i;^r tank 3^ an old. sh^>'s zirost; 
PkagiTenlE of Knghsh doclciy IxUErod the stDre 
Itjieee ^^le Alfixarde^E linidied ConnsK 
iTuieiH lived Tte cojFper ^vas sent dowi\ ^ d^ 
niTer trcutl^ OIL isftE axel ixitaigES^ and 'i^'as d^en 
earned o^j^dand nn. ^k^^cronE 1d he loaded niHD 
scI'Doi^eis at Aleiianier B^ Ale^^mdex -was 
kmgtitEd for tire dia:ovHiies he nrade aloi^ ttns 
{:oasL Lile nror^ oltei^ he nri^ied the 
diannnd^; biX t^. ^Cr sho^^^ inEmite Jbitdule 
nn. a Eecnan winch at dm; tirL~E was wild ard 
"Qnki'cnvn- Tte ^^le E^ mne xenroinEashe left 
ntm the gzeatsobtule. 

IM" a caifl^ after Alexan^ Ue Gairan 
porea; Addf Lufeiilz, amvtd an Ite ncsth 
tank ci" the Csar^ River oji lis last, b^c 
jourr^. Lirfeib tod s^ ip a badmg sbQon at 

Ai^ra PeqiHia; r^v he t^^bs sqlormg Ihe 
hiniHlaiid m Ibe hois of disoTTQiig coj^a" cr 

L^i^lentz 1-^ Eellujne HotlEiitEil; guides and 
V^o ^Arell-equii)f«d ^Aragons His ^k^hUE coiv^axt 
ions ^k^eie Heumcb. Iseln-X a 3ia^^ rLiiiing 
er^ineei^ a Scotia^ mneri^anred Hoslore^ and 

SlEirtriDveT, a saJor torn Lidenlz' s s^heorienr 

M^ii The Q[peilion rEa±ed Sie iwe^ at 
NatBE Drift atout flf^ mdas ly "wstea^ fiDin 

Theie d'e tca^ weie unlDEded. Li^ien^ tud 
hroL^lit; tun foldincr canras hoatE &Dm 
Gem-BT^ TAQtl\ hmi - Loals twelve fee tin. lergth 
with a hearuL of four feet ai'd weigbirg eigb^ 
eig-lit ^imds ^^lece Itv/as a difEicidt jo uoiey 
dnwi'stieajirt and lhe hoats l^^d. to be cained 
over the steillDW^ ai'd iqcIg bf^-fiTe tixires 
hefoie lhe paxiy readied Anies DnfL At dns 
spot; twenly nriles &on:kthe nverivuiidx Iselm 
ard HDHkiTE med to pei^Lude Lulentz b 
letiiCTL Id AngiR Pequeru. OTenJard Lulente 
lud planned a suicidal voyage by sea, ard. the 

two ituxnixr ivennfrlidy zeftced Hn i^lic ^»rtm 

So at Ames Dnfl; Ihs Q[Fedilion liuke 151 
LidEntz \viDle Ifai^e letto^ rnduirg ore to 
Mr- Poi^, a C^fi Tcsvn shippug ^^X 111 
iMndi 1e ctsznted his [iaiiB, Gn Cctoter 
22ni 1SS6, LiiJailz ani Stargtmo^ rmcied 
Korldoon; four inls ftom Ihe nvei^ elrarce 
ard fomd ore R^iio^ Coetoe Ihera, Ccecee, 
irfiD kra V hcr^ V ctoi:^rDiE lie ccast could te, 
tegEd ll:em lo give ip Ihe ic^ of a sea 
vty^e in a cairras tcet It ^^:eai^ that 
LiEfentz vsE aliiDEt [H3ie±d, ml: the pag- 
hEflcfed Slargnva" Ui^hI the ssle fy 
pinnbiig out that 1e w^ an ^[psiaiced 
SEanHi ard krafTAliat he v^QS doirg 

Coelzee leLiizbiitLy IbiH Li.iden.1z tl^e s&ivicbe 
of two coilciii^ itreiL b c^nry 1^ teat aiii 
stDiGS tc A!l£xandBr B^ The boat cciH^imed a. 
cajwas ^valer bag: Maxilds and fbcid far 
JbuHBen da.ys Ttey cut dcwn a snroll 1zg& 1d 
ise as d nrBEtn aid tl^enr oiily sail "i^^as a t«d- 

sheet. There 'i^'as no iDoruL for aiL anchor^ bi£ 

tbey l^fld oais H&Kt d^ tl^ey ic^A^d out of 
Aleiiander B^^ aiii CQelzee sa^v lIieiTLo£f tlie 
nver m)iLitl\ hsistu:^ tbenr sail 

Afts- liBt the fele of Lu^ib and hs 
corqamon tesHB a {tq> nysteiy. Lidenlz's 

SChconEa' Mc^lyj, wlncd^ -was at Argia. Peq^r^ 
seaichBd the ^^bsle CQast edvi^Md tJ:e Oiar^e 
River aid vistEd aH ihe giurc islaids witJi3i£ 
fuidoxET a. trace of tbe iTi^m^g nreiL At the 
lequEt of ibe GentHTL Coii5ul-Gei"eral, the 
C^ie Go vennTieiit sent a tx~agistza1e^ I-lr. Joha 
T KuEbce^ nn aiL o^^-^^EgoiL to d^e Oiar^e River 
rnxuth-tn lalE sbtejirenlE. 

It wjuld hsTO teai a miade if Lu^ilz had 
£uiviv€d Ite vcy^ m Ihet frail teat Mr. 
EiElaH v^s lold tiiat a ^e had Hewn ip on Ihe 
dc^r afla- Lu^itz ltd st siL Cleai^ ihe D^ 
iren hod teen dm^rtjtd 

Vet LiLiientz ah^Dst tecaiTB a legend^ lile 
Golorel FaMrT:ett inBiazil Theie ^^eze sonre ^tu 
declazed. ttot te Avas h-vuzg ixLtte OiHi:ge River 

Wldeine^ Eb^ neail^ ^ qiuztHT of a cenbxy ^^e 
exact dfilails of -Qtb d^sa^^e^HBrc^i leitrHued a 

TtHi old Klrr^Bid; on ote ctf lis surv^iig 
tips abrg Hie ccest in I^CS, fomd ftcgnHilE 

VAU&L \\B^ l^Tflfisl as fBTlE of Li^ilz"s 

CBiTTas boot Tte ftapoTte, vjBdtd 153 on a 
t^Edi afcoul ls^en^-flve nils rc-rlh cf Ihe 

MLHSjni Klir^Bidl sS; ip a nemnal sKaie at 

TteiG as amimifinBirL'Ed stDiy^ icld^ ^Gemron 
officer bf a BistitrL-^JL nn 1909, d^t two whute 
rceiL i^id ]^ivled Bntxi a enroll toat at Atqibe 
Junbs ru^i"^ yeais jh^vidieI^^ aid. tad beetx 
rcxnnieiGd by BiL^mreiL Pc^biy die ^le -w^se 
me. but tie victnTE coT.ild ict l^a^e been 
Lvdeutz aid SlBuigici^^cr Angias Junbs is a 
IiuLdied iTiles icidi of tie nvei: azid a kuicr "i^^^ 
^DiTLtle beacb^k^teiG Kbi'^^aiclt disco vexed tl^e 
uriecLcge of Luiantz's cz^y caiv^as toaiL 

Bsunu:g and Klir^Bid; disozvasla diaft sunk 
ly Lu^lz"spc^Ham"Pohler:ffirAm£sDnft 
dunrg a joinr^ m 18£& Ftjhla v^s e/n^illy 
the fiist nan to sedt dianr-n^ in His ais. He 
1^ it en iKoid UhI: he siuik Hie shaft "mcartr 
to exanme He 3e±nHila;7 l^^s, hcpig to 
nnke scire di337/ey , it ni^ te danoii or 

I f^vini a litde mmuLTent amnnrr de teacb 
disEsoiide rciditariL^ a te^cotxof cixidens ani 
ceitreiit; PlU; 1^ by ibe shoie party of lbe Geinren 

cnmboat j^■ft>?w= to iraih Ite ad of Uht lorg 
lask of dBiluti He ccqsL The naires of cue 
office aid ax laluicE am insmted on it wilh 
the date AiguEt 1912 Clos ty IS a nsronal to 
Kutt EteiaiE, di^JMsd at Ite nve^ iroulii in 
1 £Gf7 - coe of sei^aal nHi ^^^1D, lile Lu^ilz aid 
Steu:gi:j7a; iHsnE vidinE of the trsdHDiE 
in 1939, aid Ite asvv^a lest 

Veais ago iIeig w^j^ tiees akuicr "Ens te^iilx but 
nnllie eaily df^ of ilie chanTnid chgg^r^s -^rsj 
^ATEie cilH; down by d£tEc lives It'i^'as tlDi£rliti3m; 
1^ tieeE iMfrlit ^^rvc as landxirHiJs for ^^cjlIb 
^a4d 1^ diaitniids ti> ]7uiy No^'ihEieisoriLytl'e 
lQ£eed£xnr^ Insl^ on die d^ires^ yeHo^^ by d^e 
sl^ auL Ani aiw^iys, abo\^ Ingtb 'i^'alET xirml^ 
jTxusee tie dna£i5t^30ii WTiole Hees lie tieie after 
t^Bir vcjyage down t^ flooded JiTei: HEes uritb. 
tie Isni^lDiTLoff by sl~dip locls 

In Ite ytare \\tei Ue siid doses Hie nvtr 
DEulJl Ite tnc^ IS atc^l Ih^e mlts in laiglh, 
At ELth luTES ti"E 1 wd of Ite iimi33red nver 
n^ he sstsbI feet atme sa Is/d. Qis m ax 
ytais pati^ lh& iivtr is cfeniiBd 153 m Ihs 
w^\ tut il IS mpiffiiie to te sur^ fcr ro csie 
1^ iBX-nfe cr a^a^ leierfcsed sij±l e/eils 
accuaL^ tdbre iJis Louae ^tlJed at Ite nve^ 


Tire bieacb iTL ti'e sard lnadge ns s3n~e1ixt:ES six 
IiuLdied yaids wide^ ard it alw^^ occias ixL^^e 
souU'enx parL Heidnk Lqi^at onre tiied Id cut; 
tbrov^b. die sard^ f^r die nver ^vater ^v^e 

floodixET tie nslarcls ^"teie bis calUe giBzed Hb 
1^ ru SLirce^ Tl'e ^^as ^jeiy s>ai\ dosed bis 
crap Imecentyeais dyxmniE Iras k^eiMsed f^r 
tie sairB pinpDse^ but wxH'out; e£Eect Tbe nver 
fnds Its -^sy to tie ^±a.ixLit5 o^xrji 1ixi:e^ anldie 
juJmal pioce^ cfau'DtLze lustered- 

Saibig di[E csUingforAlsQiife^s cop^; aid 
at lalff c^les, SDiretnts smt frer tc^ ip Hie 
Qair^Br.^^lofillliiec3sks\rtalhfTEdi"^rala: I 
cb int lJ™k ai^r Ixet has aHEKiaed lo ata^ tiie 
nva^dLumgllE^^^Bleof IhscHtiiy, Ihoi^it 
could i2^±eh^ soil te c±3re in^ Ihe n^ 
cordiliora Tlie dffinAKS T^^e^ ohwioi^ 
imktr^vn lo a corcpaiy viiidi v^s fomEd m 
Poit Elizarelh m 1SS2 to opaiiq] Ite ra^^on 
of Ite Giar^ ftoa: A shbU sleeirff^rashuilt 
in Errand for He pjrpzee and He enlapise 
v^e Wid^/ aciralisd Qt^ frsi did lie 
conjBi^ piitiaijlss iGsmlte cfeoiiHlirgiB^ 
thflt Uh^ ^^BS DO dsmd uio Ihe iwer for 
aiylhug lai^"lhan a <ii:^- 

Tieie 'i^'as azi amdnrr sei^el id tins enteijEuse. 
Jides Veme^ tie ijiregixulr:;^ wntBT, ieaid of tLe 

^ap tlul ^las teni'g b^nlt; buti^otof tire ikihxe of 

VQyage inlD tiie 5ciu^\ Afoc^jidcserL 

In iBzait ytare a oon^sr^r popffied lo ^rd a 
de^^ irto He Orar^ to lurg ip daimnds 
fiiffli Ite ted of Ite iwa: it je^s caire lo 
arylhuti aid I dautt ^'itefrs' Ite m/GEtore 
■™iid hsffi iHHVGd a feir r^Mn for Uht 

Alexander B^^ die S^Ie d^anTH^I carL~[], is 
LghUr^ i^ as I si^nd Ireie nxL ^^e disk. It is 

"HnjVrt-Ty tt withixL de LdilEd wnx? JoT otmniE 
leasers - ^mi; fiDitx de po^FiilatiDi^ of en^lit 
l^uidied jKcple I fa^i dnxdfn'g of tirB jileasaiit; 
d^ I E^ient wid\ Mr_ C J_ Gioblec die 
st^ieimtEi'deiit^ ui tins BtzDngliDLl. No settJfi- 
rcent izi ~de Uman is funi^er boiTi a laillread 
den AlB^^^ider B^ It is die nnst ^^^sledy 
point of de UraoiL Ths [Jiytprcrs provicle wonic 
{ at eifrlit tn IBJL slnllnigH a day^ ani all fcuL^d) 
Jbr scQies Qf yD~Qr^ NaruB^mlajidBis ^vho aie 
sanjig i^ in go faiiMJig I eiipeded fbntrBliUes 
and X-i^3 ^vhen I pa^sd diiDixrK die gabs. 

Ii'etBad^ dieie ^vas a fnendly ^A^kzon'E^ jv fi^ 
at all nxL die itudst of nxvu^cbble ^k^ealdL They 
shci^x^ed iTie oi^e tculder ^k^lncK ^vhei\ lifted^ 
iBTcaled 4S7 di^msnds. 

It is dadt I'D'i^^ and die sea wnxidns ccldcxidie 
sai'd Irndgc Vet I aru ielu?taiil to go. Thei^ ns 
QTB farol liiBiTa Qf die n ver ^k^hicli ns SEei\ teie 
oiiy at nilEivals of yeais It ns re ise ^vaitixicr^ 
yet Lt ns a scei^e I lu-Te oftn nxtrBguied ani I 
shall dnnkof It -wherever I hear diet tJf Gioot 
Rivier IS coinxEr dnwrnxiflood- 

ThiE IS \^^ial h^^HE, The iiBESive sard 1.^11 
Lul<t ip m \viiil3" unlil it slretties mtiokfin 
ftom Soulh-Wffit Afiica to NanYLCFTBlad, For 
nr-DliE cai ad Ihe snd hi±e ho^ the \w^^ 
in d]B±, At 1^ the sl3^n ]:Econ:eE iiilHiEe, Tte 
v^Ble v^l shn^s aid pjlsats Stll it Mcfe, 
thoi^ He flccds aie s-TC^irg djwn Ihe nver 
ard Hie sd IS ii:e/ilsll& 

Sei^ant Van Zyl of the police orc& cj^jse this 
VBiy tcurti Tide out akmrr die sfiid bnclge with, 
d coiT^^mon 1D v/^tdb. tJre amval of tlie flaod 
TwaJEis "We did n>t krc^v wl^at tu expBctn but 
iIe hoises -wasi^d is by dieir LieluviQiLir, " ^ud 
Van Zyl 'The htst ^as daiviTizig ■i5> all die 
Unre - a sereaJiaml ?E»ctBcle. We loiie acnn^ 
fojm iTjrdi iri sin.idi d^n turned tJ:e relT.tlfliit 
looses ai'd lode back. Goonit tecazire a. gallop 
Jbrbie^ wiThd^esai'dcpKkingiLin^lerd'ebDnses' 
iTJOTeSr aid die hnd£re growing i^anoTver eveiy 

TIhi it bjTsL Only" a fev RHi lEs^e V JBt±£d Ibe 
bm^tuig; Ihm^ imiy bEE^e bEaid il:e sc^uod. 
Van Zyl said it vj^ lite c^nanila ThB liaise of 
llEsqiosiontiBvdsfornilffiiptlEiws; and 
w^ore kro^ w Ihe ntamrg Tlis sard tnt^ 
has coll^zGEd A rd cir€B ^am Uib nii±^ Giix^t 
RivKr IS thmitaii^ ot3" liie tai^ and mTifjing 
nolDiE^ Willi tlE iiiE Ksaii 


TEe ixid£x belo'i^ if as tt^x^as nxk1^ ongn^aL -papEi book but in dus e-Loa'k tl^ P^9? j^uiTi^eis I^a^e all 
ctmcjed ^id luve t^iei?&3ie bseiM^nTiVHl OtIieinAriEG d^ onigirul ixid£x 35 left ^m^lejigeii 1d displ^^ie 
ai.itIiDn£ chonce aid lE^dfi? sh^ijld i£G lirexr^iiDgiBruL s 5Eaicd\ Jacili^ 1D Idcak tlieitEni. 

Abbassas Bushnianland 

AhH qiBS P uts Bifhmen 

Abrahams, J £n CampbEll, R^J 

Al-Ais Camai Island 

Andefson, A. A. Cspa Moulted Police 

Andefsson, C.J . CarstenE, William 

Ai^hfBbies Fails CoeGee, Nikdaas 

ALcb Collyer, L.J . 

Ale Cooper Simcn 

ALEserkehr Da^gnab 

Barlcw, MrArthu" Dimpo Pan 

Basters Drew, Mr. Harry 

Beet Mr. George Dum, E.J^ 

Bleek Miss Dcr^lt^a El[zabG<h Ba/ 

Blinkoog EngeJtrecht Barend 

Bogerrfels PEnri, GA 

Borchefite, Dr W, M. Fefreira raid 

Bmkbos I si and F riersdal e 



Gill. SlrDa/id 


Greet Commissionef^s Pan 

Grst Snake 






Hastnc^, MsiorL^ls 


Hey £5, Emest 

Hippo (Orange River) 


Ircnside, FieJd Marshell E 

Islands, Orange River 

Izko, F. P. 

J a^ksoPL Albert 

Kalehan Floods 


Kitchener, Lord 
Klaas Island 
Khr^. Re^. H 
Klinghsrdt Georg 
Kom. Dr. E. 
Krapc^l. H.J.C. 

LaiTJMvehr, Fnlz 
LeRiche. Chnstcffel 
Levins, A. D. 

LOLM, ■ 


Lolijv, Gert 
LoLhv, Henctik 
Lucttenstein Emst 
Luctenlz. Adolf 
Lukas, Klaas 

Lulz. Heirrich Pntchard D. D. 

Lut, J cfHe RatHncwft, S 

Martin. Dr. K Rashagh E. C. 

Mdth/s, TitLE Rail:enba:h brolher^ 

McDondd Frikkie Reitz, ChiefJ UBbce 

McShare Reixiirg, Dr. E. 

MerensJ^, Dr. H. Rhenish MIssi en 

MIer Ri^fcrtein 

Molertsware Echrocter, R^ 

Mdapo SchTMVSZ. Prof. E.H.L. 

Nckob S cdti snd, AlexcndEr 

NeLBen ScotLJ.K 

NeLPi^ EcuitDnft 

Nosscb S endalln^s D nft 

Orseepkans Simon Falher 

OrETige McUh Skanskop Idand 

P^st F^her Emilh. Scctly 

P3^er, F. R. Epaigenbefg, Wlllem 

Peacock, J . A. Spsrrgeti^ 

Pel la Etrandopere 

Penncpj^, Dr. ThirsliarKlTrekkers 

PoggenpoeL Dirk Thompscn, Geccge 

Presgra^e Trav. Lt.-Cd. KF. 

Twee RMeren 

Union's End 


Upington, SirThomas 

VanderMefwe, Mr. H.Z 

Van ZYL, J .W, 

VllGnder, Dand 

VHmder. Diik 


Von Eskert Capt F. 

Von Schairolh, E 

Weidner, Cal 

Widt Dr.J. 

Widt H.H. 


Wittxroi. Hendrik 

Wdf. Bay 

Wdf. Faher